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  • Day20

    Open Water Diver

    July 29 in Indonesia

    Habe die letzten Tage in Amed verbracht und die Open Water Lizenz gemacht u es war einfach atemberaubend. Dieses Erlebnis war unbeschreiblich u sicher eines der besten Erlebnisse überhaupt.

    Bei unserem vierten Tauchgang haben wir ein Erdbeben (Stärke 6,4) gespürt u es war absolut irre!😳😳 Unter Wasser ist es so unfassbar laut...wir mussten uns die Ohren zuhalten...u das Beben dauerte recht lange ..unser Guide dachte dass der Vulkan Agung ausgebrochen wäre...alles in allem dennoch eine mega Erfahrung..obwohl es doch etwas beängstigend war 😂😂aber ich freue mich auf unzählige weitere Tauchgänge u weitere tolle Erlebnisse in der wunderbaren Unterwasserwelt 🐳🐠🐟🐡🦀🐚Read more

  • Day14

    Dive day numero due

    May 24 in Indonesia

    Heute morgen hieß es wieder aufstehen, denn auf 7:20 sollten wir abgeholt werden. Nachdem um 8 Uhr noch immer keiner da war, wir am Tag davor auch von jemandem in Zivil abgeholt wurden, sprich ohne Tauchschulen Shirt oder ähnlichem, kam um kurz nach 8 ein Van der zum abholen kam, er sprach nicht viel, sammelte uns ein und fuhr los. Im Auto sagte Kalina dann, das sie glaubt das wir nicht richtig sind, gut mein Fehler ich hätte den wortlosen Stein auch fragen können, aber hab in dem Moment nicht nachgedacht das es ja auch ne andere Tauchschule sein könnte. So war es dann aber, sehr freundlich wurde uns dann nur gesagt das wir hier totally wrong sind. Schön das ihr Driver irgendwelche Leute einsammelt hat habe ich dann nur gesagt aber wenigstens wurden wir zurück gefahren so das ich unsere Tauchschule anrufen konnte und fragen konnte wo unser Pick Up denn bleibt. Natürlich ihr könnt es euch denken war er genau in diesen 10 Minuten nach einer Stunde Verspätung jetzt da gewesen. Naja mir ja egal dann musste er halt nochmal fahren. Wäre er pünktlich gewesen hätte es das Problem gar nicht erst gegeben. Nach nochmaligen 20 Minuten warten kam er dann endlich und wir fuhren Richtung Dive Site. Wir stießen dort auf die anderen Taucher die heute mit uns unsererseits sein würden und unsere beiden Divemaster die uns Guiden würde. Nach einer kurzen Einweisung und Erläuterung was die Tauch Site angeht ging's in die Tauchsachen und ab ins Wasser. Die erste war die jemuluk Wall welche über einen sandigen Patch nach unten führte auf ca 25 Meter und dann an einer riesigen Wand endete die allerlei zu bieten hatte. Wir sahen wirklich coole Sachen, von Tintenfischen, über Rochen, Schildkröte und viele viele kleine und große bunte Fische. Nach 67 Minuten ging es dann wieder zurück an die Wasseroberfläche und wir beendeten einen wirklich genialen Tauchgang. Dann hatten wir eine gute Stunde Pause in der es Tee gab und wir hatten uns lecker Kekse mitgebracht die gut taten zwischen den Tauchgängen. Dann fuhren wir 5 Minuten weiter mit dem Auto zu den Pyramiden! Natürlich unter Wasser, wir sind ja nicht in Ägypten! Auch eine wirklich coole Dive Site mit insgesamt 9 Pyramiden die besiedelt sind von allen möglichen Koralen. Wir haben auch hier wieder tolle Sachen sehen dürfen und waren eine knappe Stunde unter Wasser. Unser Highlight des Tages war das wir ein wildes Seepferdchen gesehen haben. Das war vllt ein gigantisches Gefühl und auch unser Dive master hat sich gefreut wie ein kleines Kind an Weihnachten. Es war genial. Außerdem hat es einfach wieder riesig Spaß gemacht und wir freuten uns schon darauf das wir morgen noch ein letztes Mal, zumindest was Amed angeht, in die Tauchsachen schlüpfen und unter Wasser dürfen.Read more

  • Day20

    Tauchen bei Sonnenaufgang

    July 29 in Indonesia


  • Day10

    So today we enjoyed time on the roof terrace reading our books before having to check out. It was sooo nice and such a shame that we had to move away from our perfect view but ah well. We checked in and then headed straight for lunch. Ayam Bakso time. Its an Indonesian soup with chicken meet balls, egg, noodles doused in an amazing mango mollasces and a hint of chilli it's super tasty and super simple!

    Then we headed to the beach for a swim and relaxation. Ah this is the life ☺️ We sat and chatted with a guy called Matt who was quite an experienced diver and calmed all our worries and recommended some more dive centres. We went to visit them, went for another swim, watched sunset, went for dinner and then just as everyone else in the world was probably doing we headed to the pub to watch the match. It was a bit of a boring game but it was nice to meet up with Matt again and chat about his diving adventures! Unfortunately we weren't able to book ours for the day after but hey just gives us another day to chill and swim.

    The next morning we had breakfast, read our books (I'm reading the Enders Game at the moment, I really like it!), FINALLY booked our diving course, headed for lunch and then to a Japanese Ship Wreck for a snorkel. Now... I'm not the most confident swimmer, I can swim but I still get scared in the deep water. We got to the snorkeling site and the waves were pretty strong and to be honest I was pretty scared, which never helps. We hired snorkels and they gave me flippers. I've never used flippers and bloody hell they aren't supposed to be used for walking. I nearly fell flat on my face umpteen times! Eventually I got to the water (I literally had 1 meter to walk...) and I got terrified all of a sudden. I couldn't stand up and th waves were too strong and just kept crashing me down 😔 I got out and one of the locals came to check on me. He reassured me that once I got past this first bit it was really calm and I would be OK. He offered my a life jacket but I was determined! Snorkel on, flippers on and I just went for it and I'm so glad I did! He was 100% correct, I was barely a meter in and the sea was so much calmer and you could just float along. We swam to the ship wreck and it was super cool, there were fish everywhere, really lovely coral and it was just amazing to be floating around. We must have been out there for about an hour! It was really fun, so glad I went in again. When we got out Will very calmly said "Umm, so do you know where the scooter key is?", to which I obviously said no as I don't drive it. He then said very slowly as if to say don't panic but... "I think I left it in my swimming shorts. But now I've been swimming... And they aren't there." For goodness sake. I quickly empty the bag, run back to the scooter to check and honestly... it probably was in his shorts. We tried ringing the homestay but they didn't pick up and then panicked. Luckily a lot of locals were with us and they said owners always have a spare so we don't need to worry and even more so lucky a guy came out the sea who was also driving back to Amed (about 30 mins away and actually drove Will back to the snorkeling area to pick me up). So he very kindly drove Will to the homestay while I stayed put. I got chatting to the locals which was fun but then I was left with a bit of a crazy local called Julie who about 20 mins prior was talking to me but she acted like she had never met me so we repeated the same conversation and then she showed me endless pictures of herself in selfie style with a love heart frame. didn't . It was super weird lol. Luckily Will came to the rescue and our homestay provided us with the spare key. We headed for a quick dinner before attempting to begin our studies for tomorrow. We were hoping to get home for around 4pm to give us plenty of reading time but got home at 8pm 😭 it was a long 3 hours of reading. What are we studying I hear you say?! Well as we are doing our PADI we have a test to take as well as the 5 dives and there was quite a lot to read. I definitely fell asleep flat faced on my phone wups...
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  • Day8

    So when you think of Bali, what do you imagine. Beaches, blue water, incredible marine life, relaxation. Well we haven't done any of that so off we go to Amed!!

    Now in Bali the taxi drivers are know as the "Mafia" and they go absolutely ballistic if they see tourists using Grab. Like they actually have fights and screaming matches in the streets over it. So Grab, especially in Ubud, is not very common. However neither is public transport and the taxis charge an absolute fortune to go very short distances. So we ummed and ahhed about the best way of getting to Amed and decided to try grab. We booked the grab and the driver instantly rang Will. He said just wait in your homestay and I'll message when I arrive. We were pretty nervous so we did as told and it was perfectly fine! The driver happily told us that is was all ridiculous and pointless as they sometimes have to fight and it's literally over just £1-3. He said he had lots of friends in Kuta who are security guards in clubs and that they have offered to support him if he ever needs. It's crazy! Anyway we had a lovely drive round the coast of Bali and within 2 hours we were in Amed. Wow its so beautiful and oh my goodness the view from our homestay!! The homestay was on the beach with a roofterace facing the sea and the ginormous volcano, Mount Agung which recently had a phreatic eruption (explosion of ash and smoke but no lava). Its much much hotter hear than in Ubud which is in the mountains,but also has a refreshing coastal breeze. So we read our books for a while on the roof terrace to start off the day. Then we found out we wouldn't về able to book any more night so we quickly headed out in search of another for tomorrow. Luckily we found something quickly, not on the beachfront with a roofterace but very affordable and owned by a lovely family. We then headed for lunch and the food was sooo scummy but soo big!

    Next stop on our to to do list was to find a diving centre. We have NEVER dived before and I am super super excited to try. Will is very nervous but I know we will be OK. So we went to a couple of diving centers got quotes and then headed back to the homestay, via the shop for a beer, and chilled out on the roof terrace reading our books, chatting, admiring the view and finishing off by watching sunset. Finally we headed out for some yummy veggie curry dinner, read our books some more and went back on the roof terraces for some star gazing (did not realise you can't see Orion's belt, mind blowing). We saw Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, the Crux (Southern Cross) and various other beautiful flickering stars.

    (Apologies if this is boring for you but ah well) Now I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but the one thing that I love about travelling is the time you have, you have time to think, to reflect, time for yourself. So more recently we have been taking it easy, lying in if we need to, going to bed early if we want to, reading our books more and in the recent months have decided to dedicate time each day to core strength exercises and stretching for personal wellbeing. We both have slight problems when we walk lots (him in his foot and me in my knees), as we LOVE hiking we wanted to try and increase our muscles in the required areas and stretch everyday. At first we started quite light but now my exercises are getting pretty tough. Sit ups, crunches, cobras, planks, squats and stretches everyday but now in the triple digits eek! It's really tough but we are both definitely feeling stronger and more flexible from it which is amazing!! (Please don't expect me to come back super skinny as that's not my goal haha). Anyway enough of that back to normal blogging 😋
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  • Day14

    Ill = Reading and Relaxation

    June 20 in Indonesia

    After a lovely lie in and getting back to our daily exercises we had a very late breakfast and if I'm completely honest we read our books all day long. It was actually really nice. Before travelling I would never have been able to just read for a day but I did and it was great! We had a super long lunch, had a feast for afternoon tea (did you know they don't have the chocolate in the middle anymore 😯), read and eventually moved ourselves out for dinner, read some more and then went to bed. Nothing exciting I'm afraid!

    Day 2 of full relaxation. Still our chest and ears were bunged up so we had a lie in, did our exercises, went for breakfast, read our books at the homestay (I finished the Enders Game), had lunch and then read some more on the beachfront. For dinner we went to our usual place as the owner is an absolute lovely lady who always offers to bring us more food, let's us just stay and read our books and brings us banana fritters for desert for free 😊 To be honest I know we are supposed to rest fully but I'm beginning to get the itch to be active and do something again.

    Day 3, to relax or not to relax... The next day we both were still not feeling 100% but decided to try and plan our leave for the next day anyway. We were super undecided what to do... Should we stay until better and hope we can dive again, should we visit the central mainland a bit more even though its forecasted to rain for the next week or should we begin our move to Java to climb Mount Ijen and Mount Bromo. It got quite late in the day but having been indoors or in the same place for 3 days we had to escape. So we jumped on the scooter for potentially our last ride in the travels!! We drove to Temple Of Lempuyang Luhur which was a temple complex famed for its beautiful views. When we set off the sky was clear and blue, however when we got there the fog was beginning to settle in. To be honest I was quite thankful of the slight coolness from the fog as it was a pretty hot hike to the top! After the visit to to the temple we were hoping to drive to a nearby town that was having a local festival. We jumped on the bike, headed down the super steep hill when all of a sudden the bike keeps cutting out and the brakes start to fail. Crap... Luckily we made it to the bottom OK but then stopped and Will did a couple of test drives and it seemed OK, but we didn't want to risk driving further out to to the town and then having to drive back in the dark, so unfortunately we headed back to the homestay via a cute little market where we picked up some dinner.

    As our ears were still pretty blocked from the diving unfortunately we realised we wouldn't be able to do more diving on this trip. Super sad times!!!!!!!! So we decided to make our way to Java tomorrow.
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  • Day359

    Heerlijk weerzien met An & Thijs in Amed

    August 8, 2016 in Indonesia

    Klaverjassen met zonsondergang
    Eindeloos snorkelen
    Dronken worden van 1 arak
    Goede gesprekken
    Op de scooter naar Sidemen
    Nog meer kaarten. Had ik al gezegd dat we verslaafd waren? Op z'n Rotterdams tegenwoordig.

  • Day109

    Ins tiefe Blau

    July 18 in Indonesia

    Nach dem Frühstück und einer kurzen Klassenzimmer-Sitzung ging es für Jonas und den Rest der Freediving-Gruppe wieder ins Wasser. Heute hatte man die Möglichkeit einige Fähigkeiten unter Wasser zu demonstrieren, insofern man sich dazu in der Lage fühlte. Beispielsweise auf 10 m Tiefe die Maske abnehmen, Krampfbewältigungs-Strategien oder Kate, die Kursleiterin, aus der Tiefe retten und an der Oberfläche ihre simulierte Ohnmacht in den Griff bekommen ("Kaaaate, wake uuup.. breakfast is ready"). 😂 Auf jeden Fall sehr lehrreich und total cool.
    Der Wellengang schlug zwar ganz schön auf den Magen, aber es war ja auch schon wieder Zeit fürs Mittagessen. Nachmittags ging es wieder ins kühle Nass und durch sukzessives Training tauchte Jonas schlussendlich bis auf knapp über 20 m Tiefe und verweilte inzwischen eine Minute in der blauen Leere. Ein wahnsinns Gefühl und ziemlich Sucht eregend, aber auch ganz schön Respekt einflössend. Viel mehr kann man nicht schreiben, da muss man einfach selbst gewesen sein.. 😍
    Profis gehen heutzutage in Tiefen die von Wissenschaftlern noch vor einigen Jahren für unmöglich erklärt wurden, da die Lunge bei hohen Drücken einfach kollabieren würde. Doch unsere Verwandschaft zu Meeressäugern bescheert Menschen den so genannten Tauchreflex, bei dem der Puls verlangsamt, Blut umgelagert und Gefäße stabilisiert werden. Dadurch sind wirklich atemberaubende (badumm tzz) Leistungen möglich. Der aktuelle Weltrekord beträgt mit Flossen 128 m, ohne Flossen 101 m und durch freie Immersion 121 m. Unglaublich.. Außerdem liegt der Rekord für normales Luft anhalten bei über 11 Minuten. Es gibt noch weitere beeindruckende Kategorien und Rekorde. 😳
    Die Tauchgruppe lässt den Tag noch mit Popcorn, Ingwertee und Gequassel ausklingen. Ein Wahnsinns-Tag! .. und der Agung hat wieder mit Qualmen angefangen (aber ganz harmlos). 🌋
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  • Day110


    July 19 in Indonesia

    Während Lisa die beiden Freediving-Kurstage mit der Erkundung des überschaubaren Amed und Herumlungern verbrachte, war Jonas die körperliche Erschöpfung schon eher anzumerken. Gemeinsam verbrachten wir den Tag ruhig im Green Leaf Cafe, die sich ihre Räumlichkeiten mit Apneista teilen. Die Atmosphäre und das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist hier wirklich überdurchschnittlich. Da kann man schon mal den halben Tag verhocken. Unsere Versuche Schnorcheln zu gehen wurden vom starken Wellengang und daraus resultierend mieser Sicht unter Wasser vereitelt.
    ..aber es war schön einfach mal wieder gemeinsam nichts zu tun und zu entspannen.
    Abends vollendeten wir unsere Tagesaktivität mit einem Drink bei Sonnenuntergang und tollen Blick auf den Vulkan Agung. Seht selbst.. 😉🍹🍺
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  • Day111

    Seele baumeln lassen

    July 20 in Indonesia

    Wir setzten unsere gestrige Tagesgestaltung fort indem wir uns wieder zum Green Leaf Cafe begaben. Heute waren die Wasserbedingungen schon deutlich besser, so dass wir auch stundenlang im Wasser umher tollten. 😊🌊 Dabei konnten wir wieder zahlreiche faszinierende Fische, Korallen und andere Wirbellose beobachten. Die Farbenvielfalt ist wirklich unvergleichlich, aber aufgrund der Absorption des Wassers oft nur dann zu bewundern, wenn man ein ganzes Stück abtaucht. Unweit befinden sich in einigen Meter Tiefe auch noch zwei versenkte Statuen von Meerjungfrauen. Eine trägt eine Fruchtplatte, auf der bereits Korallen Platz gefunden haben, und die andere dehnt sich in skurillen Positionen. Hübsch! 😏

    Schaut doch mal hier für ein paar Impressionen:
    Video ist derzeit gesperrt, aber wir laden ins Kürze ein neues hoch. 😉

    Abends gab es wieder einen hammermäßigen Sonnenuntergang zu bestaunen. Davon kriegt man einfach nie genug. Die Bilder bereiten einem noch lange Zeit Freude.. 😍
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