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    • Day 3

      Day 1 - thru wind park and orange fields

      March 24 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

      Fantastic day. Very nice sunny day, but cold wind. So many wind wheels around. You easily can count 50 looking in one direction.
      Picked the 1st orange in a yard. Yummy. Lots of olive trees and finally...some blooming almond trees. Until noon it was easy to hike. Afterwards we got tired. Especially Lupo, who is really exhausted. Time to sleep.

      56000 steps - 42km
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    • Day 22

      Driving through Sicily

      May 30, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Taking quality pictures while in the road is difficult in Italy. Their guard rails are sometimes x2 to x3 taller than ours. So forgive the obstructed views, but driving through Sicily was beautiful and worth a post.

      Also of note, when we were driving through, Etna was erupting in the north face (see link below). We were on the south side of Etna so all we saw was smoke. A good reminder that Etna is called Europe's most active volcano for good reason.…
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    • Day 4

      Hiking - Day 2 - hilly and remote

      March 25 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Yesterday evening we started to get a little bit into trouble. Already hiked a lot and the Refugio, which is down in the map doesn't exist. And this on top of the hills, where all the wind wheels are around. About 850m high. Chilly wind. Lupo needed a real break. So we did... But too short. Before darkness we still wanted to walk further down. Lower it gets much warmer and less windy. Finally, just before darkness, we have found a small hut which we occupied. But we have been 10km more tired. 20 o'clock we've slept already. Until 4:30.
      Lupo recovered not too bad and we walked further. Beautiful morning. After 12km we've reached a small village. Shops still closed. But the bakery has already opened and we've enjoyed it a lot! One Croissant with pistachio and one like a cheesecake. So yummy! Also the Baguette tasted different. Less salty and sweeter. A little bit like corn added. And.... Fresh! Wow! Delicious!
      The owner saw Lupo and gave him 2 older pieces I guess. Looked like "hot dog" with a sausage inside. Took him just a second and it was gone.
      So we hiked further. Downhill. Rugged 4 wheel roads and paths. There is no steady fast hiking on these trails. About km 18-20 Lupo started to show down a lot. Needed a break. We did, but short. We wanted to get before 1 o'clock to the supermarket in the next town. Just having 5km left, I have realized Lupo needs the break. It was too much the day before. We need to slow down and walk in the morning hours. Probably at night again. So I will slow down the next day and keep an eye on him. ... So far... Still only 14:00 now.
      30500 steps done... About 23km.... But we will not do much today anymore.

      19:00 .... we've left the picnic spot about 15:30. Suddenly 500m further from a house far away the dogs spotted us and ran 200m over a field to us into the forest. 5 dogs...2 huge ones and done medium ones. 3 attract Lupo immediately. But him in the neck and back. Me... shouting and trying to find how to help. The biggest dog wanted to fight, all the other stayed away 3m. Me shouting again and again. From far away the owner shouted a little bit .. The dogs did not care. So the owner too. We've catches the right moment and went further inclusive shouting. The followed us for about half a km. Then left finally. Wow ...

      We've reached the town, drank a cafe lungo, charged the phone and headlamp, got some food at the supermarket, and left town again. Lots of barking dogs everywhere. Unfortunately some stay dogs too. Sometimes why, sometimes aggressive. But shooting helped a little bit a little bit outside the town, just before the next town starts again, we sleep on a field. It is dark already and everywhere dogs a barking far away. Some houses have garden lights switched on all the time. Lupo feel asleep immediately.

      43700 steps - 32.4km
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    • Day 6

      🥵 heiß 🥵....die letzten 75km

      June 27 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Die Sonne brennt....aber tatsächlich ist es alles noch sehr viel grüner als wir dachten....halten wollen wir gerade nicht mehr....nur noch ankommen....
      Oh nein😯eine arme Kuh hing im Zaun fest.... hoffentlich sieht das jemand,der von hier kommt und auf ihrer Straßenseite anhalten kann....🙁
      Die Kinder haben bisher alles echt bemerkenswert gut mitgemacht 😀... vielleicht werden sie auch einfach älter und autoreisen müssen nicht mehr der reinste Horror sein.🤔
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