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  • Day16

    Les Pouilles

    July 2, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Ah les Pouilles !! (ou plutôt la Puglia comme disent les Italiens)

    Voici une région qui nous a tapé dans l'oeil, à tous les 4. Les filles ont adoré les plages, la pêche aux crabes et les glaces (nous aussi d'ailleurs). Mais il y a plus que ça dans cette région. Il y a un vrai dépaysement, qu'on ne retrouve pas ailleurs en Italie. La Toscane est très belle, c'est vrai, mais très classique et trop léchée.

    Ici tout est plus rustique et dans son jus, mais quel jus ! Le bleu intense de la mer, le blanc éclatant des maisons à la chaux et le jaune lourd d'un soleil de plomb se marient avec le rouge d'une terre ocre dans laquelle les oliviers centenaires, la vigne et les lauriers rose se plaisent à merveille et apportent une touche verte de fraîcheur bienvenue.

    Chaque village a son identité et son architecture bien à lui, et a su garder une belle unité. Mentions spéciales pour Polignano a Mare et ses maisons surplombant des falaises à pic au-dessus de l'eau, Ostuni, village perché sur les hauteurs, et Alberobello avec ses trulli, maisons coniques en pierre. L'artisanat local y est partout bien présent et très beau. Il y a très peu de magasins de babioles, chaque boutique fait envie.

    Et on y mange bien ! Poisson fraîchement pêché, mozzarella locale et huile d'olive, è molto buono!

    Et encore une fois le peu de touristes nous en fait profiter encore plus, très égoïstement.

    On reviendra !
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    Prune THYEBAUT

    Ca donne vraiment envie 🥰

    Celine Gerrand-Andrillon

    J avoue ! Super chouette !

    Margaux Fildier

    Superbe! Merci de nous faire voyager 💋

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  • Day36


    June 19 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Hab mich heut früh entschlossen weiter zu fahren da mir der Platz nicht wirklich gefallen hat und s leider ganz im Süden nicht so viele Plätze gibt. Bin jetz in der Nähe von Monopoli an nem schönen Stellplatz direkt am Meer.
    Aufm weg hier her hab ich noch Par mal angehalten, morgens in Gagliano del capo und danach zum schwimmen und Frühstück in Marina serra. Leider hatte ich (nicht zum ersten Mal) vergessen die Druckknöpfe an den Schränken zu zumachen und bin losgefahren..das Ergebniss war mal wieder das alles rausgefallen is, diesmal is leider zusätzlich die kaffeebox aufgegangen und mein Kaffeepulver war überall verteilt..🤦🏽‍♀️
    Naja nach kurzem Reinigungsstopp ging’s weiter nach Ostuni, was mir unglaublich gut gefallen hat. So ne schöne Stadt 😍
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    Anna Niefnecker

    Tine du schussel 🙄😂😂😂😜

    Christina Niefnecker


    Gabi Niefnecker


    Gabi Niefnecker

    Stillleben, so schön😍😍

  • Apr27


    April 27, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Set off at 9:30. John was feeling well enough to join us.
    Our first stop was Ostuni, a white washed town on a hill. Our guide Luciano walked us around the old city and through the basilica. Then we had 2 hours free time to shop and eat. We bought some olive oil and found somewhere to eat in the shade and shared a panini.Read more

    Judging from your photos, this trip seems to be all about the food. Obviously, you're getting the hang of Italy! Gelato, yum - now you're talking! Cheers Peter H


    Did you try the gelati? Kaylene


    I'm like the look of the gelati, hope you had some! Sue


    Can’t remember if we had any gelati here. It is everywhere and I have been very restrained and had only 3 so far - in 12 days, as of May 4th! Delicious though.

  • Day10


    July 5, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we had a long day of plane riding and driving! We flew all the way from Berlin to Puglia and then we drove for about 1 hour and a half from the airport to our hotel. Puglia is so beautiful and we’re really enjoying it so far. We haven’t done any actual activities but tomorrow we will! I’ll keep you posted!🤗Read more

  • Day7

    Ostuni, Città Bianca

    June 18, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Der Beiname Ostunis lautet die “Weiße Stadt“. Seit dem 14. Jahrhundert werden die Häuser laut Reiseführer weiß gekalkt, sodass die Stadt bereits aus der Ferne weiß strahlt.
    Die Innenstadt erstreckt sich über drei Hügel und ist von einem Gewirr hübscher, enger Gässchen mit Souvenirshops und Restaurants sowie zahlreichen Treppen durchzogen.Read more

    Doris Seyfried

    Wir erleben selbiges grad in blau 😉



    Ernst Heissenberger

    Sogar die Fahrzeuge sind in Weiß gehalten - das nenne ich Konsequenz!

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  • Day15

    Ostuni, The White City

    April 15, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    On our way from Gallipoli to Alberobello, we stopped off for a visit to Ostuni, a picturesque hillside town that is known as Città Bianca, The White City. The majority of the buildings in the old town are constructed of limestone, a readily available commodity in the region, whose white colour served not only to keep the homes cool in the summer, it provided lime, the mineral that acted as an effective disinfectant in ancient times of epidemic. In fact, it is believed the city was largely spared from the plague in the 17th century because of the inhabitants’ use of lime.
    From the highway one can see Ostuni gleaming in the sunshine from several kilometers away, quite a spectacular sight.
    The area was first inhabited by Neanderthals some 40,000 years ago and the remains of a pregnant woman, who died 25,000 years ago, were found in one of the nearby caves. Quite a history.
    Of course, like most of this part of Italy, the city was built, conquered, destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries. Messapians, Greeks, Romans and Normans all held the city at some point in history.
    We wandered through the old town, admiring the 13th century cathedral, the palaces and some of the ruins of the ancient fortifications.
    We were surprised to find the city to be teeming with tourists, particularly this early in the season.
    When we arrived in Ostuni, I parked the car in the first open spot I saw. Park first, ask questions later. When we got out to read the signs to see if we could legally park in that spot, we were both puzzled by the posted pictograms. As we stood on the corner debating what to do, we were approached by an American couple, who have also been touring around Italy. The woman inquired as to our nationality and then went on a rant about how many tourists are already in the more popular cities further north. She claimed Rome is now almost unrecognizable with all the African, Syrian, Iranian and Chinese immigrants roaming the streets. Brenda politely agreed with her that the mainland Chinese tourists are quite unpleasant and said she does not want to be mistaken for one. The woman said, “I understand. Maybe you should have some surgery done to change your eyes or something”. Hmm….I wonder who she voted for.
    By the time afternoon rolled around, we were getting a little hungry, but couldn’t find anything open to meet our dietary requirements. OK, there were a few, but the prices they were charging in the old town were ludicrous. Sorry, I can’t bring myself to pay €10.00 for a plate of pureed fava beans, even if it is a regional specialty. We made our way out of the old city and eventually came to a Tavola Calda that was filled with locals having lunch. Food is served cafeteria style and we ate delicious tomato and artichoke salads, pickled beets, orrechiette pasta and I had a decadent slice of tiramisu for dessert.
    With very happy bellies, we jumped into La Grande Orange and made our way to our next destination, Alberobello.
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    That was a horrible rude woman you guys came across and I probably would have told her so with the comment about the eyes. She should stay home. mj

  • Day6

    Die Adria, Olivenöl und ein Monolith

    October 11, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Erst Frühstück, dann in der Sonne an unserem Pool bis zum Mittag abhängen.
    Dann ab nach Torre S. Leonardo, einem jetzt verlassenen Strandort am Adriatischen Meer. Die Kinder buddeln im weißen Sand, geschmierte Brote am Strand...
    Dann Olivenöl bei Ostuni direkt beim Hersteller gekauft (haben wir einfach gegoogelt 😜). Und dann den Hinweisschildern zu einem Monolithen aus dem 2. Jht. v. Chr. (Bronzezeit) gefolgt, dem Dolmen von Montalbano.

    Zum Abschluss Pizza in Pascarosa, einem verschlafenen Weiler in unserer Nähe (von unserem Vermieter empfohlen). Aber leider, wie beim ersten Versuch geschlossen!
    Also auf nach Cisternino und dort Pizza genießen in der „Doppelten Null“ und einen leckeren Primitivo.
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  • Day61


    January 12, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 8 °C


    Ostuni is a tiny white hamlet that sits atop a hill in Puglia (or Apulia), guarding the region at the heel of Italy. It is so small that it takes only 10 minutes to stroll from one end of town to the other, and 30 minutes to walk the circumference with stops for photos and look into the few shops that may be open. Indeed, being off season, the town was very quiet and very few places were open. There was such a slow rhythm to everything, it seemed like the town just went to sleep, hibernating and waiting for Easter when the tourist season would begin. It was nice to have the narrow windy streets and scenic lookouts to ourselves, even if it meant that we were stared at by the few old men and old ladies around.

    We explored the town most thoroughly on our first morning, before the rain came in the afternoon. Not having found anything interesting open for lunch, we cooked at the apartment, and were just about to settle for a restful quiet afternoon when Kai slipped on a puddle in the lounge. There was a leak! As the rain intensified, so did the number of leaks. Kai found more buckets, and we used all the buckets and all the pots and all the pans. Grace kept in contact with the apartment owner who received a progress report about the increasing number of leaks and their location. He was most apologetic and did not even mind that Grace melted his coffee maker. A brand new one with fresh coffee beans was delivered the next morning. Fortunately, the rain stopped by the evening and before the ceiling fell.

    The sun shone when we woke the second morning. We explored the town again in the morning, and failing to find any corner or alley we have not been down at least twice, we decided to go to the beach. The lady at the tourist information was most helpful. She told us that there was only one bus in Ostuni, and only one bus stop. The microbus (honestly, the tiny bus is called a microbus) leaves Ostuni for the beach at 1.15pm and picks up from the beach at 4.50pm.

    We decided to have lunch at the local cafe/newsagent/restaurant/bar. The town is so tiny that one little place served all those functions. We discovered it had great coffee and simple but tasty homemade pastas and sandwiches. When the owner heard that we had no car, he shook his head. Then he leant that we were going to the beach, and he exclaimed, " Mama Mia!" with his five fingertips pressed together and waving at us. Different regions of Italy have totally different cultures, different foods, different pastas, different dialects and accents. But, they all exclaim "Mama Mia!" in the same way, with the same gesture of five fingertips pressed together, waving in exactly the same way. Even the little boy of about 7 exclaimed it, with the appropriate gesture, when the soccer ball he kicked just missed Kai's head.

    We went to the beach armed with Kindle, books and a pack of cards to occupy ourselves with. Before we got off the microbus, the driver gesticulated for us to wait. He got his bus timetable out and circled 4.50pm, the time for us to catch the bus back to Ostuni. Guess he did not want us to miss the only bus back.

    We walked along the beach from one bay to the next. It was a mixture of sandy bays, rocky bays, and bays of dried corals. One thing that was prevalent was litter and garbage. It was sad to see a coastline robbed of its beauty by sheer laziness and care-lessness. Apartments and houses of various sizes lined the beaches, and all were shut and boarded up. Collectively, they formed a ghost town with stay cats that eyed us suspiciously. Needless to say, the beach was deserted. There were 2 men casting their fishing lines into the waves, and a few local tourists who stayed no more than 5 minutes to take a few photos before driving away. We walked along the bays, we walked in ghost town, admired the bigger and more fancy houses that fronted the beach, and explored the rock pools. Time flew by. Only Kindle emerged from the bag, but it was not read. When we went for apertivo, the cafe owner seemed relived to see us back from the beach. He gave us some pizza "free, free" as though to celebrate our return.

    We could have stayed in Ostuni for many more days, but it was time to leave for Naples after 3 nights.
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  • Day3

    Um Alberobello

    October 8, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    Die Heimat der Trulli und Ziel des internationalen Tourismus... so steht es im Reiseführer. Gehen wir es an.
    Nach gewohnt ausgiebigem Frühstück, eine kurze Anfahrt (ca. 26 km). Und dann eine Stadt voller Trulli, die wir aber rasch bei einer geplanten Rundwanderung durch das urbane Umland verlassen.
    Dann über etwa 13 km durch Olivenhaine, Steineichenwälchen und querfeldein, immer wieder verfallene, bewohnte und dann luxuriös rekonstruierte ortstypische Gebäude. Eine hübsche Wanderung.
    Am Abend dann in Ceglie Messapica lecker einheimische Pizza und jetzt zum Abschluss ein „Nero d’Avola“.
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  • Day4

    Martina Franca

    October 9, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    Martina Franca, ein vom Massentourismus verschontes Städchen!
    Im Reiseführer als Barockstadt von europäischem Rang mit einem der schönsten und interessantesten urbanen Zentrum der Region gelobt. Ich schließe mich durchaus der Meinung des Autors an, das der durchaus andernorts schwülstige Barock hier mit einer charmanten Eleganz bezaubert. Wir ließen uns einfach durch die schmalen Gassen spülen und treiben, lecker italienisches Eis für die Kinder, Cappuccino und Café Americano für die Großen auf der Piazza Maria Immacolata... la dolce vita 😊

    Heute Abend gibt es wieder Spaghetti mit Tomatensauce aus lokalen Produkten.

    Ach ja, und hier die Bilder...
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