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  • Day26

    Wayanad, Kerala

    July 2, 2015 in India

    Spent the entire time in Wayanad laid-up with a foodborne illness contracted in Ooty. I'm sure Wayanad is great, but you'd have to ask someone else. The unmarked local 3-room hospital located behind a run-down furniture depot was pleasant and the glucose-drip that they gave me was quite filling.

  • Day13

    בסולטן באטרי

    January 27, 2016 in India

    בהרים של הגאאטים המערביים, איפה שהרבה יותר קריר, רק הגעתי למלון עכשיו, מצ"ב הנוף מהחדר שגם היום התפנקתי עם מים חמים. ונחמד לקנח עם מקדש ג'איין מהמאה השמינית. ולארוחת ערב דג צלוי בקר ופוארטה

  • Day15


    January 29, 2016 in India

    מקדש הינודואי שעולים לרגל, לא יכולתי לצלם בפנים. כרגיל הוא בשפיץ של גבעה. בדרך עכשיו לקארטיקולום לראות את קואאורודוויפ , שמורת טבע באמצע שני נהרות.

  • Day14

    מטעי תה ליד מאפאדי

    January 28, 2016 in India

    באזור הזה יש המון מטעי תה מזה מאות שנים

  • Day14

    מערות אדקאאל

    January 28, 2016 in India

    ציוריי קיר מתקופת האבן המוקדמת . העניין הוא שזה בשפיץ של הר שלוקח שעה לטפס אבל זה שווה את הנוף וההתעמלות

  • Day14


    January 28, 2016 in India

    אחרי ביקור במוזיאון המקומי למורשת , ריענון קל עם בראני בקר, פורוטה וחביתה

  • Day1

    Wayanad, Kerala

    February 16 in India

    Best Resorts in Wayanad

    Best Resorts in Wayanad offer to Guests may chose to relax in their cottages, go for walks in the plantation in the company of the resident naturalist. We are sure that visit to Karapuzha Plantation Resort shall be once in a life time experience for everybody, The Cottages, Tribal Huts, Villas and Suites of the resort are a careful reconstruction of the 16th century traditional homesteads of God's Own Country.

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  • Day1

    All about the DJ and the Driver :D

    August 18, 2017 in India

    DAY 2:
    Then chocked soon so we had to restart it lol :p (I'm just referring to our Spanish friend Inigo) But somehow we managed to get up by 5:30 am as planned but lost 2 of our companions because of sleep deprivation.
    The ride to Sultan batery proved to be very expensive for me :(. The extra cold weather compounded by an initially open window and my own carelessness resulted in a shattered one! ₹500 for that lol luckily for me it was a government bus :). The next bus was a very very comfy bus :D. It shocked all of us how a government bus could be so comfy :D.
    After reaching the desired place we were greeted by our over enthusiastic driver Jafar who had special love for Tomorrowland and selfies with *foreigners*😄
    It didn't take us too long to reach the tree house and were greeted by the fake *hospitable* couple (that's entirely cause they shadily told us to politely *fuck off* in the middle of the night by allowing only 4 instead of the promised 5 people). Although these synthetic people tried to offer us their home grown bananas and tea too which would have cost around ₹200 in total (nothing special about either of the 2).
    Anyways we did manage to freshen up and then leave for an *authentic* kerela meal which was decent actually especially for the price. At ₹100 per person for unlimited food not bad I guess :). By then our driver had assumed that his food was to be paid by us (god knows why cause he was not at all hesitant to accept the exact amount and didn't return any as a courtesy). Soon after lunch we made it to the edakala caves (pardon me for the bad spelling). This place offers a decent view but nothing else about it is too special considering the amount of crowd this place manages to pull lol :p. The world is really a fools paradise. We met an interesting UK team of 2 guys on the way who rightly suggested us not to go to a few places as they're closed for this season. They seemed fun especially the half Bulgarian big guy :p. After a few pics and a few pushes and pulls we reached our car and went to a nearby waterfalls. This place was decent with a nice view and we all witnessed a great show by DJ Jannik :p when he was going into water. Then we went to a jackfruit festival lol :p. We saw so many types of them really really BIG ones!
    It was quite interesting and the fruits there were one of the sweetest Jackfruits I had eaten. After that we headed to the Jubilee restaurant for a really amazing dinner 😋
    After ordering 5 starters and 5 curries plus naans till we were full the price was still less than ₹400 per person which was amazing
    Satisfied we returned to the tree house to learn about the *fake* hospitality so me and Ondrej ventured out to find a decentish room and finally we got a place for just ₹500 for 2 of us and the driver.

    DAY 3:
    The next day started very early when we tried to get tickets for the safari but couldn't get them (please be there like at 6am). So we left it and went to a dam where we spent most of our morning after a decent breakfast. The place was really nice after which we had a bread omlette breakfast. The day wasn't so bad after all :). Then we visited a lake and another waterfalls. The ride was super fun cause our DJ had an amazing playlist. The conversations about fried and 48 were fun too (fried was the fish Jan ate and 48 was daniel's bag) haha.
    A dinner again at Jubilee and then a sweet tasting adventure afterwards, both were very satisfying. Then the tree house was a pleasure listening to the sounds of various insects and the silence of the night was truly beautiful to the ears (melodious is too cliched) :p. Also we could come up with a plan for Hyderabad for the coming weekend which was a nice bonus.

    DAY 4:
    The night was quick and we had to leave for Calicut the next day morning so we got up early and freshened up. We hit the road by 6:10. The road there was really beautiful and we stopped on various occasions to click pics and admire the beauty. Then we said goodbye to our media freaky driver and explored the city for a place to eat. We made some friends along the way who helped us explore the city and also showed us a fancy place to eat. A few pics later they disappeared only footprint remains on FB now. Anyways the fish market in the city was too smelly although the real one was a nice one. After a small lunch we rested in a park. After securing our tickets back we waited for the train and then finally on the way back we met so many students from IITM. The journey was a bit congested but was fine I guess. The journey was amazing though :D.
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Wayanad, Wayanad district, واياناد, Distrito de Wayanad, વયનાડ જિલ્લો, वयनाड जिला, Distretto di Wayanad, ವಯನಾಡು, വയനാട് ജില്ല, वायनाड जिल्हा, वयनाट जिल्ला, Ваянад, वायनाडमण्डलम्, வயநாடு மாவட்டம், వయనాడ్ జిల్లా, ویاناڈ ضلع, 瓦亞納德縣

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