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  • Day12

    "Como" - wie komisch

    August 23, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Nachdem ich Tom verabschieden musste, war alles nur noch halb so schön 😔
    Also schon mal aus Prinzip! Aber um ehrlich zu sein, war Lago di Como eine echte Enttäuschung. Zum ersten Mal war das unvorbereitete Reisen nicht so erfolgreich.
    Ich bin extra eine Station früher ausgestiegen, um dem Touri-Strom zu entgehen. So war ich noch auf einem Markt, bin durch schöne Gassen spaziert und kam erst nach kurzer Zeit an den See. Das war's dann aber auch schon fast. Größte Enttäuschung: Schwimmen verboten. Como? Porque? Nicht einmal Wassersport und auch sonst noch nie so wenig Boote auf einem Gewässer gesehen.
    Bin also viel planlos herumgelaufen und noch nach Brunate auf den Berg gefahren. Der Ausblick war dann doch ganz schön.
    Zurück in Milano war ich ziemlich hungrig. Ich habe heute einen neuen persönlichen Schrittrekord aufgestellt: 18,3 km. Ich bin also in die erste Dönerbude an der Metrostation und habe Pommes gegessen und italienisches Bier getrunken. Wie der Zufall es wollte, konnten die alten Männer dort ein paar Brocken deutsch und haben mir gute Gesellschaft geleistet. Zum Nachtisch habe ich mir um Supermarkt das gekauft, was in italienischen Restaurants in Deutschland meine Lieblingsnachspeise ist: Tartufo nero. Das habe ich in einem Park in der Nähe meines Hostels genossen, eine Gegend mit eher weniger Touristen. Das Hostel ist trozdem echt gut.
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  • Day235


    November 24, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    7:45 start yuck.
    Packed up then left.

    Lucky our taxi driver doesn't speak English. We tried to say we will pay 2000Lek then he got out a roll of cash to show it would cost 1500... done - lock it in! Hahaha

    Nevermind. Will tipped him...I had a small hissyfit about it. stop spending my money lol.

    Boy oh boy, what a morning!

    We first got some food then went to check in.

    The lady was like sorry there is a problem with your names - this company only lets you fly if all your names are included on the booking - it didn't have our middle names listed - It cost SIXTY EURO EACH to fix.
    Will stormed over to the help desk lol
    It's absolutely bloody ridiculous because for starters that more that our ticket to begin with...
    secondly - it said name NOT names online - I rechecked. there was also no middle name section.

    Stupid fine print.

    Never have we needed our middle names before if it hadnt asked for them

    Expedia and the company shall be recieving an email tonight.

    Total money grab.

    We went trough customs and I beeped so I got swabbed for drugs - I know I'm clean and yet you still panic someone has touched you lol. The lady did such a unnecessarily thorough frisk.

    My bag then got pulled aside and I had to go through it with a lady.

    Very full on.

    We boarded the plane and shock horror Will didn't fit very well.
    We are so tired so it was an uncomfortable 2 hours.
    We arrived in Milan and it took us an hour to get through Customs. We were getting very worked up. We didn't mind the standing and waiting but all the Albanians from our plane and Macedonians from another were shoving us and standing on our feet. Everyone was pushing and shoving - it was like watching year 2s line up for lunch.

    We got in without a hassle to my EXTREME RELIEF.
    He must have had an automatic Schengen calculation on his screen because he didn't question us. All he said was Aussie Aussie Aussie.
    He stamped next to our awkward, unused Visas.

    Wills bag we found next to the carousel and not on it ?

    Yayaayyayaya we made it!!!!!

    I bought us tickets on the shuttle bus - 5€ for an hour journey so that's terrific- better than a taxi!!

    I had a mini nap on the way.

    Considering what we are paying our hostel is a total hole.
    so many things don't work and it has an unnecessary security barrier gate thing - the ones that wind...
    The keycard doesn't work so they have to scan you in anyway?

    Uhm? The toilets have working hours hahahaha
    You can't use the toilet in the hall during the night. Instead you must exit through the windy gate and go to a completely different side of the building.
    Good job.

    There was like a huggeeee party walking out as we arrived. They would have had over 200 beers and a massive funnel.
    They spoke German. Of course... always the bloody Germans who are so loud and rude. At least they are not in our dorm and it's a 24 hour reception so if they come back and are ass hats I have someone to go complain to haha

    We went to McDonalds because we are tired and it's next door. We will explore tomorrow. It's 6:15 and we are both In bed.

    Wifi doesn't reach our bedroom and I have a top bunk again 😓😓😓

    Cute circle rainbow happened around our plane shadow. Photo doesn't look as cool.

    Everyone was so loud so we only rested rather than slept.
    Some old 55+ year old man has come in and hasn't even made his bed. He smells. This is why hostels get bed bugs. He looks as if he has brought a few.
    Another lady came in and she didn't stay. She was high class Milan fashion and I don't think this place was quite to her tastes hhaha
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  • Day236


    November 25, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌫 8 °C

    I think i might have said this before.... 🤔🤔🤔😓
    we were kept awake by inconsiderate German asswipes.
    5-7am was a continuous cycle of them singing at the top of their lungs then them getting shushed then 5 mins later they would start again.
    We slept terribly because of them and the snoring old guy in our room. 😪

    We walked 3.5km to Duomo - Milan cathedral. The floors are covered in grates which were really slippery because it was raining. The umbrellas everywhere made it so hard to walk and even harder for Will because all the umbrella spikes are at his eye level lol
    On our travels we saw some interesting "fashion" items for sale. I've uploaded my favourite shoe.
    Isn't it just disgusting?
    Probably $3000.

    The Cathedral was beautiful. We didn't go in because the line was over 100m but we still enjoyed it. It's the 3rd biggest in the world I believe. Gothic styled.
    We then went walking through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ll. It was a very nice gallery full of all the expensive brands no one can afford like Prada, Louis Viton* , etc.
    The gallery had a Christmas tree in the middle.
    I liked the tiles on the floor. Colorful.

    We then kept walking on to Sforza castle. It was nothing special. Will reckons it reminds him more of a military training area. We then walked straight through it and into
    Parco Sempione - a beautiful park - it was soooo misty! Spooky.
    I petted a very wet Labrador on the way 🤗 his dad was Embarrassed lol
    At the end of the park is an arch called the Arco della Pace. Standard arch but still very nice.
    We had an argument over the Roman numeral dates... turned out we were looking at the different ones lol.
    "ITS AN L" "NO ITS A V"
    Heh 😏
    We then walked back. Our backs were killing us.
    We found a decathlon store and popped inside. Looks like that's where we will be buying our winter stuff. Excellent prices.
    The walk nearly killed me. I got the giggles. It was just so far away.
    At least I was toasty.

    Finally got home and I nearly cried with relief haha we just sat in the kitchen for an hour doing nothing. It was wonderful.
    It was then I realised I have lost another key card. My bad hahah 😅😓😅😓😅😓
    Hopefully we aren't charged. Not like it works anyway lol

    Eventually we got up and went to dinner. I had some womderful pasta but stupid Italy has this resturant tax and so we got charged another 3€ for no good reason.
    Having to pay $4.50 extra for "service" when I had to go to the counter to pay because everyone was ignoring us is not the type of thing I like paying for.

    We went home and we booked our accommodation for a snow field in Austria 🤗 it had gone up 75€ in like 3 days so lucky we checked.
    Haven't figured out how to get there but we will figure it out.
    It cost us $1100 for 6 nights.
    We will only be on the snow 4 days though.

    I then went on workaway and have made an enquiry for a place in France. They need someone to house sit and care for their ELEVEN dogs in February. Will said yes as long as I pick up every poo. I agreed. That will be alottttt of poop though hhaha
    We'll see what they say. They might already have someone.

    We went out for a walk to a supermarket and got some fruit.
    They had plums to my great joy.
    The selection from Eastern Europe has notably improved.

    Oh oh oh we saw a guy walking around in an astronaut suit several times today.
    He wasn't working or attached to a business or anything like that.
    It was very odd haha

    We also walked past where they are filing X factor. Indont recognize a single judge but cool.
    The road had barricades.

    Back to beautiful buildings 💕
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  • Day237


    November 26, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    We had a proud team moment this morning - we got up in time for the free breakfast 🎉🎉🎉😂

    We then went back to bed through because both of us are just not sleeping.

    At 1:30 I had a shower. It took me 2 attempts to figure out how to use it. I had to ask for help haha

    This hostel is dirty 😩

    There is a 1km street in Milan that is suppose to be the most compact shopping street in Europe but everyone gave it crappy reviews so we skipped it.

    Instead I found a badass cemetery on trip advisor which looked cool because the Italians always do the most overboard mosaliems ***

    Long walk but we entered a really nice area. It's got a lot of construction underway but will be a contender in the future for a hot spot I reckon.
    It had some wonderful eco buildings.
    We finally arrived and at first we though we had to pay to enter which I think would be outrageously disrespectful - especially for those who have relatives inside but we didn't. False alarm lol it just has a lot of security.

    Righto, so, this place was intense. The sculptures and crypts were so over the top. Even if you didn't get a house you got a statue.
    I loved how old some of the photos were. One lady died in 1897 and she had a photo.
    Some graves were beautiful. But still unnecessary.
    The leafless winter trees made it extra creepy.
    Scooby doo and the gang would visit here.

    We walked around for a while but my tummy was chatting so we went next door to China town.
    We found a delicious resturant. My Cantonese fried rice was just like the stuff from Kennys 😭
    We only spent $31 so that's great. We are trying to only eat once a day so we spend less than 50€.
    Today as significantly under budget 😎

    Will didn't bring an appropriate jumper so he was freezing so we did also buy metro tickets to get us home.
    the system was similar to the British so we figured it out.
    It's 1.50€ for 90 mins of unlimited travel.

    Got home and crashed hard.
    I fell asleep around 6 and it's now 1:22am. I'm awake 🙄 lol
    Venice tomorrow. I've had another look at the hostel and it has a lot of hidden costs. Some tax they are gonna charge us on arrival and we have to catch an expensive boat to actually get there 😪
    Still keen though.

    Some weirdo fate thing that I end up in a cemetery the day I would normally go visit Nana.
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  • Day1

    Tag 1

    January 27, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Wir treffen uns in Mailand. Von hier beginnt die erste große Fernreise zusammen (und die erste richtig große für mich!). Monik ist schon ein wenig eher gelandet und wartet im Hotel Ambrosiana, was sich in der Nähe des Hauptbahnhofs befindet. Sie hat sich auch schon ein wenig was in der Dämmerung angesehen (Fotos 2-4).
    Doch von vorne. Ich arbeite noch den halben Tag und mache mich dann auf den Weg zum Flughafen. Der Flug nach Mailand ist nicht allzu lang, allerdings wartet dann noch ein Bus, der mich ins Zentrum fährt. In diesem lese ich noch ein wenig M4 und lerne Studien auswendig. Es wird das letzte Mal bleiben für 2 Wochen...
    Mailand ist recht kalt, aber der Blick über den Hauptbahnhof entschädigt ein klein wenig. Danach steht mir ein relativ langer und vor allem verzwickter Marsch bevor, der mich am Piazza Duca d'Aosta entlang führt, ehe ich das Hotel erreiche. Das wird auch höchste Zeit. Mein Gesundheitszustand ist so desaströs, wie seit Jahren nicht mehr. Und das vor dem langen Flug...
    Wenigstens tröstet Monschik darüber hinweg. Wir haben das kleinste Hotelzimmer überhaupt. Viel mehr als Bett und Dusche gibt es da nicht. Aber das reicht ja erstmal.
    Wir essen noch eine Kleinigkeit und dann geht es ins Bett. Die Tablette soll ein wenig über die Nacht helfen...
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  • Day2

    Tag 2

    January 28, 2016 in Italy ⋅ 🌫 9 °C

    Die Gesundheit spielt noch nicht wirklich mit, aber Mailand genießen wir trotzdem. Nach dem Frühstück geht es als erstes zum Torri Unicredit. Das höchste Gebäude in Mailand ist aber leider nicht öffentlich zugänglich. Trotzdem ein schöner Anblick. Außerdem ist Bosco Verticale nebenan. Jenes Gebäude, welches wir schon als Modell in Frankfurt im Architekturmuseum gesehen haben im Rahmen der Ausstellung der Hochhäuser des Jahres 2015. Danach geht es an einigen Kirchen und malerischen Plätzen zur Hauptattraktion Mailands - dem Dom und seinem dazugehörigen Vorplatz. Wir entdecken zufällig auch noch die Überbleibsel der EXPO aus dem vergangenen Jahr - ein paar stelzenartig aufgebaute Pavillons. Nach einer Stärkung und der Erkundung der Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II machen wir uns langsam auf den Weg ins Hotel, um unsere Koffer zu holen. Auf dem Weg begegnen uns immer wieder gut gekleidete Italiener und Bocciaspieler - und das im Winter.
    Wie immer wird es extrem eng, was unsere Abfahrt betrifft. Wir sprinten letztlich zu Milano Centrale und stehen erst einmal auf der falschen Seite. Wir entdecken aber jemanden, der das auch tut. So enden wir gemeinsam auf die andere Seite rennend. Aus dem gemeinsamen Schreckmoment wird eine Busfahrt, in der ich gezwungen werde, mich dauerhaft mit diesem Albaner zu unterhalten.
    Er befeuert Moniks Theorien von der brasilianischen Kriminalität. Zum Glück trennen sich die Wege am Flughafen.
    Wir checken pünktlich ein und lümmeln am Flughafen rum. Ein wenig müde und ein wenig sehr krank. Aber was soll's.
    Kurz vor Mitternacht betreten wir den Dreamliner von Boeing. Sieht aus wie ein Wellnesspalast mit lila Licht überall. Wir fliegen mit TAM - einer der 10 schlechtesten Airlines weltweit. Und das mit Flugangst-Monik. Ich werde vor dem Start nochmal instruiert, doch bitte auch Dinge anzunehmen, die mir nicht zusagen, damit der Wal sie verdrücken kann.
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