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    • Day 4

      Climbing the Duomo

      April 14, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      470 steps up and down to the best view in Milan at the top of the Duomo while the cardinal says mass.

      Dinner from Zia Esterina Sorbillo. If you think pizza is good you’ve got to try fried pizza at the bargain price of 3.50 euros. Add a peroni and a stool in the next door piazza. What more could you ask for.Read more

    • Day 2

      Victoria Secret Angel & Versace Adonis

      April 8 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

      (Short information for everybody reading this blog. This is a summary of all my thoughts and experiences, which I usually write down (quite tired) at the end of each day, without paying attention to any grammatical rules nor spelling, so please dont be surprised if suddenly the tense changes or letters are missing:))

      Turns out Italy did not disappoint us. When we woke up at 7:30 the sun was shining and it was warm enough to walk around without an anorak, gloves and scarf. We went to the Officina Zero, which is a 100% glutenfree bakery, to start of our day with some Croissants, coffee and a freshly squeezed orange juice. We headed to the metro station close by and took a train to the Duomo. Finally we realized what the tickets we had bought really were for. They brought us to the terraces on the rooftop of the building. It was absolutely insane, we didnt even realize it was possible to get up there. We were really happy and decided to stay there for a while and enjoy the sun. Later on we visited the inside and the archaeological area of the cathedral. Our visit made us hungry, therefore we walked over to Amorino (still the very best gelato ever) and grabbed an ice cream. First Kai only wanted to get chocolate but then I convinced him to try different flavours since he was at such a good gelateria, and even though he didnt admit it, I‘m quite sure he thanked me later. Although, what he didn’t appreciate for sure was the „short“ stop at Victoria Secret… well I just had to. What is a trip to Milan without some „serious“ shopping? I returned Kai the favour and spent at least an hour in shoe stores with him, because he couldnt decide whether to buy red, yes red, special edition vans or not. He bought them in the end and was happy, so it was worth the wait:).
      We strolled along the street, went to a supermarket, bought some drinks and snacks and sat down in a park next to the Basilica San Lorenzo. However, the park wasnt as nice as we thought, there were some really weird emo- teenies, walking around, smoking and drinking, which lead Kai and I to have an extended conversation about education which almost lasted throughout the rest of the day. Anyways, we walked on and found a very pretty bar outside, so we sat down and ordered two analcoholic cocktails. Felt quite fancy;))
      We stayed there for a while and enjoyed the sunrays tickeling on our faces.
      On our way to the restaurant „Bistró“, I had found on a „glutenfree guide“ website earlier, we walked past a canal with bars, cute little shops and art galleries. We hadnt seen such a charming part of the city before and I was glad we had come cross it.
      After a couple of minutes we found ourselves walking through a less touristic part of the city and saw an old man carrying boxes of wine out of his car. Kai stepped over to him and offered to help. The man was very surprised at first but accepted Kai‘s offer. They went inside the house while I looked after his cute dog. For a moment I was a bit worried because they took a while to get back. But then they came back and the man thanked us a thousant times. We talked for a bit and he offered to invite us to his house for a glass of wine, but when he looked for his keys to open up the gate he realised he had left them inside, so we waited for about 20 minues until he had called all his contacts and had finally found somebody who could open up the gate for him. Before we left he invited us again but we declined, saying we had a reservation, so he gave us one of his wine bottles and wished us all the best.
      Although I must admit the day was over all incredibly aweosme, my highlight was dinner. The Ristorante Bistró is a 100% glutenfree place where they offer all types of Lasagne, fresh homemade pasta, delicious burgers with soft buns and honestly everything somebody could wish for. I felt like I was in heaven. I can’t remember the last time I had such good bread it was just exquisite. I was more than full but I just couldnt say no to dessert, so we ordered a Tiramisú scomposto. Kai doesnt even like coffee, but he knew that for me this Tiramisu was just a „to die for“ so he shared it with me!
      We gave the girl a good tip and „rolled“ (at least I did) to the next metro station and drove home, packed all our stuff and went to bed where I am now currently reflecting on our awesome day and writing this blog!
      Good night to switzerland:)
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    • Day 10

      Milano die Zweite

      August 18, 2022 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

      Da es heute leider extrem regnet, ist unsere große Stadtrunde leider im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes ins Wasser gefallen.
      Eventuell ist Italien traurig weil wir so kurz da sind oder überhaupt da sind. 🤣
      Nachdem wir uns mit Regenschirmen ☔️ ausgestattet haben, sind wir eine kleine Runde gelaufen.
      Haben uns die "wichtigsten" Punkte angeschaut und natürlich auch eine kleinen Snack zu uns genommen. Ich würde fast behaupten, il migliore panino del mondo. 😉
      Nun sind wir erstmal wieder im Zimmer und schauen was wir noch machen.
      Definitiv machen wir unseren Großeinkauf noch, da dieser wie bei jedem Italienbesuch Pflicht ist.

      Morgen geht es dann auf Heimfahrt.
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    • Day 1

      Milano - 1. Tag

      September 5, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Nachdem wir 3:00 bei Jojo gestartet waren, merkten wir spästens beim Abbiegen auf die A4 nach Milano, dass wir in Italien angekommen sind. Hupende Autofahrer, LKWs auf der linken Spur, Motorräder zwischen dem Autos und natürlich das berühmt berüchtigte Temperament ließen uns keine Zweifel haben. Angekommen in Milano ging es per Metro zum Duomo Milano, welcher einfach nur bedrückend auf mich wirkte, weil ich sowas zuvor noch nie gesehen habe. Weißer Marmor, der gotische Baustil und die schiere Größe ließen jedes andere Bauwerk, was ich bis jetzt zu Gesicht bekam wie eine alte Hütte aussehen… danach schlenderten wir durch die Gassen und kamen auch an der Bekannten Galleria Vittorio Emanuele vorbei. Ob Rolex, Omega oder Hublot; Gucci, Prada und Fendi alles war da. Nach der hohen körperlichen Anstrengung belohnten wir uns mit einem (riesigen) Aperol.Read more

    • Day 8

      Jour 8 - Visite de Milan

      July 29 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      La journée a débuté par une grasse matinée pour récupérer les quelques heures de sommeil manquantes 😴

      Vers midi nous nous sommes rendus dans le centre ville par le train, ce qui nous a permis de découvrir la gare centrale de Milan, l’une des plus belles d’Europe. 🚈
      Nous avons ensuite marché à travers la ville en passant par le centre d’affaires puis le Cimitero Monumentale (cimetière monumental de Milan), impressionnant par le nombre et la richesse de ses caveaux.
      Nous sommes ensuite allés déjeuner dans un restaurant typique milanais (au menu: spritz, polenta, raviolis et tiramisu) puis nous avons pris le tram direction la fameuse cathédrale du Duomo. Nous avons déambulé dans les rues commerçantes jusqu’au Castello Sforzesco (château des Sforza) où nous nous sommes promenés dans le parc attenant.

      Dans la soirée nous nous sommes dirigés vers le Sud Ouest de la ville, sur les rives du Canal Naviglio Grande, où nous avons goûté un aperitivo local. Puis nous avons terminé la journée en dégustant le meilleur Tiramisu de la ville 😋

      Au total pour cette journée : 17km de marche. 🚶🏻🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻
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    • Day 46–49


      October 14 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

      Our last destination before we head back to the land down under.
      We've walked the old town on a historic walking tour which we loved. Walked around the Duomo, Sforzesco Castle, Naviglio Grande the canal area, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ll where we window shopped in all the stores you can't afford except for a hot chocolate. We also enjoyed the Teatro alle Scala (opera house) and the Ambrosiana gallery where we saw a 15th century copy of The Last Super and of course lots of aperitifs.Read more

    • Day 14

      De Kathedraal en Station

      November 8 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 7 °C

      Natuurlijk stond die ook op het programma met eenGuided Tour: die beviel erg goed. Goede informatie en leuke details over dit imposante bouwwerk met meer dan 3300 beelden. 600+ jaar zijn ze er mee bezig geweest en veel beroemde kunstwerken vinden er hun plek. We hadden prachtig weer. Zowel historische weldoeners als recentere beroemdheden hebben hun afbeelding op de gevel achtergelaten, zoals Napoleon. Eigentijdse financiers van het eeuwigdurende onderhoud zien hier ook kans toe.
      Een ander, moderner maar wel bombastisch gebouw is het centraal station waar we aankwamen en vertrokken.
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    • Day 3

      Hitzewarnung —> Citytrip

      August 21 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

      Nach einem ausgiebigen Frühstück haben wir uns auf den Weg nach Mailand gemacht. Einen passenden Tag gab es nicht, da es jeden Tag super heiß ist.

      Leider war es zu heiß… in Mailand waren wir in der Viktor-Emanuel Passage und haben uns den Dom angeguckt, dann mussten wir in eine klimatisierte Mall flüchten.

      Abends wollten wir noch bouldern und haben an der Kasse gefragt ob die Halle klimatisiert sei. Die Antwort war ja! Leider eine dreiste Lüge und so boulderten wir wütend und schwitzend für 2h.

      Auf den Rückweg stärkten wir uns in einem tollen Steakhouse und
      back in Lovere gab es dann noch suuuuuuper leckeres Eis um den Tag gut ausklingen zu lassen.
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    • Day 2

      Milano - Tag 2

      September 6, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Nach einer langen Nacht im Mailänder Club- und Barviertel ging’s auf die Kultur-Touritour. Ja auch Jojo und ich sind zumindest teilweise dafür zu begeistern. Als erstes ging’s zum Castello Sforzesco was eine beeindruckende Verteidigungsburg ist, welche aber ihren Zweck so gar nicht erfüllt hat. Die Spanier, Franzosen oder auch die Habsurger sind über die Jahrhunderte ordentlich drübergeknüppelt. Danach ging’s zur Santa Maria Delle Grazie wo das berühmte Abendmahl hing, jedoch war der nächste freie Termin zur Begutachtung erst im Oktober verfügbar. Nachdem wir noch einige Basilikas abgeklappert hatten gabs einen Aperol und danach entschlossen wir uns die Kunstakademie/ Kunstmuseum zu besuchen. Eindrucksvolle Gemälde die zu 99,9% das gleiche Thema behandeln - Italien halt -. Genug der Kultur, heut wird sich wieder ordentlich einer hinter den Damm gebibert.Read more

    • Day 3

      Panzarotti, Piazzas and Prada

      April 13, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      This morning we had another deluxe buffet breakfast and then we were off to a walking tour around Milan. The tour guide was really informative and kept everyone engaged with some Britney lyrics and judgy history nerd quips. Definitely the right person for our family. We saw the stumbling stones which acknowledge victims of prejudice in history, we learnt about the history of the largest cathedral in the world (tad excessive in my opinion but still very beautiful). We went to the golden triangle where you could look at (but never touch) the designer clothes and stores like Prada and Gucci. Dad spun on Torino’s Bull’s balls for good luck. Then we went to Panzerotti Luini a store with delicious Panzerotti suggested by Prof. Falconi. I got a sweet chocolate and pistachio but I was kinda toucan once I saw everyone else’s warm and fluffy savoury panzerotti.
      Afterwards, I got two vintage scarves and Ariah got a ring that she lost a record number of 4 times in the next two days. Then, we got gelato from a scary lady and I spoke Italian with her. I was so nervous but I think she understood me. That evening we went to a pasta restaurant and we’re served by a very clever lady that noticed our tired blank faces we’re capable of saying much except ‘si’ and up sold everything.
      Di keyala
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