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  • Day7

    Peruggia und Assisi

    September 4, 2020 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Von dem schönen Campingplatz Trasimeno See sind wir heute weiter nach Peruggia. Dort angekommen sind wir mit den Bikes hoch in die Altstadt. Besonders schön war der Palazzo dei Priori. Bemerkenswert der Brunnen Fontana Maggiore am höchsten Punkt.
    Verkehrsmässig ist die Stadt ein Albtraum, alles Einbahnstraßen. Wir waren gut beschäftigt wieder zum WoMi zurück zu kommen.
    Der Stellplatz in Peruggia war leider gar nicht schön, direkt neben der Hauptstraße. Deshalb sind wir wieder weiter gefahren nach Assisi.
    Dort haben wir einen kleinen Stein gefunden und haben uns gleich aufgemacht in die Altstadt. Wieder ganz viele Höhenmeter mit den Bikes nach oben.
    Sehr beeindruckend das Franziskaner Kloster. Natürlich mussten wir noch bis ganz nach oben auf die Burg.
    Am Rückweg in "la Laterna" sehr lecker gegessen.
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  • Day42


    December 24, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    Merry Christmas from Assisi, everyone. Whenever Italians hear we are spending Christmas in Assisi, their eyes glaze over, their tone changes as they exclaim and extol the beauty of Assisi. So it was with high expectations that I came to Assisi, and she has surpassed everyone of them.

    Assisi is my favorite place in Italy so far. It's the prettiest little medieval village perched atop a hill. It's like time has stood still in the streets and buildings. The stone buildings wind around little streets, alleyways and stairs. Pilgrims and tourists walk around with monks and nuns. In Assisi, one is either walking uphill or downhill, ascending stairs or descending stairs. Each turn reveals another jaw dropping sight. Assisi isn’t just home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, it IS a UNESCO World Heritage site. Apart from its physical beauty, and despite the festive mood of Christmas, there is an atmosphere and aura of sublime serenity. Even the Chinese tourists here seem quieter and less rambunctious. It's all just wonderful. And of course, it's only befitting that a place like this will only have churches with free entry.

    Grace and I attended Christmas Eve vespers sung by the cloistered Carmalite nuns from behind a screen on the side of the altar at Chiesa (church) Santa Chiara. All 4 of us will soon be attending the 11pm Christmas Eve Canto (chanting or sung) at the Basilica of St Francis which is just 400m from our apartment.

    BUON NATALE , MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Awesome Foursome. We wish you all the magic, wide smiles, generosity of heart, love and great cheer. Have a wonderful season, and we'll be lighting a candle for all of you in church tonight.
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  • Day346

    Day 347: Assisi

    January 27, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Time to head in and explore Assisi. Although the place we'd booked suggested it was walking distance to town, the "20 minutes to the walls" looked a bit optimistic on Google Maps, and besides - the basilica we wanted to see was at the far end so even further away. In the end we just drove.

    Parked underground in an enormous parking lot (Assisi is heavily visited by pilgrims and is well set up to cater for them), then walked up to where the basilica is. Assisi is famous as the home of St Francis, founder of the Franciscan order of monks, patron saint of Italy and one of the most important saints in Christianity.

    The basilica here is actually two basilicas, one directly on top of the other which is quite unusual! We bought our tickets and headed first into the lower basilica, which had a fairly low roof and was very quiet and sombre. Descended into the crypt to see where St Francis's remains are buried - interestingly, he died in 1226 and was buried here shortly afterwards, but when the city was threatened by a Saracen army his tomb was hidden and only rediscovered in the 19th century.

    Lots of impressive artwork in the lower basilica, a nice courtyard outside and then a climb into the upper basilica. This was much taller and lighter with more windows, and brighter paintings too. Also quite interesting, and a bit more enjoyable since it wasn't as full of groups as downstairs. Unfortunately you can't take photos inside either basilica, so it's going to be a fairly ordinary video.

    Done with the basilicas, we wandered through the old town which was actually quite nice - very well maintained and looked after, unlike many places in Italy. They obviously get a lot of pilgrims here, so it's probably one of the wealthiest spots in the country.

    Headed down the hill onto the plains below, to check out an unusual spot - a church within a church. A large basilica in a square from the 17th century contains the original little hut where St Francis began his preaching amongst other things. Not quite sure how they built around it, or whether it was moved etc, but still quite interesting to see. It also has the chapel of the Transit, where Francis eventually died.

    Again, no photos, so difficult to really give an idea of the place! But it's interesting - it actually feels much more like a spiritual place than a tourist destination. And it feels quite connected to St Francis as well, since although he died 800 years ago, it feels comparatively recent in a weird way.

    We also checked out a monastery on the outskirts of town that had a connection to St Francis as well. Maybe one of the monasteries he set up for Franciscans? I can't quite remember. Anyway it was clearly off the tourist route and very quiet - only us and a couple of others there.

    Done for the day, we headed home and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon/evening.
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  • Day45


    April 18, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Un petit détour par Assise, où vécu le fameux Saint François, et nous voilà de nouveau béats d'admiration devant la basilique qui lui est consacrée. Devant et surtout dedans, les peintures qui couvrent le plafond et les murs sont magnifiques et excessivement colorées . Pas de photos, malheureusement, mais nous garderons longtemps ces images dans notre mémoire.
    La ville mélange plusieurs époques et est très agréable à parcourir. Nous adorons particulièrement les tons blanc et rose de ses bâtiments.
    Demain, nous passerons d'Ombrie en Toscane.......
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  • Day3

    San Francesco & San Damiano

    May 11, 2012 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Um 09 Uhr hatten wir eine Führung im "San Francesco". Das ist die Grablegungskirche des heiligen Franziskus von Assisi.

    Nachmittags gegen 15 Uhr waren wir in der Kirche und ehemaligen Konventes "San Damiano". Auch hier bekamen wir eine Führung.Read more

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