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  • Day10

    Garden, Castle, Waterfall, Cave & Beach

    January 2 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Started the day early at the Southeast Botanic Gardens near Okinawa city. Always good to get to these places early before most of the tourists arrive; had the place almost to myself.

    Driving north in heavy traffic I saw a sign for Todoroki Waterfall so took a detour to check it out. It was really nice and peaceful with very few other visitors.

    Next stop was Nakijin Castle ruins, a stunning castle set amidst jungle close to the coast. Very photogenic on this lovely sunny and warm winters day.

    After Nakijin I drove around the western coast for a while and stopped at Manza Beach before heading inland and visiting Cave Okinawa, a 200m long limestone cave with a walkway that I noticed a sign for as I was driving. Always something to discover when getting off the beaten track and taking back roads; again I had the place all to myself :-)

    After the Gardens, Castle, Waterfall, Beach and a Cave the day was almost over so I took a slow drive back to the Hotel on the eastern coast stopping at a local Aeon Mall to get some food for supper... some yummy fresh fish Sushi.
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  • Day144

    Cape Hedo

    August 4, 2017 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    My first time I tried hitchhiking in Japan. It was super easy and many nice people took me to a lot of cool places. After the waterfall I ended up in a cake shop in a really small and empty village and after this even reached the most northern point of Okinawa: Cape Hedo :)

  • Day143

    Churaumi Aquarium

    August 3, 2017 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    I booked a bus day-trip tour, which took me after a brief stop at Kouri Island to Churaumi Aquarium. I could see the big Whale-Sharks and many other cute water animals :)

  • Day145


    August 5, 2017 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Today again by bus I went to Onna, another all town with a lovely Soba Restaurant and great Mango Shaved Ice :) The main reason I came was of course the Elephant rock and the beach ;)

  • Day49

    Maeda point

    June 26, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Today was going to be a different location, but not less special. Andrea picked me up a little bit later than yesterday we had to take a short ride over the islands only highway to get to Maeda point. I was again the only client for today and so that promised some more great dives. I was not dissapointed. Although the dives at this site are somewhat more sandy, in my experience that doesn't have to mean there is less life to be found. To the contrary. Andrea and I always made sure to be among the first to go in the water so there won't be to much sand kicked up by all the divers. And there were a lot today. Three boats with in total over 40 divers would make for a crowded dive spot. Luckily we managed to avoid the crowded spaces and went our own way. No sharks today unfortunately but a lot of different nudibranches and really hard to spot shrimps and triggerfishes. Andrea had told me about a dragon moth, a rare fish of which three specimens lived in the sand at the first divesite. They don't have one place they stay like seahorses but they would lie somewhere in the sand. She toold me that probably a lot of divers would be looking for it so we had to have luck on our side. Somehow halfway through the dive i saw something moving in the sand and i decided to follow it. I quickly realised it was the dragonmouth Andrea talked about and I just took lot of shots of this creature, hoping that one or two would be good. ;-) After taking about a hundred pictures i decided i would leave the poor creature alone, only to see myself surrounded by all the other divers who had seen mee chasing this fish across the sandy bottom. I have to admit though that they neatly awaited their turn and did not get in my way. Again i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. We didn't have lunch on the boat as they would return to the harbour after every dive so we got some famous Okinawa soba from a local restaurant. The line of people in front of the entrance usually is a sign of great food and this restaurant was no exception. We got a nice table outside in the shade and the food was brought to our table. Incredibly good soba noodles with pieces of spare rib that just drop off the bone if you pick it up. Utterly delicious! It was time for the last dive and after the usual routine of building up and getting in the water we quickly went on our way. We saw one of the Japanese divemasters point out something but as i got closer to get a look i was waved away. I was not in the way and just tried to hold still as not to stir up too much sand that could ruin the pictures the other divers were trying to make. But that wasn't enough, she signed me to move. Which I reluctantly did while unintentionally kicking up some sand from the bottom. We quickly found our own way again and the rest of the dive was great. As we got back to the harbour we got our stuff in the car before taking a quick rinse and getting dressed in our normal attire. The ride back took some time as there was a big sunday(?) traffic jam. We got to the hostel and i thanked her for all the great dives and the fun we had al these three days. Back in the hostel after taking a shower i set off to the konbini to get some cash and dinner. On the way back it started to rain really heavy and i had to take shelter in the nearest McDonalds, only a 10 minute ride through the rain. As i finished my meal the rain had gotten a little bit less and i decided to make a run for the hostel. I arrived soaking wet but quickly dried up while watching a Japanese TV show and drinking some local Orion beers. I finally crashed at half past nine. Tomorrow I will move to Naha but it will be a slow day...Read more

  • Day52


    June 29, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Up until now I had spent most of my time in the southern part of Okinawa but today I was going up north. I had heard about the Ocean Expo Park that was on a peninsula just above Nago. Its main attraction is the Churaumi Aquarium but there are several other attractions of which the traditional Okinawan village attracted my attention. It would be quite a long ride but i figured that if I started early i could easily make it in time and maybe even had some time left for a nearby waterfall. There was a highway bus line that had a stop near Furuja station on the Yui monorail line. It took me a while to find it but was pleasantly surprised to see that the bus would arrive in about ten minutes. I was sweating heavily already and was happy with the idea of sitting in a nice airconditioned bus for a couple of hours. The bus was right on time but only one passenger was allowed to board because the bus was full. He shut the doors of the bus and drove off. There i was, knowing that the next bus would only arrive in about two hours and the risk of it also being full i went back on the monorail to go to the starting point of the bus line, Naha airport. I grabbed some food on the way and i arrived at the airport with time to spare. Eventually the bus came and i had to hurry a little bit to get the correct change before entering the bus. I got in and the airconditioning was on at full power. So cold and so good. I found a seat and slept for most of the ride. I woke up just a couple of minutes before we reached the expo and after getting of the bus, looked for a konbini to get some lunch. I walked back to the expo and quickly found the aquarium. This one is famous for having one of the largest fish tanks in the world, with a really big glass pane so you can see the entire aquarium in one beautiful view. Unfortunately upon entering I saw so many people entering the aquarium and inside it was hard to get a nice spot to view the different basins. There were just so many people crammed together that quietly enjoying the aquarium was not possible. The aquarium itself is setup nicely with nice explanations of the various fish and marine creatures. The big tank is really a spectacular sight and the schools of fish are exceptionally beautiful to watch. I did have some mixed feelings about some of the bigger fish, mainly the whale sharks. Yes they are beautiful creatures to watch but they are a migrating species that travel thousands of kilometers every year. I am no expert but i am not sure if a tank in an aquarium, however big it is, would be a good substitution. On the other hand the animals seem to be taken care of and the folks of the aquarium study their behaviour to help understand and treat them in the wild.
    I had enough of all the crowds and went outside past the tanks with manatees and turtles to go and find the Okinawan village. I was only a short walk but the crowds were completely gone so i had a great view of the village itself. Each building had nice information about it's history and the style of building. It was a very pleasant sight after the aquarium. It had gotten past 4pm and i realized i wouldn't be able to make it to the waterfall anymore so i got back on the bus and took another nice cold nap. The last bit of the ride i noticed how deadlocked this city is. Traffic jams are truly everywhere and this road was no exception. It took us a good half an hour longer to get back to the monorail station but from there everything went smooth. I figured it was time for a quick shower and to see if Jack was back from the north as well so we could go out for some food and drinks. He texted me he was back in Naha and that he would soon be back at the hostel. Meanwhile i had taken a shower and got some beers from the Union supermarket. (even this smaller supermarket has it's own repeating commercial blasting through the speakers.) Jack arrived and we went out to an Izakaya that was recommended by the staff. An Izakaya is both a restaurant and a bar and it usually holds no more than ten people at the same time. Not that there is a door policy, more people just don't fit in. This one, named Ryuen, was renowned for it's Soki Soba, a noodle dish with spare ribs instead of pork belly. Very different but not less yummy! Of course washed down with a couple of Orion beers and it made for a great time and meal.
    We got some more beers on the way back to the hostel. When we got there it was way after closing time of the hostel so we went straight to our dormitory and to bed.
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  • Day18

    Okinawa-Churaumi-Aquarium (1)

    July 18, 2017 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Heute Morgen besuche ich das Okinawa-Churaumi-Aquarium, das zweitgrösste der Welt.

    Hierzu kommentiere ich nicht viel, lasse die Bilder sprechen. Auf dem Parcour durch die Unterwasserwelt kommen zuerst die kleinen und mittelgrossen Becken.

    Das Okinawa-Churaumi-Aquarium (japanisch 沖縄美ら海水族館, Okinawa churaumi suizokukan; Churaumi bedeutet etwa „Schönes Meer“) ist das zweitgrößte Aquarium der Welt (nach dem Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta) und ein Teil des Ocean-Expo-Park in Motobu (Präfektur Okinawa) in Japan. Das Okinawa-Churaumi-Aquarium wurde am 1. November 2002 nach 4-jähriger Bauzeit eröffnet. Jährlich wird es von etwa 2 Millionen Besuchern besichtigt.
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  • Day17

    Yukurina Resort Urizun (1. Nacht)

    July 17, 2017 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Der Gastgeber freut sich, mich zu sehen, und begrüsst mich ganz überschwänglich. Er entschuldigt sich, mich nicht abgeholt zu haben, er sei am Hafen gewesen, aber er habe mich nirgends gesehen. Wie dem auch sei.

    Jedenfalls bin ich jetzt hier. Er zeigt mir mein Zimmer, meine Einzimmerwohnung mit Küche und Waschmaschine (da hätte ich mir die Nachtschicht in Hiroshima sparen können), und fährt mich wenig später fürs Nachtessen zu einem empfohlenen Restaurant ganz in der Nähe (so dass ich von dort zur Unterkunft heimlaufen kann).Read more

  • Day17

    Motobu – Restaurant "Papaya"

    July 17, 2017 in Japan ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    Das Menü verspricht mehr als es dann tatsächlich ist, aber es ist gut. Besser sind die einheimischen Cocktails, von denen ich während des leuchtenden Sonnenuntergangs drei Geschmacksvarianten ausprobiere: mit einer japanischen Zitronensorte namens Shikwasa, mit einer japanischen Ananassorte und mit Guave. Lecker!

    Der sich spiralförmig in die Höhe schraubende Turm gehört zum botanischen Garten und Park des Aquariums, welches ich am nächsten Morgen besuchen werde.
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