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  • Day48

    Akka & Recovered Crusader Castle, etc.

    November 17, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    We drove to Akka, where the Muslims covered over a Crusader castle before building a Mosque etc on top of the same spot. Prisoners found some remains of the Castle when making an unsuccessful attempt to tunnel out of the prison. The Crusaders built the castle around 1100AD, and the recovery is still underway, but they have made tremendous discoveries in the past hundred years. It was a fantastic view of old castle life, and they still have much more excavation to do. We then drove to a Mosque, which we entered, the women with their head and shoulders covered, for a quick look. Then on to the location where the Virgin Mary was told that she was pregnant, and its the location of a present day Catholic Church. We saw lots of mosaic work. The walk back to the bus involved buying a few Israel sweets, which were good but extremely expensive. At 6pm, the bus took us down to Tiberius, where our hotel was way up the mountain, so that we could have a walk, look around, and bite to eat.Read more

  • Day6

    Sightseeing Jeruzalem part 2

    July 8, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Ook vandaag gingen we naar Jeruzalem.

    De eerst stop was op de Olijfberg. Hier ligt een enorme begraafplaats met een geweldig uitzicht over de stad. De Al-Aqsa moskee en de Dome of the rock met zijn gouden koepel zijn vanaf hier mooi te zien.

    De tweede stop was het Hof der olijven waar veel olijfbomen staan en een kerk met de rots waar Jezus zou hebben gebeden.

    Vervolgens gingen we weer naar de Klaagmuur. Dit is ook overdags bijzonder, maar ‘s avonds was de sfeer toch heel anders. Nu waren er ook veel meer toeristen. Er waren nu wel heel veel Bar Mitzvah’s aan de gang. Dus dat is dan overdags wel weer leuk om te zien.

    In de stad zelf liepen we over de Via Dolorosa. Dit is de route die Jezus zou hebben afgelegd met het kruis op zijn rug. Deze route eindige dus vanzelfsprekend op de plek van de Heilige graf kerk. Hier is de plek waar het kruis gestaan heeft en tevens de plek van het graf en de wederopstanding.

    Hier deden ze wel moeilijker over een korte broek dus moest ik mijn sarong om mijn middel. Toch wel een indrukwekkende plek!

    De stad bestaat uit vier wijken. De Islamitische wijk, de Joodse wijk, de Christelijke wijk en de Armeense wijk. Dit gaat hier gewoon allemaal prima samen.

    ‘s avonds was het meeste gesloten (maandag avond) maar Paul had een kennis hier die zelf een soort discotheek had (Soul). Die opende hij speciaal voor ons. Met wat bier en zelfs karaoke werd het weer best gezellig!
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  • Day5

    Sightseeing Jeruzalem + Bethlehem

    July 7, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Vandaag moesten we eerst door de check point om Jeruzalem in te komen. Onze gids stond aan de andere kant van de 10 meter hoge muur.

    Deze muur omsluit vrijwel heel Bethlehem omdat daar veel zelfmoord terroristen vandaan kwamen die zich dan in Jeruzalem opbliezen. Met deze muur is het voor Palestijnen een stuk lastiger om Jeruzalem binnen te komen/Bethlehem uit te komen.

    De eerste stop was bij de Knesset, het Israëlische parlement. Dit gebouw staat achter een enorme glazen muur, dus echt dichtbij kom je niet.

    Het hoofddoel vandaag was het Holocaust museum (Yad Vashem). Uiteraard geen gezellig museum, maar wel erg interessant en boeiend. We liepen eerst langs het monument voor alle gedode kinderen en vervolgens naar het museum zelf. De schatting is dat zo’n 6.000.000 joden tijdens de 2e Wereldoorlog zijn vermoord door Nazi Duitsland. Dit wordt in dit museum erg indrukwekkend in beeld gebracht. Van de kristalnacht tot aan de val van Hitler. Alles komt aan bod.

    In de middag kregen we tijdelijk een Palestijnse gids voor een korte rondleiding door Bethlehem. We ging naar de kerk die gebouwd is op de plek waar Jezus geboren zou zijn. Op de plek van de 14-puntige ster. Veel toeristen die allemaal een foto komen maken, het voelde niet echt als een heilige plek. Na nog een korte wandeling hadden we de rest van de middag geen programma.
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  • Day5

    Klaagmuur by night

    July 7, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Op voorstel van de gids gingen we vanavond een avond tour doen door Jeruzalem. De eerste stop was een mooi uitkijkpunt over de stad.

    Daarna gingen we naar de Klaagmuur. Erg bijzonder om hier rond te lopen tussen al die zwaar gelovige joden. Vrijwel allemaal in het zware gekleed en met een hand tegen de muur of zittend in een plastic stoeltje. Sommigen zijn stil maar anderen bidden/roepen hardop. De hele muur zit vol met kleine briefjes met gebeden. Deze worden er 2 x per jaar uit gehaald en vervolgens begraven.Read more

  • Day24

    Tel Aviv: Packing It in in 27 km

    February 1, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Packed in quite a few sights today as I heard most places would be closed the next day as it was going to be Sabbath. Started my walk up to and down the beautiful Rothschild Boulevard. I've noticed the city is quite green. There are numerous bikes and e-scooters, as well as parks and giant recycling cages for hard plastics. You'll even find a few rope hammocks and bean bag chairs if you just want to hang out.

    Out the end of the Rothschild Blvd is one of the city's auditoriums. From there, I stumbled upon a flea market only open Tuesdays and Fridays, you'll find antiques and lots of clothing booths. A stone's throw away is the Sarona Market. It reminds me of Granville Island back home with the variety of food places with an artsy vibe. With three apartment towers above the market and a good sized park outside, it feels like a great community .to live in.

    From there, Azrieli Center is a short walk away. If you go up the tower, you'll get panoramic views of the city. The restaurant was closed but we could still go up to see the view. At 22 Shekels (about $5.50 Euro) it's alright. The mall itself is interesting, there's a Miniso as soon as you get to the 1st floor on the escalator. There's also a good outdoor area to have lunch on the 3rd floor. Me? I took time to enjoy my sandwich from Sarona here.

    Onwards to Rabin Square where city hall is located. I would hear the story of Rabin the next day from our guide, but otherwise enjoyed the large space and saw the Holocaust Memorial as well. Oh, also picked up Israeli ice cream from a place called Iceberg along the way. They're known for having some pretty crazy flavors here, but I settled for mango and passionfruit with coconut milk. Hoping to progress as the trip goes along if I can remember which ice cream places are great where.

    Off to Diezengoff Square then where I came across the most memorable busker ever. Imagine hearing a funky drum set playing to prerecorded music, and imagine the musician being a man who was probably in his 70s if not older. Super talented, one can't help but sit down and take in a few songs. Everyone passing by was appreciative, leaving the man a tip. And he was a great time himself, not ever missing a beat.

    When I finally tore myself away, I popped into the nearby Dizengoff Center for a washroom break. The guard at the entrance (they're at the entrance of every mall here) chatted with me about the politics in Canada, strange but ok. I also found a shop for an Israeli jewelry designer I'd read about. At first, I was hoping to find a store in Azrieli and couldn't, so had actually given up. Didn't end up buying anything but still, a beautiful shop to visit.

    Back on the road, I stopped in my tracks when I saw a Korean shaved ice & bubble tea shop. Of course I had to poke my head in. I think I ended up chatting to the owner as I was looking at the menu. The bubble tea menu was sparse (I live in Vancouver after all!) and I think the shaved ice was shaved ice and not shaved milk. The store is new though and not run by Koreans, so we talked about expanding their menu and using flavor syrups instead of powders. I was also looking for green tea with syrups. He openly welcomed the suggestions, so perhaps soon, the menu will be more extensive.

    Continuing down King George V street, I made my way back to the Carmel Market, it looked busy and crowded, and having been there the night before, I opted to take the other road, home of the Nachalat Binyamin market that is packed with artists and craftspersons. Shoppers will love it here and probably go home with a few items. Memorable artists included a glass blower. You could also hear talented musicians but not quite as riveting as the senior drummer earlier.

    I decided to continue south towards Neve Tzedek to check out another fountain at a museum. At this point, I didn't realize that places where closing up due to Sabbath. The museum was closed so I just wandered the neighborhood before returning to the hotel.

    For dinner I'd hoped to try the sabich (sandwich with fried eggplant and hard boiled egg) but many places were closed by now. Oops, did manage to find a falafel place not too far away to have a simple night and early night in. Time to rest the feet.
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  • Day25

    Old Jaffa and more chilling by the beach

    February 2, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Checked out of my hotel and into the next one for the group tour. Thought I was a bit of a smart cookie by picking a place just around the corner =) Today being Sabbath, a lot of places are closed, but I am headed to old Jaffa for a free tour with Sandeman's Tours. They run free walking tours in a number of European cities. Basically you tip your guide at the end of the tour, though same suggest you can put in what you feel it's worth. It's always worth more than the tip so bigger groups make it worth their while more.

    Our guide explained quite a bit of history about Old Jaffa, walking us through the old gates and showing us a picture of Tel Aviv before it existed. Jaffa is originally an Arab city that's been around 4000 years. It is said that Jonah from the bible was swallowed up here and there's a Greek legend about Andromeda being sacrificed here as well.

    There's a few sites to see here including St Peter's Church, Catholic and one of 2 west facing churches in Israel). Abrasha Park gives you a sweeping view of Tel Aviv and there's a wishing bridge nearby as well, where you touch your zodiac sign, look at the sea and make your wish. You'll also find Simon the Tanner's house (though it's not much to see) as well as Egyptian pillars from Ramses II. The port is neat to explore as well and there's quite a few galleries around. If you like antiques, there's a flea market as well.

    I also came across a place, Bamboo, that puts your cold pressed juice into glass bottles. A little more expensive than other stalls, I really appreciated not having needed to use one more plastic cup. Unsure of whether I could take the bottle with me, they assured me I could. After finishing the refreshing fresh orange juice, I did bring the bottle back. I have a feeling the prices are higher because of the bottle. Would be nice if they gave you a few shekels back for returning the glass =)

    A leisurely stroll back to the hotel and trying to find a late lunch, before hanging out on the beach til sunset. I have really loved the sunsets in Tel Aviv, all stunning as the sun drops into the sea.
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  • Day26

    Old Jaffa Take 2

    February 3, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Started my G Adventures tour last night, this be #12 if you count the combo trips as one. A medium sized group of 11. Today we set off first to Rabin Square where our guide recounted the history of Israel from the 12 tribes to the diaspora to the Persians, the Byzantines, the Romans and the Crusaders, and the Persians again, though don't quote me on that order, to the more recent times and issues towards Palestine. A bit of a long story to write out here but fascinating.

    Next stop, back to Old Jaffa for a bit of history, but mostly we had free time to explore for a bit. I made St Peter's my first stop since it had been closed the day before. You know how we forget the day of the week when we travel? I forgot today was Sunday and there was mass going on. We wondered why there was singing in English when we opened the door. A quick loop around a few places based on my memory from yesterday before hopping on the bus to leave Tel Aviv. I was very glad to have done the walking tour the day before as there was more details and story, some perhaps not true but I still remember the tale.

    We made a surprise stop by the aquaduct in Caeserea, still beautiful by the Mediterrean Sea before continuing on to have lunch in a Druze family home. The Druze are one of the minorities in the State of Israel, and they have a closed religion, no one in and if someone marries outside the religion, they're banished. The homes in the Druze village were beautiful and came with stunning views of the mountains and city below. Lunch was a delicious affair by our hostess, and the dessert was simply delicious. They call in Lebanese nights, I may attempt this for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year.

    Two stops after lunch, we headed to Haifa, our stop for the night, but first, the Bahi'a Gardens which is a place of worship for another group here. We could only access the top 2 levels of the gardens but at the top, you got a great view of the .city right down to the port. It almost reminds me of Lombard Street in San Francisco.The view at night from the bottom looking up is also stunning.

    We then made our way to the Stella Maris Monastery situated over what is believed to be Elijah's Cave. Beautiful inside though we didn't linger too long before making our way to the hotel. Our rooms on the 17th floor were great and included panoramic views of the city.

    About half of just met up for dinner tonight. We ended up going to Fattoush in the German Colony where some of us decided to share 4 appetizers, which turned out to be a great idea given portion sizes and the ability to try several dishes. Delicious!
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  • Day1

    We made it!!!

    March 6, 2017 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    The flight was long and sleepless for most. We hit many turbulent patches over the Atlantic. Going through customs was easy...of course, Strantz remembers the flight number to save the day! We are looking forward to the hotel and breakfast/lunch/dinner...whatever our jet lagged stomachs are looking for.Read more

  • Day1

    The sites around Tel Aviv!

    March 6, 2017 in Israel ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    We arrived at our hotel and we were greeted with refreshing lemonade. We then attended Mass led by Father Neil. Immediately following the service we were treated to the most amazing Mediterranean buffet. We then took a walk out along the Sea's boardwalk. We took a stroll through Old Jaffa Church of St. Peter and other sites. Can't wait to take our journey north tomorrow morning! Good Night Tel Aviv!Read more

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