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  • Day238

    Giardini Naxos, Sicily

    February 19, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    We were so excited; today was the day we were going to Sicily! However the mood was somewhat dampened by a super stressful drive, where we initially found ourselves trapped on the seaward side of the railtracks by low bridges, then found ourselves holding our breath as we squeezed past lines of parked cars with oncoming traffic giving us only inches to spare. One car was even driving with their wing mirror already tucked in!

    Arriving at the ferry port, the system was very relaxed. We chose a line to park up in and eventually found the small sign telling us which building was the ticket office. There were no advertised departure times but when asked, the attendant said it would be 'about an hour'.

    The ferry itself was the most juddery we'd been on, but the Straights of Messina were quite a challenging course to sail. Homer's Odesey describes Odyseus' journey between the rock of Scylla and the Charybdis whirlpool. Vicky had her eyes peeled for the whirlpool but it was nowhere to be seen.

    Arriving on the island south of Messina, we exited the port via a road that appeared to have been designed like a whirlpool. It was disappointing to see there was just as much litter here as on the mainland. We crossed large stony river beds where rubbish had been strewn. Stopping at traffic lights, we saw a beggar making his way between the cars with a sign around his neck saying he and his 3 children were hungry. Taking the coast road south, the area was urban. The buildings that weren't for tourists were dirty and run down with flaking paint, plaster and rusted iron railings around their small balconies. After a while, the filth and squalor wears you down and it was beginning to get that way with us. Goodness knows what the people living day in, day out in these conditions must feel like.

    On the up side, there were verdant green hills rising steeply, inland of the developed strip and dark shingle beaches to the seaward side. Wooden fishing boats sat without trailers in car parking spaces and on the pavement. As we passd through tourist areas, the roads were cleaner and the bins were emptied regularly. It was nicer to look at but the inequality was stark.

    In Giardini Naxos there were several campsites very close together. We chose Lagani, the one in the middle. Upon pulling in we immediately got a strong community feel. The place offered discounts on stays over a month and there were several long timers. The site manager wasn't around but a camper encouraged us to explore while he phoned him. The place was immaculate and interestingly we saw two vans with GB plates; the first we'd seen since November. We decided to stay three nights and took a wander down the hill to the beach. It was built up and had a lot of tourist restaurants and attractions, including a gelateria, where we had our first ice creams in Italy.

    The next day Vicky logged on to Facebook and checked the posts of the Grey Gappers, David and Karen, who were blogging about touring in their van. They'd recently been on Sicily and Vicky wanted to check out their experiences. About an hour later, Will got chatting with both couples from the GB vans and returned with the Grey Gappers' card- they were two vans up! We returned together and introductions were made between ourselves, the Grey Gappers and David and Tosca, who had two beautiful dogs, Lexi the Rottweiler and Wiley the Doberman.

    Over the next 2 days we got to know each other, shared travelling experiences and our favourite stopovers. Vicky got to do yoga in the garden shaded with palm trees, we bought oranges from the orange delivery van and Will picked prickly pears when taking the riverside route to the beach. He brought them back to the van and much to our dismay we discovered why they were called 'prickly'! Once processed, the juice was nice enough to drink but Vicky banned any more foraging.

    We discovered on the second day that we could see the snow topped Mount Etna over the river behind the site - how exciting! We watched the steam and smoke rising above it and were at just the right position to witness the sun set into its crater, something which made us feel very privileged.

    Time seemed to fly by but on the last night we arranged a GB get together which was really enjoyable even though Will over did the vino. We were all different people from different walks of life, but the way of life we had in common meant we had plenty to chat about.
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  • Day9

    Utolso este

    July 8, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Estefele meg lementunk egyet a tengerpartra furcsizni, de vegul ilyan keson ertunk mar le miutan falatoztunk egy jot otthon a pisztacia pestobol hogy Sanyi furdott csak en meg pihiztem egyet addig a strandon. Este elmentunk vacsizni abba a helyi etterembe amit a hazi nenink ajanlott, es tenyleg finom volt a kaja, mar azert extran jonak nem neveznem. La Bussola a hely neve es nagyon sok helyi is jar ide. Feleztunk egy vongoles tesztat es egy calamari frittit. A teszta jobb vilt egyebent de azert a masik se volt rossz de nem is volt kulonleges. Mondjuk ezt az etelt kulonlegesen nem is annyira lehetne megcsinalni. 😉Read more

  • Day8

    Strandolas Giardinin

    July 7, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Hogy kipihenjuk a nyaralas faradalmait ugy dontottunk, hogy strandolunk ma egy nagyot. Reggelihez elmentunk a kozeli boltba, bevasaroltunk es szep kenyelmesen megreggeliztunj majd osszeszedtuk magunkat es elindultunk a szabadstrandra a szallasadonktol, Pinatol kapott napernyovel ami nelkul vagy fizetos helyre kellett volna menni vagy megmekkentunk volna a napon. Mindjart Sanyit megtalalta egy kinai noci Sanghajbol, uh masszazzsal nyitottuk a strandolast. Aztan viz es pihi a parton. A strand semmi extra, homokos, viszonylag gyorsan melyul, pihenesre kivaloan alkalmas. Sot meg epitkezni is lehet homokbol, Sanyinak nagyszeru mamuszt keszitettem, ami labapolo hatasu volt, addig se egett a napon. 😉Read more

  • Day156

    Up and down

    April 1 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    On the way to the ferry I detoured up to the gay resort of Taormina.
    It took many litres of diesel to reach the top, and once there I turned around an went straight down for there was nothing to see except another hillside town. Very pretty to walk around and no doubt good restaurants but it is so isolated - even from the coast - that I cannot imagine staying there.Read more

  • Day1

    Endlich wieder mal ein Vulkan

    September 22, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Nach gerade mal 7 Monaten war es heute endlich wieder soweit... meine Sehnsucht nach einer neuen Reise wurde immer größer und nicht mehr zum aushalten. Also auf auf nach Sizilien.

    Und wer wartet schon ganz ungeduldig auf mich auf Sizilien? Genau. Ein weiterer Vulkan auf meiner Liste. Vulkan Nr.3 in diesem Jahr und dann auch noch ein ganz besonderer. Der majestätische Aetna. Der größte Vulkan Europas mit 3323m Höhe. Das ist mal eine Hausnummer. Aber die Vorfreude steigt mindestens genauso hoch, wenn nicht sogar noch höher... Wer mich kennt, weiß das ich zum Vulkan Liebhaber geworden bin und diese sammle, wie manch anderer Briefmarken. Also lets do it. Doch noch nicht heute.

    Heute hieß es erst mal endlich wieder fliegen. Fliegen so ein tolles Gefühl, welches ich echt vermisst habe. Doch nun konnte ich dieses Bedürfnis ja endlich mal wieder befriedigen. Super :) Auf Sizilien angekommen ging es auch direkt ins Hotel und dann etwas kleines essen. Was typisch Italienisches? Na ja einfach erst mal etwas kleines frisches, ich war ja (bin Stand 23 Uhr) immerhin seit 2.30 Uhr auf den Beinen🙈. Tomate Mozarella. Leute, ihr wisst in Deutschland gar nicht wie Tomaten und vor allem Mozzarella eigentlich schmecken sollten... fliegt bitte einmal nach Italien und überzeugt euch selbst! (Aber selbst bezahlen :P). Danach wurde ein wenig das Hotelgelände begutachtet und festgestellt, dass es mich ziemlich gut getroffen hat mit der Unterkunft. Könnte mir bedeutend schlechter gehen und mein bester Freund der Aetna ist direkt neben mir 😊 Schönes Gefühl. Ich glaube, ich habe alles richtig gemacht und kann endlich meinen Traum leben. Zum abend gab es dann noch ein riesen buffet, welches ich so zuvor noch nie in meinem Leben gesehen habe... unglaublich.!

    Und nun heißt Augen zu und auf morgen freuen... morgen gehts hoch... ganz hoch... wenn das Wetter mitspielt.. also alle Daumen drücken! DANKE 😊

    (9141 Schritte; 7,4km)
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  • Day4

    Ein Tag am Meer

    May 20, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Der Ort in dem wir die fünf Tage unser Hotel gebucht haben.
    Zum entspannen einen kompletten Tag am Meer verbracht. Im Mai war es nicht so voll, daher konnte man sich am Strand gut erholen. Es gibt freie Strandabschnitte und kostenpflichtige.
    Das Wasser war noch ziemlich kalt. Ich war trotzdem drin. Musste sein ;)Read more

  • Day156

    No portrait of the artist

    April 1 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    A couple of km before catching the ferry from Messina back to the mainland, I detoured a couple of hundred metres to visit the house of a local celebrity.
    Giovanni Cammarata was born on 29 Sept 1914 and died there in 2002.
    He learned the techniques of working cement as a child, working as a groom in a cement factory.
    He opened a small workshop making cement products after WWII and was granted land on which to build his business. A few years later the land was taken away from him by the State and given to his rival Mr.Rodriguez. I can only guess at the shenanigans going on, but obviously they never became BFF.
    Several years later, GC became an artist; producing a large number of works. Rather than sell them, he clung to them believing that they should become Messina's after his life.
    Unfortunately, the locals thought he was a crank and after his death, levelled his house / shed / workshop to make way for a supermarket carpark (in concrete.)
    His artistic ability has become recognised since 1990. Two restored works are exhibited at the Modern Art Gallery in Messina, and aothers are in the Basile Arts High School. The remains of his dwelling - part of the front wall - are all that remain.
    Even though his fame, if one is premitted to call it that, has spread, the locals still seem unconvinced.
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Giardini-Naxos, Giardini Naxos, جارديني ناكسوس, Джардзіні-Наксас, Джардини-Наксос, Ջարդինի Նաքսոս, ジャルディーニ=ナクソス, ჯარდინი-ნაქსოსი, Viridiana, Džiardini Naksas, Giaddini, Ђардини-Наксос, Джардіні-Наксос, 贾尔迪尼-纳克索斯

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