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    • Day 20

      Path of the Gods & Italian Kindness

      September 6, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

      We have a list of ~30 questions we ask the boys to answer for each country, which includes “share one act of kindness you experienced in this country.” As we flew from Naples, Italy to Heraklion, Crete, we all unanimously agreed that the most impactful act of kindness happened on the Path of the Gods.

      For our last full day in Italy, we scrapped the idea of going to Capri in favor of doing the Path of the Gods. The 8km trail begins in Bomerano and descends about 500 meters into Positano. It’s stunningly gorgeous and while it’s not that difficult, there are quite a few places that made the over-protective parent in me very nervous as the boys rock hopped precariously close to a 500m drop to the sea.

      Getting to Bomerano proved to be more challenging on public transit than we expected. What would have been a 5 hour walk, required 2.5hrs of one train and two buses, one of which takes over an hour on hairpin turn roads and is usually standing room only. Due to some delays and our inability to fully understand Italian road signs, we arrived at the trailhead about two hours later than planned and all a little hangry, so we stopped for lunch in Bomerano before heading out.

      Esp. for those who have hiked with me, you may know I’m a bit of a water nazi. We usually have 100oz of water for a short hike in the blue hills, as well as some snacks, a headlamp & pocket knife…just in case! However, given the delay and eating lunch, we forgot to refill our water bladder and started the trail with only ~75oz instead of the 150oz as planned. We had been told there were numerous water stops along the trail, which turned out to be true at the beginning, when we weren’t thinking about water, but not true after the halfway mark, when we were.

      About 45 minutes from Positano, we got to the point where Rob and I stopped drinking and started monitoring the boys’ intake. An Italian couple heading in the other direction overhead us discussing water and very generously insisted on giving us one of their extra water bottles. We were all very grateful for the extra water and each downed two full water bottles when we arrived. Despite being a bit thirsty, it was one of the most beautiful hikes we had ever done and that Italian couple’s generosity will stay with us for a long time!
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    • Day 24

      Amalfiküste ❤️

      October 18, 2023 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

      Wir haben uns entschieden die Amalfiküste mit der Fähre zu erkunden. Nachdem wir auf einem super Parkplatz in Salerno die Nacht verbracht hatten, starteten wir unseren Tag mit einem italienischen Frühstück (Cornetto 🥐 und Espresso ☕). Danach ging es direkt zur Fähre! Von Salerno dauert die Fahrt nach Positano etwa 1 Stunde und 15 Minuten. Dort angekommen sind wir ein bisschen durch die Gassen geschlendert und haben ein paar Fotos geknipst. In ungefähr jedem Geschäft konnte man etwas mit Zitronen 🍋 kaufen. 😁 An der Amalfiküste ist es auf jeden Fall total schön aber man ist keinesfalls alleine dort. 😁😅 Gegen Mittag haben wir unsere Rückreise nach Salerno angetreten. Dort angekommen gab es erstmal Aubergine mit Parmesan als Vorspeise, Pasta als Hauptgericht und ein Espresso inklusive Tiramisu zum Nachtisch! 🫄

      Nun sind wir auf dem Weg weiter nach Norden und können morgen hoffentlich unseren letzten Strandtag für dieses Jahr genießen! Drückt uns bitte die Daumen! ❤️ Danke!
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    • Day 5

      Hotel Pupetto in Positano

      October 11, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Glück hatten wir mit dem Hotel Pupetto - unser Zimmer hatte Meerblick, am Nebenstrand gelegen, direkter Meerzugang, der Hauptort in ca. 10 Min über einen kleinen Weg mit Tunneln zu erreichen und auch die Küche samt Service hervorragend.Read more

    • Day 5


      October 11, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Ein paar Tage blieben wir in Positano, zum Glück am kleinen Nebenstand, der Spiagga de Fornilla.
      Der Ort war ab 10 Uhr, sobald die Tagestouristen einfielen, furchtbar. Ein wunderschöner Ort, der leider vom Tourismus überrollt wird.Read more

    • Day 6

      In love with Positano

      May 30, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Nun ging es weiter zu unserem letzten Reiseziel auf dieser Route, wo wir die kommenden 3 Tage verbringen.
      Ich bin grundsätzlich von dem Trip begeistert, aber Positano hat mich am meisten geflasht. Die Stadt ist einfach wie gemalt 🥰 alles ist einfach nur schön.

      Unsere Anreise mit dem Bus war recht abenteuerlich, da ich ausnahmsweise mal das Zepter aus der Hand gegeben habe 😵‍💫 Fazit: werde ich nie wieder tun😅
      Tip für alle zukünftigen Reisenden: nehmt Euch für die 19km ein Taxi 🚕🤭
      Die Stimmung war kurzzeitig ziemlich down, aber nach dem ersten Aperol war alles vergessen 😬🤭
      Irgendwann werde auch ich über die Story lachen, heute allerdings noch nicht 🫣

      Nach Ankunft in unserem Apartment für die nächsten Tage gab es erstmal eine leckere Stärkung und ein bisschen Sightseeing.
      Ich hätte nicht erwartet das die Städte so unterschiedlich sein können…andere Geschäfte und wirklich ein anderer Flair.
      Zum heutigen Abendessen haben wir ebenfalls einen echten Glücksgriff in traumhafter Kulisse gelandet.

      Breakfast-/Lunchspot: Casae Bottega
      Dinnerspot: Il Capitano
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    • Day 8

      Day 5, 6 and 7

      August 26, 2023 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

      This is our third night in Positano. That was one of my 3 bucket list places. It is very busy here. There's
      4 000 locals and 12 000 visitors a day. We can't work out how some people get to their houses, all built into the cliff faces. Many young people visiting. They need to do what Dubai did and move sand from Australia to these beaches. People are sitting on towels on rock. It looks so uncomfortable. There's 3 beaches at Positano covered in umbrellas. They are like sardines. Had some lovely Italian meals are the the gelato is amazing. Lots of shops and restaurants for the tourists. The internal road around the town is very narrow, with buses very close to the buildings. The easiest way to get around is on a scooter.
      Photo (1) Positano Beach - after we arrived we had lunch over-looking this beach. (2) the view from our accommodation (3) the view from the bar on the top of our accommodation
      (4) the launching of the luggage on the flying fox down to our rooms (5) some delicious Italian pasta (6) early morning view from our room (7) sometimes one vehicle can't pass another vehicle on the opposite side of the road (8) video leaving for Capri
      (9) arriving in Capri where we sat down and bought a water and soft drink. We were asked to leave this restaurant as you are unable to sit there and drink bottled water. Maybe we needed to buy another drink that wasn't water and or food. So we moved off and bought drinks and food elsewhere.
      Beautiful weather on the water both days.
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    • Day 9


      September 18, 2023 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

      Auch hier niedlich anzu schauen, aber man sollte entweder todesmutig Autofahren oder sehr gut zu Fuß sein, viele Höhenunterschiede zu überwinden. Der Strand: viele Steinchen, die seeehr heiß werden in der Hitze Italiens, aufgeteilt in einen " Handtuch großen" public und diverse kostenpflichtige Abschnitte - Unterschied die Liegen und Schirme.Read more

    • Day 29

      Amalfi (Day 3) & Positano, Italy

      September 3, 2023 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

      What we did:
      - Last day with Helen and Brian!
      - Early 6:30am wake up to hike the “Path of the Gods”. Easy bus ride up to Agerolo to do our 3hr hike. Pregame snack of Italian pastries to get our minds right.
      - Gorgeous day and great views from the hike! About 3 hours winding along the cliffs overlooking Priano, Positano, and the Mediterranean. Helen deserves a big shoutout for conquering her fears on some sheer cliffs. Her knees never touched the ground so she didn’t technically crawl a few parts, but it was close! Trent somehow was totally good (Switzerland may have him permanently numb, or he just had to put on a good face for the parents). Great Granitas to celebrate the accomplishment!
      - After the hike the intent was to take a bus from Positano back to our apartment, but there must have been some massive cliff accident that had all traffic stopped. We watched a helicopter drop medics in, so praying for whoever was involved! Italian media doesn't really publish accidents there, likely for the sole purpose of not freaking out the tourists.. definitely a bit validating for Helen’s roadside fears though.
      - The hour following the hike was a bit chaotic as we went on what can only be classified as an absolute 30 minute death march down to the Positano pier to catch the only ferry that would allow us to make our dinner reservation. We put on a clinic in speed walking as we weaved around tourists actually enjoying one of the prettier towns in the world. Once at the pier we found ourselves in what felt like an apocalyptic evacuation as hundreds (thousands?) of people fought to get onto the ferry (since the roads were closed). Somehow we all managed to find a lane onto the ferry and watched as hundreds remained behind. Families and couples were split up, sounds dramatic but it was bedlam! The group enjoyed the scenic coastline in silence as we decompressed.
      - The group showered, had some pregame beers/wine and grabbed a bus and ferry back to Positano for dinner. Very peaceful this time around! Fun to see the coast from the ferry as we pointed out all the places we had either boated or hiked throughout the week.
      - Nice walk through town, with Steph still admiring the Italian pergolas and designing our future backyard like an Italian courtyard.
      - Dinner to celebrate Brian’s 60th birthday! Rooftop view overlooking Positano and the ocean. Gorgeous sunset over the city followed by the cool view of the mountain-side city lighting up. Great time of conversation and recapping the trip, capped off by the waiter getting the entire restaurant to sing happy birthday to Brian… much to his embarrassment.
      - Took Limoncello shots and enjoyed a couple of nightcap drinks at the restaurant bar after dinner. Brian with the quote of the trip “I hate to tell you guys a sad story….but my pee was orange today”. Steph/Helen/Trent in tears laughing 😂
      - Expensive cab home with a driver that insisted on showing us pictures of his granddaughter (and his sons painted toe nails) most of the trip instead of actually watching the cliff-side road. He might have broken Helen with fear
      - End of an awesome time with Helen/Brian! Very fortunate they were able to visit. Memories for a lifetime!

      What we ate
      - Coffee and eggs at airbnb again
      - Pastries at Panaificio in Agerola
      - Snack lunch of granola bars and chips.
      - Helen had a healthy dose of fear all day long
      - Dinner at Adamo ed Eva in Positano. Apps of Fried Prawns on a bed of avocado, fried zucchini flowers, and super fresh Caprese salad. Dinner of seafood pasta for Helen/Trent/Brian and truffle pasta for Steph. Delicious!

      Fun facts:
      - We discovered that Trent is less scared of heights when he is around someone that is even more terrified of heights (i.e. Helen)
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    • Day 9

      Florence and Pisa!

      August 30, 2023 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Onto our last place :( but it was gorgeous! Florence was sooo cute and we were very cultured! Went for an eve walk and stared at the Duomo for a longgg time pretending to be 14th century farmers - it is very impressive. Did a walking tour with the coolest tour guide (Aimee already knew all the info - renaissance nerd) but it was v cool. Then went to the gallery and saw lots of cool paintings!! We went out for dinner next to David but agreed that our pesto pasta was way better than what we both ordered lol :/ saw a very loud American wedding which all the Italians hated (shock) tried cannoli for the first time and absolutely rinsed a chocolate shop that gave out loads of tasters - one of the workers recognised us by our third visit 😭😭 then a quick trip to Pisa in a hostel with passive aggressive signs and a final pasta pesto dinner!!!Read more

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