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  • Day34

    Cinque Terre: Monterosso

    September 29, 2017 in Italy

    Another 5 hour driving day, for a day trip to the Cinque Terre...

    Surprisingly it all went quite smoothly, and we parked at the "hard to get into because it fills up quick" parking lot at La Spezia train station with ease. On the train, with ease. Get to Monterosso (far end of Cinque Terre) with ease. All good!

    Had a look around Monterosso, popped into the "skeleton church", luncheon and considered our next steps. There is a thing called the Cinque Terre Card which I had read about the day before which gives you access to the walking trails, the bathrooms at the train stations and all the interconnecting train journeys. I hadn't bought that because internet advice was such that it wasn't worth it. Internet advice was wrong and based on outdated pricing of walking on the interconnecting trails + the cost of train journeys.

    Went and bought the Cinque Terre Card. Found out that three of the 5 interconnecting trails between the villages were closed for "maintenance". Had no choice but to catch a train to the next village along so we could access a walking trail.
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  • Day11

    Day 11: Cinque Terre all the way

    October 19, 2017 in Italy

    The second day in Cinque Terre (although it felt as the third) started nice, getting some nice breakfast and walking to Vernazza didn’t take very long. We decided to enjoy the view on the village while having lunch, this was excellent since it was perfect weather and very steep so a good view.
    We had to plan the walk today to make sure we had the boat trip in time to see Manarola and end in Riomaggiore before dark. We also wanted a drink in Monterosso, so after enjoying Vernazza and taking the photo’s that are well known on the internet we walked to our last stop. We were in time to buy the ferry tickets and for me to have a swim in the sea but the drinks became 2 corona’s that we drank while waiting in the queue for the ferry haha. This fell really good, and in Manarola we had one hour so we added some more drinks and got some free small bites with this. We paid and hurried of when we saw the boat approaching, we even had to run and sadly found out that it was a different boat and that ours came within 15minutes. Well we enjoyed every moment anyway so relaxing a bit more staring at waves is a good way to spend your time on holidays I think. When the Ferry brought us to our starting point yesterday we looked at it differently, Riomaggiore has more houses I guess but more compact and lay in this valley shape really close to sea level. The others were smaller and more higher up except for Monterosso which looked like a beach resort ;-). We had to eat and drink in every village so we still owed Rio a diner with drinks. Pizza in the middle of the street was a great idea and after it was even a better idea to get out of there before darkness would make the drive to Spezia a little more difficult ;-). The guest house in Spezia was one of a kind haha, allmost everything was self service, the colour pink and ran on trust in both ways ;-). Excellent and cheap :DRead more

  • Day15

    Vorbei an herrlichen Dörfchen, die sich wie an die Felsen krallen oder sich an steilen Küsten anschmiegen, machten wir Halt in Monterosso. Hier hatten wir 3 Stunden Zeit. Erst etwas bummeln, dann die Handtücher raus und in das klare Wasser abtauchen. Zwar für die Liege am Strand 10 Euro (macht für uns beide 20😠) gezahlt, aber am freien Strand hatte kein Handtuch mehr Platz.... Ein leichtes Bierchen dazu - so ließ es sich prima aushalten!
    Punkt 16 Uhr ging es zurück. Da das Licht jetzt anders fiel, war es ein Genuss an der Küste entlang zufahren. Nun hätte ich mein Jäckchen doch gebraucht.
    Ach und nun gibt's noch einen kleinen Nachtrag : Wir kamen ja an Carrara vorbei und am Nachmittag konnten wir die weißen Berge, wo der Marmor abgebaut wird, richtig leuchten sehen!
    Es war ein toller Tag mit vielen Eindrücken und einer Pizza Frutti di Mare zum Abschluss im "Grand Café Margherita".🍕🍷.
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  • Day23

    An attempt to visit Cinque Terre

    September 11, 2017 in Italy

    We were up and out of the hotel by 6.30 with a schedule to get us to Cinque Terra by 1045 (or rather La Spezzia which is the nearest station). Well it started out ok…. But as they say the best laid plans of mice and men…… We took the first train to Empoli (1 hour 20), had a coffee and then got on the Pisa train… got off there found our next train… first hitch.. 20 minute delay….30 minute delay….40 minute delay…. Finally arrived, settled into our first-class seats and then were kicked off at the next station as we apparently have to “reserve” on the intercity trains or we can’t go on them at all (even with the Eurail pass) … sigh! Waited another 25 minutes at some out of the way place called Viareggio and then got on to the regional train to La Spezia – anticipated arrival 12.04hrs! Of course it was running late and then there was a great queue of really stupid people asking daft questions and not listening to the answers to purchase the Cinque Terra card (16euro) By the time I got to the counter to discover the hiking trails were all closed due to yesterday’s rain we had missed the 12.25 train and would have to wait until 12.55 – clearly the day was not going to plan.
    Finally we were packed on board the Cinque terra train in a vile tourist crush, the first 9 minutes of the trip was largely through a tunnel to the first village but we decided to start and the furthest village and work back on the assumption that most people would do the opposite and this proved to be the case as the train emptied out after the first of the 5 villages. We continued on until Monterosso which is the biggest of the five towns and has the most amenities including many hotel and bars – it had a more Mediterranean feel with a long pebble and sand beach in where you can rent chairs and umbrellas and many people had done this and were also swimming as the day had become very warm and sunny.
    Cognisant of the time and the potentially longer time it would take us to get back home given that we were banned from the intercity express trains, we moved on after about 30 minutes taking the approx. 5 minute train trip to the next village; Vernazza which has a natural pier with an amphitheatre shape apparently making it the most photographed village of the Cinque Terre. The tiny port is surrounded by colourful typical Ligurian houses and the charming piazza is lined with good restaurants and bars. However it was also heaving with tourists so we just had a quick snack in the sun by the pier and then it was back to the train. On the station it was clear that the train timetable was starting to clog up with mounting delays. We pressed on to the next village however.
    Corniglia is the middle village and is the only one which is not built directly on the sea but on a cliff 100 metres above sea level. Corniglia is purported to be the most genuine town of the five and with the least amount of tourists. This may be because you have to walk quite a way and then climb a massive set of stairs to get there. The street down to the water is barely a metre wide but was still packed with tourists and lined with shops and restaurants – lemons seemed a common product and the smell pervaded the town. I made a quick trip up while Kirstin explored the area nearer to the station
    We rendezvoused at the station and then had to wait for over 15 minutes for the train as the delays were seriously mounting. Getting to the next village Manarola I climbed the hill for a look around while Kirstin explored the shops, this village has a tiny harbor with a boat ramp, picturesque multicoloured houses facing the sea and a tiny piazza. Meeting up at the station we connected to the free wi-fi to try to work out how we could get home and discovered the only eurail pass “free” options involved leaving La Spezia at 630 but not getting back to Siena until 9.45 (and even later at the hotel – hence missing dinner. As it was about 4.30, we decided to press on to the final village, have something to eat and then go to La Spezia and negotiate the trip home.
    Although Riomaggiore is apparently considered to be one of the most peaceful and quite villages of the Cinque Terre it was packed with tourists at the end of a sunny day . Although it is basically a cascade of multi-coloured houses in the typical Ligurian style, all tightly clustered around a tiny natural harbour carved out in between the rocks we couldn’t actually find the harbour (did stumble across it just as we were leaving it is via a tunnel under a square and a restaurant – but also we were out of time by then). The main industry of Riomaggiore seems to be “fish and chip” shops – however they are local Cinque Terra style and this seems to involve a large place of variously fried sea food items (I have squid and calamri and I think maybe sardines or anchovies, Kirstin had prawns, sardines and calamari). The “chips” were large wedge like items done with rosemary. Very nice as we had barely eaten all day.
    Once again it was off to the station and of course the train was late …. Finally, into La Spezia and then following our online instructions it was onto the local train to Sarzana (17 minutes) where we changed with a nice tight connection to the regional Florence train which was 1 hour, 32 minutes to Empoli. Of course, we were late in to Empoli also and then there was a mad dash to the connection to Sienna – I jumped on but the door slammed shut just as Kirstin arrived – I couldn’t get off … she couldn’t get on… thank heavens I had happened to get on with in the carriage with the conductor – I begged him to open the door – the train started going but he stopped it and let poor Kirstin on…. Phew! We finally got back to the hotel at just after 10pm… no dinner … but the bar was still open and those complimentary wines went down a treat!
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  • Day5

    Monterosso al Mare

    May 28, 2015 in Italy

    The next day we took the train from Montecatini to The Cinque Terre via Viareggio and La Spezia. The train ride took about 2 hours and once we arrived in La Spezia we had to get the Tourist Pass for the Cinque Terre. By train we went through all the villages until we arrived in Monterosso al Mare. We didn't spent much time is this village, which was sad, but we had to watch the clock a little bit. We had a pretty big program ahead of us, so we almost immediately looked for the start of the famous Sentiero Azzuro to go hiking "back" to the next village in line: Vernazza (which was my main destination of this region and overall reason to go to Italy this time). <3

    We went form the station to the coast, then turned left and eventually found the right way.
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  • Day3

    Cinque Terre

    October 4, 2017 in Italy

    Früh aufstehen, weil das Boot schon in 8:45h von Rapallo ablegt. Umringt von silberhaarigen Reisegruppen - meist deutschsprachig - besetzen wir bei Sonnenschein das Oberdeck. Für die Zusteigenden an den 3 anderen Stopps wird es eng. Das Meer ist flach und die Fahrt verspricht entspannt zu werden. Nicht so ein Schaukeln und Hoppeln wie gestern. Die Augen immer nach links gerichtet, dort soll es nach 90 min Fahrt kommen - das Cinque Terre, das wir damals mit dem Wohnmobil nicht bereisen konnten, weil der einzige Zufahrtsweg für uns durch eine zu steile Brückendurchfahrt versperrt war. Diesmal schaffen wir es per Boot. Mit Jens Mercedes Schlachtschiff, das wir poldtsch geparkt direkt vorm Hotel in Rapallo zurückgelassen haben, wären wir wahrscheinlich auch weit vor den Ortsgrenzen der Dörfer steckengeblieben. Hier gibt es nur schmalste Straßen für die schmaleren der italienischen Autos und gefühlte 23 Parkplätze - wenn überhaupt.
    Der Kapitän bereichert die Fahrt mit spärlichen Bemerkungen zu den gerade passierten Orten, wobei er für die mitreisenden Silberrücken die Ortsnamen in klarstem Italienisch und Englisch immer zweimal sagt. Es wartet hier jeder doch nur auf die 5 Dörfer, der Rest interessiert nicht wirklich. Erst als der Kapitän keine Anstalten macht, in den Hafen des ersten Ortes Monterosso einzubiegen, wird uns klar, dass wir uns die Fragen - am Ticketschalter - in feinstem englisch - hätten sparen können. Die Antworten und/oder die Fragen waren falsch. Sie passten nicht zueinander. Wieso ist das Onewayticket nur bis zum ersten Stopp available? Wie lang ist die Rückfahrt etc? Der Kapitän fuhr in großem Bogen an den Dörfern vorbei, die sich im Dunst nur schwach von der felsigen Umgebung abhoben und steuerten den letzten der fünf Orte Riomaggiore an. Die Ankunft mit dem Boot war schon spektakulär. Es sieht wirklich toll aus, wie sich die Häuser in die kleine Schlucht quetschen und sich wie ein Füllhorn zum Minihafen öffnen. In den schönsten Farben. Ein Träumchen.
    Der Touristenstrom schlängelt - eigentlich wälzt er sich- sich mühsam den steilen Hauptweg den Berg hinauf. Wie sieht es hier wohl in der Hauptsaison aus? Selbst jetzt, Anfang Oktober, ist hier noch genug los. Wie gut, dass wir uns trotz der falschen Informationen für die Onewayvariante entschieden hatten. Jetzt könnten wir den Via dell'amore laufen, zu dem auch Helena bereit war ihn mitzugehen, weil er sogar für Flipflops tragende Chinatouristen in 30 Minuten zu bewältigen wäre. Na toll, eben dieser Weg, der einzige Wanderweg zwischen Riomaggiore und Manarola ist geschlossen. Wir stehen vor einem geschlossenen Eisentor, das den Zugang verwährt. Pech oder Glück, je nachdem von welchem Standpunkt man es sieht. Ich fand es sehr schade, zumal ein mickriger Zettel an der Tür zum BahnTickethäuschen auch alle anderen Abschnitte für geschlossen erklärte, außer den Teil von Corniglia nach Vernazza, der aber nicht so kurz und nicht so leicht war. Jetzt blieb also nur der Zug als Fortbewegungsmittel zum nächsten Ort.
    Mit dem Zug nach Manarola, dann wieder von dort mit dem Zug nach Corniglia, dem einzigen Ort ohne Hafen. Viele, viele Stufen führen vom Bahnhof hinauf, aber es lohnt sich. Auf einem gemütlichen Platz, wohl dem einzigen, klemmen wir uns, zusammen mit einem Schweizer Ehepaar, auf einen kleinen Balkon eines Restaurants und essen köstlich.
    Von hier führt nun der einzige geöffnete Wanderwegabschnitt nach xxxxxxx. Helena hat noch genug von unserer Wanderung zurück von Portofino nach Rapallo, und streikt. Wir sind ja moderne Eltern und lassen Sie alleine mit dem Zug in den nächsten Ort fahren und wir wandern einen herrlichen Weg nach Vernazza. Das war wirklich ein toller Weg. Ich weiß nicht, ob Helena im Nachhinein diese Lösung toll fand. Sie musste eine Stunde auf uns warten.
    Den letzten und größten Ort ließen wir aus und fuhren dann direkt von Vernazza mit dem Zug zurück nach Rapallo.
    Abendessen auf typisch italienisch, es war ein Tipp einer Hotelangestellten, gemütlich und lecker soll es sein. Eingepackt in Plastikplanen und mit OP Beleuchtung gab es hier tatsächlich leckere Pizza.
    Helena ollste unbedingt den schiefen Turm in Pisa sehen. von unserem letzten Besuch wussten wir, dass Pisa nur diese 3 Baudenkmäler hat und ansonsten nichtssagenden ist. Da der Turm nicht zu besteigen ist und die Besichtigung des Doms und des Baptisteriums nicht ins Interessenspektrum unserer Kinder gehören, kann man sich besagte Bauwerke auch abends von außen ansehen. Gesagt, getan. Wir kannten den italienischen Namen für den Turm nicht und konnten ihn deshalb erst im Navi nicht finden, dann hätten wir noch das Problem, dass er auf den Bildern überhaupt nicht schief aussah. Er wird einfach nicht schief, der Turm. Torre den Pendente, heißt er.
    Übernachtung in Grosseto.
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  • Day1

    Monday, June 5, 2017 - 6pm
    Evening Tapas Tour
    While cruising the spectacular coast of the Cinque Terre we’ll enjoy an Italian aperitivo of salumi, cheese, focaccia and prosecco (Italian champagne). You'll get to know the other guests on the boat while learning about the history of the area, told to you by your English speaking guide.

    If the weather is warm enough, we can stop in one of the pristine coves along the way for a swim in the crystal clear waters. Mid-June to mid-September are the best months for this.

    We’ll stop in one of the towns for fresh tapas at one of the area’s best family-run restaurants.

    What makes the perfect evening cruise? An intimate group of like-minded travelers, great music, food and wine–combine these with the magic of the Cinque Terre coastline, and there you have it…an evening to remember!
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  • Day1

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 1:00pm - Lunch
    The Liguria region can boast a well respectable tradition in the wine and food sector, thanks to the wholesome and genuine products of its land such as extra virgin olive oil, wine, fish, mussels, lemons, pesto (basil and garlic sauce), home made pasta and herbs.
    At Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italian delicacies are a must, and the “Dau Cila” Restaurant carries on high level home made cuisine with pride, passion, dedication and professionalism. Dau Cila proposes typical seafood and meat dishes from mediterranean cuisine through excellent ingredients, so that you will discover the unique flavour and good smell of this narrow land, kissed by the sun and caressed by the sea. Recently renovated, the Restaurant / Wine Cellar has a cosy structure with fine details. Table locations are chosen with care, in- and outdoor, just few steps away from the sea, Customers will find here the comfort and the relaxing athmosphere which is typical in a fine restaurant. Service is accurate and the restaurant staff is kind and always available for your requests. The faithful customers of Dau Cila come from Liguria, other Italian regions and especially from abroad, and this is a sign that Liguria’s cuisine and the dishes of the mediterranean cuisine are known and appreciated in the whole world. Moreover, they are recommended by nutritionists and alimentation experts.
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