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  • Day22


    January 24, 2017 in Honduras ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    These are photos from the Copan mayan ruins in Honduras. They are not as big as others but they are renown for the number of statutes that were found there.

    In the fourth photo you can see the restored section on the left and on the right how it was before restoration.

    Had to include another annoying selfie and notice the hat has made a comeback!

    The big round stone was where the human sacrifices were made. You can see at the top where the head goes and as you were decapitated the blood would run down the grooves in the sides.

    Only the nobles were sacrficed as it was a great honor and you turned into a god. The male nobles had concubines and had a pretty good life until sacrifice time! To select the person they played a game which went on for days. I wonder if some lost on purpose! If I won by some miracle I think I would be saying sure but just let me 'walk the dog' one last time!
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  • Day14

    Copan, Honduras

    March 27 in Honduras ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Major, well-known ceremonial site. First discovered in the 1830s. There has been a lot of work on this site, so much so that many of the original carvings, etc. have been dismantled and moved to a museum on site. Faithfully copied replicas replace the originals to protect vulnerable artifacts from the elements. The site is mostly limestone. So acid rain is a major problem. There will be a post from the museum.
    The first pic is one of the temples followed by a detail of one of the gods. The 3rd picture is probably the most important. It's called the hieroglyphic stairs and is the primary driver in this site being designated world heritage by UNESCO. Each block is a hieroglyph recording local history. Most is not yet deciphered.
    The next pic overlooks the main plaza with the ball court most obvious. In this case, the winners would be ritually sacrificed on the altar in the 5th picture. At the top center is a hollowed out spot where the head of the victim was placed. You can clearly see the channel down which the blood ran.
    The last pic is another altar showing all 16 Kings of Copan.
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  • Day14

    Copan Museum

    March 27 in Honduras ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    This is the on site museum where vulnerable artifacts are kept. The only exception is the replica of one of the temples. The original was constructed solely of stucco. So it could not be moved. It is actually inside one of the larger temples. This is the first picture. It is painted with paints made of the same materials as the original, and shows how the site probably looked, based on the trace evidence remaining on the structures. The rest of the pictures is a selection of original art that has been moved here from the archaeological site for protection and replaced there by replicas.Read more

  • Day15

    Macaw Mountain, Honduras

    March 28 in Honduras ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Bird sanctuary located in the forest just outside of Copán Ruinas. The mission is primarily rehabilitation, recovery and release where that is possible. Many of the birds are former pets, some so damaged, either physically or are so imprinted on humans, that they cannot be released. They also breed those ready to do so with the goal of releasing into those habitats where the species us naturally found. Birds heavily imprinted on humans are kept separate where they get to interact with visitors, as with the 3 macaw species in the first pic. After that there are barn owls, paraleet (that's not a typo), toucan, king vulture and a cloud forest parakeet.Read more

  • Day38

    Copán Ruinas

    June 1, 2018 in Honduras ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    This is a nice little mountain town with some very old ruins. Another Mayan settlement, but this one has a nice back drop of hills. There is some cool history about the place, which you can google, but Copan was known for its intricate hieroglyphics and carvings. It also has a tonne of macaws here and Lowland Pacas, which is like a massive guinea pig. They are rebuilding a lot of it, so or not all original, but good to see. I had the place to myself for an hour, just managed to leave before the 400 school kids came in!
    A good little stop off on the way to Antigua, Guatemala.q
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  • Day8

    Mieses Karma ? Verflucht ?

    January 20, 2017 in Honduras ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Weiter geht's von Guatemala nach Honduras,so weit so gut..Kim wurde schon auf der Fahrt krank (Magen,Kopf,alles). Einmal übergeben am nächsten Tag hat geholfen. Aber dann ging's erst richtig los, mit komischen Ereignissen bei uns beiden.
    - irgendwas spitzes hat sich beim Transport durch Regenhülle, Rucksack selbst und meine Jeans, bis in die Schuhsohle gebohrt - da kommt Freude auf ➡ Wer läuft dann wohl die nächsten 3 Monate mit Loch in der Jeans rum 🙋

    Kurz danach ins Bad gegangenen, ich schwöre,ich bin unschuldig...Hatte nur eine Hand aufm Waschbeckenrand liegen,auf einmal buuuummm. Das war's wohl mit unserm Waschbecken. Erstaunlicherweise selber nichts davon abbekommen, trotzdem erst mal fast geweint,aber vor lachen !
    Unser Tourguide daraufhin mit den Leuten vom Hotel gequatscht, ist schon das 2.Mal in dem Zimmer passiert,also kein Ärger und nix bezahlen.

    - 2 Std später, auf der Seite des Piercings plötzlich super dicke Lippe. Blöd dass ich so gar nicht auf Botox stehe..
    - was zum kühlen geholt, wieder zurück zeigt mir Kim einen fetten rot-weißen Stich unterm Auge

    Nächsten Morgen um 4.40 Wecker geklingelt, vor der Abfahrt aber noch mal komische Sachen passiert:
    - Kim mit Nasenbluten aufgewacht
    - Meine Lippe auch immer noch super dick...
    - aufm Weg zum Bus gemerkt,dass mein Ring fehlt - kleiner Sprint am Morgen, vertreibt Kummer und Sorgen .. Ring gefunden, endlich raus aus diesem komischen Ort !!

    Von allen 375 Tagen, die ich schon unterwegs bin, waren das definitiv die merkwürdigsten 24Std !!

    Zimmer #27 im Brisas de Copan ➡ NIE WIEDER 😆
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  • Day36

    Copan Ruinas

    February 1, 2017 in Honduras ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    According to Lonely Planet Honduras is still known as the "Bad Boy" in the Central American hood. A lot of travelers skip it completely but I at least wanted to catch a glimpse of it.
    I was meeting a friend from Germany here who should join me for the next two weeks to travel El Salvador.
    I arrived in Copan on Tuesday and knew I was staying here for 4 nights as Sebastian would not arrive before Thursday and we wanted to visit the ruins together on Friday before heading to El Salvador on Saturday.
    I was really hoping Copan and the hostel I was staying would be nice. Otherwise it would have been a long stay there. But luckily I did like it a lot.
    I actually felt even more safe here than in Antigua walking the streets by night.
    People were really friendly and lots of the guys hanging around the Parque Central were wearing Cowboy Hats with Jeans and a proper Shirt - it made them look pretty dressed up to protect the city.
    I did go on a horseback ride around the area. It was really nice and as it was just me and my guide I could decide where to go and how fast - he even gave me his horse because it was faster :)
    We went to a small indigenous village and some smaller ruins. I the end we went to a fancy hotel which had amazing views over the area.
    I spend the rest of my days here exploring the little town and hanging out with some nice people from the hostel. There were a few nice places like "The tea and chocolate place" which sold homemade chocolates and other stuff. The hot chocolate was amazing!
    Thursday Sebastian showed up and Friday afternoon Sandy (who I had met before in San Ignacio, Belize and Livingston, Guatemala) joined us to travel to El Salvador together.
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  • Day38

    Copan Archaeological Site

    February 3, 2017 in Honduras ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    The ruins of Copan were probably not as big and impressive as Tikal or some of the ruins in Mexico but what was really nice was that there were not that many people around. You could just walk to the ruins from town with 10 minutes and then it was a nice stroll through trees filled with macaws.
    Also the ruins had a lot more sculptures and hieroglyphic carvings. Unfortunately a lot was reconstructed and the originals are in the museum at the visitor center (which we skipped).

    There were some more ruins of residential buildings a bit further down the road. On my map it looked like you could take the "nature trail" to get there. So we took this trail till we ended at a wired fence. But as it should be the right way we just found a hole in the fence and kept on walking. We followed a path along the river through high grass. Probably not the best idea in a country with a reputation like Honduras but the map still showed we were on the right way. We climbed through two more fences and crossed some fields till we finally made it to the final fence protecting the ruins. But this ruins were part of our ticket and as we had made it that far we decided not to look for a proper entrance but just slide under another fence to get inside. The ruins were nice but the bigger adventure was really probably how we got there. We never figured out if the was a proper way connecting the two sites and on the way back we sticked to the road instead of trying again.
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