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  • Day9

    Tea Highlands Tour

    December 13, 2018 in India ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Augie and Nancy came down with separate illnesses overnight. Augie wasn't up for the day's activities and stayed behind in Conoor to rest. Nancy, Sophie, and I spent the morning touring the Highlands Tea Factory in nearby Wellington. The tour was good although it covered a lot of familiar ground. We learned that tea harvesting happens all year, but the main harvest is in June when the monsoon rains bring fast growth. The guide explained that they employ one hundred pickers year round and several thousand during the wet months. While there, we noticed that several of the workers in the factory were migrants from Southeast Asia. He also explained that a picker's quota of leaves for black or green tea is around 40 kilograms or 88 pounds per day. The same pickers quota of white tip tea picked is 100 grams or less than a quarter pound per day.

    In the afternoon we caught a toy train from Conoor to Ooti. A World Heritage experience. Both towns were Hill Stations and are tea centers. Quite a nice ride through some lovely country. Much like our epic train ride through the Highlands in Sri Lanka.

    Upon return we found Augie to be much improved and ready for tomorrow's safari in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.
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  • Day9

    Journey the Nilgiri Tea Highlands

    December 13, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Our Intrepid Travel tour is made up of eight individuals, four of whom are well known. Two couples have joined the trip, one from New York, Ina and Anatole and the other from New Zealand, Suzanne and Scott. The guide is VJ from Rajasthan. Everyone is a veteran traveler. So far so good.

    Yesterday we left Kochi and headed up to the tea highlands by train. We rode in second class cars and were fortunate to have seats together. I got a little bored on the train and spent part of the time taking photos of all the methods concocted to keep trays latched. We had an amazing lunch at a roadside restaurant along the way. Thali trays of South Indian delights. One of our number, Suzanne, is a chef's consultant in Auckland and is really into the food end of things. This should be fun!

    Once we made it to the Tiger's Hill Inn in Conoor Nancy, Sophie, and I took off on a nice hike in the tea fields. The road snaked along the side of a steep mountain dipping in and out of dense forest. As dusk set in a gentleman came alongside on a scooter and urged us to turn back because 'animals are coming!' Up here that could mean any number of things, including lost big cats so we decided to grab the next rickshaw and hightail it back.
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  • Day23

    Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

    June 29, 2015 in India ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Coonoor is wedged into the sides of the Nilgiris mountain region. A 5 km car ride takes around 25 minutes or more, depending on if you end up stuck behind a lumbering tea truck. I took a bike out today and rode the side of a mountain only to be harassed by a band of outlaw Nilgiris monkeys wanting my Oreos. I call the outlaws because they were not pleasant. They may very well have been in-laws, although that traditionally wouldn't change much about their pleasantness. Regardless, there was no chance I was giving those Oreos up. I kicked my bike into 6th gear and, like the daredevil I am, attempted to ramp off a speed bump. I stuck the landing -- literally, stuck it. I landed in what I thought was wet dirt but was actually a 1.5 foot deep pothole of mud. Slowing to a stop to collect myself, I happened across a small herd of buffalo (8-9 of them) on the slopes of the mountains foraging through tea plants. They all had horns and, despite my inclination toward daring speed bump ramps and other sure perils, I did not fancy disturbing them. I continued my ascent and when I finished I found myself on tea factory grounds occupying one of the mountain's highest point. I also found that my bicycle's back brakes had completely broken, relieving themselves of any culpability for the much more dangerous descent. The sweet speed bump airtime was the likely culprit. The second half of the ride was markedly less enjoyable, as the front brakes loudly and shrilly voiced their disapproval of their newfound responsibilities. Muddied but emboldened by my adventure, I settled to read on a rock outcropping as the sun began to set. The rock, however, turned out to be overlooking one of the local roads' many bottleneck points. People slowed on their motorcycles and in their rickshaws and cars to behold the muddy and seemingly lost white person. More waving was done than reading.Read more

  • Day7

    All about the Journey to OOTY :P

    August 12, 2017 in India

    The last few days have been crazy
    First a food tasting expedition around in Chennai which ended up with us exhausting our patience but also discovering a few nice places.
    Second would be the unusually large *sound* meals at IRCTC. The stage for the trip was all set. Having never gone to Ooty and it being such a famous name. Plus the awesome part about being able to stay in a *tree house*! Yes you guys heard it right! A TREE HOUSE!! Exploring the places in waynad was another bright side too because then kerela would be truly complete from my own eyes.
    DAY 1:
    Having not gotten any train tickets to Ooty and the bus tickets being overpriced heavily (₹1500) we decided to take the government buses available. I was expecting to get a direct bus to Ooty in worst case a direct bus at least go Coimbatore :). Delayed by the unusually bad Chennai traffic today we took nearly 2 hours to reach the bus station from our campus. With no buses available directly to Ooty or Coimbatore we took a SUPER SUPER CROWDED bus to Salem. Our of 7 of us only 2 managed to get seats. The rest of us made comfortable on the bus floor hoping to catch some sleep at some point of time. It's ironic for me especially cause I've never been on this side before, actually always thinking why people would prefer sitting or sleeping on the floor instead of taking another bus🤔. (Explanation would be
    1. People are crazy.
    2. The floor isn't so bad.
    3. It's a good *one* time experience (I'll be very specific about this one)😆
    So after a few million attempts of sleeping and conversing I could catch some sleep when we traded seats temporarily :). Another bus to Coimbatore then from Salem but this time with seats.
    Satisfying our hungers with sweets and veg puffs gave a different feel too. The journey to Ooty was really really *schön*😀. As the temperatures fell helping us relieve of the heat stress we faced in our journey, the scenery around was also quite astounding! With valley on one side and the mountains on the other, we hurried through the breezy way. It was not just about the trees, but the whole view of the lush green mountains combined with the wonderful and bright colours of the houses around :). Though the skill of our bus driver was tested on several occasions, we somehow made it to Ooty (like an engineering student gets his degree.) Let me just say that it had been a crazy 18 hours of bus journey! (11 pm to 5 pm)
    The accomodation we found there was super cheap like ₹1500 for 8 people! 😆
    After a very satisfying meal and purchase of chocolates we headed back to our rooms. It had been a memorable day truly !
    The night was a funny one :p
    We heard a motorbike at around 3am racing around in our very own room!!😂
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