Monterosso al Mare

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  • Day10

    Cinque Terre

    May 12, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Als Cinque Terre (zu deutsch etwa Fünf Länder oder Fünf Ortschaften) wird ein etwa zwölf Kilometer langer, klimabegünstigter Küstenstreifen der Italienischen Riviera zwischen Punta Mesco und Punta di Montenero nordwestlich von La Spezia in der Region Ligurien bezeichnet. So stehts im Wikipedia.

    Nicht zuletzt weil es gestern etwas später wurde und es in der Nacht doch recht heftige Regenfälle und Gewitter gab, war heute war ausschlafen auf dem Programmzettel.

    Um nicht allzufaul herum zu liegen haben wir uns noch die Ortschaft Monterosso al Mare in den Cinque Terre angeschaut. Ein schönes Fleckchen Erde, definitiv ein Mopedgeheimtipp!

    Jetzt noch schnell was essen und dann Muttertag auf ORF1... Geh bitte!!!
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  • Day55

    Cinque Terra

    July 9, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We stayed at our accommodation in Chivari which lies between the Cinque Terra villages and Portofino. We were delighted when we discovered that Richard and Caroline Cook were holidaying in Montorosso at same time. We met and shared a meal together. We arrived by train and bought tickets that allowed us to stop at any of the five villages, hoping to catch a boat ferry between some of the villages but to our dismay discovered that the ferry was not sailing that day due to heavy swells. In Richard and my views it looked fine to sail! For more on this topic please consult Richard and my previous sailing experiences and joint ownership of two sea going vessels! However we used the train, saw three of the five villages from the north downwards and then sat at the train station for just under three hours waiting for a train to take us home. A mixed day but very enjoyable still. We encouraged each other...."just relax.....This is Italy". Last time we are at the Cinque Terra we started at bottom and saw the first three so we have now seen all villages!!Read more

  • May6

    Bassano Del Grappa to Monterosso Al Mare

    May 6, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    We left on a 8: 25 train, changed trains at Venice, Florence, and Pisa and arrived in Monterosso at 4pm. Beautiful snow capped mountains on the second last leg of our journey. The train between Venice and Florence was an intercity train which had screens which told how fast the train was going and at its fastest we were travelling 249 kms/hr!

    Booked in to our accommodation and walked around the town. Lovely views of the ocean. We found the cemetery on top of the hill. Such a lovely outlook! There were a lot of tourists with American accents which is very different to our last 2 weeks.

    P.S. There will be no more meal reports as we now need to undo some of the excess eating that we were obliged to do during the tour and will be having very simple meals!
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    Congrats - you've made it to Cinque Terre! I'm sure you'll love it!

  • Day6


    August 22, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    We pull into Monterosso station. It's packed with people trying to get to the towns.
    We carry our massive cases down the stairs and come out the front to the most amazing little italian seaside village.

    It is boiling hot. 30 degrees. Humid, so I throw my thongs on.
    The beach 🏖 is packed with people on chairs and in the water. An array of colourful umbrellas cover the pebble beach.

    You look down the coastline to the left and can easily see Vernazza and Corniglia. Actually you can see all the 4 other towns from here, Manarolo and Riomaggiore too. Amazing.

    Athena just wants to get to the hotel to put bathers on and get down there. I know I will be burn't within 10 minutes and wish to stop for a break. (it can be a bit full on being the responsible one to ensure we catch the right anything)

    We head to the little free beach on the right at the end of our street. A 3min stroll. Athena wants to sunbake. I walk straight into the water. It is devine.

    The beach is made up of a grey rounded pebble. I massage my sore feet on them. I am so happy floating here with lots of very tanned people around. Kids are jumping off rocks and on lilos. Everyone is happy.

    I cannot tell you how wonderful this place is. No advertising, no music blaring, nobody is looking at their phone. just relaxed families and couples all chatting enjoying an Italian summer holiday. All Europeans.

    Monterosso al Mare is in a protected Cove. Boats sit out in the water. I go buy a gelato from the little shop on the beach. 3 euro. Lemon. Sooo good. Creamy with a sweet tartness. I may have 2-3 a day!

    Everyone strolls here. No hurry, no pushing. Lovers are all affectionate. Children are healthy and tanned. I think I am the whitest person here. My legs certainly glowed under the water while I swam.

    I suggest to Athena that we grab dinner now before the crowds. We sit at a table along the beach. I choose scallops with ginger carrot puree and a curry powder. Also served with slightly stewed apricots. Omg delish. Athena chose octopus on polenta.

    Our boat trip is tomorrow, so we went down to the harbour. I walked down to check it out. Couldn't find them. I sent them an email confirming our attendance, however thunderstorms are predicted for the rest of the week so they may cancel yet. Today may have been our only day of sunshine ☀

    The sun is setting at 8.30pm and I watch the little pastel towns begin to glow. Truly magical. You need to come here and experience the yesteryear of this place.

    Athena is tired and wants to go back to the hotel. She has a nap at 8.00, and is still sleeping. I am wide awake at midnight enjoying the ambience outside, cooler now at 23 degrees, and chilling out as I write my blog. Will head off to bed soon. Xx
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    Carolyn Arch

    ISN'T IT MAGNIFICENT?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sandra Bourke

    Yes, yes, yes. It is glorious. I remember everything you told me. This was a very clever idea that you chose to visit here and totally inspired me to do the same. My favourite thing is watching Athena's face change from being dragged here and there to the point of our expedition. She walked out of the station and her face brought up this smile that told me she was in heaven ☺

    Carolyn Arch

    That view as you walk down those steps out of the station.... I just want to live there. Hope the weather is OK for your boat tour!

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  • Day23

    Cinque Terre - Day 22 Tour

    August 18, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Went to the beach this morning, cost $28 euro to reserve the LAST lounges and we were there before opening time.

    The water was beautiful, so refreshing, Kirah and I swam out to an out cropping of rocks for Kirah to film herself jumping off.

    Got a bit more sun and then left for lunch. We caught the train through to Manarola and wandered along the cliffs and the village.

    Had gelato and an Iced Coffee and then wandered yp to Nessun Roma for drinks and snacks for the afternoon.

    Caught the train back home.
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  • Day2


    July 21, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    De monterosso a vernazza. Ça monte ca grimpe ca chauffe. On lâche rien on monte la fréquence cardiaque jusqu'à 170 et on continue. On se met dans le rouge mais on shydrate en permanence grâce au Camelbak donc on lâche rien la vue est vraiment sympa les petits chemins très joli il y a quand même des passages à l'ombre.Read more

    BUDIN Pierre


  • Day16

    Tag 6/8 Monterosso und Vernazza

    August 21, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Auch heute heißt es wieder Geschlechtertrennung. Während Mama und ich mit dem Bus nach Monterosso fuhren um ein wenig bummeln zu gehen, trieb es die Männer zu Fuß... Von Monterosso wollten wir mit dem Zug nach Vernazza fahren wo wir uns wieder treffen wollten. Wir schlenderten also ein bisschen durch die Stadt, durch den Hafen und für Mama gab es ein neues Oberteil... nach ca 2 Stunden ging es mit dem Zug weiter nach Vernazza, wo wir wirklich von Menschenmassen erdrückt wurden... Wir kauften uns schnell Snacks zum Mittagessen und flüchteten durch ein kleines Tunnel an den Strand wo wir aßen und sich auch die Männer dazu gesellten. Wir entschlossen nach Monterosso zu fahren weil wir dort eine wunderschöne Bucht zum Baden gefunden hatten. Nach kleineren Umwegen und Komplikationen entspannten wir in einer wunderschönen Bucht mit kristallklaren Wasser, wo sich auch Mama drin wohlfühlt. Da wir am Abend einen Tisch im Agriturismo reserviert hatten und Simba allein zu Hause war, packten wir unsere Sachen und gingen zur Bushaltestelle wo der Bus zu unserem Ausgangspunkt zurück fahren sollte. Mit was wir nicht rechneten war, dass der Bus completo full war und wir einfach keinen Platz mehr im Bus bekamen. Nach kurzem Schock und dem Wissen dass nur noch ein Bus kam, schlug Hänsi vor nach oben zu laufen um das Auto zu holen und uns abzuholen. Da wir nicht viele Möglichkeiten hatten gab es noch eine Cola als Zucker Spritze für Hänsi und er lief los. Nachdem er nach ca einer halben Stunde völlig schweißgebadet in Monterosso ankam fuhren wir nach Hause. Nachdem wir geduscht und gerichtet waren fuhren wir los, um mit Simba noch eine kleine Runde zu laufen. Auf dem Waldweg vor uns sah ich auf einmal zwei Hunde große Tiere, es waren Wildschweine. Diese machten nur einen kleinen Schritt zur Seite, und beobachtet uns vom Wald aus noch eine ganze Weile. Es folgte ein schöner und vor allem sehr leckerer Abend. Der Hof an dem wir waren war völlig außerhalb und es gab typisch ligurische Küche, wovon alles was auf dem Tisch stand von der Gastgeberin selbst angebaut war. Wir genossen und schleppten bis wir schließlich nach eineinhalb Liter Wein wieder zurück zur Unterkunft führen. (Ani)Read more

  • Day8

    Angelos boat tours

    August 24, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We start the day by wandering around Monterosso old town.
    I buy a pot holder with anchovies on it.
    (the little blue fishies look cute)

    Walk into the striped church which displayed photos of major flooding. Another gelato.

    At 12.00 we met Linda, the host, and Alessandro, the driver, at the harbour. We boarded with eight others. On a little fishing boat. And chugged along.

    I warmed to Linda straight away. She put on some great music and popped the prosecco.
    George Michael's 'Freedom 90' playing loudly made me bop away. Now this is my kind of boat ride.

    We were chatting to the others and then turned around to face wonderful Vernazza. Gorgeous colours.

    Linda spread food out before us. Olives, focccia, pesto, cheeses, salami, all so yum. She kept pouring the wine and I loved everything.

    We anchored for a paddle next to the cliffs. Snorkel and noodle in hand. I jump off the boat and it is glorious. This water is amazing to swim in. Not cold at all. Very salty.

    Everyone comments and one suggests to bring the tequila next time.

    Athena remains on the boat not willing to go into deep water. Me, I was like a kid and jumped off the boat with a big splash 💦.

    All the swimmers just floated and we all chatted. From Ireland, Canada, Seattle. One 50yr old woman with her daughter said she wants to go to Melbourne as hears it is one of the most liveable cities.

    She is a massive fan of the TV show Offspring. And let me tell you she is talking to the right person. Nina Proudman, Billy and Patrick are discussed. When in the water we all chat so freely and openly.

    One of the ladies says she reckons my blog will be funny because I am funny. Yay!
    I just said 'just keeping it real'

    A storm approaches and wind and rain swell. But I am drunk and don't care at all.

    This boat tour is really personable. Highly recommend. Really, just do it.

    When the trip is over, I am toast. I high five all and wobble off the boat. We head back and rest for an hour. Me to blog and Athena to (definately not sleep 😴)!
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    Pete Sullivan

    Oh offspring remember we would discuss Patrick in full detail...great hunk of spunk as Kath day would say. Sounds like so much fun I would have been bombing U with Canon balls lol 🤣🤣🤣

    Amanda Phillips

    Perfect day, your smiles say it all! I’m glad the weather held off as well.

    Carolyn Arch

    Found it.


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