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  • Day6

    Slàinte to Dublin!

    September 8, 2016 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Hi guys, it's Rupal! This is my first blog post so let's see how this goes...

    Right now we're on a bus to Galway which is in the west of Ireland to see the more scenic side of the country where we'll spend two days. We woke up at 5:30am this morning to pack our bags and walk to meet the bus which was a bit difficult after a beer and whiskey tour last night! So I guess we say so long to Dublin or Slàinte to Dublin which means cheers in Irish Gaelic.

    OK I need to take a second to get off track because right now our bus driver is singing a song and cracking jokes in the thickest Irish accent while everyone is mostly asleep. I guess he likes to hear himself speak which I'm ok with because the Irish accent is awesome!

    Speaking of accents, yesterday we spent the afternoon in a local pub after a walking tour of the city to rest our legs and hydrate with a pint where we people watched the locals and tried to make sense of what they were saying; which is more difficult than you think!

    It's fun to remove yourself from the situation and think if we weren't in that pub or in Ireland or on this trip the locals we see everyday would be doing the same thing; we just get to witness them in their natural setting and see what their lives are like!
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  • Day17


    August 29 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C


    Am Samstag war ich in Dublin, dort bin ich mit dem Zug hin gefahren. Den Bahnhof kannte ich ja schon von meiner Anreise, ich glaube aber Dublin hat mindestens drei verschiedene Bahnhöfe. Den Tag zusammengefasst bin ich unglaublich viel gelaufen, habe die besten Kaffee-Spots heraus gefunden und war auch am Meer. Großartig anders ist es nicht, ist halt einfach eine Stadt. Die Pubs hatten teilweise geschlossen oder man durfte nur rein wenn man auch etwas gegessen hat. Kein Guinness vom Fass für Emily, aber Billigwein umgefüllt in eine Wasserflasche (man darf in der Öffentlichkeit keinen Alkohol trinken). Achso und wenn ich von "Billigwein" spreche, meine ich so fünf Euro pro 0,7l Flasche. Keine zwei, drei Euro wie in Deutschland🙃

    Während ich in Dublin war, war die Familie in der Nähe von Waterford. Freunde haben dort ein Haus bzw Familie lebt dort auch. Wenn alles gut geht fahren wir dieses Wochenende dort hin und ich komme mit! Der Ort wo wir sein werden ist direkt an der Küste. Hoffentlich klappt es!

    Morgen öffnet das Fitnessstudio hier in Athy und ich fahre mit Rose dort hin. Vielleicht bekomme ich ja dort auch einen Job und ich kann nebenbei noch Bodypump machen :D

    Achso und das letzte Bild bin ich, nachdem wir die polnischen Hühner eingefangen haben.

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  • Day47


    August 20, 2019 in Ireland ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Mardi, 20 août 2019
    Notre deuxième journée de Dublin commence avec la visite du château. Pour y arriver, nous passons à côté de la plus vielle église de la capitale, Saint Audoen's Church. La visite guidée du Castle nous conte l'histoire de Dublin. Des maquettes montrent la première cité fortifiée habitée par des Vikings vers l'an 800 et celle, construite en pierres par les normands 300 ans plus tard. En 1204 le roi Jean d'Angleterre ordonne la construction du château, qui sera le siège des colons anglais pendant 800 ans. Les différents vice-rois ont leurs armoiries dans la superbe chapelle. Les salles de réception ont plusieurs fois été modifiées, des fois pour plaire aux illustres invités. Depuis l'indépendance de 1922 c'est ici, que le chef du gouvernement est assermenté et des visites d'état y sont accueillis. Nous allons dîner au Brazen Head, le plus vieux pub de la ville, classé monument historique et ancien relais de poste. Ici le temps s'est arrêté! La Guinness Storehouse nous attend cet après-midi. Ce n'est pas une visite d'usine, même que cette bière emblématique est toujours produite ici, mais plus tôt une expo sur 7 étages. On apprend par des vidéos, écrans ou affiches, la fabrication, le transport, les publicités etc. et en atteignant le bar au dernier étage, on profite, en plus de la vue à 360° sur Dublin, d'une pint de Guinness. Il y a foule est le bruit est en conséquence, c'est bien plus calme une fois de retour au cc.Read more

  • Day31

    Last day in dublin

    October 4, 2016 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Spent the day on a 5 hr trek. Found where Oscar Wilde lived and a statue of him across the street. See the shots. Went the museum of natural history today and saw some very interesting species. Irish deer which no longer exist had the rack span of 8ft across. They put our moose to shame. Couldn't take many photos because I ran out of space on my phone. Had to dump a couple of apps and clean up the mail. Having my last Ginny as I take off tomorrow at 6 am to catch my flight to Ljubljana, Slovenia. So excited because there will be some good wine there and it will be cheaper. Ireland in general is expensive.
    Irish facts: I have only seen two ginger here the whole time; everyone smokes and looks twice their age; Irish people yell all the time; the streets are littered with garbage; there are a lot of homeless on the street (mainly looking for $ for beer; the fashion is adidas track pants (yes even the women)! The Irish people are incredibly helpful, happy and can't wait to tell you their life story. They have incredibly good manners and a hilarious sense if humour. I have laughed a ton!
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  • Day28

    Todays tour

    October 1, 2016 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    After getting lost for a hour I found the Guinness storehouse. What an amazing place! Learned how to pour a pint the right way and now I'm certified. The city is on fire with energy as there is a final football match on tonight. I have never seen so many men in one place in all my life. They're everywhere. Where are all the women? Check out the "bin the poo" picture, means pick up your dog crap and has a toxic sign on the back. Enjoy the photosRead more

  • Day3

    A day in Dublin

    September 30, 2017 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    And so our first day draws to a close.. we've traipsed and bussed all over the shop.. we've seen the Temple Bar district, all the shops 😀 and the Guinness Factory.. the weather stayed nice for us so far.. were having Chinese for tea then an early night!Read more

  • Day18

    To Ireland

    September 21, 2018 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Another longish travel day. Part of me is telling myself I need to get over my dislike of flying so that I can get from A to B much quicker. The other part says enjoy the journey.
    I’m currently on the Irish Ferries ship Ulysses. We are still about an hour from Dublin.

    I took the train from Euston station to Holyhead. That was an interesting trip although I missed the most interesting part! A lot of people had reserved seats (as did I). When I got to my seat I found a family sitting there. It turned out they had reservations next to me, across the aisle and across the table. I sat in their seat across the aisle and I had a very chatty Irish lady (Margaret) opposite me. She was very clear in telling me we were in a quiet carriage and once we got moving people weren’t allowed to speak. If your phone rang you had to take it in the corridor. I was quite happy with this until we reached Crewe. Some people got on there who kept on talking. That was the sign for everyone to start talking and so I heard a lot of the Margaret’s history. Due to the way we were seated I found it hard to look out the window and take photos without being rude. The last part of the journey was definitely the most interesting. The weather was getting wild. Some of the summer holiday places we passed looked quite forlorn in the wind and rain.
    As we approached Bangor Margaret started packing up and getting organised. At one point she asked me if I was going to get ready. I think it quite stressed her out that I wasn’t standing at the door 10 minutes before we pulled into Holyhead.
    We were an hour late getting into Holyhead. The trip should have been 9:10-12:50 but it was 9:15-1pm. By this stage I was infected by Margaret’s anxiety and joined the rush to het from the station to the port checkin (a short walk). Once there we found out due to the rough weather the boat was only just getting in and we would be an hour late boarding. So I stood in line for an hour before getting a boarding pass and climbing onto a bus to be driven into the ship. At no time was I asked for any ID. Apparently no one cares who leaves the country. I don’t know if there will be any passport control in Dublin.

    Once on the boat I upgraded to club class which gave me a nice seat, good view and free snacks. Surprisingly the voyage hasn’t been rough at all. The boat is big and meant to be very stable but I do think things have calmed as well. In the bus we had to take to get to the boat I seemed to be surrounded by people who’d done the crossing before and were dreading it plus crossings by their other boat Swift were cancelled today. The Stenaline boat which was due to leave 20 mins before us was running 4 1/2 hours late and hadn’t come in by the time we left. A lot of those passengers transferred onto this boat.

    Sitting down especially it seems quite calm. Fortunately I haven’t experienced any sea sickness. I did nap for a bit otherwise just read my book.

    I had decided to take a taxi from the port to my hotel as there were only two choices - taxi or bus that drops you at one of three places. Turns out there was only one choice as there were no taxis. I was told to get off at the second stop which was the city centre. My phone had 1% battery and no service. A security guard showed me where I could catch a taxi and I was soon at my hotel. By this time it was 9pm. So it took me 13 hours to get from hotel to hotel. Fortunately they do room service here so I had a sandwich and am now ready for bed.
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  • Day19


    September 22, 2018 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    So today I explored Dublin. After a very nice Irish breakfast that included potatoes and black pudding I set out to sort my phone and transport. I’m very close to the main street in Dublin and easily walked to buy a public transport card as well as get an Irish sim for my phone. I then made my way to St Stephen’s Green, a Victorian park on the other side of the river. I was meeting someone I know through an internet forum to play Pokémon Go. I’m a fairly casual player of this game (it’s a game you play on your phone for those tha aren’t familiar with it). Today was a community day so we met up to play during this time. It was nice to meet Joan and have someone to play with.

    Once we separated I took a hop on hop off bus to see more of Dublin. Unfortunately I didn’t see enough as I was somehow hit on the head by a tree branch as we drove under some trees. I’m still not sure how it happened. I was sitting upstairs at the back so there was no roof. We drove under some trees and some branches hit the roof but I didn’t actually see what hit me. It hurt. Fortunately though it was fairly minor, no bleeding and more of a shock than anything else. The man sitting in front of me was a doctor and said he didn’t think it was serious all the while wanting to pour cold water on my head. Someone else went and told the driver. To make everyone happy I went and sat inside and to be honest it was better because it it was warm, unlike upstairs which was very cold.
    I continued on the bus until the bus was held up and diverted (probably due to a protest over affordable housing). We were near the Temple Bar area so I got off to take a look at the area. It is full of pubs and lots of people. I went into a pub but it was full so went next door to an Irish restaurant. My fears of it being overpriced tourist fare were unfounded and I had a lovely bowl of soup.
    I then went up to the Molly Malone statue and my phone died. I decided the best way to find my way back to the hotel was to get back on the hop on hop off bus as it stopped around the corner from the hotel. I’m glad I did even though I was redoing a section because this time we had the recorded commentary. On the first bus we had live commentary and it was very hard to listen to. It was also good to listen and look without worrying about taking photos.
    After a couple of false starts I found my way back to the hotel.
    A good day if cold. My head is fine now.
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