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  • Day181

    Hiking Pacaya Volcano

    October 31, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Where do I start... It seemed like a great idea to go hike and sleep close to the mouth of an active volcano. It didn't seem so great when we had to start walking up in the rain on slippery ground and with heavy backpacks. But we managed to get to the campsite before total dark and to have a great evening with a hilarious girl-tent-wine-party, lantern-lit dinner, marshmallow-roasting and watching small eruptions at night. We then woke up before 4 am - again, wondering why the **** are we doing this - for a horrible night hike up to the mouth of the volcano to get there before sunrise.

    And then the universe made up for all our suffering. The sky was clear, the volcano was beautiful and really smelly and so intimidating, the sunrise was beautiful, the mountains around were beautiful, we could see all the way to the other 3 volcanos... It was worth every fall on the bum on the slippery way down!
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  • Day16

    Puerto Quetzel, Guatemala

    January 14 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    It was 32 today and sunny with no breeze. We had the option of taking an $140 USD excursion to the colonial heritage city of Antigua but JS had already been there over 40 years ago so we decided to stay near the port for free. This time we docked at the cargo port, the largest in Central America. We saw huge shipping containers stacked several high with the words Chiquita or Del Monte emblazoned on the side. There were also several large, metal grain storage sheds and huge piles of imported coal.

    To get to the main tourist port we took a free shuttle bus, a rickety old school bus, about 10 km up the coast. JS headed straight to the wifi restaurant and bought 2 locally brewed Gallo beer for $4 each, which allowed us each 1 hour internet time. I asked why my internet time didn’t at least come with a Coke, instead of him getting 2 beers and just got a shrug in response! “Oink, oink”, I replied.

    The tourist market was fairly large with each stall owner anxious to make a sale. I wandered around once before deciding on my 2 small purchases. There was a lot of pressure to buy and the price dropped considerably but I either didn’t need, want or have space in my luggage for anything else. I did feel for them though because there is a lot of poverty in Guatemala. I was told by someone who did the trip to Antigua that there were a lot of “beggars with no limbs” and a lot of “guards armed with machine guns”.

    It was now 3 o’clock and JS was getting grumpy with hunger so we headed back to the ship. A late lunch, naps and working off some of those calories doing laps around the ship (3.5 laps = 1.6 km) has been our usual afternoon routine. I’s a tough life! Holland America used to be the only ship that had a veranda deck that went completely around the ship unobstructed. Our stateroom is located on this deck so it is very convenient for walks and lounge chairs.
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  • Day9

    Vulkaan Pacaya, Guatemala

    January 9, 2015 in Guatemala ⋅

    Naast het eten, wandelen op de markt etc. Wilde wij ook nog de omgeving verkennen. We hebben een dagtrip gedaan naar een vulkaan. De vulkaan is nog actief en 10 maanden geleden voor het laatst uitgebarsten. Het zwarte lava steen zag er indrukwekkend uit. Op sommige plekken was het nog zo warm dat we marshmallows warm konden maken zodat ze lekker knapperig waren aan de buitenkant en zacht aan de binnenkant. Voordat wij van de marshmallows konden genieten, moesten we wel eerst 3,5 km de vulkaan oplopen. Het was gelukkig redelijk gesteld met onze conditie ondanks dat de grootste heuvel waar we de laatste tijd op hebben gelopen de grachten van Amsterdam zijn.Read more

  • Day121

    El paredón

    December 2, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Übers Wuchenänd bin ich mit de Lia und ihrne Kolleginne ahs Meer. Mer händ es unglaublich tolls Hostel diräkt am Strand und ehn mega tolli Ziit gha!

    Mer händ viel Sunnetankt und baded, händ sehr guet gässe und es mega bequems Bett gha. Mer sind au nomol go Schildchröttli frei loh und ich ha ehn Surflektion gnoh :)Read more

  • Day213

    Von Fireballs und anderen Kugeln

    August 17, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Der Pool vom The Driftwood Surfers, von dem Immi so geschwärmt hat, ist schnell gefunden. Gibt ja auch nur einen hier. Und da José Andres aus Guatemala City eben erst Geburtstag hatte, gibts gleich mal eine Runde Fireballs. Sue hasst diese Zimt-Whiskey-Shots. Ich finde sie ganz ok. Wobei, nein, wie Laura und Lasse find ich die Dinger sogar richtig geil. Die nächste Runde geht auf mich! Ich brauche also nicht lange, um zu verstehen, was dem Immi hier so gefallen hat. Neben der Pool-Bar sind es die Leute, das Essen und allerlei drum herum. So entwickelt sich im Laufe der kurzen drei Tage zwischen Gary - einem Engländer wohl so Mitte vierzig, der schon länger hier fest sitzt und sich sein Bett und Essen mit ein paar Stunden körperlicher Arbeit pro Tag verdient - und mir gar eine richtige Bromance. Neben dem Gesamtsieg der Quiz-Night gipfelt unsere Blitz-Freundschaft im Gewinn des Extra-Shots für die wildeste angedeutete Sexstellung. Jup, wir gewannen dank einer Double-Penetration-Performance auf dem Billard-Tisch, bei der mir Gary über mir kniend mit einem Billard-Queue und einem "who's your daddy?" einheizt, während ich auf dem Rücken liegend die rote Drei als eine Art Liebeskugel zwischen meinen Lippen balanciere. Leider gibt es davon keine Fotos. Hoffentlich. Oder Sue?

    Für den Rest des Abends bringt uns in der Folge auch niemand mehr weg vom Billard-Tisch. Also spielerisch, das mit der erotischen Performance war kein Vor- sondern eher ein kurzes Zwischenspiel. Ähnlich der Unschlagbarkeit von Fönz und mir am Töggeli-Kasten oder beim Kubb - dieses Vikingerschach, bei dem man mit Stöcken um sich wirft -, bleiben Gary und ich - die zwei ältesten Hasen in diesem Hühnerstall - trotz fortgeschrittener Volltrunkenheit unbesiegbar. Zumindest an dem Abend. Sonst ist ja eher Tischtennis mein Ding. Ausser Kurt ist dabei, dann ist Verlieren mein Ding. Doch auch ohne Kurt scheint Tischtennis nicht mehr so mein Ding zu sein. Hier an der Pazifik-Küste macht mich nämlich ein kleines albanisch-stämmiges Mädchen ohne zu zögern und mit gelangweiltem Bitch-Face 21:11 fertig. Unser Altersunterschied hatte in etwa das gleiche Verhältnis. Zum Glück habe ich mich schon vor dem Start deutlich gegen die Hausregel ausgesprochen, womit ich zur Strafe nicht nackt um den Pool rennen muss, sondern die Schmach mit einem Jägermeister und einem kurzen aber respektvollen Doppeladler bereinigen kann. Kurt macht den ja auch gerne. Trotzdem Kacke. Zum Glück ist Gary da, um mich nach einer siegreichen Runde Beach-Volley an der Bar wieder aufzumuntern. Bromance eben.
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  • Day13

    World Class Lectures

    August 17, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 88 °F

    There have been a huge variety of quality lecturers on board. We have 6 experts giving 5 presentations each (most without notes). Some of our favorites:
    Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman a NASA astronaut who made 5 space flights.
    William Miller, “Mr. Ocean Liner” has always amazed us with his stories, pictures, and knowledge of ocean liner history.
    Jim Brochu a working actor, and Jon Bailey, a composer are lecturing as part of the “Crystal on Broadway” program. They talked about their experiences with famous people, and brought insight into the stories behind musicals.
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  • Day274

    Volcan Pacaya

    May 30, 2015 in Guatemala ⋅

    It is not often that one gets to hike an active Volcano. Amazingly the city of Antigua is situated among 3 volcanos, and we have decided to hike the easier Pacaya, while our New Zealand and UK friends braved the front and did the overnight hike, calling us sissys. After 1 hour uphill through the forest, and 1 hour up and down the gravels. We did'nt mind being sissys. The climate changes rapidly from tropical to high-lands, and then cloud forest. We were rewarded with marshmellow roasting by the hot lava rocks. A very fun, and not self-torturing hike!Read more

  • Day3

    Volcán Pacaya

    March 2, 2016 in Guatemala ⋅

    This afternoon we went to another volcano, this time getting closer. Even though you are not allowed to go all the way up to the crater anymore, we hiked around half the height of Pacaya. People offering horses followed us all the way up until we reached a former crater and the point were the lava from the last eruption in 2014 had turned solid. However, it is kept warm through the subterranean lava of the still active volcano (of the 37 volcanoes in Guatemala only 3 are still active, two of them around Antigua). In fact, it is so hot that we grill marshmallows on it.

    (Fun fact: when driving to the starting point of the hike, we passed a funeral procession. The hearse and about 50 persons were blocking a narrow, curvy mountain street.)
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  • Day60

    Leaving Antigua, finally!

    June 23, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Antigua is a cool place, a bit expensive, but nice. After three weeks, I was ready to leave!
    The plan was to head to The Driftwood Surfer in El Paredon, and that’s what we did!!we booked a shuttle, but it was over sold, so 3 of us ended up in a car. Legroom for days, pretty happy about that. Although, the car needs it’s front breaks looking at, they were dodgy!
    Got to the beach and went out body surfing. Nice.
    The hostel is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, right on the beach. They do a family style dinner in the evening, it’s all you can eat, so suits me! The beach is like a big long version of Perran Sands. A beach break with tonnes of rips and okay surf.
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