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  • Day44

    Florence and Tuscany

    October 16, 2016 in Italy ⋅

    So as you can see we're getting a little slower at posting on the's about week 7 right now so as you can imagine we've been pretty busy! But of course we want to keep you all in the loop so here is a brief post on Florence.

    We really enjoyed the city and it helped that Rupal had been there before. What we found most fun about Florence were the streets at night. Deserted after the tourists had gone to bed was when we could really appreciate what the city had to offer. The amazing architecture and culture of renaissance art are still preserved in the city which make you feel like you have some how gone back in time.

    We also took a little time to explore Tuscany, the region in which Florence is based. This of course included a wine tour to taste some Chianti Classico. Not only did we enjoy learning about the wine made in the region but we also learnt a lot about olive oil and balsamic which was neat.

    We'll be back Florence, you're a pretty magical city!
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  • Day32

    The quest for a football jersey

    September 27, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Finn has been desperate to buy a soccer jersey for EVER! Today as we wandered through Florence we came across a store totally dedicated to soccer gear AND they have gear for Real Madrid AND they customised the jerseys as you watched which, admittedly, was pretty cool.

    Using the money he has been saving up since his birthday and Christmas last year Finn bought the "away jersey" for Real Madrid, got the #7 jersey for Cristiano Ronaldo, and could also get his name on it. One happy boy at the end of it all!

    He realised later he didn't have the shorts, so I guess that gives us something to look out for during the rest of the holiday!
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  • Day32


    September 27, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Taking into account all wisdom published on the internet about NOT parking in Florence, we headed off to what was supposed to be the super-dooper new parking lot off the A1 built at the end of the tram line, which was not expensive and features a quick ride on the tram into Florence. Reality = if you didn't approach the super-dooper new parking lot from the A1 autostrade (which we didn't) then you can't actually access it. So what we witnessed was a gigantic brand new parking lot with almost no cars parked in it which we could circumnavigate, but not get into. Frustrating! After driving around for way longer than desired, we parked in some industrial estate hoping we wouldn't be towed/clamped, walked to the tram and scooted into Florence.

    We wandered to the obligatory attractions of Florence, but I have to say that the entire experience was not all that enjoyable and the only thing you could (sort of) get from the experience was a) it would be horrible to be a native to Firenze and have to live in the city positively heaving with tourists and b) Florence is a victim of it's own fame. We heard one American guy stating that it just seemed to be one gigantic shopping mall for tourists. Pretty much summed it up... [I realise this is probably a case of committing culture-lovers' blasphemy. I am sure the city is perfectly lovely if you take all the people out of it.]

    Just as we were waiting for the tram to come home Kate and I wandered into a nearby shopping mall in search of a loo and witnessed two ladies taking their dogs shopping with them, who did "their business" in the middle of the mall (think of this in the middle of Garden City and you could imagine our horror at the sight!) and then just walk off. Gobsmacking.
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  • Day27


    June 5, 2015 in Italy ⋅

    Florence was beautiful, I enjoyed exploring with Jessie and Jayden for most of the day because everyone split off after our walking tour. We went to Zaza for lunch, a place that our walking tour guide recommended - it was delicious.
    During the day we managed to see the Duomo, Basilica Santa Croce, Giotto's Bell Tower, The Baptistery & Piazza Della Singnoria! We were also taken to a Florentine leather craft demonstration which was interesting!Read more

  • Day26

    Red Garter

    June 4, 2015 in Italy ⋅

    Tonight we went to Red Garter for drinks and a little bit of karaoke! The cocktails were huge and everyone was getting a bit tipsy. Highlight of the night was when Will got up on stage and sung 'Sweet Home Alabama', he was awesome - everyone was on their feet singing and dancing!

  • Day139


    August 7, 2015 in Italy ⋅

    With James and Steph in tow we set off for Florence. Its a long travel day so we happily check into our airbnb and settle in for the night watching Gladiator (after being inspired by the Colloseum visit!) on the home cinema (ipad).

    We spend 3 nights in Florence, hitting all the sights (still as beautiful as ever), take lots of photos and buy lots of leather (mainly Steph although Suki got a new handbag too!).

    Inbetween all the photo taking we eat a lot of cheese, ham and olives, drink lots of wine and cook lots of Italian themed dishes. Its actually just really nice chilling out and relaxing with friends after being on the road for a while now.. over 4 months and counting!
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  • Day106

    Florence, Italy

    August 20, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    What a beautiful city Florence is!! I didn't know what to expect coming here but having no expectations has meant I haven't been disappointed. It is a very old city, similar to Rome, but the place is so alive with heaps of locals and tourists which automatically makes you love the place. We were able to visit all the main sites in one day but the highlights of Florence include the best spinach and ricotta ravioli in Italy, the best spaghetti and meatballs in Italy, and the best gelato in Italy! Finally we've found some decent Italian food and gelato, I was beginning to wonder what all the fuss was about. Our hotel was up five flights of stairs so a bit of a challenge each day for Nana but the three of us sure did work for our twice a day gelato. The snickers, Nutella and lemon gelatos were amazing!! Florence is interesting in that there wasn't one particular thing that made me love it and as I look back on photos there's nothing spectacular but the vibe of the place was so enjoyable and alive that it is definitely a memorable city.Read more

  • Day15


    June 4, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Wir fuhren wie zuvor angedacht nach Florenz und suchten uns eine Strecke, die größtenteils über die Landstraße führte. So führte unser Weg noch einmal mitten durch die typische Toskana-Landschaft.

    In Florenz steuerten wir dann als erstes die Piazzale Michelangelo an. Von hier aus hat man einen tollen Blick über die gesamte Stadt. 🖒 Direkt nebenan entdeckten wir dann auch einen Campingplatz, der leider nur für Zelte ausgelegt ist und und nicht aufnahm.

    So irrten wir eine Weile in Florenz umher, um einen geeigneten Stell- oder Campingplatz zu finden. Gelandet sind wir dann letztlich auf einem Campingplatz, der gerade neu ist und noch ausgebaut wird. Der Pool ist leider noch nicht fertig.😐 Der Platz liegt 5 km außerhalb des Stadtzentrums, ist aber in der Nähe einer Bushaltestelle gelegen. Der Bus fährt in knapp 15 Minuten direkt bis in die Innenstadt und so fuhren wir am frühen Abend mit dem Bus.🚌 Leider war es in der Stadt sehr voll. Selbst mit entsprechender Langzeitbelichtung sind nicht alle Personen von den Bildern zu bekommen gewesen. Als wir dann nach 23 Uhr zurück am Campingplatz waren, war ich nur noch müde. Leider bin ich noch immer nicht ganz fit und das macht sich zeitweise bemerkbar. Aber wir machen das Beste draus... 😊
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  • Day13

    Caldo Firenze!

    August 5, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Florencie v nás vzbudila rozporuplné pocity. Teplota se zde vyšplhala na příšerných 40 stupňů, takže láska na první pohled to opravdu nebyla. Museli jsme si k ní najít cestu až druhý den večer po skvělé večeři v restauraci Borgo Antico, kde jsme si objednali místní specialitu bistecca alla florentina (tj. 1 kg T-bone steak) a celou jsme ji sežrali. 😜 Co ještě říci o Florencii? Za návštěvu určitě stojí (nejenom díky výše zmíněnému steaku). Připravte se však v první řadě na opravdu masivní počty turistů. Další četně zastoupenou skupinou jsou prodejci všemožných kravin, padělků hodinek a kabelek. S nadprůměrnými cenami všeho je to dost smrtelná kombinace. Celé to vyvažuje velké množství až gigantických památek. Například u Dómu lze regulérně popřemýšlet o tom, zda zadavatel stavby netrpěl komplexem malého pindíka. 😁 Něco tak velkého jsme již dlouho neviděli. Doporučení na závěr: Hlavní památky sice vidět musíte, ale najděte si nějaké klidné místo a se skleničkou v ruce si užijte tu pohodovější stránku Florencie.Read more

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