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  • Day246

    Portopalo, 8 months away!

    February 27, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    We've been away from home continuously for 8 months today. As the crow flies we are over 2200 kilometres from where we started and have pretty much reached the most southerly point we'll get to, before starting our journey north for summer. Despite the number of new experiences we are having, we've found a rhythm to everyday life. There are the regular necessities such as emptying the toilet and grey water, finding fresh water and somewhere to buy the food we need. We've also adopted routines to best suit Poppy, each other and ourselves. Living so closely, if a small thing isn't right, it affects us all more than it would back home and so we've learned through experience to take the time, deal with it as early as possible and make changes to improve the way we do things in the future. There is still a lot of fine tuning to do but we are blessed with the time to do it.


    Leaving our exposed overnight spot, we wound our way back to the coast and found a car wash big enough to give Martha a much needed clean. Despite the number of campervans in Italy we haven't seen many facilities large enough down south and she was getting pretty filthy!

    Today's main point of interest was the Vendicari nature reserve where the Rough Guide book said we might see Flamingos! We never know what we are going to find so try not to get our get our hopes up by doing things like exclaiming excitedly that we were going to Flamingo Land! The road that led to the reserve was single track and so overgrown that peculiar driving strategies needed to be employed, such as deciding which type of tree foliage might inflict the least damage to the side of the van when it was necessary to scrape against trees on both sides. There was no turning area at the end other than an entry to a field that had a barrier across it. All it took was a 9 point turn and we were facing the right way and tucked in as much as we could be.

    Although the nature reserve was at a beach, the hides looked out onto salt lakes set back from the low dunes.
    The first revealed a mixed group of Great white Egrets and Spoonbills, large white birds with long distinctive spatula shaped bills, all standing on a strip of land in the foreground, most of them dozing in the afternoon sunshine with their heads tucked away. Behind them and more difficult to distinguish were a group of large black birds that could have been mistaken for Cormorants. We'd come prepared and through the telescope we could see that they were Black Storks, a species we have never seen in the wild before. Moving on, Vicky spotted another salt lake and from the hide looking out over this one, we could see literally hundreds of Flamingos! It was an amazing experience to have driven so far that we were seeing species like this in the wild! The sun was behind them which made visibility difficult but we spent a good long time watching them sleep, strut, fly and even mate. They were spread out in several flocks over the large lake and Vicky wanted to go on and see how far the track could take us. It was at this point Will admitted he had twisted his ankle and needed to go back. Vicky went on for a little while, but would have had to go a long way to get better views than we did in that hide.

    We found home for 2 nights at the harbour of Portopalo di Capo Passare, another place Will had found from the surf website. We parked up behind some old land ridden wooden boats bigger than Martha, some of which had been destroyed by fire. A walk up the small headland allowed us to watch a few surfers at sunset. The last persistent one waiting for his final big wave and being rewarded after 10 minutes or so by a long smooth surf inwards.

    The next day we used the van as a luxury hide to watch little Bonelli's Warblers amongst other small birds feeding in the profusion of yellow wildflowers in front of us. Will fished while Vicky relaxed indoors, resealed the shower tray and attempted to fix the problem of water dripping through the hob into the drawer below.
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  • Day14

    Taormina for lunch

    May 24, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    Caught the ferry to Sicily and headed to beautiful Taormina for lunch...polizia everywhere, carrabineri everywhere Italian military with big machine guns everywhere TV crews news crews. I said to Peter can we stop at a bar without a soldier there... But there wasn't one! And we were turned back from Taomina via the hill road. At this point I have to tell you we have not been watching any news for 2 we thought something awful had happened maybe the Mafia (well it is Sicily). So decided to get out fast. Now languishing at the Villa Ambra in Noto south Sicily we discover (Thanks Google) it's the preparation for the G7 and is Trump coming? I didn't get to see Taomina another black mark against Trump lol! I did get one photo of soldiers was a bit nervous taking pics as they all had machine guns. I guess nothing has kicked off yet hope it all goes well..we hope to be in Malta tomorrow night x x Mandy

    As we waited for the ferry the police came over and asked in a friendly way about the car, then they took photos of themselves posing and wished us a happy holiday. Two minutes later we board the ferry and the crew came over and took photos and then used our camera to photograph us.

    We are booked on the afternoon ferry to Malta tomorrow.

    Villa Ambra -Noto southern Sicily
    The hotel recommended a really good restaurant booked us a table and gave us a map so we set off walking. The map was awful, we had to ask three people before we found it by which time were lost and although Mandy thought she could remember the way I had an idea.
    Technology to the rescue.
    The car is in the hotel car park and it has a tracker so I phoned​ it and it sent an SMS giving its location on Google maps which I set as a destination to walk and followed is directions. Mandy walked in front and correctly guessed the route (she is the navigator after all) and the phone confirmed her every step.
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  • Day15

    Nearly there

    May 25, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

    As we don't need to be at the terminal until after lunch we are off to visit the cathedral and surroundings.
    As usual the hotel people here are lovely.

  • Day13


    April 15, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Jeudi, 13 avril 2017
    Nous quittons non sans regrets ce beau coin de Sicile pour reprendre notre route. Nous n'allons pas jusqu’au cap sud-est et visons directement Noto, une autre des des huit villes baroques. C'est la seule, qui s'est fait reconstruire à un nouvel endroit (10km plus loin) après le séisme. Les constructions sont toutes du même style et étonnamment bien restaurées. Les routes ont étés planifiées sur la table des architectes, tout droites et en toile de fond on voit la mer. Il y a 30 églises et au moins autant de palazzi. Après San Francesco, nous allons voir la cathédrale San Nicolò, restauré après un effondrement partiel en 1996. Le Palazzo Nicolaci, avec ses 90 pièces, est impressionnant et a des balcons décorés avec des figures grotesques. Un bon dîner nous est servi au Marpessa, une bonne adresse un peu cachée. Notre quartier se trouve 40km plus loin, aux portes de Syracuse sur un agro-camping, rustique!Read more

  • Day5

    Sicilija dan 5 - Noto

    September 10, 2014 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    ...poslovimo se od Agrigenta in krenemo na dolgo pot ob obali proti mestu Noto. Vmes se ustavimo na eni izmed neštetih plaž, kjer se malo osvežimo. Nadaljujemo na nasi cca 200 km dolgi poti, vroče, 31 stopinj ampak famozno glede na to kako vreme naj bi bilo doma :)

    Naredimo postanek za sprehod in pivo v mestu Ragusa. Zaradi obvoza smo primorani malo "naokolo", odkrijemo pa zato slikovito mesto Modica. In po skoraj 4 urah smo na avtocesti in 14 km do mesta Noto. Pripeljemo se v lepo in slikovito mesto, kjer nas pričaka vrhunsko "domovanje" za naslednja dva dni. La Niccheta,Via Cavour 128....dejansko smo vsi trije ostali za trenutek odprtih ust, saj je to stanovanje 70 m2, zrihtano, 400 m od strogega centra, skratka ni da ni. Gazda, ki nas je poklical kdaj pridemo, si skoraj zagotovo ne poje od Riblje Čorbe komada "neću da budem član mafije", ker sem skoraj ziher, da ima človek "vrhunske veze". Stanovanje nam je predal v roku 3 minut, v stilu, tu je računalnik, tu je kopalnica, tu je hifi..."musica" :)....tu je kafe avtomat, tu je hrana, ko greste pustita ključ na mizi in zaloputnita vrata. Pobral za dve noci 120 eur in če bi kaj bilo, naj ga pokličemo :) sicer ga verjetno nikad više ne bomo videli. Vozi rdeč coupe Alfa spyder, nosi vrhunske čevlje in v stanovanju so same drage stvari....neke brisače vrhunske dobro :) lepo je, nam je odlično in če ima "veze", smo očitno zelo varni tukaj. :)

    Pojedli kosilce, si malo spočili in sedaj gremo raziskovat mesto.

    In vau...zelo simpatično mesto, lepa stara ulica, povsod trgovinice, kofetjerice, pekarnice, obvezne katedral(ic)e, cerkve, stopnice, fino vzdušje, v parku štanti s sušenim paradižniki, vini, pistacijo, mandlji, igrala za otroke...res luštno. Kljub vsemu je utrujenost najmanjše popotnice bila velika, da smo po obisku malega marketa, si v otmenem stanovanju naredili domačo večerjo s testeninami, popili hladen pir in jutri bomo polni energije raziskovali naprej, prvo mesto, jutranji kofetek, potem pa se na plažo....Lido di Noto je samo 6 km stran....mivka spet :)
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  • Day6

    Sicilija dan 6 - Noto - Lido di Noto

    September 11, 2014 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    ...današnji dan se je pa začel neprijetno...Jasmina je imela celo noč težave, nič spanja, bruhanje, skratka mora počivat. Z Evo sva se odpravila sama v market, nakupila stvari da spravimo mamico k sebi, natankala avto in zdaj cartamo mamico....malo bova šla še po mestu sama, na igrala, potem pa počitek, ker kugla zunaj kuri preko 30 stopinj....

    ...sprehod z Evo do parka, sladoled in pomarančna granita, vmes še skok do lekarne po elektrolite, ter nazaj. Skuhamo kosilo in zdaj čakamo da še Eva malo legne, da bi morda res, v kolikor bo Jasmina boljša, lahko popoldne šli na Lido di Noto na kopanje in zvečer še sprehod po krasnem Notu, ker jutri gremo naprej v Sirakuzo.

    Vmes pa morda par besed o vtisih, Sicilija je lepa, zanimiva, tudi prav po italijansko umazana ko se voziš po njej. Ljudje "trdi", vendar "little smile goes a long way" in ko se odprejo, so izjemno prijazni...poceni ni, brez avta bi bili "mrzli", če pomislim, da bi vse to kar smo in bomo videli, moral iskati vlake, prevoze itd...Sicilije brez avta si res ne znam predstavljat. Spanja so ok, od sprejemljivih cen do dragih. Dodatni zajtrk je recimo prednost, ne pa taka, da bi "dol padel". Zadnja dva tri dni hodimo v market in pridemo s hrano skozi s cca 20 do 30 eur za skoraj 3 do 4 obroke. Ok, zraven še kaki sladoled, sladica, pivica, ampak da se in nikakor nismo lačni, nasprotno. Vsekakor pa bomo si privoščili še kako dobro večerjo v italijanskem stilu, kot smo to nardedili v Agrigentu. Hrano imajo res dobro. Vino takisto :)

    Po popoldanskem počitku, ki je dobro del vsem, smo se le odpravili v Lido di Noto. Res malo obmorsko vasivo s peščeno plažo. Mami se je nadihala svežega zraka, ata se je kopal z malo popotnico, potem pa domov na prežgano juhico za želodčke in spat....jutri v Sirakuso.
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  • Day6

    Noto en Marzamemi

    June 2, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Vandaag het prachtige Noto bezocht. Stad was vernietigd door aardbeving en dan paar kilometer verder helemaal opnieuw opgebouwd in de 17de eeuw in barok. Lijkt wel een openlucht museum. Daarna nog wat rustig wandelen in een vissersdorpje dat vroeger leefde van de tonijn. Leuke bars en restaurantjes. Afsluiten in lokale Koala pub in Syracuse voor goedkoop en lekker eten. Morgen laatste dag...Read more

  • Day85

    Noto bene

    January 20 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    This hillside town was called Neas, founded by the Sicans.
    Conquered by the Syracuseans, it absorbed Hellenic customs and rites, before falling to the Romans when it became a federated city. Later its status was elevated to Latin municipium, which brought many priviledges including the right to govern itself with its own laws.
    Next the Arabs took over a renamed it Noto, (which it remains to this day,) and managed to cling on until 1090.
    In 1693, it was destroyed by the earthquake that struck the whole of south-western Sicily and rebuilt in the baroque style as we see today. (At least, we see the parts that are open at lunchtime when I passed through.)
    + The main entrance to the city is through the Arco di Trionfo. At the top you can see the sculpture of a dog, symbolising loyalty and a pelican for sacrifice. Like the rest of the town it is built using a golden yellow limestone. The stone is unique apparently for its flexibility but maybe they meant versatility (my Italian is not that good!)
    + The corso Vittorio Emanuele is the main axis through the town.
    + The Cathedral, which stands on top of a monumental staircase, was begun a few months after the earthquake but was only completed in 1770. It took more than 10 years, using both modern engineering techniques together with those of the 1700’s to craft original materials into yet another UNESCO world heritage site.
    + Every side road leads to yet another church.
    + Through the gates of the Vittorio Emanuele III theatre, across piazza XVI Maggio is the Church of San Domenico
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