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  • Day133

    St Georges, Grenada

    January 10 in Grenada

    After a rainy gangway you've got to have some fun on the beach! The last picture is a picture of the "ride" we went on. My butt hardly touched the bottom we were going so fast and it was two inflatable things attached to the boat is it was like bumper cars. We kept slamming into each other. It was awesome!

  • Day1

    Day time!

    June 3, 2015 in Grenada

    Driving on the left is no joke on these crazy roads. We have almost had three accidents in the first 15 minutes. Everybody honks here for everything. While driving thru town we heard crazy honking and a guy we passed said "hey, white boy!" At Dave. Finally Dave pulled over and a truck pulled up to let us know Major's door was not closed all the way.
    Batting a 1,000 here. Oh, and if Dave turns on the windshield wipers instead of his blinker one more time, I think he is going to lose it.

    We rented a car and went to Grand Etang Park and called for monkeys. Quite the experience.

    We went to concord falls and took pictures with Monkeys before heading into the Falls.
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  • Day1

    Radisson pool

    June 3, 2015 in Grenada

    May I suggest that the beginning of June is a great time to be here. No people, lower rates, basically dry season, and no mosquitos.

    The Radisson pools are nice. For $150 a night, this place is great. Right on the beach and good service. A touch dilapidated but great for $150.

    Major is enjoying eating lunch and drinking by the pool.

  • Day1

    Radisson Beach

    June 3, 2015 in Grenada

    The ocean is perfect for little kids. It is also perfect for snorkeling. They saw fish turn purple, they saw huge starfish. They even saw snakes. Yes, little snakes. Major did not like them. He did not like swimming over them. They are 5-8 inches long. They are skinny, white, with brown spots. They don't bother you. We only saw maybe 4.

    We snorkeled the entire day and played in the ocean. The pools were honestly an after thought. We also had a beautiful walk to a nice dinner on the beach.

    We are excited to see Carriacou tomorrow but nervous for the lack of air conditioning.
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  • Day2


    June 4, 2015 in Grenada

    It is very local. There is no storefront, which would be why we couldn't find it yesterday, you walk up to the boat and pay. The kids and I waited on the dock while Dave walked over to the grocery store. We needed baby soap (to defog our masks), and crazy glue (he broke my selfie stick). Dave came back with Joy dish detergent and had to run back bc Joy is not baby soap and would sting our eyes. Lol.

    I gave the kids Dramamine just to be safe. But Dave and I did not take any and we were fine. We rode on the enclosed air conditioned bottom and the open air top of the ferry. They loved the view up top and the large schools of flying fish that frequently jumped but they would get hot and come down to play ipads.

    Wow, Grenada is green! Beautiful place. I even saw a black beach from the ferry. The island is large, it takes the ferry an hour to pass it. The bigger homes are on the northern end of the island which appears much quieter. I even enjoyed seeing little puffs of smoke dotting the island from the locals burning their trash.

    ***if you ever ride the ferry, and you should, the ride north is choppier than the ride south. They do sell chips, crackers, and some drinks. Coke, no diet coke lol. The ride is smooth until the northern tip of the island, then it starts hoppin'. I got sick on a cruise ship, I was fine here but we did sit in the center of the boat just in case.***
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  • Day9

    Fort George, Grenada

    December 26, 2017 in Grenada

    Fort George in Granada, over 300 years old, was also the site of the execution of Maurice Bishop, a revolutionary leader whose actions resulted in the US invasion in 1983. In this diliapidated and decaying diet, a plaque to him still sits in the main courtyard. Part of this building is currently the police headquarters. Mostly however, it is a fascinating mix of crumbling buildings being reclaimed by nature, and providing for fantastic photos. The site is full of stairs and tunnels with no signage, so it really was like exploring ruins - far more fun than the more manicured and managed 'ruins' than we have visited!Read more

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Saint George's, St. George's, Σεντ Τζόρτζες, Saint-Georges, סנט ג'ורג', St Georges, セントジョージズ, 세인트조지스, Sent Džordžas, Saint George.s, Сент-Джоржес

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