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  • Day44

    Tal der Tempel

    November 22, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Schon von Weitem sieht man die griechischen Tempel von Agrigent. Man mag uns "Geizhälse"😜 nennen, aber hier konnten wir wieder mal jede Menge Geld sparen, indem wir die verbliebenen Bauwerke aus der Entfernung bestaunten.

    Hier noch mehr Eckdaten zum Nachlesen:äologische_Stätten_von_AgrigentRead more

  • Day40

    Agrigento Sicily

    June 20, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    My alarm was set for 02.45 and I was at the ferry for 03.30 queuing up with quite a few other bikes. When we arrived at Pozzallo it was 07.10 and a comfortable 24c. When I was waiting to get on the ferry in Malta I had set the destination of my hotel in Agrigento into the sat nav which turned out to be a mistake because for some weird reason the sat nav thought I would be getting off the ferry at Catania (a long way north) so it decided to go via Catania to Agrigento. It took me about 15 minutes to realise I was going in completely the wrong direction so I entered the same address again and this time it behaved and turned me around but took me to a farm about 2 km from the hotel! So I put my phone in its mount on the handlebar and Google maps took me to the correct place. Luckily I wasn't in a hurry as my hotel said don't arrive before mid day.
    As it was getting hot I rode with my jacket open and as I rode through the city of Gela I got stung by something. I couldn't stop because of the traffic and never did find out what it was.
    The very posh, but cheap, hotel let me check in early and I quickly realised it was an 8 minute walk to a McDonald's so I had lunch, then a siesta in my room. Then I dressed like the locals do in shorts and tee shirt and rode the bike the 2 kilometers to see the Greek temples from 5th century BC. As the photos show they are amazing....Tomorrow I head for Marsala in the wine district.
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  • Day16

    Agrigento, Sicily

    May 23, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    First, a shot of our Ford Focus rental. It's large by Italian standards, and Paul tell me it drives very well. It has all mod cons, and is actually built for Android!) Like the ruins the background?!

    Agrigento is quite a big city on the coast of the Mediterranean,famous for The Valley of the Temples. We arrived at about 5pm,and the crowds had mostly dispersed, and the light wa great. We have really had sensational weather in Italy, just one quick thunderstorm that really didn't affect us, and brilliant sun shine with temps in the mid-twenties.

    The Temples were very interesting, and over a huge land area, which meant a lot of walking again. Side note: in the last 6 days, I have walked over 129,000 steps!!! Despite lovely carb laden Italian food,I have actually managed lose weight!)

    The ruins explored, we drove towards the coast to our hotel Kaos. This is a luxury resort, and if you can see on the satellite photo above, the swimming pool is enormous! Paul was sorely tempted to swim, but it was a mite too cool or me!

    Had a great risotto with shrimp and lemon for dinner, and we are currently enjoying the buffet breakfast.

    Today, we are tackling Mount Etna, so hopefully she keeps her grumbles down!
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  • Day252

    Valley of the Temples

    March 5, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Our friend Cath had recommended a visit to the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento, about half way along the south coast of Italy. On the approach, commercial outlets inevitably allied themselves to this famous UNESCO site and we saw signs for the Valley of fruit, cars, shops etc.

    Will had found a water tap in the town using Maps.Me but yet another road was closed and the ensuing confusion and blocked streets made it impossible to get to. The reason for this road closure was a political rally, there were about 35 coach loads of people waving flags, including a bright red Communist Party one. Having recently seen photos of the NHS demonstration back home, it did make us think of how much our way of life has changed. A year ago we would have been involved in the fight for positive change and standing up against disastrous policies that increase inequality. Today we feel somewhat dislocated. Sometimes this is better for our personal state of mind as we don't get so frustrated, upset and angry. However it has also taken something away from who we are right now and the worth we place in our actions.

    After so many tight squeezes in town it was a relief to find ample parking in the car park for vans. After passing by a small gathering of stalls selling tourist tat, we approached the ticket office expecting to pay €10 each, but were pleasantly surprised to be handed two free tickets! Following obligatory body scans we entered the site through an orchard, guided by a corridor of yellow, orange and blue wildflowers. Amongst the trees were blossoming almonds, some of their white petals tinged with pink being occasionally blown off and catching the light as they fluttered down. The scent of nectar enticed butterflies which in turn enticed birds who trilled as they flitted between the trees. It truly felt as if spring had sprung.

    Further into the site stood a 500-600 year old knarled olive tree - true living history! We noticed fig trees in bud, the orange and lemon trees were fruiting and the pomegranates that were still attached to the branches, hung shrivelled and black. Will picked a windfall almond from a now flowering tree but it too was well past its best.

    The stone ruins dating back nearly 2,500 years were spread over several hectares. On the drive we'd passed a large grid of worn down walls and had spied a huge temple from afar. Commencing our exploration within the site, remnants of buildings could be seen up close and even climbed upon. Many of the massive bricks were cut from sandstone, itself probably millions of years old and containing a myriad of shells from that time. The warm coloured blocks were rounded and compiled into Doric Temple columns, some of which were still intact with only a low wire between us and them. This is just the sort of history we enjoy; wandering amongst artefacts in situ and being able to imagine as much as possible how life was back then.

    There were several sets of columns at various points, denoting where previously grand temples had stood. However, the Tempio della Concordia was the crowning glory, the rectangular structure standing complete on its stepped plinth, majestic and imposing with 38 columns and a roof. The cumulative impression of so many magnificent ancient buildings and remains spread over such a vast site was incredible. We are very glad it was recommended to us and would in turn recommend it to others.
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  • Day412

    Marina San Leone near Agrigento

    June 1, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    We are now here in San Leone near the site of the old town known as Akragas, once Sicily’s richest city, tomorrow we are headed to the Valle dei Templi, so expect photos of ruined Greek temples and stones. For now I attach photos from Sciacca where we spent last night, it’s a bit dusty and tired as most cities here on Sicily appear to be, but was once a thriving spa town with thermal baths and famous for its ceramics. We were surprised at the number of trawlers as, like I mentioned we had spent the previous night at Mazara de Vello, which was per our guide book the largest trawler port in Sicily but it had very few boats though a thriving ship building and destroying business.Read more

  • Day414

    Valley of the Temples

    June 3, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    So we made an early start to catch the 8:30 bus which arrived at 8:45 never mind. Then a short walk to one of the ticket offices and we were in. It was a bit confusing at first as they had no maps, well no free maps anyway so we were a bit aimless initially and ended up walking one route three times, which it was a bit warm for really. Anyway we saw most things in the end, the most impressive was the Temple of Concordia mostly because this was the one that has been the most reconstructed so less imagination required, the Temple of Zeus would have been the biggest and this is where the giant statues were found, we didn’t go to the gardens as were told that it was really the wrong time of year? From the Temples we walked to the Museum to see some of the hundreds of artefacts recovered at the temple sites, the museum was at the site of the Greek theatre or meeting place. Then after waiting 40 mins for a bus back to boat we gave up and walked up to the old town of Agrigento before catching ‘a ticky tacky tour’ bus from the station to the marina, this bus went everywhere before it took us home!Read more

  • Day30

    Agrigente - Vallée des temples

    April 3, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Ce matin, un petit tour côté plage pour decouvrir scala dei turchi (échelles des turcs), une paroi de calcaire tombant dans la mer. Le soleil aurait été au rendez-vous, le contraste blanc du calcaire et mer turquoise aurait été éblouissant.
    Nous passons l'après-midi sur la vallée des temples, une ancienne ville de colons grecs de 200 000 habitants à l'époque, parsemée de temples.
    Le soir, dodo dans un camping sur la plage où nous sommes absolument seuls.
    Dommage que la pluie s'annonce...
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  • Day5


    June 1, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Uiiii, das war anstrengend! Gestern waren wir in Agrigento und haben uns das Valle dei Templi (Tal der Tempel) angesehen. Südlich des Stadtkerns von Agrigento findet man diese archäologische Stätte, die 1997 von der UNESCO zum Weltkulturerbe ernannt wurde. Sie stellt vor allem die Überreste Akragas, eine der bedeutendsten antiken griechischen Städte Siziliens, dar. Wir waren sehr beeindruckt von den vielen, teilweise gut erhaltenen Tempeln. 🤗
    Am Eingang gab es richtige Kontrollen, womit wir gar nicht mit gerechnet hätten. Das Personal war sogar teilweise bewaffnet, da war uns klar, hier gibts was Besonderes. 🎁
    Wir haben uns für ein Kombiticket entschieden, mit dem wir noch den Giardino della Kolymbetra ansehen konnten. Zu dem Zeitpunkt wussten wir noch nicht wie weitläufig das Gelände ist und zwar insgesamt 1.300 Hektar.🙈
    Nun ja, nach dem wir alle Tempel begutachtet hatten, waren wir schon ein bisschen k.o.
    Ganz am Ende des Geländes fanden wir dann den Eingang zum Gardino - also rein da. 💪Mittlerweile wurde es echt heiß, sodass wir Maliah ausziehen mussten. In der Trage ist es ja ohnehin schon immer n bisschen schwitzi. Wir haben uns dann entschlossen nur einen Teil des Gartens anzugucken. Als Fazit zum Gardino sagen wir, schön, aber kein Muss und mit Kind reichen auf jeden Fall die Tempel aus. Insgesamt sind wir ca. 6 km gelaufen, an sich kein Problem, aber die Wärme und das ständige Auf und Ab macht es einem schon etwas schwer. Mit Buggy wäre es sicherlich einfacher gewesen, aber die Trage macht hier einfach mehr Sinn, weil man dann auch überall hinkommt.
    Wieder am Auto angekommen, gab es erstmal eine kurze Pause und nen Snack. Mali war auf dem Rückweg eingeschlafen und wachte vermutlich vom Essensgeruch auf - der Futterneid. 🤣 Gestärkt setzten wir uns wieder ins Auto und auf ging's zur Scala dei Turchi, ein aus Mergel bestehender, monumentaler Felsen. Schon von oben sah der Felsen in Kombination mit dem türkisblauen Meer einfach atemberaubend aus. 😍 Wir dachten uns sofort, nix wie runter zum Strand. 5 Minuten später waren wir unten angekommen. Am Strand entlang sahen wir nach wenigen Metern die Scala dei Turchi. Bevor wir die Treppe besteigen konnten, gab es noch eine kleine Herausforderung. Wir mussten durchs Meer und das mit Mali in der Trage - ziemlich rutschig aufgrund des steinigen Untergrundes, der mit Algen übersät war. Aber wir haben es dann gepackt. 💪 Es war echt toll dort oben, aber leider etwas überlaufen.
    Wieder zurück zum Strand gab's noch ne kleine Plantschaktion für Mali und eine Abkühlung für Papa, Mama war nur der Paparazzi. 📸 Das Wasser war hier übrigens viel wärmer, als an den anderen Stränden. Nun hieß es zurück nach Avola. Erster Gedanke zurück am Auto: "Hoffentlich schläft Maliah auf der 2,5 stündigen Rückfahrt".😅 Naja, die letzte halbe Stunde war dann doch etwas anstrengend. 🙈
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