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  • Day26

    Beautiful Budapest

    August 24, 2017 in Hungary

    We arrived in Budapest Thursday afternoon and spent the rest of the daylight hours wandering the streets of Pest’s Inner City, along the Danube. The following day we explored Buda, on the other side of the Danube. But before heading to Buda, we stopped off at the Great Market Hall, a beautiful neo-gothic building near the Szabadság bridge.

    Once we made it to the other side of the Danube, there was a mountain that needed to be conquered in order to get to the top of the Citadella. It was well worth the climb when we looked out and got an almost 360° view of the city. The Budapest Castle was next on the list and once again provided great views of the city.
    With all the walking and climbing up stairs, we deserved some rest time and what better way to spend the afternoon than to go bathing in a sixteenth century Ottoman thermal bath, the Rudas Baths. Just hope we didn’t catch the Black Plague!

    Our third day was spent walking to the Inner City and then onto the Hungarian Parliament Building, which is the largest building in Hungary and the tallest in Budapest. The adventures included some traditional Hungarian food cooked using an old-fashion, stove-top iron. We were joined by our new friend, Steve, a New Yorker on holidays in Budapest.

    The following day we explored the Roman Baths and ruins at Aquincum. Then after some ancient history we strolled along Margaret Island, situated in the middle of the Danube. The day was capped off with a gyros made by a guy who could revival the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. But the end result was tasty and was complemented by the homemade ice-cream for dessert.

    The last day in Budapest continued the theme of eating, as we grazed or way through Budapest. Ice-cream and a lángos, a Hungarian deep-fried flatbread, were on the menu. And of course, a day wouldn’t be complete without visiting a castle, Vajdahunyad Castle, and wandering the streets.

    It’s hard to say goodbye, Budapest, but we must move onto our next destination. Búcsú Budapest

    For video footage of Budapest, see the link below:
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  • Day60

    Budapest, Hungary

    July 5, 2017 in Hungary

    We've spent four nights in Budapest and it has been so great being able to unpack, settle down and relax. We haven't had to rush at all since we arrived which has been so nice! After an 8 hour bus ride from Prague, we navigated our way to our hostel which was located outside of the inner city. Nearing 30 degrees, we carried our oversized backpacks through Budapest and got to our hostel absolutely drenched in sweat!! We visited the famous Ruin Bars on a pub crawl and met some great fellow travelers, bathed in the Szecheyni Thermal Baths and ate some delicious local kebabs! The following day we went on a free walking tour and again met an awesome Kiwi couple who we caught up with that night. We went into St Stephens Bascilica and caught the start of a wedding before climbing a few hundred stairs to the dome for 360 degree views of Buda and Pest. We've definitely clocked up the kms here with a hike up to the Citadel and Castle Hill but the heat has been the hardest part, most days sitting at 30-32 degrees!! We're off to Greece now and soooo looking forward to sun, sea breezes and water!!Read more

  • Day2


    August 7, 2016 in Hungary

    Après une journée chargée, nous prenons le temps de nous poser dans le parc au nord est de Pest.
    Un endroit paisible avec un lac et des pédalos...on y serait bien restés plus longtemps mais nous avons rendez-vous à 20h30. ..

  • Day1

    Geburtstag in Budapest

    January 22, 2016 in Hungary

    Über den eigenen Geburtstag einfach mal raus ist immer eine gute Idee . Findet man auch noch jemanden der einen begleitet , umso besser .
    Somit haben eine Freundin und ich uns an meinem Geburtstag aufgemacht,um die Stadt an der Donau zu erkunden

  • Day5

    Intrepid travellers on our own...

    August 28, 2017 in Hungary

    ... then meet another second cousin. Panni needed some time to herself to prepare a number of lectures which she was due to give, and she had already given up a lot of her time to be with us. We were happy to set off and do a bit of exploring on our own.

    Budapest has a very impressive public transport system, with trams, buses and underground trains all very clean, comfortable and modern. For us, the trams were especially convenient for crossing the Margaret Bridge, which we did on many occasions. We'd often walked it, but there were times when we hot and tired and when it was easier to jump on a passing tram. Evidently, public transport is free for Hungarian citizens over the age of 70, but we were told that nobody ever checks anyway. It seemed to us that it was literally a free-for-all anyway, with nobody of any age worrying about the fairly inconspicuous ticket reading machines.

    We decided head off to Budapest City Park, so first caught the (free) tram to Octagon then walked the couple of kilometres or so up the very elegant boulevard known as Andrassy ut to the park. Again, to quote Wikipedia: "The City Park is a public park close to the centre of Budapest, Hungary. It is a 1,400 by 970 m rectangle, with an area of 1.2 km2 located in District XIV of Budapest. Its main entrance is at Heroes' Square, one of Hungary's World Heritage sites. Most museums and other significant public buildings are closed on Mondays, though that didn't bother us as we were happy to simply wander through the beautiful parkland and admire the buildings from the outside.

    One building was open however, and it turned out to be quite a revelation as there were no signs in any language other than Hungarian to indicate what it was. (Sadly, there was a total absence of information plaques, tourist booths or local maps throughout the area, which is a pity). The building in question was large and built in the very ornate neo-baroque style. What we later learnt (thank you, Wikipedia) was that "The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Budapest is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. Its water is supplied by two thermal springs, their temperature is 74 °C and 77 °C, respectively." This impressive complex was planned from the 1880s and was opened in 1913. It now contains three outdoor and 15 indoor pools.

    We knew none of this at the time, so wandered into the foyer and decided to take sticky-beak out on of the windows. We saw this amazing sight of an ornate and truly beautiful swimming pool complex, filled with many people enjoying the warm Hungarian summer.

    Having mastered the Budapest tram system, we decided to try the Metro to get us back from the City Park to the Octagon junction, from where we could catch the tram home. Again, the system, which we were told was the first underground rail system in the whole of Europe, turned out to be very clean, fast and efficient. However, by contrast with the trams, one can't get away without paying on the underground. Not that we're complaining, of course. Our fare was very cheap and we'd already enjoyed enough free rides on the city's public transport system that we were never going to feel hard done by.

    After a brief stop-off at our hotel, we then headed out towards Panni's place, from where we going to catch up with Zsuzsi's twin brother Tamas at a nearby coffee shop. Tamas had just got back the previous day from the Edinburgh International Festival, where he had been managing one of his classical music soloists. For two decades Tamas had been the Executive Director of the Budapest Festival Orchestra, and now runs his own agency. He lives in the same city block as Panni, and when Panni, Mary and Brian reached the nearby coffee shop where we were all to meet we realised that Tamas had walked straight past the two of us as we were waiting for Panni on the footpath outside her building. Of course, we'd never met before, so we didn't recognise one another. We then spent the next couple of hours making Tamas's acquaintance and chatting about a huge variety of subjects. The time passed very quickly.

    The three of us (Panni, Mary and Brian) then wandered back in the direction of our boat, as Panni wanted to show us Margaret Island. Margaret Island is a 2.5 km long island, 500 metres wide, (0.965 km2) in the middle of the Danube in central Budapest, Hungary. The island is mostly covered by landscape parks, and is a popular recreational area. Its medieval ruins are reminders of its importance in the Middle Ages as a religious centre. The island spans the area between the Margaret Bridge and the Árpád Bridge. Before the 14th century the island was called Insula leporum (Island of Rabbits).

    What a place! We were most impressed. It's a very popular recreation area, beautifully maintained, very scenic with plenty of mature trees. Best of all, it is closed to all normal traffic. It was just on dusk, and as we wandered along, we heard the Toreador's Song from Carmen coming from some loudspeakers. We saw that it was coming an area near a really big fountain, and the fountain's water patterns and illumination were changing in time to the music. We stayed there for quite a while listening to various pieces of well-known classical and pop music, and were totally fascinated by the technology. It's a nightly program which is every bit as spectacular as a fireworks display. We've attached a small sample to this blog, though the recorded sound quality is not so good.

    We'd seen plenty of restaurants in Budapest, but as Brian kept saying, there seemed to be every nationality represented except Hungarian, which seemed a shame since the best of Hungarian food is really to die for. That night however we discovered a gem, Lecso Hungarian Restaurant, maybe a bit touristy, but offering a huge variety of authentic Hungarian food nevertheless. It was on one of the main streets, only a couple of (free) tram stops from our boat. And let's not forget, Hungary has some really terrific wines as well.
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  • Day16

    Vietnámi Nagykövetség

    December 22, 2014 in Hungary

    Vízumügyintézés az utolsó pillanatban, sürgősségi felárral. Nyilván... ???
    Akkor most már tuti utazunk!! ✈️

  • Day18

    14.07.17: Første dag i Budapest

    July 14, 2017 in Hungary

    Vi vågnede på et varmt værelse om morgen, hvor vores mission var at komme så hurtigt hen til AirBNB lejligheden. Vi kunne allerede tjekke ind kl. 9. Vi regnede jo egentlig med at vi skulle med nattog til Budapest, så vi havde aftalt en tidlig tjek ind.
    Vi havde lejet en hel lejlighed, som bestod af indgang i køkkenet, stue med hems og et badeværelse. Det lyder småt, men det var perfekt til os og i virkelig god stand. Det lå i en bygning som var lidt over 100 år gammel – det var lidt specielt og hyggeligt. Det var to virkelig flinke værter, som havde lagt brochurer til os, så vi kunne finde ud af, hvad vi skulle se. Vi fik hurtigt lagt en rute og var afsted. På ruten lå både:
    - Den største synagoge i Europa med plads til 2500 mennesker.
    - The royal palace, hvor der også lå et museum. Det lå på en højderyg. Det var desværre lukket på grund af FINA 2017. (læs længere nede)
    - The parliament, som var en fantastisk flot bygning.
    - The chain bridge, som er en bro, hvor det faktisk ligner store kæder. Under broen var Donau.
    - The Matthias church, hvilket var en formidabel smuk kirke med udsigt ud til byen. Dette lå ved siden af the royal palace i et område som hed buda castle.
    - St. stephen basilica, som var en utrolig flot kirke og gigantisk.
    Der kan desværre kun være 6 billeder under hver dag, så det er desværre ikke alle seværdigheder vi kan vise her - derfor er der lavet en 14.07.17 mere med billeder af seværdigheder.
    Til frokost spiste vi på en fantastisk restaurant kaldet Mazel tov, hvor jeg fik sous vide and, med noget brød og forskellige dressinger og Joe fik en pita med falafel og salat. Det var nok det bedste mad vi har fået på turen. Det lå i en gammel ruin, som man havde lavet om til den hyggelig overdækket gård restaurant af en art.
    Joe havde fundet ud af at der var FINA 2017 i Budapest i de dage vi var der. Dette er verdensmesterskabet i vandsport. Det startede tilfældigvis d. 14/7. Det vil sige, at vi kunne se åbningsceremonien, som blev afholdt på en scene lige ned til Donau. Det skulle vise sig, at være et helt vildt fantastisk show med brug af vand, lys og fyrværkeri samt en masse performere. Vi fandt en mindre cafe på den anden side af Donau, hvor vi sad tæt på en storskærm, som viste hele showet. Vi havde dog ikke regnet med, at det skulle blive så sent i byen, eftersom at vi ikke sov så godt i nat, så ingen af os havde varmt tøj med og det er alligevel en del koldere i Ungarn end Kroatien, i hvert fald lige da vi var der. Så kl. 20:30 (en halv time før showet gik i gang) drog Joe ud på jagt efter en hættetrøje til mig, da jeg jo er en frossenpind og havde opgivet for længst at finde noget. Jeg (Charlotte) havde forgæves gået op og ned af gaden hvor vi sad for at finde noget men uden held, da det var på Buda siden (se fun-fact nederst). Efter lidt under en time kom han tilbage. Han havde taget metroen til den anden side af byen og fundet en souvenirbutik, hvor han købte en ”I love Budapest” hættetrøje. Jeg har en dejlig kæreste!
    Showet sluttede af med et stort fyrværkerishow. Super flot!

    Aften sluttede dog ikke lige så lykkeligt som fyrværkerishowet. Vi kom hen til metroen og nåede lige at løbe ned til at kunne se at den sidste metro kører. Det vil sige, at den sidste metro kørte kl. 23:33, hvilket vi bestemt ikke havde forventet i en så stor by og ved et så stort arrangement. Der var virkelig mange mennesker i byen og rigtig meget politi og militær, så busserne var propfyldte og det hele var lidt kaos. Vi valgte så at gå halvvejs og tage en bus det sidste stykke.
    En vellykket dag i Budapest, må man sige. Vi fik nedlagt omkring 20 km på gåben, så vi var i den grad trætte da vi kom hjem.

    Fun-fact: Budapest er delt op i to. På den vest siden af Donau ligger Buda og på øst siden af Donau ligger Pest og sjovt nok ligger de fleste ting i Pest, selvom man ikke skulle tro det ud fra navnet.
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