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  • Day252

    Valley of the Temples

    March 5, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Our friend Cath had recommended a visit to the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento, about half way along the south coast of Italy. On the approach, commercial outlets inevitably allied themselves to this famous UNESCO site and we saw signs for the Valley of fruit, cars, shops etc.

    Will had found a water tap in the town using Maps.Me but yet another road was closed and the ensuing confusion and blocked streets made it impossible to get to. The reason for this road closure was a political rally, there were about 35 coach loads of people waving flags, including a bright red Communist Party one. Having recently seen photos of the NHS demonstration back home, it did make us think of how much our way of life has changed. A year ago we would have been involved in the fight for positive change and standing up against disastrous policies that increase inequality. Today we feel somewhat dislocated. Sometimes this is better for our personal state of mind as we don't get so frustrated, upset and angry. However it has also taken something away from who we are right now and the worth we place in our actions.

    After so many tight squeezes in town it was a relief to find ample parking in the car park for vans. After passing by a small gathering of stalls selling tourist tat, we approached the ticket office expecting to pay €10 each, but were pleasantly surprised to be handed two free tickets! Following obligatory body scans we entered the site through an orchard, guided by a corridor of yellow, orange and blue wildflowers. Amongst the trees were blossoming almonds, some of their white petals tinged with pink being occasionally blown off and catching the light as they fluttered down. The scent of nectar enticed butterflies which in turn enticed birds who trilled as they flitted between the trees. It truly felt as if spring had sprung.

    Further into the site stood a 500-600 year old knarled olive tree - true living history! We noticed fig trees in bud, the orange and lemon trees were fruiting and the pomegranates that were still attached to the branches, hung shrivelled and black. Will picked a windfall almond from a now flowering tree but it too was well past its best.

    The stone ruins dating back nearly 2,500 years were spread over several hectares. On the drive we'd passed a large grid of worn down walls and had spied a huge temple from afar. Commencing our exploration within the site, remnants of buildings could be seen up close and even climbed upon. Many of the massive bricks were cut from sandstone, itself probably millions of years old and containing a myriad of shells from that time. The warm coloured blocks were rounded and compiled into Doric Temple columns, some of which were still intact with only a low wire between us and them. This is just the sort of history we enjoy; wandering amongst artefacts in situ and being able to imagine as much as possible how life was back then.

    There were several sets of columns at various points, denoting where previously grand temples had stood. However, the Tempio della Concordia was the crowning glory, the rectangular structure standing complete on its stepped plinth, majestic and imposing with 38 columns and a roof. The cumulative impression of so many magnificent ancient buildings and remains spread over such a vast site was incredible. We are very glad it was recommended to us and would in turn recommend it to others.
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  • Day412

    Marina San Leone near Agrigento

    June 1, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    We are now here in San Leone near the site of the old town known as Akragas, once Sicily’s richest city, tomorrow we are headed to the Valle dei Templi, so expect photos of ruined Greek temples and stones. For now I attach photos from Sciacca where we spent last night, it’s a bit dusty and tired as most cities here on Sicily appear to be, but was once a thriving spa town with thermal baths and famous for its ceramics. We were surprised at the number of trawlers as, like I mentioned we had spent the previous night at Mazara de Vello, which was per our guide book the largest trawler port in Sicily but it had very few boats though a thriving ship building and destroying business.Read more

  • Day414

    Valley of the Temples

    June 3, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    So we made an early start to catch the 8:30 bus which arrived at 8:45 never mind. Then a short walk to one of the ticket offices and we were in. It was a bit confusing at first as they had no maps, well no free maps anyway so we were a bit aimless initially and ended up walking one route three times, which it was a bit warm for really. Anyway we saw most things in the end, the most impressive was the Temple of Concordia mostly because this was the one that has been the most reconstructed so less imagination required, the Temple of Zeus would have been the biggest and this is where the giant statues were found, we didn’t go to the gardens as were told that it was really the wrong time of year? From the Temples we walked to the Museum to see some of the hundreds of artefacts recovered at the temple sites, the museum was at the site of the Greek theatre or meeting place. Then after waiting 40 mins for a bus back to boat we gave up and walked up to the old town of Agrigento before catching ‘a ticky tacky tour’ bus from the station to the marina, this bus went everywhere before it took us home!Read more

  • Day370

    Day 371: Temples of Agrigento

    February 20, 2018 in Italy ⋅

    Woke up to overcast skies, but at least no rain! The accommodation we'd chosen was actually inside the archaeological park, so we headed out after breakfast and walked to the entrance. The main entrance here is known as the Valley of the Temples, a fairly inaccurate name since it's a bunch of temples stretched out along a ridge line. Normally people start at the top of the ridge and walk down past the temples to the bottom then get a taxi back to the top, but we figured we might as well walk the lot, so started at the bottom.

    Most of the temples are from the same era, around 500 BC when the city was founded by Greek settlers. There's ruins of several temples still here, though since most of the records are gone it's not really known what each specific temple was used for.

    First up was the Temple of Juno, of which only six columns remained. When I say remained it's a bit of a misnomer, since they were re-erected in the 19th century.

    Next up the hill was the largest temple, dedicated to Zeus. This is the only one with surviving contemporary records, so we know for sure who it was dedicated to and why. It covered a huge area, though it was mostly just a pile of rubble sadly. It was distinguished though by a bunch of atlases - or columns in the shape of people (named after the titan Atlas, condemned by Zeus to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders for eternity).

    Up next was the Temple of Hercules, though I can't remember why it had that name - it was something added much later. Only a few columns remained of this one, but it had a very dramatic position right next to the edge of the ridge.

    Further up the hill was the temple of concordia, so named because there was a Roman-era inscription discovered nearby that spoke about agreements and harmony. This is the best preserved temple on site, and looks in fantastic condition. Apparently this is the temple that inspired the UNESCO logo which I thought was a really cool touch! It also shows a few signs of fire damage from a Carthaginian invasion in 406 BC.

    Lastly we came to the top of the ridgeline and the temple of Juno. As we'd been walking the weather had turned extremely nice - warm and sunny which made for an excellent change! We had our picnic lunch in the shadow of the temple and then bought a gelato which the guy stacked up huge! We took in the sight of the temples, reflecting on how Juno and Concordia were essentially twins of each other (though we aren't the first to make that observation).

    Unfortunately we were now at the furthest point of the park from our accommodation, so rather than just walk back down the ridge we opted to walk around the perimeter to the museum. But worse luck - because of the road closure the museum was also closed, so we walked the long way round for nothing! Alas.

    Home late afternoon and quite tired, but satisfied with the day - I'd really enjoyed the temples in particular. Annoyingly, in addition to this house being very cold, it was also very poorly connected with internet! Extremely slow, so we couldn't get much done online either. Instead I just got on with editing videos. Since my YouTube schedule is still posting videos from Germany, I've been extremely slack and let a huge backlog build up. Time to start clearing things!
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  • Day6

    Agrigento, mittelalterliche & Neustadt

    June 20, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Nach dem Valle dei Templi war ein Besuch der "Oberstadt" angesagt.
    Die neuere Stadt liegt oben auf dem Hügel, hat aber im älteren Teil schon noch einige Sanierungsprobleme. Von Situationen wie in Siena noch weit entfernt. Wir haben (wer hätte es gedacht) die Kirchen und die Altstadt Strassenverhältnisse besucht, alles steil am Berg und schweisstreibend. Die Kirchen San Lorenzo, sowie S.Maria dei Greci und der Dom sind sehenswert. S. Maria dei Greci ist durch die Umwandlung eines griechischen Tempels entstanden, die Fundamente sind unter Glas sichtbar. Der Dom ist imposant, noch unter Restauration aber der Blick vom Turm und die Ausstattung der De kennt etc. Sehenswert.Read more

  • Day6

    Agrigentum, Valle dei Templi

    June 20, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Heute sind wir zum "Tal der Tempel" gefahren, eigentlich nicht weit aber die Strassenverhältnisse sind halt sizilianisch. Manchmal sehr gut, manchmal herzlich schlecht.
    Die Fahrweise hier lässt, ahnen warum es viele Kirchen gibt, man muss schon ein gutes Gottvertrauen haben um direkt vor engen Kurven zu überholen. Die durchgezogenen Linien und die Geschwindigkeitsgebote werden nur als Empfehlungen wahrgenommen.
    Die alte griechische Stadt Akagras liegt auf einem, Hügel, die Tempel sind unterschiedlich erhalten, der älteste ist 510 vor Chr. gebaut worden. Trotz der Attraktion war es nicht sehr voll, kann auch an den 34° gelegen haben. Die Eindrücke sind toll.
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  • Day3

    Sicilija dan 3 - Agrigento

    September 8, 2014 in Italy ⋅

    Alora...naše potovanje se nadaljuje, po zajtrku se poslovimo od Trapanija in se odpravimo na 168 km pot do Agrigenta. Ustavimo se ob solinah blizu mesta Marsala in potem naprej skozi mesto Marsala. Mesto kot taksno nas ne navduši in se odpeljemo kar skozi, lepo ob obali naprej. Prvi postanek je na dolgiiii peščeni plaži, kjer spijemo tukaj obvezni espresso, potem pa naprej proti Agrigentu. Marsala in del poti proti Agrigentu je pokrajina umazana, pusta, vmes pa se potem začne kazati gorati in tudi bolj zelen obraz Sicilije. Vinogradi, nasadi oljk, pomaranče in končno prispemo v Agrigento. Mogočno in slikovito mesto na hribu, ki gleda na morje. Sicer je mesto hudo sitno za vozit, malo iščemo naše domovanje (Terraza sul Rabato, via Garibaldi 142), ga najdemo in pričaka nas prijazna gostiteljica, dobimo kar apartma z dvema sobama, balkonom, iz katerega se nam odpira pogled na morje in na Dolino templjev, kamor gremo jutri.

    Po nastanitvi se odpravimo nazaj proti mestu Realmonte, kjer je famozna Scala dei Turchi, bela stopničasta skala, katero trumoma obiskujejo turisti, tudi smo :)

    Prej seveda lačni iščemo še neko hrano, ker so Sicilijanci težki maherji in praktično med 13 in 17 uro je vse zaprto, za njih kao poletje traja do konca oktobra in je kao prevroče in imajo zaprto. Je pa res da so temperature med 29 in 33 stopinj, poletje je :)

    Najdemo jo na poti do skale, spet pizza, drugo,nam niso hoteli ponudit, so pa prijazno naredili izjemo in smo se najedli. Eva je se uživala na plaži, tekala po mivki in potem smo šli še pogledat to famozno Scalo dei Turchi. Lepo, belo :) ampak gužva. Naša mala popotnica nimbila navdušena nad atijevo željo po fotografiranju, sladoled je zmagal in plezanje med ostalimi turisti bo morda počakalo na jutri ali kaki drugi obisk Sicilije :)

    Spravimo se nazaj in v market po večerjo in malico, kosilo za ure ko ne delajo. To je tudi najboljsa opcija da se ugodno in poceni prezivi, pa se izognemo se temu iskanju odprtih lokalov, ki te nemilosrdno opalijo. Dnevni budget je zaenkrat cca 100 eur na dan, plus minus, za vse nas tri. Ni poceni, ni pa pretirano zaenkrat. Pocasi bomo iskali opcije, da bomo tudi sami si kaj skuhali, bo se ceneje.

    Nočni ogled Agrigenta z avtom končamo hitro, enosmerne so sitne in center si bomo raje ogledali jutri, ko pridemo iz Doline templjev. Lahko noč Agrigento.
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  • Day4

    Sicilija dan 4 - Valle dei Templi

    September 9, 2014 in Italy ⋅

    ...zbudimo se v sončno jutro, po klasičnem italijanskem - več ali manj sladkem zajtrku se odpravimo v dolino templjev....

    ...vročih 30 stopinj in sprehod po Valle dei Templi. Vstopnina za dva odrasla 20 eur, kar je glede na videno "pljačka", ampak ok, mi je jasno da tako pač je. Dva lepo ohranjena templa, en malo manj :), lep razgled, se nekaj zidov, izkopanin in to je to. Vrnemo se v center mesta, se sprehodimo po glavni ulici, sladoled, ogled lokalnih fac, morda so bili "častni možje" :) Baje, glede na slišano tukaj, je Agrigento eno najbolj koruptivnih mest, kjer ima mafija svoje lovke praktično povsod.

    Po "pikniku" v sobi na postelji, počitek, popoldne pa proti San Leone, baje najlepša plaža tukaj.

    San Leone...obmorsko malo mestece, kilometri peščene plaže, voda hladna, pa vseeno, popoldne na mivki, kopanje in čakanje sončnega zahoda, potem pa nazaj v Agrigento, večerja v odlični gostilni Expanificio ter spat...jutri nas čaka cca 190 km do mesta Noto.
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  • Day6

    San Leone

    April 8, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Samedi, 8 avril 2017 suit

    Il nous faut maintenant une place de camping pour les deux prochains jours, car nous arrivons à Agrigento. Nous avons jusqu'à présent laissé les sites archéologiques de côté mais allons visiter la Valle dei Templi, site classé UNESCO. Une promenade sur la plage devant le camping Nettuno de San Leone et un apéro dans un beach-bar vont clore cette belle journée.Read more

  • Day8


    April 10, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Dimanche, 9 avril 2017 (les Rameaux)
    Nous partons de bonne heure en bus à Agrigento pour participer à la procession des rameaux. Le départ se fait devant l'imposante cathédrale et la messe, célébrée par l'archevêque, a lieu qq 150m plus loin dans l'église San Alfonso. Il y a foule, mais on arrive tous à s'asseoir. Une fois l'office terminée, nous allons à la découverte de la ville depuis le sommet vers le bas. En visitant le Duomo, on comprend pourquoi la messe n'y était pas célébrée: il est en restauration. La partie déjà terminée est magnifique et la vue porte loin depuis le campanile. Des ruelles tortueuses et d'innombrables escaliers nous mènent vers l'église Santa Maria dei Greci, construite sur un temple grecque, dont on peut encore voir les bases et des piliers. L'église baroque de San Lorenzo se trouve tout près de notre trattoria où un bon dîner nous attend. Le monastère Santo Spirito doit être splendide, mais ne se visite pas le dimanche. C'est une ville intéressante (chef-lieu de la province, 90'000 hab. presqu'autant qu'au temps des Grecs), mais elle aurait besoin d'être rénovée. La Gelateria La Cuspidi, nous sert nos premières glaces de ce voyage.Read more

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