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    • Day31

      Ab in die Heimat

      June 17, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      Aber zuvor noch…….
      Bei 33* und am Pannenstreifen - 3 Std auf den Pannendienst warten
      Rest der Reise war OK
      Den Abend bei den PIpp‘s mit einer sardische Jause und ÖSTERREICHISCHEN SCHWARZBROT 🤗🤗🤗 genossen
      und ein paar 🍻 + a poa 🥃 die Heimreise begossen
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      So a Sch....💩kommst guat ham😃


      Des braucht MANN😝

    • Day9

      spacchetti bolognese

      July 31, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      bike problems to start the sweat (and day)

      before I left Ferrara I wanted to check on my steerer bearings because they were kinda crooked and not working properly
      It turned out that the outer ring broke multiple times (which happened before) and because of inconsiderate re-installation of myself after putting AirTags inside the frame the inner ring wasn’t flush with the outer ring. What could’ve turned out as a total desaster was actually fine, it was just a lil‘ of a mess to reassemble the broken parts and of course horrible to discover😂
      problems fixed, supermarket stop after 30k for breakfast and after 50k visiting bologna.
      Bologna - hosting the oldest continouusly running University is a beautiful town located in the heart of the also governed by Emilia–Romagna on the southern end of the Po-delta
      architecturally like Ferrara but bigger, more lively and somehow touristically attracted as well 🤓
      Of course I tried Ragú in an old-style tavern-like looking restaurant, which was good.
      For the first time of my trip I saw a group of italian cyclists, before I went direzzione Imola, the former UCI WC-host, which features a smaller but same style old town as well. It was gettin hotter and hotter and 2kgs of ice cooles my neck as I was heading to San Marino. I found a cheap Hostel there where I arrived after some very grueling inclines which featured more than 20% when saying 10%.
      Btw - did I mention I‘m riding on my big ring all day? 5 weeks ago my front derailleur malfunctioned and is now inactive after a few minutes of being in the small ring. I didn’t quite get a solution there because the actual problem seemed very electric and small
      whatever, I arrived at the very shady Hostel greeted by a weird host, who was getting angry at me for not wanting to lock my 14k bike outside. But he eventually talked me over and so I went for that awesome cable car to the top of San Marino. Awesome how that felt! In the dusk to arrive at that special location - that venice on a fortress - was so special. I really enjoyed the most beautiful evening of my trip until then just to get back to the most unpleasant stay ever🤣
      but i slept good and nothin got stolen so 👍🏼
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    • Day7


      September 1, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

      Nach einer süßen Portion Nudeln kam auf einmal die Frage, ob wir bereit seien los zu fahren. Wohin? Nach Ferrara zum Stadtfest. Dort angekommen stellten wir fest, dass es schon vorbei war. Trotzdem haben wir noch den ein oder anderen Künstler mitbekommen und vor allem (und damit das coolste) einen Tangotanzabend mitbekommen. In irhendeiner Gasse war eine Tanzfläche aufgebaut und Hobbytänzer gleiteten über den Boden. Sooooo Faszinierend!!!Read more

    • Day323

      Day 324: Ferrara

      January 4, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

      Next up on the day-trip list is Ferrara, to the north-east of Bologna. Up and out at much the same time, on the train by 9:30 and arriving in Ferrara around 10am.

      This is one of those frustratingly vague world heritage sites, where it's lauded for "Renaissance town planning", but then many of the landmarks are pre-Renaissance. We had a look at the ruling family's palace, which was actually more of a castle complete with moat and drawbridges (they were justifiably paranoid after a revolt caused several gruesome deaths), then had a look at the central squares, the usual churches and town hall landmarks.

      The last part was the Renaissance town planning, which included long wide straight streets, leading to pleasing visual aspects. Not the most exciting subject for a video! But we did our best. Had lunch at a nice little cafe, where I had a couple of small focaccias and Shandos had a panini.

      Back to Bologna by 2pm where we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and doing a bit of planning for upcoming weeks. Went out for dinner in the evening without Schnitzel, and headed to a semi-fancy place we'd seen the other night. Lashed out on a typical Italian meal of pasta course, meat course, dessert course and a bottle of red wine. Food was fantastic - I had a similar pasta dish to the tagliatelle al ragu, and then beef cheeks in red wine sauce. Delicious!

      Leaving Bologna tomorrow!
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      Barbsra Hamilton

      The Italians call Bologna “grasse e Rosso” - fat and red. Fat for the rich food and red for their politics. Lovely place and area.

    • Day22


      October 25, 2021 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Abends gelingt mir noch ein kleiner Stadtrundgang. Ich finde diese Burg mitten in der Stadt, aber nichts zu essen.


      🤦 brotlose Kunst....


      Ich hoffe du findest noch waszu Essen.

    • Day2


      September 28, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Zweiter Übernachtungsstop auf unserer Tour. Ferrera ist um einiges größer als Mantua, verfügt aber ebenfalls über eine sehr schöne und sehenswerte Innenstadt. Die Stadt ist berühmt für ihr mittelalterliches Erbe, welches mit jeder Gasse aufs neue sichtbar wird.Read more

    • Day3

      Castello Estense

      September 29, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      Einen schönen Überblick über Fererra bekommt man vom Lions Tower des Castello Estense. Man muss zwar den Eintritt für die gesamte Burg zahlen aber das ist die Sache wert, da das Castello an sich auch sehr sehenswert ist.Read more

    • Day3


      March 29, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Mit dem Zug geht es nordöstlich von Bologna - in die Renaissance Stadt der Este - Ferrara.
      3 Jahrhunderte lang regierten sie - Nicolo II. und Ercole hinterließen die schönsten Spuren in der Stadt die von einer 9 km langen Stadtmauer umschlossen ist.
      Die Sonne scheint heute schon am Vormittag heiß herunter und so spaziere ich kurzärmelig und lasse mich treiben.
      Die Cattedrale San Giorgio wird gerade renoviert - mit ihren 118 m Länge ist sie trotzdem imposant.
      Die Casa Romei, kleine schmucke Parkanlagen, der Palazzo Diamanti mit seiner besonderen Aussenfassade und das imposante Castello Este beeindrucken mich sehr.
      Besondere Einblicke in Innenhöfe und ein -typisch für Italien- Markt, von Unterwäsche, Kleidung und Schuhe bis Haushaltswaren bietet mein Spaziergang.
      Beim Castello Este mache ich Pause - bei einem Insalate mit Vogerlsalat, Fenchel,Avocado und rosa Grapefruit. Ein Aperol und ein Café und dann zieht es mich auf den Certosa der Stadt wo ein berühmter Regisseur seine letzte Ruhestätte gefunden hat. Michelangelo Antonioni, dessen Filme „Blow up“ und „Zabrisky Point“ ich nicht nur einmal gesehen habe.
      Ein anderer Sohn dieser Stadt war Girolamo Savonarola - der religiöse Fanatiker schlechthin - exkommuniziert und als Ketzer verbrannt. Heute ist eine an ihn erinnernde Statue alles was geblieben ist.
      Giorgio Bassanis „ Die Gärten der Finzi-Contini“ - auch er in Ferrara geboren, welch eine illustre Runde!
      Wieder zurück in Bologna zieht es mich auch heute auf die Piazza Maggiore - ein Glas Wein und wieder ein Strassenmusiker vom Feinsten.
      15,9 km später bin ich müde wieder im Hotel - ein weiterer schöner Tag an diesem Wochenende.
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      Super Konzert bei Traumwetter! Fein! LG Gabi

    • Day19


      December 1, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

      After almost 3 weeks of walking an average of 14km a day, we managed the transfer of accommodations, walking 1.3 km to Mateta train station and 1.6km from Ferrara train station to Hotel De Prati (bags in tow), with ease.

      Ferrara is dominated by the Castello De Estense, an enormous edifice that dwarfs even it's neighbouring Duomo.

      Upon arrival, we were surprised at the size of the town. We both had the impression it would be more like Modena. After all that walking to get to Ferrara, we decided to walk some more. We did our own walking tour of medieval Ferrara using the colour coded routes on the tourist map. We were disappointed to find all the churches, except the Duomo, shut. On the second day we went to the Archeological Museum and spent hours perusing through their collection of Etruscan artefacts. Apart from the pots, vases, mugs and enormous urns, it was fascinating to see delicate gold earrings from the 3rd and 4th century BC.

      After the culinary delights of Turin, Bologna, Modena and Parma, food in Ferrara was rather lack lustre. It was a good thing as we skipped dinner both nights there, and are feeling better for it.
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