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  • Day20

    A Day to Remember

    January 9 in Hong Kong ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Yesterday evening after another round of dumplings and spicy chicken we took the very steep tram up to the top of Victoria Peak. Because Hong Kong didn't have enough shopping malls already they have built another one at the top of the Viewpoint. We found a walking route around the peak away from the hubbub to a much better view and as you will all know by now, this is where Adam got down on one knee 🤗💍🎉 This will be a trip to remember! We had a quiet morning catching up with messages from home in a tech themed coffee shop and this afternoon we took the star ferry across to explore the waterfront on the mainland. We are now half way up the mid way escalators which are 20 escalators going up 800m getting a bite to eat and heading back to see the harbour lights when it gets dark. Thanks for all your kind messages and look forward to catching up once we get home xxRead more

  • Day3

    Ein spannender Tag mit Carly II

    April 14 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Wir haben mit Carly so viel gesehen und erlebt, brauche dazu noch einen zweiten Footprint um ein paar tolle Fotos einfügen zu können. In Central abseits der Touristenpfade ist es schon viel interessanter zu sehen, wie die Leute wohnen. Man merkt auch ganz deutlich, dass die Wohngegend in Central HK insbesondere sehr wohlhabenden Menschen vorbehalten ist (hier eines meiner Lieblingsautos :-)) Auch hier wie in Singapur ist die Duranfrucht überall auf den Märkten zu finden - aber wehe man öffnet sie, das stinkt das enorm (daher auch der Name Stinkfrucht).
    Lustig auch die Straße und das gleichnamige Restaurant „Rednaxel“. Früher wurde in China von Rechts nach Links gelesen und so entstand aus dem europäischen Namen „Alexander“ (sic.!) „Rednaxel“.
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  • Day2

    Hongkong Baby!

    June 7, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    Ich habe von langen Flug nicht viel mitbekommen, weil ich nach einem guten Glas Bordeau 🍷und einem Rindsfilet an Senfsauce sofort in Tiefschlaf versunken bin. Das Traumflugzeug der Swiss ist sehr zu empfehlen ✌🏻 Gut ausgeschlafen bin ich also heute in der Millionenmetropole Hongkong gelandet. Hier gibt es so viele Menschen wie in der gesamten Schweiz! Und genauso fühlte es sich an. Ich kam gerade zur Rushhour an, es war düppig heiss und ich kam mir vor wie in einer Sauna. Komischerweise schwitzte nur ich dermassen, denn die Asiaten sahen ohne Ausnahme aus wie aus dem Ei gepellt, Haare perfekt, Haut ohne ein Schweisströpfchen, wie machen die das nur? Das Asienphänomen!

    Ich bin dann mit der U Bahn nach Kowloon rübergefahren und dann alles der Waterfront entlang gelaufen, immer diese Wahnsinns Skyline vor Augen, dann mit der Fähre wieder nach HK Island und weiter quer hindurch zurück zum Hotel. Somit hat Thrombose bei mir keine Chance nach dem langen Flug. Meine Füsse tun ihren Dienst wieder wie zu meinen besten Zeiten.
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  • Day3

    Wet hot city

    June 8, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    Wer wie ich jetzt in HK ist kann einen besonderen Härtetest machen: Entweder man erlebt 30 Grad mit strömenden Tropendauerregen, 💦 oder man kann in die Shoppingcenter gehen und erfährt wie es ist, patschnass in zugige 17 Grad zu kommen ❄️ immerhin bekommt man heissen Tee zum Essen serviert. ☺️ es mach trotzdem Spass hier zu sein, und diese Stadt zu entdecken. Am Nachmittag dann die Gelegenheit, eine Wetterlücke, trocken, Himmel sichtbar!!! Ich bin sofort auf den Victoria Peak gefahren und habe auf der Aussichtsplattform Hongkong von oben gesehen. Absolut gigantisch! Ich träume seit Jahren davon; etwas weniger auf meiner Bucketlist 😊 Der Dschungel wächst bis zu den Hochhäusern.

    Lektion 1: Genug Wohnraum zu haben, so wie wir mit unseren Häusern, ist ein Privileg. Hier hat das selten jemand!
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  • Day198

    Flying to Hong Kong

    June 13, 2016 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

    Well it wouldn't be me if there wasn't drama. I manage to lose Mark at Amsterdam airport. There is the slight problem that I have both the passports and I've arranged to meet Mark at a totally different place. I eventually have to put a tannoy out for him , and he shows up just in the nick of time. We are ushered through passport control literally grab our bags and queue jump the long line of passengers waiting to check in luggage. The lady advises we are possibly too late and that our flight is already boarding I beg her with tears eyes saying today is Marks 50th birthday and this is a special surprise. Thankfully she loads our bags onto the baggage rack and we literally run to our gate and get there just as its closing. That is the closest I've got to missing a flight without actually missing it. On board I tune into some movies but a couple of hours in feel really sick. I put it down to the stress but feel rough for the whole flight. We touch down in bejing airport 8 hours later but the time difference is 7 hours in front, my poor body is still catching up from Brazil and the jet lag has more than kicked in its kicked ass. Mark and I have a ruck before were even off the plane so I spend the time in the airport crying in a hidden corner thinking about catching the next flight home. I grab a Starbucks and suddenly everything seems ok again and we board the flight for the 3 hours to Hong Kong with me wearing sunglasses to hide my red eyes.
    At Hong Kong I'm thankful to see our luggage as I always worry when I have a connecting flight that I haven't put it on there myself but it's arrived safe and sound and we make our way to the metro. We have booked a hostel whilst at the airport right near Times Square and when we get off the humidity hits me in the face like a wet flannel. This place is a crazy shopping haven with bustling streets and so many shops but I have enough baggage on my back so we walk to the hostel and check in. Our room is barely big enough to swing a cat in but still feeling rough we get straight into bed and wake at 9pm. We pop out and grab a bite to eat at a street seller before returning to the hostel and falling straight back into bed.
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  • Day234

    The Peak

    July 19, 2016 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

    We wake late this morning, well in fact it's actually closer to afternoon. We grab a shower and head out to catch the tube. We will go to The Peak today which is the highest point in Hong Kong. The queue today is a lot shorter than it was at the weekend but the Hong Kong/ Chinese people really do struggle with the standing in a line mind you saying that so did the French people in the queue it's so bad because there are old people and children in the queue that are getting pushed about so people can get the front seats. Two funny things then happen, the tram drives past the people at the front of the queue and when they eventually get on and sit down more people get on after them and although they don't have a seat they get the perfect view at the front, I do love a bit of Karma.
    As we travel to the top of the peak, the huge skyscrapers that rule the city all look like the leaning tower of Pisa as the angle of the tram causes an optical illusion, and the view is made so much more impressive due to the amount and
    height of the buildings. We reach the top and
    once again delivered into a shopping mall. We wind our way out of here and make our way to the information kiosk inside an old tram. The lady in here is really helpful and advises us of a walk we can take around a small part of the island. She tells us that it will take about an hour so armed with our water we head off, I'm more than glad to leave the crowds behind and head for the tranquility of a country walk. The walk takes us along Lugard road one of the oldest roads on the island, it's beautiful, lined with trees and vegetation as well as spectacular views of Hong Kong Island. As we continue round the path there is a big billboard with a notice of petition about one of the houses here. The house is a listed building but the owner wants to knock it down and build two villas twice its size. Obviously the locals are complaining, but the holding company is owned by an ex government official so I think I can guess who's going to win.
    The walk actually takes us 2 hours and when we arrive back we grab a coffee at Starbucks before specking our spot on the viewing tower to wait for the light show. The city is already lit up and the view from here is beautiful they do love a bit of bling here. We position our camera on time lapse but after 10 minutes I'm that cheesed off with being pushed and shoved we decide to leave and catch the tram, thinking we'll miss the rush , but we are wrong, the queue is massive but they have all barriers here so everyone has to stay in line. After an hour wait we're on our way down and even though we planned to hit temple market again tonight we are going to give it a miss and head straight for the hostel to lay our heads down.
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