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  • Day23

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary of Pub Golf

    December 11, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Now only my uni students will probably know but me and Will had a funny old start of our relationship of which I won't go into here, but we finally got together today 10 years ago after properly meeting during Pub Golf. It's not our official anniversary but it was, as my mum would say, the start of our courting days. 😏

    Today we were moving accomodation... again.... We decided to move back towards our previous hostel so that we could easily access places to eat and see.

    In the morning we packed up, grabbed all our washing and went for breakfast at a Frog Life Cafe and had Egg Bhurji! At home we call this acurry, its spicy scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions and it's super super tasty. It wasn't quite my mums version but it was as close as I'm going to get so I'll take it. 😊

    Then Will took me to an amazingly cool cafe called Shanti Shanti that he discovered yesterday. Honestly I was in hippie heaven. The cafe pertruded over the river but on the opposite side to the other cafe we love and it had a live guitarist. The seats were positioned in a really cool fashion too. They were almost like sitting bunk beds and I felt like I was just hovering over the river. It was really really romantic. I do love this guy 😍Rishikesh is just a heavenly place to be.

    The day was reading and then researching what to do after our week in Mumbai ie over Christmas, New Year and until our visa runs out in mid January. Oh and drinking tea, eating amazingly fresh food (woohoo we had salad) is a given! We actually ended up spending the whole day till sunset there! It was so peaceful. After sunset we finally left and checked into our new hotel. 🤞 It seems pretty good so hopefully we don't have to move again!!

    For dinner we went to our good old falafel man and had falafel and chai. Gosh its nice to be back near the center.
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  • Day27

    We saw snow!!! Very far away...

    December 15, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    After yesterday's day of fun scootering, walking and birdwatching we decided to go out and do it all again this time south towards Rajali National Park.

    First stop, the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Today we had Masala Dosa, a dish that has never disappointed. How can you go wrong with a crispy pancake stuffed with Masala potatoes and doused in dhaal and coconut chutney? You just can't. Well actually I lie, I had a made up version of it once in Manchester and left utterly upset.

    After breakfast we headed along the Ganges on there was a skull and crossbones icon so we drove there first as I was just intrigued. I'm not sure what it was supposed to symbolise but it was not very deathly... In fact it was just a flat path surrounded in trees with birds. So we sat and attempted to bird watch. With a combination of the rays from the sun and the forever fluttering birds it was very very difficult to spot them. We eventually saw various bulbuls and the very impressive Black hooded oriole. We then carried on to a dam and ended up going over a super sketchy... I don't know what it was to be honest but I've put a picture on the blog...

    We then set off further not before long we were in the forest and after a while we started heading up the mountain edge. The gravel road was pretty rough going to be honest and we had a couple of hairy moments but Will is a pretty good driver now and has perfect control over the bike. Soon we are at the top and wow what a site! It was soo gorgeous! Although we were currently based at the bottom of the Himalayas there isn't snow where we are, but in the distance we could see the magical mountains of snow!! We were so excited!!!

    Along the driver back we saw male peacocks and Himalayan Goldenback which was a great spot on the moving bike if I do say so myself.

    For dinner we went and had Baijan Masala, Veg Masala and Matar Mushroom with chapattis. We ate like Kings! Then as we didn't have lunch we decided to have a cheeky look at puddings in a posh cafe. We had two amazing cakes for £1.90. Splashy!

    Well the day has come, it's time to leave Rishikesh... Although I cannot wait to get some heat inside me and not have a constant head ache and sore hands from the cold I am going to miss this peaceful and beautiful town.

    Now we don't really know what our plan is tomorrow... All we know is that we need to be in Dehli on the 17th at 4pm to catch our train to Mumbai. If we take the bus as we did to get here it will take forever so we are going to wake up in the morning and hope we can get a train for the 17th, but they only sell the tickets the day before so we need to be on it! If we get the ticket we will either get the train on the morning of the 17th or the evening of the 16th or end up getting a bus tomorrow. So who knows what tomorrow will bring. Either way I know I want one last aloo paratha, a chai and then a coffee in our lovely cafe with a view 😊

    Speak to you tomorrow!!
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  • Day19

    It's gonna be long old day....

    December 7, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    What a sleep! There were no calls to prayer at 5am,no dogs barking throughout the night, no beeping, just silence! At 4:20am we woke quite refreshed for once. We quickly got ready and jumped in the car.

    Now Ajay has now been driving us around for what will be 14 days and I have been unbelievably impressed by his knowledge of the routes and his lack of any technology. He has a phone but it must by much older than a Nokia 3310, and he calls it his apple haha Every other day we have been driving during the day and I think the dark has completely thrown him. Bless him he got lost after about 10 mins as he didn't take the correct right hand turn and we had to use GPS to get him back on track.

    Knowing it was 5am and dark we wrapped up in our coats prepped for a somewhat chilly start but I don't think I could have been more prepared... It was freezing. There was actual early morning mist on the fields like you see in the UK winter. Now I can hear you saying "Well I'm sure it's not actually cold like it is in England" and sure it isn't, but the temperature difference between day and night time is almost 20 degrees and that's what makes it feel so damn cold!

    Eventually the sun rose and by about 10am I was beginning to warm up and even took off one layer. At about 12pm we stopped for Aloo Paratha and chai before reaching a metro station in Dehli at 1pm. The restaurant was called Mannat and it had the rip off version logo from Masterchef haha

    We said our fond farewells to Ajay and we were now on our own. Ajay had told us the route we needed to take to get to Rishikesh and so we followed his instructions. First take a train direct to the bus station and then take a direct bus to Rishikesh. Easy... Haha so we were sat at the train station for about 40 mins when we realised there was no direct train to our required stop. So we asked and then jumped on the train. We arrived at the bus station an hour and half later to then find that Ajay had told us the wrong station! A local told us we needed to take another bus to the correct station and then get the bus to Rishikesh. So that we did. 2 hours later we were finally on the bus to Rishikesh! Ahhhh!! To be honest we were both just laughing at the whole situation hehe We decided to rough it and go on the local bus. Was this a good idea? I'd say it was bearable. It took 6 hours and the traffic was chaotic, our driver kept getting in yelling matches with other drivers, we eventually stopped for food where another driver was so peed with ours and so trapped our bus in completely and refused to move it for half an hour, but hey we eventually arrived in Rishikesh and I completed my book in the meantime - Andromeda Strain, I would definitely recommend it :)

    We then took a final tuk tuk, got to our guesthouse, and it was absolutely freezing. I had to sleep in all my clothes and my coat! But I must admit it was nice to be out of the crazy city atmosphere. Rishikesh is at the bottom of the Himalayas and on the Ganges. Can't wait to actually explore and see the beautiful surroundings in the morning!

    In the morning we both woke and decided today is a chill day. We had a few life decisions to make and to be honest just needed some time out to breathe the fresh air before we go exploring. We are both feeling a bit homesick and in need of fresh food so we went to a tourist cafe for avocado's and poached eggs on toast! We then wanderd along the Ganges and sat at a warm sunny spot on a peaceful beach along the river. My latest dilemma is what book do I pick next? After huge deliberation I've gone for Eragon.

    For lunch we had thali for Rs50! It's the cheapest I have ever seen it and it was so much food. I was in mini heaven.

    Then we went for coffee at a cafe looking over the Ganges, sat deliberating our next few months plans and then towards sunset we treated ourselves to carrot cake and ice cream!! Well that's what being homesick does to you :)

    We sat for as long as we physically could with all of our layers on and then went for a wander to heat up. We found a popcorn man and bought a bag of fresh popcorn as another home comfort treat. We we do have a lot of calories to make up for barely eating yesterday haha
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  • Day21

    Rishikesh - The Beauty of India

    December 9, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    I just can't explain my love for this place. Its a bit touristy and is very well known for its Yoga and has quite the hippy vibe. It's just so peaceful, well obviously it's has a bit of beeping but don't think I can ever rid of that... We checked out of our homestay as its got quite a lot of construction work so it is noisy and then we headed for Aloo Paratha for breakfast. The plan for the day is to go for a hike, but we are so chilled that I'm not sure if we will haha After breakfast we felt so calm we decided to go for a coffee again at the beautiful cafe we sat at yesterday. The sun was blazing into the cafe and it has a gorgeous outlook onto the Ganges. After having made a couple of life decisions yesterday we now feel super chilled and even more excited for our next month of travelling. (Watch this space for an update...).

    After a lazy start to the day we decided to go on a bit of a hike up a nearby hill we saw. It was super steep! But the view at the top was really lovely. Luckily I made it to the top as let's just say I was pretty sick along the way! We sat and bird watched for a while. On the way down we saw a family of pied hornbills!! What an incredible site!

    In the evening we had falafel, dumplings and chowmein. An odd combo I know but Indian food gets a bit much after a while... Dare I say it... Then we moved to our new homestay. We didn't realise how far out it was and jeeze it was far, mainly because it was uphill the whole way. Although feeling quite ill its been a really nice day... So far...

    Now the main reason we moved was because we wanted tranquility and peace. 😭 The reviews lied! It was not peaceful at all, constant bikes revving, children screaming, construction work going on and a guy constantly making sick noises. I ended up watching a film on my phone in attempt to block out the noise and eventually fell asleep at 3am. Not what I wanted when I was already feeling rotten. Unfortunately we booked 2 nights here 😔

    The next morning was very rough and I had a horrible fever and achey bones again. The positive of the situation was that they had hot water! Phew. I must admit today was a nothing day. I was either in bed or helping Will with the washing. My highlight of the day was when Will went for a little excursion and came back loaded with a chocolate croissant, cinnamon roll, popcorn and a mini dairy milk. He's the best!! As I hadn't eaten all day I was in heaven 😊

    Hope your day was better!
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  • Day24

    Birds, birds and more birds

    December 12, 2018 in India ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Although very geared up for an adventure today the weather was against us for the next two days and decided to rain in the mornings. So today we spent the morning at our aloo paratha stall chatting, eating and enjoying chai and then in our cafe reading our books, doing a bit more planning and just enjoying us time. By the late afternoon it cleared up so we went for a wander along the Ganges. It was really good fun. We walked a bit, sat for a while, bird watched a lot and repeated until we got to the next town along. We spotted the following birds White capped water red start, Plumbous water red start, Indian cormorant, Indian treepie, Indian grey hornbill, Pied kingfisher, Great white pelican, White throated kingfisher, Black kite, Oriental Pied Hornbill! What a fab day of bird watching.

    In the the evening we watched the fire ceremony for sunset at Parmart Niketan and then went for an open meditation. It was amazing. I've tried to do some mindfulness and meditation through headspace myself but nothing has ever been as powerful as this joint meditation. The feeling of togetherness, and the power of silence was just beautiful. It would be amazing to do some more of it. In the evening we walked all the way back and went for dinner. I had mushroom palak paneer and Will had thee biggest thali I'd ever seen! The temperature has now dropped to 7 degrees and its getting seriously cold so we have been on the hunt for a hat. I finally found one and I'm not usually one for bright colours but I love it!

    The next day was a lot worse weather wise so we basically spent the whole day in the cafe reading our books. Honestly I feel so honoured to have this time to sit and read. In the evening we went for chowmein, sat chatting with a few other travellers and whilst distracted a huge cow came and licked my entire plate off the table! It was actually pretty hilarious I couldn't stop laughing haha He deservedly won the battle haha After dinner we found Will a hat and I bought some funky trousers.

    Over the last few days we'd heard that Shanti Shanti is a cute little place to go in the evenings as they have a fire and live music, so we decided to give it a go! There was a fire and we decided to plonk ourselves right in front of it haha we were sooo cold!!! We sat reading our books in front of the fire and it was a perfect end to the day 😊🔥
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  • Day26

    Scootering in the Himalayas!

    December 14, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Well let's be honest we have been pretty lazy the last couple of days, so today it was time to hire a scooter and get to the top of one of these hills! First we stopped for a quick Egg Bhurji breakfast and then headed up to Kujapuri Shrine. The drive up was beautiful! It was such a perfect day. Not a single cloud in the sky!! The road was a very windy mountain road so it took quite a while to get up. After a while the road got really bad and it was basically us mountain biking up the mountain. After a while we decided it wasn't worth it and so walked the rest of the way. We had to walk 45 mins from the end of the road anyway so an extra 10 mins didn't make a difference. To be honest it was so nice walking as then I could bird watch again! I saw a red whiskered bulbul, a red vented bulbul and the himalayan bulbul.

    The walk was as lovely as the ride. The views were incredible and it was so nice to see all the local villagers getting on with their day.

    For dinner we treated ourselves to a pizza! 😊Wups it's our second in India. Shhh!
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  • Day253

    Namasté India!

    May 9, 2018 in India

    Crossing the border into overpopulated India was quite easy. The first days of cycling were characterized by smooth roads, intense heat, bad air quality, chaotic city traffic, disgusting smell of burning piles of trash, cows and pigs crossing the road. And to be honest, the only thing that whetted our appetite was the amazing food and the beginning of the mango season :) But it became better and better...more impressions will follow.

    By the way, we’re in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh now, at the place where the Daila Lama lives, going to do a meditation course and will be back online in 10 days.

    See you soon :)
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  • Day412

    De holy Ganges

    September 30, 2016 in India ⋅ 🌫 31 °C

    De eerste keer de Ganges zien stromen is indrukwekkend. Hij is breed, lichtblauw, hevig stromend en de gedachte dat dit de beroemde heilige Ganges is, maakt hem nog spectaculairder. Overal lopen apen over balkonnen en bruggen. Mensen hebben netten voor het balkon zodat de apen niet binnen komen. Haridwar is een belangrijk bedevaartsoort voor Indiers. Mensen uit het hele land reizen af naar deze pek om hun zonden af te wassen in de Ganges (zeven keer kopje onder), en hun wensen uit te spreken door een klein bootje met rijst, een bloem en een brandend kaarsje op de Ganges los te laten.

    Rishikesh is het alternatief voor Haridwar voor westerlingen. Ook aan de Ganges, maar iets rustiger. Hier kan de westerse toerist (veel Israeli en Amerikanen valt ons op) zich ontspannen in een koffietentje met een cheesecake en espresso. Om vervolgens door te gaan naar de dagelijkse yogales. We kunnen uit misschien wel 100 yogalessen kiezen.
    Ooit brachten de Beatles maanden door in deze plek om liedjes te schrijven. En sindsdien is het een belangrijk spiritueel bedevaartsoort. Alleen Ringo Starr en zijn vrouw hielden het niet lang vol omdat ze gek werden van het gebrek aan vlees bij de maaltijd.
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    Nel van der Rijst

    Haha, daar is Nijntje weer. 😀

    Ron van der Rijst

    Nijntje maakt overal vrienden.

    Mark VDR

    Haha wat hilarisch

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  • Day282

    Here comes the sun

    April 27, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Der verlassene "Beatles Ashram" in Rishikesh war einst das Zentrum für transzendental Meditation. 1968 kamen unter anderem die Beatles zum Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, um von ihm zu lernen und neue Inspirationen zu bekommen. Hören kann man genau diese Songs heute noch auf dem weißen Album oder Abbey Road.Read more

    Anja Kiendl

    Sehr cool ,da wär der Papa bestimmt auch gerne hingegangen 😊👍

    Heerwart Schweers

    Ich habe sofort "Here comme the Sun" gespielt !

    Creating Memories

    Sehr gut!

  • Day291

    Auf Indiens Straßen

    May 6, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    ist bekanntlich der Teufel los! Und wenn man sich dann noch an einem Sonntag entschließt einen Scooter auszuleihen, dann wird es besonders kuschelig 😎.

    Monika und ich sind losgefahren, um die Gegend rund um Rishikesh zu erkunden und wurden nach den ersten 5 km schon jäh gestoppt, weil unserem Gefährt der Lebenssaft ausgegangen ist. Es ist natürlich mehr als verständlich, wenn der Scooterverleih dafür sorgt, dass man die erste Tankstelle NICHT erreicht 😂.
    Aber dank der Hilfe eines Shopbesitzers in der Nähe, der mich mit einer leeren Wasserflasche zur nächsten Tanke gefahren hat, konnten wir unsere Reise schnell fortsetzen.

    Schnell, ist hier natürlich relativ. Die Straßen waren übervoll mit hupenden Autos und die Brücken voll von Selfie-schießenden Indern und heiligen Kühen. Da hieß es immer weiter durchwuseln und hoffen niergendwo anzustoßen.

    Die staubigen Straßen führten uns dann die Himalayas hoch und wir durften fantastische Ausblicke genießen. Das war die Mühe auf jeden Fall wert!
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    Anja Kiendl

    Das wäre mir zu ,🤔

    Anja Kiendl


    Heerwart Schweers

    Halloooo. Nach Yoja jetzt Bauchtanz ? 😊😊😊😊😊


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