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  • Day26

    Autumn begins

    September 24, 2017 in Hungary ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Slovakia has been a thoroughly wet experience but at least the wind was on our side and pushed us to more than 100km one day. We were a bit surprised how fast we got to Hungary, but the country greeted us with sunshine on a beautiful section of the Danube. After two great days in Budapest we hit the road again and go South now - pictures of the 'Pearl of the Danube' will follow.Read more

  • Day3

    Budapest II

    August 6, 2018 in Hungary ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Nach dem Frühstück sind wir direkt zur Sankt-Stephans-Basilika gefahren und anschließend über die Kettenbrücke zur Seilbahn! Wir sind auf den Berg in Buda gefahren um uns zuerst die Fisherman’s Bastille und die Matthiaskirche anzusehen und daraufhin zum Burgpalast, von wo aus man wieder einen wunderschönen Blick über Pest hatte!📷 Zum Mittagessen sind wir in den Caravan Food Market gefahren und hatten Burger, Burrito, Langos und Eistee🥤 Den Rest des Tages verbrachten wir in der Stadt zum Shoppen. Nach dem Abendessen, bei dem wir ungarische Gulaschsuppe hatten, gingen wir auf die Freedom Bridge, auf der jeden Abend gefeiert wird!Read more

  • Day36


    May 16, 2018 in Hungary ⋅

    Last day with Joel. He is going to a hotel tonight as his flight to Barcelona is at 6:15 tomorrow AM. Off we went to see the Parliament buildings. On the banks of the Danube and a huge complex. All lit up at night and quite a sight. Hungary is a parliamentary representative democratic republic with a president (largely ceremonial) and a prime minister who runs the government. We saw the guards of the buildings do their stately "walkaround" - apparently q15 minutes. Then off to Margaret Island, a large island in the Danube which is totally pedestrian (except for bus service and service deliveries) about 2 miles long and maybe a half mile across. The entire island is a park - a beautiful place to walk and look at the attractions. The best was a "musical fountain" where a large fountain with many spouts "dances" to classical music. It was great. Also a lovely Japanese garden, an athletic field, quite a few cafes, a hotel but most of all lots of green grass and lovely big green trees. Quite a find. We spent several hours there including lunch at one of the cafes. (Kolbasa for Kay - very good.) Then back to apartment for Joel to pick up his gear and go to check into his hotel. Kay found the local TI and got literature for what to do the next 3 days as well as schedules for the nightly music venues.

    Our host had told us about a couple restaurants and after checking out several, we chose the Menza for our last dinner together. It was excellent. Duck liver on mashed potatoes with a cherry sauce for Kay with ratatouille with egg as an appetizer. A real Hungarian dinner and it was terrific. Chocolate cake (think warm lava cake) with pistachio ice cream for desert.

    End of dinner was punctuated by a brief but impressive thundershower - it really poured for about 15 minutes. We huddled up under the blankets provided by the restaurant while we finished our wine. The the sun came out at 7PM !! Said goodby to Joel and did some necessities shopping on the way home and back to apartment for the rest of the evening.

    Miles: 7.7
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  • Day41

    The Opera

    May 5, 2017 in Hungary ⋅

    I visited the Budapest Opera house during the afternoon and took a tour. It is a beautifully ornate building and the guide spoke with passion about the opera's held there. I decided to see if I could see an opera while still in town and was lucky enough to get a ticket in the front row of a box right in the center of the stage to one called Elektra. It is much cheaper to see operas in Hungary compared to other European cities so the price was good too.

    I found it an unusual experience and although I enjoyed the orchestra music and the spectacle of the show, the opera side of things was just ok for me. Luckily they had English subtitles playing above the stage but I still found it all quite frustrating. In two hours the story didn't really go very far although there was much emotion and a death along the way. I'm glad I went but I'm not sure if I'll go to other operas.
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  • Day4

    Budapest, Hungary

    November 23, 2015 in Hungary ⋅

    We stopped at one of Budapest's famous ruinbars. This one was called Kuplung. We had a beer and tried the local drink - Palinka. Mondays are half off. The beers were a 1$ and the shots were 3$, so 4$ total. Not bad. I can't say that Palinka is one of my favorites though.

  • Day7

    More Budapest

    July 30, 2018 in Hungary ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

    For our first full day in Budapest we had a lot we wanted to see. Where to even start? We decided to hike around for a while to get a better feel for what this city looks like in daylight. Its is the hot season now - temperatures are in the 90-95 degree range so after a few miles of admiring the amazing architecture we decided to have a few piping hot espressos and jump onto one of thoe fixed price, hop on/off busses they have on most big cities. Sure - that doesn't seem very adventurous but it’s a good, cheap way to get around and enjoy a nice breeze.

    Given the heat, we decided to take the bus up to what the pre recorded tour guide called "Statue of the Liberty". It's a beautiful monument in a breathtaking location - on the highest point overlooking the city, with views of the Danube, the wonderful bridges and the Parliament. We also knew there would be a nice breeze up there. It was erected in 1947 under the Soviets to commemorate and honor the Russian liberators. Life under the Iron Curtain was by all acounts harsh so at first it would seem odd that a statue honoring the Soviets would still stand after 1989... however, given the reign of terror and mass murder committed by the nazis in this land, it’s easy to see why the people who gave their lives to drive them out deserve to be honored. The statue sits atop the highest point over the city, on a hill that is mostly wooded, with white cliffs overlooking the danube at some points. It can be seen from almost anywhere in the city

    The Violinist
    A few hundred feet from the monument is a scenic overlook, with little cafes nearby. You can get a cold beer anywhere in Budapest - its amazing. The heat was such that we opted for water, an admittedly rare occurrance on this trip. A violin player had set up camp on the scenic overlook below the cafes - an older gentleman with blonde-going-to-gray hair. He asked where we were from and when we told him, he played Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. While it was nice that he played something he thought we would appreciate, I asked if he knew Besame Mucho and he complied. He was legit.

    Once the music was over, the Violinist turned into a tour guide, telling us about all of the buildings in view in a soft, grandfatherley voice, his thick accent adding to the charm. He kindly asked Colton to move a few feet so he could better see the Parliment building, and when Colton didn't immediately comply, he shrieked "MOVE OVER HERE NOW TODAY, NOT TOMORROW!!!!!" Sensing the wierdness of the situation but no real danger, Colton stepped over and the old man went back to his gentle, chaming voice and cotinued to tell us about the city. As he continued with his pleasant lilting tone, Colton asked him a question, "DO NOT INTERRUPTME!" He shrieked "I AM TRYING TO TELL YOU ABOUT BUDAPEST!!!!!!!" We decided this was fun so we went for a few more rounds of turning David Banner into the Incredible Hulk.

    After a few minutes some unfortunate tourists walked up. We told them that this guy was a really good violinist and that they should ask him to play them a song and they seemed delighted at the idea. We threw a decent tip in his violin case and were on our way.
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  • Day20

    House of Terror

    June 29, 2016 in Hungary ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    The House of Terror Museum commemorates the victims of both the Communist and the Nazi regimes in Hungary. The building served as the former headquarter of the ultra-right Nazi party in 1940, and its basement was used as a prison. During Communism, the building was taken over by the State Security (Hungarian version of the KGB). Hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, were tortured in the House of Terror. It was very sobre and thought proviking walking through this museumRead more

  • Day40


    June 26, 2016 in Hungary ⋅

    We rolled into Budapest at about 6 pm and it was still 39 degrees Celsius, but the saving grace was that the humidity want nearly as high as Croatia.

    That night some of the group went to Sparty, which is a "spa party" held at one of the thermal pools, but the only tickets available were almost €100 and that was just too get in the door. Essentially, the pool becomes a nightclub with DJs, lights, and lots of alcohol. The next day, the consensus from the attendees was that it was fun, but way overpriced and showers were needed immediately following.

    The next day, we had a driving tour and walking tour of the city, plus a nice group photo at Fisherman's Bastion. The Parliament buildings and At Stephen's Cathedral are quite amazing buildings. Sarah and I had lunch on a patio of a neat little restaurant just of the beaten track, I had Hungarian Goulash and fresh mint lemonade - both were excellent!

    The next so was the House of Terror, which is now a museum of history related to atrocities committed during the time of the Arrow Cross and Communist movements. For me the scariest piece was that the horrible things being done in that building weren't going on hundreds of years ago, but rather, 50 years ago.

    After we explored some more of the city on foot and decided to get a massage - great decision, plus they had AC!

    The whole group reconvened that evening for a dinner cruise along the Danube River. The meal was quite good and definitely available in ample portions. But the best part were the views of the city at night from the river - I wish the photos could do it justice! The Parliament building is the star of the show!

    "Ruin bars" are also very popular... Bars take over old buildings that are damaged, turn them into night clubs, and furnish them with mismatched, leftover furniture from anywhere and everywhere!

    Budapest is a really cool city. It seems to be a mix of very old with new and it just seems to work!
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  • Day2

    Andrássy út

    August 7, 2016 in Hungary ⋅

    Sans que ça soit prémédité, la journée est placée sous le signe de l'horreur puisque nous remontons le boulevard Andrássy, équivalent hongrois des champs, en direction de la maison de la terreur.

    Nous passons devant le magnifique opéra ainsi que plusieurs très nellez bâtisses puis arrivons à l'ancien siège des services secrets hongrois transformé en musée décrivant la double occupation qu'ont subi les hongrois (nazis puis soviétiques)Read more

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