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  • Day41

    Indien Tag 14

    February 10, 2020 in India ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

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    ▪Wanderflippflopps am Start
    ▪Good Dinnermusik

    Was hat uns heute ein Lächeln auf die Lippen gezaubert:
    Ein kleiner Junge der seinem Hund eine Beauty Behandlung (gekrault, gestreichelt und entlaust) gegeben hat. Der Hund war dabei im Tiefschlaf.

    🕗Banana Porridge
    🕗Käse Tomaten Toast, Obstsalat, Rührei
    🕐Masala Rice
    🕕Burger mit Hähnchen Pommes und Salat
    🕕Burger mit Panner Pommes und Salat

    Besondere Begegnungen:

    Kiffen ist hier überall verboten, ist aber allen egal😄
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  • Day40

    Indien Tag 13

    February 9, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

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    ▪️Nachhausetelefoniert (MaPa/MaKa/EvTi)
    ▪️Do not feed the dogs (they feed themselves 😁)
    ▪️No weed zone

    Was hat uns heute ein Lächeln auf die Lippen gezaubert:
    Ein pummeliger Golden Retriever aufm Scooter.

    🕗Tomaten-Käse- Omelette mit Toast
    🕐Pasta Crema
    🕕Vegetarisches Thali

    Besondere Begegnungen:
    Oldtimer Bus mit Turban tragendem Oltimer Busfahrer.

    Lemon Juice salty nicht empfehlenswert! 😁🍋
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  • Day42

    Indien Tag 15

    February 11, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

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    ▪️Lucy (Hund) gestorben
    ▪️Rote Füße
    ▪️Sleeper Bus Harry Potter style

    Was hat uns heute ein Lächeln auf die Lippen gezaubert:
    Ne Kuh mit ner Kokosnuss gefüttert. 😍🐂

    🕗Omelette mit Toast
    🕗Fried Egg both sides mit Toast
    🕐Pasta mit Tomatensauce
    🕐Burger und Pizza
    🕞Bananas und Kokosnuss
    🕕Fried Rice

    Besondere Begegnungen:
    Gartenlandschaftsbauer aus Stuttgart, der 4 Monate pro Jahr reisen geht.

    Züge können in Indien vor Ort am Schalter gebucht werden, selbst wenn sie online ausverkauft sind.
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  • Day37

    It's Christmas!!

    December 25, 2018 in India ⋅ ☁️ 32 °C

    Well the day has come. This time last year we were in England attempting to plan our what we thought would be a 3 month trip travelling in SEA. In fact this time last year we hadn't even booked our flight even though we left on the 11th. Its just crazy to think about it.

    In the morning we went for a Christmas day swim, got ready and then went to meet Charlotte. When we met her she was paralysed in her hammock haha!! So we just sat, read our books and chilled. We met someone called Ady who got on like a house on fire with Will. While chilling Ady spotted dolphins!! They were super close!! It was very exciting.

    After a while Charlotte joined and we were able to encourage her to come and grab some lunch with us. We spent the afternoon just chilling, chatting and reading. By dinner she was feeling much better and we ventured further down the beach for dinner ate amazing aubergine, paneer and cashew potato cream with tandoor chapattis. It was sooo good.

    For 10 days the police have put a 10 day ban on alcohol at the beaches in this area because supposedly young Indian men go crazy wild and so its to prevent them. For foreign tourists this is obviously crazy especially for this time of year, so obviously there has started a black market for it instead. And I must admit we did join in. We bought cartons of old Monk Rum and coke and had sneaky drinks in the local restaurants to celebrate. Haha I felt like the teenager I'd never been able to live! We then found out about a local pool party so after a couple of sneaky rums we were up for a boogy. I had my reservations but actually it was good fun. Not many people actually went into the pool and to be honest it was a pretty chilled out party.

    It was a Christmas with an emotional and surreal roller-coaster but it was certainly different and fun!

    I honestly don't have much to add about the next day. We juzf sat in Hanumans Cafe and chilled out reading books, chatting and eating lots. 😊❤️
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  • Day39

    Exploring Om Beach and Gokarna Town

    December 27, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    After two days of chilling we decided it's time to see more of Gokarna than Kudle beach, so Will Charlotte and I met up and headed over towards Om Beach to do some exploring, bird watching, reading and swimming. We saw Green Bee Eaters and Brahminy Kites along the way. When at Om Beach we met Grace who we had originally met on Kudle Beach when we arrived and we decided to hang out there until late.

    The next day Grace, Will and I went to explore the town. The day was full packed with exploring, getting out day pack fixed, looking at trinkets and clothes, having a laugh with the locals, finally eating affordable food, finally catching up on my blog and most of all getting our Airtel Sim card fixed. Since buying it in Mumbai it hasn't worked so Will has been contacting them through every means possible to get the problem rectified. Guess how he got it sorted in the end? He contacted a random Mall in Mumbai, not where we bought it, who happened to have the direct contact number of the Manager of the Mall that we bought it from. She then conference called everyone together and eventually was able to get us in touch directly with the same airtel store we bought the SIM card in!! Honestly the whole thing was ridiculous!!! Anyway we got it sorted just in time for our old Sim expiration. Phew!

    I think my highlight of the day was when we went to the hammock shop. He was making a blue and purple hammock as we approached and I fell in love so we got one! Well you can't say no when it's only £2! Can't wait to put it up in our flat 😂

    After picking up a few beers from the wine shop we sat at the beach and enjoyed some peace and quiet from the town.

    In the evening we went for dinner at a rooftop near the beach which had a beautiful view of sunset. The main dishes were really yummy but the naans and breads were super disappointing! When we finished we wandered back in the dark which was actually quite fun! For the first time we could see the stars quite clearly and it was so romantic hearing the crashing of the waves with the stars above.
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  • Day41

    Willy P and Shahna On A Beach Adventure

    December 29, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Today we were determined to conquer the beaches of Gokarna! So starting from Kudle beach we wandered over to Om Beach and went to meet Grace. We had a little dip in the sea but felt our skin prickle so quickly got out and sat chatting with Grace for a bit.

    Next we wandered to Half Moon Beach where we stopped for lunch. I had fruit, muesli and yoghurt with a yummy coconut shake and Will had an amazing and huge Thali with a banana shake.

    It was now the hottest part of the day and we decided to carry on our wander along to the next beach, paradise beach. I was instantly dripping with sweat and very much looking forward to getting to the next one so I could jump in the sea. We soon arrived and quickly got in. Initially it was very refreshing until a boat came into the Bay and the water very quickly stank and tasted of diesel, so we had to get out. It was far to hot to sit and chill so we just kept hiking.

    We finally got to the end of the hike at Belekan Beach where we spotted tiny fiddler crabs. They were amazing!! They have one huge claw and a small one and they were battling! It was hilarious to watch. We waited for about an hour for the local bus. The bus was actually really fun because it took us through the small villages and was full of really friendly smiley locals.

    We got dropped off in Gokarna Town centre had a sneaky ice cream and then we had our last 30 mins of hiking to get home. As we'd had a full on day we had a cheeky aubergine pizza, chips and salad for dinner 😂 Yum!!
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  • Day42

    R & R, New Years Eve and more R&R

    December 30, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Today is our calm before the storm of New Years Eve.

    It was our day of catching up on reading, swimming, chatting, eating and just chilling out and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

    For breakfast we had the nicest Idli of our trip so far and for lunch Charlotte, Will and I shared a huge paneer salad, falafel and pasta.

    The highlight of the day was when we sat and ate Gobi Manchurian, Paneer Dry Chilli and Chips for dinner haha Its been a simple day 😊

    But... Then life got real and we had to sit down and plan our final country and... Dare I say it... Our flight home 😭 it's all booked and we will be back mid Feb up North and probably early March in Laandan so watch this space!!

    It's New Years Eve! Today is a day of getting stuff done. We took a scenic coastal walk to town and it was so peaceful. We sat for a bit watching the sea and even spotted 2 gorgeous blue kingfishers.

    On the way we spotted a library. I'm not sure why but 70% of the books were French! Upon leaving we had another Will moment... We'd heard quite a few stories from the expats about cops and them doing drug searches and sometimes demanding money even if you don't have anything. When they came towards us my guard was on and they stopped Will and said "empty your pockets". To which I replied we aren't going to give you money so we are leaving. Now... Will somehow interpreted my mention of money as "Run, they are going to Rob you". And so he suddenly started running! The cops grabbed him and the situation soon escalated. Luckily I kept my cool and yelled "hands off he's scared". They quickly released him and explained they are doing a drug search and didn't want our money, but only wanted to search Will. I allowed the search to happen but I explained they have stopped probably the only 3 people on this beach that have never done drugs in their lives and they soon realised they weren't getting anything from us and resumed pleasantries and let us on our way. Charlotte was with us and she just froze at the whole situation. Sometimes I do wonder how these situations might end if I wasn't here!

    After that craziness we were in desperate need of food and a calm down. We went to Perma Restaurant and ate the biggest Thali I've ever had! I must admit I was pretty uncomfortably full by the end and I didn't even eat half!In town we loaded up on Old Monk, snacks, sorted our route to Hampi (our next destination). We finally rolled into a tuk tuk and got a lift back where we had to just sit and attempt to digest our food, before we went for our swim. Then it was time to refresh and get ready for the partaay!

    First we sat in Hanumans enjoying a few Old Monks before heading over to Uma Garden where they were playing Tribal music. It was really good fun and we made sure that we always drank out of sealed coke bottles so that people couldn't put anything in our drinks this time. It's always a shame not to see any Indian women at thee parties but I guess it's just the way it is and so instead the men go a bit nuts. It was good fun though!!

    Reflecting on 2018 I realised it was a year of not a single day of work, I was living my dream of travelling, I'd visited 12 countries, I'd seen two of our older friends get married, I'd lived out of the same 10kg bag for a whole year and I lived a simple life with my best friend. What an incredible year.

    The next day was obviously a bit of a right off and we just chilled out, savouring and enjoying the incredible beach life before our big move to Hampi tomorrow.
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  • Day38

    Overnight bus and Gokarna

    February 12, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    I probably got about 30 minutes sleep on the night bus. Nothing to do with sharing a very thin bench like bed, but the fact that these buses are rough...really rough. They bump around, they’re noisy, and for some reason the Indian road network has speed bumps every couple of kilometres on the highways, so lying down you constantly get tossed up in the air. We arrived at where they announced was Gokarna. I quickly checked the map and saw we were at least 20km from Gokarna. With sleepy heads, we got off and we’re told that another little mini van would take us the final leg. We had to get our backpacks out of the boot of the bus, so the guy came to open it. Tom’s was at the front, but mine had slipped back and was in the depths of the bus, so I crawled in and retrieved it...the guy who had opened the back up then asked for a tip, the cheeky sod, and even gave me a ball park figure of 30 rupees. We just laughed at him and walked off to the next bus. This journey was actually ok considering it was 3:30am. However, when we got close to Gokarna he stopped and turned the engine off and the lights on and told us to get off. We were still a couple of kilometres away but as it was early and cool we decided to walk. A french guy on the same bus was staying 7km away and there were no Tuktuks around so he asked the bus driver what he was meant to do - the suggestion came to walk - he was very unhappy.

    We walked to the beach and tried to come up with a plan of action. We had decided not to book anywhere as Tom had heard that you could just rock up and stay in a beachside shack. As it was only 5am nothing was open and we thought about maybe getting a hostel for the night, but decided against it and just made our way over the hills to Kudle Beach. We sat on the beach for a while watching the cows and the dogs all waking up and the sun rise, our first here in India. Tom went to see what he could find for accommodation and came back about half an hour later with some offers. One place would do 200 rupees a night but was full of cockroaches, another was 600 a night - no cockroaches, but well over budget, and the third was 300 per night no bugs and the closest to where we were! We went in and it was all ok for £3 per night, and as we were exhausted we both passed out on the bed until about 9am. When we woke it was getting quite hot so we went out and checked out the beach in the sunshine, now with lots more people on it. The water was amazing though, and we just relaxed for a couple of hours.

    It began to get really hot, probably up to about 35° so we dragged our stuff back up the beach towards the shade of a tree. Even in the shade it was boiling, so we decided to just get lunch at the cafe which our accommodation was behind. We sat and planned out the next couple of days as we were wanting to take things much looser in India in terms of plans and just move on from one place when we felt like it. We had lunch and absolutely forgot to pay for it but didn’t get chased so all good there! We decided to go and check out Om Beach, just a half hour walk over the hills and when we got there, we were pleasantly surprised as we’d previously heard it was full of Russians. It was nice and quiet and the water was gorgeous! We spent an hour swimming round and messing around and decided to go back to Kudle Beach for sunset.

    On the way back, a beach guard stopped me and asked to look in the bag. We’d heard how the police had cracked down on drug use on the beaches. After he looked through a couple of items I asked if he was looking for drugs and he said yes. He also said to the other guard that it was all clean - good to know! We got back to our beach shack to get showered. I walked into the bathroom and heard a strange scraping noise, looked right down at my feet and there was a massive black snake slithering it’s way away from me towards the toilet!! I spun round urging Tom to get out over and over then said simply - there’s a snake! We got out the room to reassess and decided that we’d go back in to check I was right. Tom couldn’t see it at first; but then did behind the toilet. We both decided that we couldn’t sleep in that shack for the next couple of nights as we didn’t want to wake up with a snake on our face. We grabbed all of our stuff and upgraded ourselves to a 400 rupee a night beach house with bricks and mortar - looked sturdy and snake proof.

    We got showered and cleaned up, we’d spent 4 days in boiling hot Hampi and a night bus without a shower as the one in Hampi was non existent, this was our first shower in 5 days, we felt truly grim. We checked out the beach for sunset and then walked back over to Gokarna town for some dinner and to find Tom some flip flops which he managed to haggle down to £2. We grabbed some dinner on the rooftop restaurant and I FaceTimed home where Mum, Harry, Bob and Sally-Anne were having lunch in Ilkley. We had a long chat about stuff here and there, but it was nice to be briefly transported back into home world, a world where every meal isn’t curry! We walked back over to Kudle beach and got a well deserved early night.
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  • Day39

    Gokarna Beach Hopping

    February 13, 2020 in India ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    We woke up and were out at by 8. We walked over to Om beach where we had been the previous day and enjoyed a Masala Dosa for breakfast to fuel us for our walk to the more remote beaches we had heard about. We found a path at the end of Om beach and followed it through passing through jungle and desert like terrain in the process with beautiful coastal views. After a while in the already scorching heat, we arrived at half moon beach, a beautiful beach with a little shack serving food, however nobody around.

    We decided to continue to the final beach, “Paradise beach” and chill out on half moon beach later on, on our way back through. Following a path that was actually guided by red paint on the occasional rock, we walked through similar terrain to the previous path, albeit this time a bit more risky and eventually we arrived to Paradise beach. It was a beautiful beach, slightly rocky but beautiful nonetheless, however as we stepped foot onto the beach we felt eyes on us straight away. Paradise beach was quite well known for Hippie travellers coming here and spending day upon day camping here, getting high and inevitably meeting other people with dreadlocks. We were not disappointed, it was as if we were Leonardo Dicaprio and the French guy from the beach. Clearly nobody really wanted us there (it’s because we didn’t have dreadlocks I guess). There was one guy in particular on this beach who had dreadlocks down to his ankles and was wearing an all in one black oversized shirt, he walked towards the sea taking off this shirt to be completely naked underneath. He then got out of the sea after ‘cleaning himself’ and got his homemade fishing rod to go and catch his own fish...he was unsuccessful but at least he tried. We enjoyed the beach for a little while, went for a swim in the perfect water before leaving this little bit of paradise with all it’s hippie inhabitants.

    We went back to Half moon beach and there was no shade at all, so we went to a cafe where Tom got a ginger, lemon and honey tea. We thought we’d try and book some trains as we’d heard that they get booked up. The apps we were using were the right ones, however, like everything in India they didn’t make sense. One even took the money and then didn’t give us ticket!! We spent some time on the helpline to the train company, but couldn’t understand a thing. For whatever reason we then got our tickets whilst on the phone... We went for a swim and then made our way back to Om beach for some more relaxation and swimming in the sea before heading back to Kudle beach. We chilled out back at our place and then went to watch the sunset where we met with Tobias, the German guy we had met in Hampi. We went for dinner together at a place Tom and I had seen yesterday, got some biscuits to enjoy after dinner and then called it a night.
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