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  • Day27

    Auf zum 2. Camp - the tipping point

    July 23, 2015 in Indonesia

    Der Rückweg von den Quellen hoch zum 2. Camp fühlt sich für mich unsagbar anstrengend an. Das bisschen Muskelkater von der bisherigen Wanderung sollte eigentlich kein Problem sein. Aber irgendwie geht's mir nicht besonders. Dann merke ich ein flaues Gefühl in der Magengegend. Die Mädels sind ein bisschen besorgt, da ich komplett stumm gehe und keine blöden Witzchen mitmache. Ich konzentriere mich auf meinen Magen. Was passiert da? Irgendwas will raus und es hat sich noch nicht entschieden auf welche Weise... Ein bisschen Angst umgibt mich. Es sind schließlich noch 4 h und mind. 400 Höhenmeter die ich noch bringen muss, bevor ich im 2. Camp bin.
    Nach einer Weile lasse ich alle vorlaufen (außer dem Franzosen der ist schon den ganzen Tag mit PrivatGuide langsamer hinterher gekommen). Dann hat das Gefühl im Magen seinen Ausweg gewählt und ich übergebe mich nach 2 h richtig heftig. Alles flockig und es geht weiter. Mir geht's schlagartig besser. Selbst dumme Witze kommen zurück - ein gutes Zeichen!
    Der Aufstieg zum Camp fällt mir trotzdem sehr schwer: ich hab viel Strecke auf allen vieren zurück gelegt. Man war ich im Eimer.
    Oben angekommen gab es Tee und einen Apfel und dann bin ich ins Bettchen! Was ne Höllentour.

    Der Franzose ist zwischendurch zusammengebrochen und musste von 2 rescue-portern zum Camp getragen werden. Hätte ich mal gewusst, dass das ne Option ist!
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  • Day27

    Gunung Rinjani

    September 23, 2015 in Indonesia

    21-09-2015 Rinjani - Day 1

    After one night in "Senaru" and the obligatory pancake for breakfast, our trekking group got driven to "Sembalun"(1000m). The one hour drive we got carried on the back of a Ute!
    Once we started walking (9am) we had already lunch after 2.5hours. A good, big plate of Veggis and rice got us enogh energy for the rest of the day.
    Thru the foodhills we climbed up to 2641m. It got more and more dusty and steeper higher up! All together a easy day hiking.
    The "Rinjani basecamp" had a special feeling with it (like fresh out of a movie)! Our Porters set up camp right on the cliff with an amazing view over the lake and the sunset in the back! As the sun was gone the temperature droped as well to freezing. For dinner they cooked a very nice chicken-curry for us.

    22-09-2015 Rinjani - Day 2

    The wake-up call was at 2am in the moning, with frezzing temperatures. To get ready to climb the other 1100m to the summit. After tea and biscuits we (5 out of a group of 8) started our hike at 2:40am. Finally at this point my hope of moonlight was gone- the night was pitch black!
    But admittedly it was a amazing night sky. Nevertheless the headlamp and a torch lead well through the night.
    The first part up to the rim was already hard work (one guy already gave up here). Even the first bit was surprisingly dusty and the ground was unstable gravel! But once on the rim the walking got fairly easy and soon I lost the group! I just realized how steep this bit actually is as I walked it down again! I actually thought it is nearly level on the way up.Because I was so good in time and I don't wanted to be to early at the top (beause of the cold temperature) I slowed down and had plenty of brakes. Eventually the light from the villages below get more and more blurry. That's how you realize you getting high. Otherwise you can't see much except a huge slope down to the left and the rocky cliff down in the crater on the right. Either way you see as far as the torch goes.
    Then all of a sudden the last part was there! you don't see it coming but once you are there you know! A extremely steep path up made out of loose gravel. You kind of constantly slide downwards where you came from. Two steeps up, one down! When I looked back it was a line of light all the way back along the rim.
    At 5:25, I Finally reached the top of Rinjani (3726m). The highest mountain, so far, in my life!
    The twilight was already there. With little time the sunrise came up and showed us the true beauty of "Gunung Rinjani"! An amazing sunrise and views from "Bali" to "Lombock" and over "Sumbawa" even so the ground level got a few clouds. Little time more on top then the decent called us. It was just like skiing, sliding down the steep slopes!
    Back at the basecamp they gave us "Banana Pancakes" for breakfast. Afterwards we decented even more down to the "Crater Lake". Where I found, I think my highlight- "Gunung Batur" - the volcano in the volcano!
    Still a little active small clouds where rising into the sky. There are even hot springs to relax - to hot for me! In the afternoon we climbed up from the lake to the Rim again but this time the "Senaru" side. With hight the views got more and more impressive over the lake. Even so the Summit of "Rinjani" was already covered by clouds. I really enjoyed the last climb and always "Gunung Batur" in the back.
    The night we spent on 2656m.

    23-09-2015 Rinjani - Day 3

    The night was a little better then the one befor but still rough. After the missing sunrise call, I just got up right in time to don't miss it! The beautiful sunrise behind "Gunung Rinjani" and over the cater lake. Then I was time to say goodbye and decent the rest to "Senaru"(601m).
    Here it is finally time to have a little note to the porters: They have two baskets tied on a bamboo stick filled with up to 40kg! And they are even faster then most of the people with thier little day packs (more to it down)! That all in thongs (Flip Flops or some barefoot)! I had so much fun with them, they are happy people even with their hard job (slavery isn't far of).
    This day they totally got crazy and had a race down. They where literally running down the steep slope, that I couldn't follow after a while. I love this guys!
    In "Senaru" we picked up our luggage and got transported to our next travell destination. In my case to "Lembar Habour" where I took the public ferry back to Bali.


    As I did my research and read the articles befor I went off to Indonesia. I read all about a steep gravel slope and sliding back down! And apperntly it is the hardest thing they ever did!
    Well it is very steep and the sliding back drives you nuts! Because you can't even steep on very well, too. They are moments where you don't wanna go on (properly geting up at 2 am didn't help as well) the last part to the peak!! But in the end it is all in you head - not reaching the top by sunrise, was never an option for me! Personaly I found the decents much worse. But guess that is what you have to expect of 3726m! All this we talk about the 1100m to the peak! The rest is all fairly easy, thanks to the porters which carry everything for you!
    The hero's of the mountain!

    Finally here an example to the Portes:
    It is day two at the crater lake, we had lunch and started hiking agin, with us our Guide.
    Then the portes pack up the lunchbreak things like mats, tarp, cooking stuff....
    Eventually they start as well to climb uphill.
    A little while after me they arrived around 1 hour earlier as the group! They already set up the camp (me and an Italian guy, helped them. But they don't really want help, due to "it's our holiday"... And of couse we are the "Boss" for them...) Anyway all was done till the first of the group arrived!
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  • Day27

    Zu den heißen Quellen

    July 23, 2015 in Indonesia

    Langsam brechen wir zu den Quellen auf. Der Weg ist allerdings voller Menschen und sehr steil. Fotos können nicht gemacht werden. Noch macht es aber super Spaß abzusteigen. Mein Knie muckt etwas Rum, aber wir haben Bandage bei ;) Alles Safe.
    Der Franzose beklagt sich über Erschöpfung und fällt immer wieder zurück. Er läuft mit anderen Franzosen und quatscht den ganzen Weg anstatt seine Kraft fürs gehen zu sparen. Das Team ist ein wenig genervt von ihm. Kim geht's aber wieder top und außer ein paar holländischen Schwächeanfällen lief der Abstieg reibungslos.Read more

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