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  • Day1

    SUPER FAMOUS Climb For The First Time :)

    August 31, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    Day 3: After leaving for Tirupati from Hyderabad we reached here by 8:30 as the train was late a bit (as usual). After freshening up (the toilets were extremely clean for India and the joy of shitting in a WESTERN TOILET was unique) we left to have some breakfast. The Saravanan bhavan is a nice shop a kilometre from the railway station (the city is quite compact). The dosas were quite nice there although they put too much onions in the onion dosa :p. We left there to explore the city on the way to the temple. The Ganesh chaturthi celebrations were in full swing where we saw many Ganesha statues on the way and the city gave a certain joy as we walked through it. The entrance of the temple road didn't seem so crowded. The first step read 10kms to go and it didn't seem much at all. But the first 2kms were damn tiring as the steps were quite steep and there was no room for walking after every step. Though the experience was amazing cause I was stretched to the limit with the climbing. Although dan and Theo seemed very happy to climb them easily idk how lol :p. The climbing of the stairs are in different phases, sometimes it's easy cause the stairs are not steep at all for kilometres straight, whereas sometimes it's difficult it's fun on the whole. The view from the top is mesmerizing! :D :D
    I didn't understand why people are crawling the last few steps (is it that they are so tired or is it a tradition). The temple at the top ain't great at all. It's all just hocus pocus :/. Nothing special at the TOP!!!!! STUPID PEEPS !!!! Unfair marketing!!! High rates!!! Stupid stupid !! Don't put faith in all this like fools -.-
    On the way back we couldn't get a direct bus to Chennai so we went to the city down and then tried for a bus but it was overbooked. So we sat on the floor till we got seats. It took us 4 hours to get back. We took a metro and then a cab back to institute. It was fun :p
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  • Day71

    The Slightly Crazy Hike :D

    October 15, 2017 in India

    The trip was more or less the result of no travel for a while now and the itch for travelling or getting out of the institute was getting too much. Fortunately this time we had a guide, a big car and lots of food and water with us. (The comfort of a car is totally worth it I guess because spending just ₹650 per person for the ride to and fro would be equivalent to a bus trip to and fro to Pondicherry plus the added advantage of playing loud music and stretching legs while getting comfy seats is not really comparable :D) We (well Ni Mohan theo and Charles) left early at 5 to get the car and then filled the car up with peeps at Taramani. Then we set off to our destination. The prospect of burning some calories amid the beauty of a forest and the cool breeze under a waterfall was just amazing!! The journey was about 2 hours long as the place is nearly 80kms away. We had breakfast at a very awesome (slightly expensive ₹130 per person) restaurant on the way (the food was delicious btw). The view on either side of the road is just green green trees and farms indicating abundance of water. Anyway we soon reached with half of my playlist over :D and the lake nearby was nice which lead us on to a path towards the waterfall. The path we chose was (obviously) the wrong one and we kept on climbing up the mountain for nearly 2 hours before realising that it was too risky :P. The view from there was amazing though :D. The climb down was both risky and exhausting. Thankfully we made it back in one piece with our shirts wet with sweat and cuts all over our legs :D. I must mention about our guide who was expertly navigating through the mountains with such ease that made our jaws drop. Without sweating even a bit she was able to follow us. (I'm referring to a dog actually :D)
    After a few unsuccessful attempts to find the right road to the waterfall we finally got there and the place was nice. With cold water and places to jump in it was truly worth it. We cleansed our dirty bodies there and swam till we became super hungry!! We headed back after a nice snack meal we had bought :P with us. That's it for today but it was amazing!!!
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  • Day61

    The Second Time :P (Faster)

    October 30, 2017 in India ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    Unlike the last time the start of the trip was a free ticket :p. Being a German these days I was used to being a physical alarm clock for the group which provided delivery to Bhadra too :P hahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha!
    Getting up early and after freshning up soon I was at Bhadra shouting "MARCOOOO! GET UP :P" then came Tomas haha :D. Ahmed had woken up by the time the cab arrived (stupid of me to book an SUV for just 4 guys but who gives anymore). We were soon at the Egmore station in time to catch the 6:50 train (Dadar express) to our destination. The journey was comfy but I met a strange young kid from Maharashtra who seemed very experienced with this particular journey. His conversations were about places he enjoyed in Tamil Nadu like Madurai and why I must go there :). Also he seemed like an expert at sticking feet out of the train door so as to just brush the platform in a moving train :D (too risky for a pussy like me lol). Soon I was lost in deep sleep only to be woken up by a grandma who kept moving around in the train from one compartment to another. (She could never compete for an election in the compartment I'm sure cause she pissed of a lot of people including MEEEEE!!). Anyways our lil friend had taken a seat at the end of our compartment on top of the rest of us near the door :P. Amazing seat it was haha :D. Soon we hurriedly moved out to a station when everyone told us to go out :D. A bus from there and we were in Tirupati :). After a nice so called breakfast (of samosa, kachori and some jalebis) we were at the base of the temple. The path looked a familiar one (since I had been here a few days before obviously). I thought that all the running training would make this way easier :). With positive mentality I began the climb faster (dressed in the customary sleeveless and borrowed shorts from Nishant :P). A few steps and a few stops later the ticket checking point still seemed distant :(. It's a very interesting phenomenon when you are actually climbing the steps actually.
    Your feelings would be undergo the following transition :p -------------->
    The others are so lazy walking so slow :) I could go all the way easily without stopping ------------->
    Maybe a break here and there won't affect so much I'm still way better than these fatasses ---------------->
    Oh shit how many more steps :( ------------------->
    Fuck it I'm a human after all the climb is a bitch -------------->
    I can't do this anymore such a bad decision to come here ----------->
    BIG BREAKKKKK!!! ------------->
    :D I'm ready to go love this experience :)
    NOTE : These transitions are cyclic :)
    So after cycle 1 we were at the base one (That indicates 2083 steps :P and also the most difficult part consider 75% done).
    Tomas and me went ahead (not before my usual MRP price fight when buying water; it's not about the ₹5 per water bottle but the exploitation that I'm concerned with on a mass scale and anyways I'm learning new ways of trade every time :P love it!!! :3) walking at a nice pace. The way from now on was much nicer with almost being flat. The discussions about future journeys were true indicators of our immense attachment :D. (I really like Tomas) He promised to take me around Sevilla if I was there :). So we went up and up looking at the magnificent views on the offer especially just before the final steps. The final climb wasn't very difficult at all and the feeling of reaching the top was amazing *_*. After a nice meal we spilt up as the other bought dhotis and proceeded towards going inside the temple while I waited taking naps and curiously looking at the people around who seemed to be in a hurry :o. The place opposite to the temple is an amazing place to nap :p. Soon later I saw them return without entering the temple cause it would have taken too long :D (very expected). We took a bus back to Chennai directly for just ₹200 each and besides the usually irritating baby cries I don't remember anything special about the journey.
    It was a good time :D
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