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  • Day3

    We slept in today and woke ready for adventure. What a mixed day we've had, it will take more than one post to share with you! We caught a ferry from our hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui to Hong Kong Central, then another one to Lantau island. A long bus ride up the lush Green hills took us to a town called Ngong Ping where we looked at tourist shops and had lunch.

    The big SURPRISE was that Sam and Ruby could both use chopsticks really well! Better than Mum and Dad!

    Next ... off to the big Buddha.
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  • Day3

    How hard is it to get home??

    August 10 in Hong Kong

    Our journey "home" to the hotel started really well.

    The cable car from the top of the mountain was awesome! The plants were so lush and it didn't matter that it rained, we were in the clouds! We saw a bridge that is being constructed between Hong Kong and China. Pretty long! It was cool to catch the train back, so we could count many modes of transportation for the day.

    Then... It got tough. We got off the train and we were stuck inside a huge shopping and hotel place where the maps wouldn't show an exit. Maybe they wanted people to just keep shopping. Even when we found a door to the outside we couldn't walk on the roads. It was weird! And pouring with rain. We tried lots of ways out and Mum and Dad asked for help a lot, finally we found a way to get a taxi. It was great to get back to our hotel, we didn't mind that we were so wet! Mum went exploring and brought back food from the Hong Kong back streets. Lots of neon lights!Read more

  • Day2

    Hong Kong at last!!

    August 9 in Hong Kong

    It's hot here! Some proper summer. Ruby nearly fell asleep in the car from the airport. Hong Kong is so different to Melbourne. Our hotel room is on the 10th floor which feels high for us, but lots of buildings are much bigger. And there are so many people everywhere! Mum and Dad got bothered a lot by people wanting to sell clothes and watches on the street, Sam and Ruby didn't like how that felt. But Hong Kong is supposed to be very safe so we are so happy to be here.

    We found a shop with big jars of strange ingredients for Chinese medicine, and explored some busy streets. Then it was sooooo good to jump in the pool. A big sleep is what we need tonight. What will we do tomorrow?
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  • Day8

    Clear skies in Hong Kong

    August 15 in Hong Kong

    Our last full day in Hong Kong was relaxed. And typhoon free! Thankfully nothing got cancelled or closed due to the weather and we didn't get rained on or blown away. We will be able to fly out without problems tomorrow.

    We had 2 swims! Lunch was interesting, at a fun food court nearby. It was one of the busiest streets we've seen in Hong Kong, which is saying something! The food outlets had plastic examples of their dishes. We didn't eat the chicken feet!

    On the way back to the hotel we explored Kowloon Park. So nice to have some green in the city, and flamingoes!
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  • Day4

    The ferry home was was easy and we made our way in the rain. It was soooo busy on the streets. People walk with their umbrellas up even when it's not actually raining. We had to dodge them. We saw some interesting things! And Sam kept count of the annoying salesmen bugging us, today it was 10.

    Dinner was at a fancy Chinese restaurant underground, we tried new things but liked the delicious fried rice the best.Read more

  • Day5

    Goldfish Street and more

    August 12 in Hong Kong

    What an interesting morning we had! It's so hard to choose photos to share. First thing we went in the pool and another family kept getting out of the pool when it rained. It was funny, like mum's daggy joke, "Don't get wet!".

    Then we went to a part of Hong Kong called Mong Kok mum's friend Casey told us about. We saw so many fish and interesting animals; cats and dogs, fish of all kinds, starfish, seahorses, turtles, frogs, stingrays, rabbits, hamsters, mice, even chinchillas! The guinea pigs weren't as cute as Quincy and Zoom of course. We were a bit worried about some of the animals having the right environment... We could tell which places were the nicest to the animals.Read more

  • Day6

    A few more pictures from today.

    August 13 in Hong Kong

    Here are some extra pictures of animals and other interesting things we couldn't fit in but wanted to share. On the way back from the Ocean Park we saw an interesting cemetery with upright graves .

    Tonight we went swimming after dinner, gee it was good after a big hot day!

  • Day8

    Out at night!

    August 15 in Hong Kong

    Finally we got to go on the night bus tour of Hong Kong! We we're at the front of a double decker bus, up the top. There was a lot of traffic of course. We saw the island and mainland, markets, lights and LOTS of people.

  • Day8

    Goodbye Hong Kong

    August 15 in Hong Kong

    Here are some more pictures of our time here, which didn't fit in before.

    A Chinese lady wanted to take a photo with Ruby because she was so blonde and cute! Lots of people loved Sam and Ruby's pale looks.

    We feel like we have seen and done so much in Hong Kong but there is so much more...

  • Day65


    October 24, 2016 in Hong Kong

    Unser Aufenthalt in Hongkong begann etwas unglücklich - wegen Lukas Gesundheit und dem Taifun! ⛈😷
    Glücklicherweise hat sich der Sturm verzogen, genauso wie Lukas Unwohlsein. 🙏🏻😊
    Trotz der verkürzten Zeit konnten wir Hongkong geniessen. Es ist eine pulsierende und sehr grüne Stadt. Man merkt, dass sich die "Hongkonger" als Einwohner Hongkongs und nicht Chinas fühlen. 🇭🇰 🇨🇳
    Die Stadt ist sehr westlich eingestellt und die Verständigung mit Englisch ist sehr einfach.
    Deshalb gab es hier im Gegensatz zum Festland Chinas sehr viele nichtasiatische Touristen.
    Der Aufstieg zum "Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastary" wird begleitet von vielen unterschiedlichen Buddha-Statuen.
    Wir besuchten diese schöne Anlage, da wir uns am Wochenende nicht in die lange Warteschlange zum Big Buddha quetschen wollten.
    Der Ausblick vom Victoria-Peak auf Hongkong war einmalig, sowohl am Tag, wie auch in der Nacht. 🌇🏙🌃
    Gestern flogen wir mit Hongkong Airlines bis nach Hanoi und absolvierten eine weitere Visa-Tortur 😄✈️ 🇻🇳
    Am Abend wurden wir freundlichst im Hanoi Pho Hostel empfangen.
    Nun sind wir schon zwei Monate unterwegs und haben schon so viele tolle Dinge zusammen erleben dürfen! 💕

    Kleine Zwischenbilanz unserer Reise:
    * zirka 6421km mit unserem Olaf 🚐
    * zirka 618km mit Bus/Taxi 🚍
    * zirka 1480km mit dem Schiff 🚢
    * zirka 12'613km mit dem Zug 🚂
    * zirka 900km mit dem Flugzeug ✈️
    * zirka 510km zu Fuss 🏃🏼 Ungefähr die Strecke vom Mailänder Dom nach Visp und dann weiter bis zum Europapark in Rust. 🎢
    * zirka 756'222 Schritte 👣

    weitere Verkehrsmittel:
    (ohne km-Zähler)
    * Metro 🚋
    * Velo 🚲
    * Bambusboot ⛵️
    * Sightseeing Boat ⛵️
    * Tram 🚊
    * Seilbahn 🚡
    * Standseilbahn
    * Rolltreppe, Lift
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Kowloon City, مقاطعة مدينة كولون, Kowloon City barrutia, Kiú-liùng-sàng-khî, קאולון סיטי, Distretto di Kowloon City, 九龍城区, 주룽청 구, Kiú-liông-siâⁿ-khu, Kowloon City District, Kowloon-distriktet, Коулун-Сити, கவுலூன் நகர மாவட்டம், Cửu Long Thành, 九龍城區

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