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  • Day6

    Whistle Stop Tour of Dehli

    November 24, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    The plan for today... No plan!

    Vindu recommended that we get up at 8:30am for breakfast and then he would take us to the real tourist information centre and there we can discuss what we want to do and how. So we just rolled with it. For breakfast we have paratha (seriously I'm going to get fat...) and then we jumped into the car to to the tourist information. Our very vague plan was to go to Rishikesh and then begin our tour of the Royal state of Rajasthan. Our only aim and need at the Tourist Information was to book our train to Rishikesh as it seems impossible to do online without an Indian Credit Card.

    When we arrived at the centre we were greeted with a warm and grinning Latif. I must admit my scam alert guard was still on. I trusted Vindu but didn't trust anyone else including the driver that took us here. One of the most common scams in Dehli is taking tourists to a fake tourist information and then making them pay for ridiculous things. I checked our location on the map and it seemed legit although very close to our location on were various warning annotations of "fake tourist information", so all I could hope for was that my GPS was right!

    I must admit we soon warmed to Latif and let our guard down completely. He knew his stuff, he knew our requirements, budget, he was happy to help and I must admit we fell for everything! He gave us an incredible deal that I'm praying works out. We have a personal driver for 2 weeks to take us round all the sights of Dehli, Agra and Rajasthan including one night safari in the desert. He convinced us that going to Rishikesh this early is not a good idea as it we go to Rajasthan after it gets very busy and expensive whereas Rishikesh will be a bit easier to book trains etc in 2 weeks time. So we signed our name on the dotted line and we've taken a huge risk. We've paid the full amount, again something I thought I would never do, so I'm really praying it all works out. Sometimes I hate myself for thinking the worst in people, it's something I actively try and disengage from as honestly I truly believe I should always trust in humankind first. This is the biggest risk we have taken, in terms of handing over a wod of money, but only time will tell!

    So I've been in a car a couple of times now and I don't think I've really talked about the traffic and mental driving. Is it as bad as people say and what we see in documentaries? Yes. Do I feel safe? Yes. Are there moments when I hold tight and press my imaginary break? Yes. But honestly, maybe it's because we have been travelling for a while, the traffic and crazy driving doesn't feel or seem as bad as expected. Maybe my expectations are ridiculously low... I don't know. Of course there were points that we were in total grid lock and I genuinely felt like I was in the problem solving game Rush Hour with cars facing and moving in all directions albeit with the addition of a couple of bulls pulling carts, but I have 95% confidence in our driver and am just glad it's him and not me!

    Our first stop was to pick up our bags, we also discussed what we booked with Vindu and seemed happy with it. We then went to the cash machine and after a bit of a debacle with Halifax we were finally able to get out the required amount and paid the centre for our 2 week trip. We had a poori for lunch and then head out with our driver Ajay on our journey.

    First stop was the presidential area. The presidential Palace wasn't open unfortunately but from the outside it looked enormous. Ajay told us that the Prime Minister has 366 personal rooms purely for himself not including governmental rooms! Just across the Palace was the famous Gate of India. The reminded us of an enormous version of The Mall in London. Although the buildings were very impressive it was actually the number of Black Kites, the birds of prey, that was much more impressive. There must have been at least 30 black kites circling the area! It a rare sight to see.

    We then visited Akshardham Mandir, a temple on the outskirts. Wow, just wow. The rules of temple were quite strict and you weren't allowed to take in cameras, mobile phones etc so we left everything with Ajay and went in. What a peaceful, beautiful and mindful experience. Obviously I now don't have any pictures for my blog of the mandir but honestly I'm actually quite thankful for the experience. Sometimes you visit these incredible places and you just get wound up in taking pictures, getting annoyed at others "ruining" your shot or taking too long etc but without all this it was just fantastic. We walked around the whole mandir feeling unbelievably calm. It was such a nice feeling to not have to plan or care where our next stop was and to just enjoy being in the moment. I think this moment made me realise what truly being mindful means. In the guide book it says the Mandir represents the mind becoming still and where the soul connects with the divine and I agree. Obviously if you want to look at this incredible temple, please do on Google! The Mandir was one of the most beautiful temples I've ever seen, and we have seen a lot!

    After the Mandir we began our journey to Agra! Of completely honest I was quite nervous and unexcited to see the Taj Mahal. I heard that actually the experience would be a bit of a nightmare ie getting there, getting a ticket etc but after the events of today I am feeling really excited and calm about visiting my second wonder of the world. I am the luckiest person in the world right now and I just can't believe how fortunate I am and how we really do take everything for granted. I am going to soak in every single moment!

    The journey from Dehli took about 3 hours and I couldn't believe how straight the road was. It was literally one long road for 3 hours and not because of traffic but because it was just a ridiculous straight long road!!

    Another subject I've not touched on is pollution. Obviously Dehli is world famous for being one of the most polluted cities in the world and I must admit you can feel it. Luckily the temperature wasn't so high today but not only can you feel the pollution but you can see it.

    After dark we finally arrived in Agra at our hostel. We had a quick dinner and then went straight to bed ready for our early morning start.

    I'm so excited for tomorrow's blog.
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  • Day29

    28 Hours Later

    December 17, 2018 in India ⋅ 🌫 17 °C

    Well today is going to be fun!! It's our first train and to be honest I'm quite excited. It was really 5am and it was 5 degrees so we were wrapped up to the max. We had booked 2S class seats which are supposedly the lowest... They were perfectly fine! Sure the windows weren't great and so it was pretty cold but to be honest it was better than the Darwen train at home 😂 we arrived only half an hour late in Dehli, which was fine as we gave ourselves plenty of time.

    We had been so excited to get to Dehli mainly for its warmth, I was so wrong. It was still cold! We were only here 3 weeks ago and definitely wasn't like this. I guess I'll have to wait till Mumbai to feel heat.

    We then attempted to get across Dehli to our next station. Now this wasn't as easy as expected. We ended up asking a bus conductor who took us onto his bus, dropped us off for free at a random bus stand and then we had to take another bus to the station. No one charged us the whole way! I have no idea why...

    We arrived at our train station and as we hadn't eaten all day it was time to eat! We found a guy making fresh puris and then we sat in the waiting area with plenty of reading time to spare. Just before the train we went out again for an early dinner of Aloo Paratha and then jumped on our posh sleeper train. We booked 3AC on this train as was advised by a lot of people as it was affordable still but comfortable. To be honest it was luxury and everyone was very chatty.

    Around 9pm the baby next to us decided it was time to wail and wail it did for what felt like forever so we both popped sleeping tablets and had a pretty good sleep to be honest. I remember at one point I got up needing a wee and as I was on the top bunk I avoided it as long as I physically could. Eventually I couldn't hold it any longer so in a very dreary mess I scrambled down, went and then found it impossible to muster the energy to yet back up! I went as far as I could and had to belly flop and slide my body in a very unflattering manner onto my bed. It was not my finest moment haha
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  • Day4

    Rundtour durch Delhi

    February 4, 2012 in India ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Heute um 09:30 Uhr Start der "offiziellen", flexiblen Sightseeing-Tour. Unser Fahrer war ein sehr netter Inder der uns sehr viel erklärte. Die Sehenswürdigkeiten waren eine Wucht, absolut unglaublich.
    Wir fuhren in einem Suzuki Wagon, identisch mit meinem ehemaligen Opel Agila Schrotti, das heißt, es kamen heimische Gefühle auf.
    Der Verkehr in Delhi ist absolut wahnsinnig - aber man glaubt es kaum, irgendwie funktioniert das Chaos.
    Nach Abschluß unserer Tour holten wir uns im DTTC Büro unsere Unterlagen für die morgen um 08:30 Uhr beginnende "Golden Triangle Tour".
    Nach dem unser Fahrer uns in der Nähe unserer Unterkunft abgesetzt hatte, bummelten wir noch ein paar Meter bis zu unserem Hotel. Auf diesem kurzen Stück kaufte sich Verena ein Paar Schuhe und ein Tuch. Dabei entwickelte sie Fähigkeiten wie ein Händler auf dem Kamelmarkt.
    Nach dem Duschen (es ist jetzt 18:45 Uhr) werden wir noch rausgehen und irgendwo in der Nähe ein Bier trinken.
    Zum Dreck, heute sagt man Feinstaub, in Delhi nur soviel: wenn du dir die Nase putzt, sieht es aus als wenn man Holzkohle niest.

    Randbemerkung zum 4.2.2012, ich wurde bei unserem Besuch im "Roten Fort" von einem indischen Studenten gebeten, ob er von seinen Freunden ein Foto mit mir zusammen machen darf.
    Im sogenannten "Alten Fort" hatten wir eine supernette Begegnung mit indischen Schülerinnen. Die erste, die auf uns zukam, fragte Verena und mich nach unseren Namen und als wir dann später an dem "Schwarm" vorbeigingen, grüßten uns so ziemlich alle (und es waren sehr viele) ganz freundlich mit Hello und Namaste.
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