Florence Cathedral

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    • Day 21

      Il Duomo

      May 30, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Welcome to Florence ⛲️🖤
      So we caught the train in the morning and got to our hostel, dropped our bags in their room because it wasn’t check in time yet and then went to get some lunch. We got focaccia’s and baby carrots from the Pam and ate them at a piazza.
      We checked into our hostel which we may or may not have accidentally booked for the 29th and 30th nights instead of our actual dates; the 30th and 31st. Oops. But it ended up being okay because the lady was really nice. We did book it while we were very jet-lagged so will try to not do that again.
      Then we walked really fast to the Duomo because that made us a bit late and we walked up the 400 and something stairs pretty fast and I mustered up the courage to ask the security guard to take a photo of us, who then told us he would take few so we could change poses 💅
      We then saw him later the next day when we went to get dinner. I hope he gets paid good.
      Sara took a few of me too but some came out a bit blurry. Maybe it was the stairs. The view was very pretty though. And the art inside the dome was very cool. The longer you stared at it the more weird some of the demons looked.
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      Traveler  Wow that lady at the hostel sounds so nice


      Traveler  I remember the duomo well, you ran up the stairs, doubt you did this time though,..,.


      Traveler  We walked fast !

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    • Day 5


      August 4 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      Puh, was ein Tag! Da ich nicht immer nur die tollen Dinge posten will, hier mal ein paar Eindrücke aus Florenz. Bin nach 2 Stunden geflüchtet! Ein Alptraum! Ich war da schon so oft, aber so habe ich es noch nie erlebt und werde ich auch nicht mehr! 🤷‍♀️😱 Das hat für mich absolut nichts mehr mit Italien und Dolce Vita zu tun…
      Aber es gab auch gutes: Ich habe für 1,86 getankt statt für 1,92 wie es sonst hier gerade üblich ist und wir haben auf der Piazza della Signoria sehr gut und „günstig“ Pasta gegessen: Aglio Olio und Pomodoro für 11 und 12 Euro, Bruscetta 8 Euro, dazu dann noch ein Wasser, eine Cola und einen Vino della Casa für gesamt 55 Euro mit Coperto. Das war dann alles in allem nicht mehr günstig, aber zumindest lecker 😃.
      Ansonsten war es zum Davonlaufen. Die Schlange am Dom für den Turm ging ein Mal fast komplett um das Gebäude rum (und der ist riesig!), die Leute standen zum Teil zu viert nebeneinander 🤦‍♀️😱! Auf der Ponte Vecchio war kaum ein durchkommen und die Angst, dass das alte Ding einfach unter den Massen einkracht hat mich irgendwie begleitet 😃. Nach 2,5 Stunden sind wir geflüchtet! Haben dann einen zweiten Versuch unternommen am Piazza Michelangelo den Blick auf die Stadt zu genießen, aber dort herrschte komplettes Chaos und geschätzt hätten wir locker ne Stunde auf einen Parkplatz warten müssen oder Kilometer weit laufen müssen. Habe dann verzichtet, ich war da schon mal und behalte es einfach so in Erinnerung, wie es damals war: entspannt!
      Gefühlt liefen die Passagiere von 4-6 Kreuzfahrtschiffen durch die Stadt in sehr großen Gruppen und man konnte die Stadt gar nicht besichtigen, weil man ständig auf die Leute achten musste und zusehen musste, nicht umgerannt oder umgefahren zu werden von Lieferanten, Taxen und Radlern, die mindestens genau so genervt waren wie ich.
      Ich probiere es im Frühjahr eventuell noch mal, im Sommer definitiv NIE, NIE, NIE wieder!
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      Traveler  Oje, das hört sich richtig stressig an! 🙈 Aber sicher findest Du die beste Variante für EUCH! 😉🙋‍♀️


      Traveler  Sagen wir mal so: es war nicht so erfrischend und verzaubernd wie die anderen Stopps bisher 😃


      Traveler  ... die Reise dauert ja noch länger, da findet sich doch bestimmt noch ein neuer Lieblings-Ort 😉🙏


      Traveler  Gaaaaanz bestimmt! 😃🥰


      Traveler  ❣🙏

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    • Day 22


      May 31, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      Here is some pics from the Uffizi gallery (a week late sorry). We listened to a Rick Steves podcast during our walk around. By the end, our little Uffizi’s hurt.
      We saw Venus and Sara documented a cute photo of everyone taking photos of her- this scene is actually seen quite often, and sara has taken to taking even photos of me taking photos (she has quite the compilation now). I will try to find some to post. It’s a good thing I have find penguins to post these as I’m sure there are photos of everything I have taken photos of already on the internet. We did mostly just look around though.
      At the end I have also included another statue selfie for everyone xx
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      Traveler  Super love the photos - good Venus shot


      Traveler  Thank you :)


      Traveler  We love Rick Steves!


      Traveler  He does it best. 👍

    • Day 14

      Wednesday in Florence

      October 5, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      Today we went to Florence. Got a train - splurged on a Frecciarossa - and sped down to Florence in 37 minutes! It seemed to be 90% in tunnels, and not a train ride watching the countryside (I don’t remember such long tunnels when we went north from Rome to Venice on the same route. Anyway, a perfect way to get to the destination. At first we wandered our way to the duomo which is as gorgeous as ever - it is always amazing to behold - and then walked on to the Piazza della Signoria, located where our favourite gelatoria is, along to the Ponte Vecchio before making our way back to the Uffizi.

      Amr had booked entry to the Uffizzi galleries for 11.45…it was a bit tricky booking online, but it was recommended to streamline entry…but it sounded as if it was a guided tour (which we wouldn’t normally do)..but on arrival at the meeting point it turned out that they “guide” met us and gave us tickets so that we could go straight in and not line up…so very good. We spent several hours there, well organised so that you follow on and don’t miss rooms…lovely old masters, and scatterings of the very famous.

      Once finished with our dose of culture, we had a gelato and went and relaxed at another favourite bar on Piazza de la Republica, had a sandwich and tea/wine and relaxed and enjoyed. It was fairly hot by then - another wonderful cloudless day! Wandered round some more, via Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella and went back to the station to see about trains back to Bologna.

      This time, with no time constraints, we bought cheap tickets (about a third cost of the Frecciarossa) which took us back in about an hour and a half…regional trains, packed full at that time of day and rather fun…we had to change trains at Prato, and ended back at Bologna at just before 7pm. But it was via lovely Tuscan countryside and not nearly so many tunnels!

      Had a little meal at one of the many restaurants here (yum meatballs and salad). A good day.
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      Traveler  Oh God, I love Florence too


      Traveler  Looks crowded but beautiful as ever


      Traveler  Love this painting!

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    • Day 5

      Firenze Kathedrale

      September 14 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Nach dem wir ziemlich teure Tickets für den Besuch der Kathedrale inclusive des Kuppelbesuches gebucht haben , damit wir uns nicht anstellen müssen- sind wir auch gestern noch in die Kuppel geklettert. Super Ausblick über die Stadt und da man zuerst innen in der Kuppel entlang läuft, kann man auch die Gemälde gut betrachten. In die Kathedrale selbst kamen wir leider nicht mehr rein, die wurde schon 16.00 geschlossen. Aber am Folgetag standen soviele Leute vor den Türen, dass wir verzichtet haben - wir hatten ja von oben schon geguckt. Und noch sooo viele Kirchen und Kathedralen vor uns....Read more

    • Day 25

      Duomo of Florence

      March 27, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      The Cattedrale de Santa María del Fiore is the famous cathedral with Brunelleschi's dome that they say they still don't really know how he did it. Construction began in the late 13th century and continued for 140 years when the dome was completed. This building replaced predecessor churches dating to the 4th century when the 1st was consecrated by Ambrose of Milan.
      The 1st picture is the facade of the cathedral. The multicolored building is not painted those are all natural marble from different quarries nearby. The 2nd picture shows the facade and the bell tower. The 3rd captures parts of the baptistry, the cathedral facade, the bell tower and the Palazzo Vecchio in the background.
      The 4th picture is the famous golden door of the baptistry that Michelangelo is reported to have said that the door is so beautiful, it must be the door to heaven. The name has stuck.
      The last 2 pictures are in the nave. Being a Sunday, I didn't get to spend any more time between masses. I'll definitely be back to explore more, not least the construction of the dome.
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    • Day 36

      Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

      June 13, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      The Cathedral of Florence is a gothic style cathedral whose construction began in 1296 and was completed in 1436.

      From the outside, it was easily the most beautiful cathedral we've seen to date. From the inside, it was a bit more plain. Many of the artifacts were moved into the Duomo museum. We'll post that later.Read more

      Traveler  amazing detail

    • Day 4

      Fotto on Giotto

      April 10 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Today was the day Apollo and Aphrodite took a Fotto on Giotto. We woke up and had breakfast at our amazing hotel. Kai ate for a family of at least 10 people so it took us a while but when we finished, we were ready to burn all those calories on our way up the Giotto tower, where, as the title of today‘s blog already says, we took a (hundred) photo(s). What we saw from up there was astonishing, we could see the Dome from a perfect perspective and the view over the old city houses was beautiful. We agreed that Florence was way prettier than Milan and that if it werent for the annoying tourist crowds, we would stay here.
      By the way while we were standing in line for the tower, we started writing our own CV‘s vice versa and had a really good time just standing there in the sun, laughing and waiting for us to get closer to the entrance.
      After climbing the 87.4 metres high Campanile di Giotto and admiring the view, we went to the Cathedral Museum. For lunch we had Glutenfree Focaccia. Mine was really good, but unfortunately they gave Kai the wrong one. He got proschutto, which he doesnt like, instead of salami & arugula. So in the end he only had the focaccia bread and wasnt too happy about it. In the afternoon we visited the Uffizi art museum. We managed to see all the 7 „must see“ paintings we had read about. After learning so many new things about art our poor brains needed some calories, so we „diffused“ to the famous Gelateria Santa Trinita where Kai probably had the biggest ice cream in the world. We ate it by the river and stayed there for hours and hours having the best conversations. We figured out that if my man wasnt going to surprise me with a weekend in florence I wouldnt want him, talked a lot about people walking past us, our spirit animals and decided to set a one year goal for both of us. Our original plan was to walk back to the hotel but then we spontanously bought to-go gin tonics, yes non-alcoholic, and toasted to our wonderful afternoon.
      We diffused to the restaurant „Sgrano“, again 100% gf and had wayy to much pasta there. Since they had Cantucci on the menu we ordered some but instead of getting them with wine as recommended by the restaurant I ordered them with an espresso and got laughed at by the entire staff. (At this point I have to admit, life without alcohol is hard) We had arrived at the restaurant as two people but left as a trio. Our foodbaby Leonardo accompanied us home. On our way back we meandered thorugh the streets and eventually got to our hotel still laughing pretty hard, where the receptionist eyed us suspiciously.
      Funny ending of a hilarious day.
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       Fantastic Firenze! [TB]

    • Day 5

      Waiting for David and finding the sea

      April 11 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

      Today was mainly walking around, eating and waiting for our time slot at the Academia to finally get to see the real David. After we woke up Kai went downstairs to attack the breakfast buffet while I showered and packed my backpack. By the time I got down he was at the pancakes with nutella AND butter. (I dared to tell him that nutella was already made of butter but he didnt really want to hear it)
      We still had our 3 day pass Tickets for the Dome so before the checkout we went to the Piazza to see if we could get in. The dome only opened at 10 so we went to a shop to buy some postcards and headed back to the hotel for the check-out. At 10 we entered the Dome and were almost the first ones in. We were very impressed by the size and height of the Cathedral. The Cupola with its paintings was breathtaking. Before leaving for the archaeological area, Kai and I both lighted candles for our loved ones.
      When we went outside we went to a juicebar where Kai had his second breakfast and I had a smoothie with a banana bread. From there on we didnt really have a plan, we walked around for a long time and eventually found a nice café where we ordered coffee and wrote our postcards. We wanted to see the national library which unfortunately wasnt open for tourists, so we went to the Via dei Neri where I got Focaccia and Kai pizza. Then it was finally 15:15 and we went to the Academia. We were a bit worried when we saw the humongous line in front of the building. Soon we figured out that since we had bought the tickets in advance we could just jump the line and go directly to the entrance, which we did, and it worked perfectly. A few moments later we were standing in front of the huge statue of David. We both have to admit this guy was absolutely good looking, and crazy hot. We admired this piece of art for a couple of minutes but then left quite fast, since we had to catch out train half an hour later. The train to Pisa was very crowded, therefore I had to squeeze myself between the window and our backpacks. In Pisa we noticed that we could take another train than we had planned and we would be way faster. We ran to the biglietteria, made the seat reservations like Speedy Gonzales, got on the platform and jumped on the train.
      The journey to cinque terre was very nice, we passed pretty landscapes and sceneries until we arrived at the sea. We were both so hyped when we saw the waves crashing on the cliffs, the cute pictoresque village with houses of different colours and the green hills surrounding it all. Our hotel la Stella della Marina did not only meet our expectations, it exceeded them by far. The owner Gabriel, was really friendly and showed us a map of Monterosso, the village, gave us recommendations on restaurants and showed us all the nice hiking trails of the area. The room he gave us had a private bathroom and a even small balcony. I was so incredibly happy. After we had unpacked our stuff and settled down for a moment we went to the village and looked for a restaurant. We walked around for a bit but most of the restaurants that looked nice were already full so we decided to get Pizza. It was a good decision, the Pizza was really good. Poor me had to pay Kai‘s dinner too because I had lost a stupid bet earlier. Kai even wanted to get a Nutella-Chocolate-Calzone for two people as dessert and I am so so thankful he didnt. We went back to the hotel and went to sleep:)
      Excited for the hike tomorrow!
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       It sounds as if Kai is eating even more than at home! Did not know this was possible? [TB]

    • Day 4

      Kultur in Florenz

      July 6 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      In den Gassen findet man immer wieder Strassentafeln des Künstlers Clet Abraham. Wir haben noch lange nicht alle gefunden...
      Im Davinci-Museum konnten wir uns im Thema Physik beeindrucken lassen und noch etwas dazu lernen.Read more

       Really like these artistic No Entry signs...a bit like Banksy! [Cathy]


      Traveler  Vivien told me that you shoud also follow the travelblog as a follower


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