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  • Day27

    Caesarea Maritima

    June 2, 2015 in Israel

    Another of Herod's greatest accomplishments. All of the harbor is underwater today, but it wasn't hard to see why Herod would want to build in this spot. A beautiful part of the Mediterranean.

    This is also the place where Paul spent 2 years in prison and where Peter meets Cornelius, the first Gentile convert to the faith.

  • Day25

    Haifa, Israel

    December 7, 2016 in Israel

    Israel! - The holy country.. Didn't feel such, but - who cares. It was interesting to be there anyway!

    I had a very nice "kind of a gyros" for lunch.. Afterwards, trolling around town I got a similar feeling like in Southafrica - somehow insecure, but very alive!

  • Day15


    October 21, 2017 in Israel

    We awoke to another jam packed day full of activities & places to visit. Our first stop was the ancient port city of Caesarea; the beautiful weather that we have experienced on this trip, has made for fantastic photo opportunities. The history of this once great city was incredible! Next we stopped just up the road to view the ancient aquaducts that brought fresh water to the city; amazing architectural & engineering feats & in a beautiful location along the Mediterranean Sea.
    The next hour was spent taking in the gorgeous views of the Israeli countryside (very similar to Australia) on our way to lunch at the ancient Tel Megiddo aka. Armageddon. Wow! The view was phenomenal! No wonder this was such a strategic stronghold for millennia! We could see the hills of Nazareth, Mount Tabor, Carmel Mountain Range & the Jordan Valley from here.
    After lunch we drove for another hour to Nazareth for a quick photo opportunity from the top of Mount Precipice. Hokey smokes, the view from here was breathtaking - way higher than Megido! We could have spent all day exploring the old city of Nazareth - we will definitely have to come back 😁
    We were back on the bus again for the 45 minute journey to the serene Sea of Galilee where we enjoyed a cruise before checking in to our accommodation for the next three nights - a kibbutz on the edge of the Sea of Galilee (Nof Ginosar). A beautiful, relaxing place to lay our weary heads after a long day of travelling.
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  • Day14


    October 20, 2017 in Israel

    Today we drove north of Tel Aviv to the city of Haifa at the foot of the Carmel Mountains. On the way we stopped at the small village of Zichron Ya'acov where we visited the Aaronsohn Family Home & N.I.L.I. Museum. We learnt all about the sacrifice this family made to provide intelligence to the British forces on Turkish movements from 1915-1917.
    The acronym N.I.L.I. stands for "Netzah Israel Lo leshaker" - "the Eternity of Israel will not lie", taken from 1 Samuel 15:29. It was essentially the first Jewish underground.
    The goals of N.I.L.I. were:
    ▪To assist the British army in winning the war against the Turks by collecting intelligence material
    ▪To support the Jewish community in Eretz Israel who suffered from famine & disease
    ▪To draw the attention of the outside world to the situation in the country
    ▪To further the Zionist dream of a National Homeland
    Due to the assistance of N.I.L.I. spy ring, the British (& allied forces) succeeded in conquering Palestine from the Ottoman Empire, & this accelerated the end of the war in the entire region.
    At the port city of Haifa we stopped for a wreath laying ceremony at a small cemetary where 19 members of the 4th LH Regiment are resting in peace after fighting in the battle of Semakh on 25th September 1915.
    The drive back to Tel Aviv was 1.5 hours on the coast road & many wonderful landmarks were pointed out along the way. Once we arrived back at the hotel we went for a walk along the beach to the old port of Jaffa & explored her hidden pathways & history.
    Another great day done & dusted.
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  • Day4

    Roman Caesarea

    December 16, 2017 in Israel

    So much to see, and you can wander round freely, imagining you're in your toga. A helpful CGI film at the beginning explained the long history of conquering and destruction which helped us imagine how it might have looked in each period

  • Day4

    But these were the best bits!

    December 16, 2017 in Israel

    Piles of broken columns, carved lintels and other treasures stored neatly beside 21st century rubbish dump behind the amphitheatre
    And best best of all, they'd left a section undug, so you could see generations of shards and dust and crap that covered (and probably protected) the remains. Well, I might have picked a little one off the ground. And then found hundreds more on the beach nearby, which I'd wondered about yesterdayRead more

  • Day1


    August 30, 2012 in Israel

    17:45 Uhr Ankunft Haifa, Geld getauscht 300 € entspricht 1500 Shekel
    18:00 Uhr Am Hotel „Port Inn“ eingecheckt
    Harte Betten, sonst OK, alle sehr nett.
    19:00 Uhr Essen in einem typischen „Imbiss“ Restaurant mit div. Speisen. Sehr lecker, bester Lybanese in Haifa, das Lokal existiert seit 1934
    Danach auf den Camelit ( Hoher Berg ) gefahren. Absolut super Ausblick über die Stadt Haifa.

    Interessant: Ab 20:00 Uhr ist es dunkel. Ohne Dämmerung.
    Die Fahrt auf den Berg erfolgte mit der „U-Bahn“ - das ist eine Bergbahn wie in den Bergen.
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  • Day4


    January 17, 2016 in Israel


    Der vierte Tag unserer Reise begann mit einer Busfahrt nach Haifa über Tiberias. Dort besichtigten wir zuerst einen Teil des Baha'i Heiligtums, die hängenden Gärten um den Schrein des Babs.

    Danach wurde es Zeit, zum Leo Baeck Education Center zu fahren. Dort hatten wir nach einem Rundgang durch die Schule die Gelegenheit, uns mit zwei Juden mit Darmstädter Wurzeln im Memorial Room zu unterhalten und Fragen zu stellen.

    Anschließenden durften wir dem Konzert der Big Band und des haifanischen Schulorchesters lauschen. Daraufhin wurden mit viel Lachen Schals der jeweiligen Sportclubs ausgetauscht.

    Als wir mit den Schülern aus Haifa und der Big Band gemeinsam Pizza gegessen haben, konnten wir uns sehr intensiv mit den Schülern des Education Centers austauschen.

    Hinterher wollten wir die Kirche Stella Maris der Karmeliter besuchen, konnten sie aber, da sie noch geschlossen war, nur von außen bewundern.

    VerkuendigungskircheIm weiteren Tagesverlauf fuhren wir nach Nazareth und besichtigten die Verkündigungs- und die Josephskirche. In der Verkündigungskirche soll Maria laut Legende die Schwangerschaft verkündigt worden sein.

    Auf der Rückfahrt machten wir einen kurzen Photostopp, um den Berg der Verklärung, den Tabor, photographisch festzuhalten und unser Reiseleiter Gidi (Gideon) spendierte uns eine süße Nachspeise. Nach diesem ereignisreichen Tag, ließen wir die Zeit am Jam Kinneret (See Genezareth) mit einer Abschlussrunde in der Kapelle im Pilgerhaus ausklingen.
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  • Day2


    March 7, 2017 in Israel

    Our tour guide, Nadi, took us up to Caesarea this morning which is the former capital of Judea. This is where we were able to visit the archaeological remains of this ancient port. King Herod built this city as a luxurious city with streets, amphitheater, temples, and his own palace.

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