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  • Day49

    A room with a view in Sorrento

    May 13, 2017 in Italy

    I arrived after a flight from Naples and then a bus ride to the lovely town of Sorrento. Next challenge was finidng my room at the B&B I had booked. Google maps led me to a very large private house which was not the right place. As I stood there pondering a lovely young American woman stopped to help. She was living in Sorrento and running a food tour business. She rang the host and got directions for me, one of many helpful people I found along the way.

    The room was lovely with a balcony and view over the Petite Mer and fisherman's village. The host helped me up the stairs with the bags and then took me to the rooftop balcony for a drink and a chat. She gave me some great advice about how to spend the next few days.

    Breakfast was freshly made food served every day on the roof balcony. Such a nice start to each day. The village below was lively at night and a great place to eat with fish straight from the boats each day.
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  • Day14

    Sorrento & Amalfi Coast, Italy

    August 16, 2017 in Italy

    Today we drove the entire Amalfi Coast. The narrow winding road offered magnificent views throughout. We stopped in the town of Amalfi to walk its streets, visit piazzas and have lunch.
    We could go on and on about this special place but will let our pictures do the talking.

  • Day1

    Sixty in Sorrento

    September 16, 2017 in Italy

    02:15 start seemed like a really good idea when we booked this holiday. Never mind holiday started with a bang well 2 bangers and a full English breakfast 😁06:00 out of Manchester for Naples gives a full day. Finally got to the hotel around 14:00 after a chaotic arrival at the airport - I suppose the Italians would say it was highly organised!!. Hotel not really what we were expecting and our balcony is bigger than our room. At least it is warm and very sunny when the clouds go 😎Read more

  • Day5

    Captain Obvious

    May 10 in Italy

    An hour and a half in a train station feels like five.
    If you pack a big suitcase you are going to have to lift it up train steps.
    When the train attendant helps you with your case expect a dirty look if it's incredibly heavy.
    Sorrento is beautiful.
    If you book accommodation at the top of the hill you will be climbing an awful lot of stairs.
    Only the brave would drive in Italy. Or an idiot.
    The idiot has six days to learn the road rules.Read more

  • Day7

    Sorrento. Day 6.

    July 11 in Italy

    Отдышавшись после подъема, мама снова подала голос. На этот раз было предложено поехать в Сорренто. Но помимо города нас интересовал панорамный серпантин, прорубленный в скале. Мама клятвенно пообещала, что больше ножками мы взбираться не будем, но ей поверила только я. Мы двинулись вдвоём. Ба отходила от стресса в шезлонге на веранде.
    А мы уже рассматривали вырубленные в скалах домики. Наше воображение было поражено, как этот, в общем-то ленивый, народ умудрился построить свою жизнь (инфраструктуру, огороды, сады и даже парковки) на таком клочке, даже не земли, а камня! Нас впечатлило и то, что живя буквально над морем, не везде есть возможность к этому морю подойти: под тобой просто отвесная скала. Некоторые оптимисты (как иначе их назвать???) прорубают себе лесенку. Это, конечно, спасает положение, но не полностью. Ведь потом нужно подниматься, как говорится, «upper». В общем, в этом и состоит их культура жизни. Приятно осознавать, что они не просто здесь обосновались, а сделали это настолько красиво, что стали знаменитыми на весь мир!
    Спустя 2 часа и всего 40 км (да, я забыла упомянуть, что на материке дороги шире как-то не стали, поэтому ехали мы медленно, как всегда, стараясь с наименьшими для встречных автовладельцев потерями разминуться на этой дороге.), мы полуживые от серпантина вышли в Сорренто. Провели мы там часа 3, полторы из которых мы искали выход к морю. Из интереса мы подошли к какому-то обрыву, глянули вниз, а там пляж с ведущим к нему серпантином. Опа! К такому жизнь нас не готовила... но, видимо, даже итальянцы сочли эту высоту достаточной, чтобы построить... лифт!!! О боги! Неужели! Не успела, я сориентироваться, как мама уже галопом бежала к нему. Пляж у них напоминает Сочи: много бетона, много людей, мало места. Мы не задержались, а принялись дальше осматривать город. Красивый. Со своим итальянским лоском.
    Кажется, я мало уделяла внимания кухне. Поэтому позволю себе немного остановиться на ней. А именно, сказать о том, что я впервые в жизни поняла, что от пиццы и пасты меня уже тошнит! Меня! Поэтому, когда мама заказала свою любимую пиццу «4 сыра» (ибо только она съедобна благодаря обилию сыра), на неё воззрились умоляющие глаза с немым укором «только не это!». Принялись точнее изучать меню. мда. Все, что отлично от пасты и пиццы, стоит дороже. Но оно хоть было. Так что обошлось без жертв итальянской кухни в моем лице... но вот что подмечено: 2 раза заказывали карбонару (первый раз не понравилось, во второй раз дали макаронникам последний шанс), и.... она снова проиграла своему русскому аналогу. Дорогие итальянцы, приезжайте к нам, Россия вас научит готовить ваши национальные блюда!
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  • Day6

    Wildflowers of Capri

    May 11 in Italy

    So today Graham decided he liked taking photos of wildflowers.
    Here is a selection. I told him I'm going to enter him in the photo section of the Royal Show along with his chilli jam.
    Anyone who is invited to slide night of our holiday have been warned.

  • Day6

    Mt Solaro, Capri

    May 11 in Italy

    Whilst in Capri we caught the chairlift up Mt Solaro. There is a photo of me on the chairlift. That is not a smile, it is a look of sheer terror. Graham said the view was beautiful. I'll take his word. The gardens up the hill were a mix of vegetables, lemon trees, wildflowers and weeds all growing happily together and they really are lovely. That's the look we're going for at home.
    There's a photo of us at the top with nothing behind us. There would be a beautiful view behind us but we were in the clouds. Weirdest thing ever.
    We had read that you can hike back down the mountain to Ana Capri so thought that sounds nice. Found the stairs and headed off. After about a dozen stairs it becomes an incredibly steep track of mud, rocks and pebbles that only a mountain goat, serious hiker or us would attempt to walk down. How we didn't roll an ankle I don't know, and there were some muscle groups used today that have not been used for a very long time. But the view half way down over the bay (still with the odd cloud) was spectacular.
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  • Day7


    May 12 in Italy

    Toured Pompeii this morning. Our guide was sorting out free entry for under 18s and Graham put his hand up and said "I'm 16". "Sorry sir" she replied - "no senior discount". I lost it!
    Pompeii was incredibly interesting. It was buried under metres of volcanic ash in 79AD and then forgotten about until a farmer above fell down a well and discovered a city underneath. History lesson over.
    Really enjoyed seeing the fast food outlet, bar and of course the brothel, with the menu painted above the rooms. It is amazing to see what they were able to build, like the sauna room in the public baths with under floor heating. And not an engineer in sight.Read more

  • Day6

    Sorrento & Capri

    May 11 in Italy

    We are staying in a lovely BnB in Sorrento slightly above (more hills) the town but ever so peaceful. It is lovely to wake up in the morning to the sound of the chickens clucking away at the back door, as opposed to waking up at my house to my girls screeching the house down for worms or to get let out. And to top it off they have five cats.
    Had a lovely seafood dinner at the marina last night. It is a very popular restaurant so they have chairs lined up in twos so you start standing at the back of the bus and eventually you move forward until you are in the front chairs and win the table lottery. It was a bit like a game of musical chairs and everyone was having a great laugh. The food was worth it.
    Headed over to Capri today. Caught the chairlift to Mt Solaro (will do a separate post) and then headed to Ana Capri for a wander around the smaller town. Caught the funicular down to the marina. We were packed in like sardines so couldn't see a thing. Capri was very busy in the towns and really touristy but out of the main towns was lovely.
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  • Day7

    Sorrento at Night

    May 12 in Italy

    The best thing about Sorrento is the evenings. Restaurants, shopping, gelato until late at night. And then a homemade limoncello when we get back to the room.
    Went to a fantastic new pasta restaurant last night. Loved the food and also loved that we felt like we were in an episode of Fawlty Towers. Graham ordered a glass of white wine - out came a red. Sent it back - out came a glass of sparkling wine. Third time was a charm. Meals were delivered to the wrong table, meals weren't delivered. It was hilarious. But the food was amazing and free entertainment! And best of all - dessert pasta. Graham had chocolate spaghetti, I had mini canelloni filled with cream and the weeniest little strawberries you have ever seen. I wanted to lick the plate but hadn't had enough to drink. :)Read more

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