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  • Day9

    Walking through Kurashiki

    December 18, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    So this entire area is the "historical quarter" - so much of it was closed so I couldn't tell what is typically open (ie a store or restaurant) vs actual residential. I definitely wandered into an area that was residential, which makes me wonder what living in those buildings is like (and whether or not the insides have been updated)

    Also am I sad loner for liking the quiet and peacefulness from the lack of tourists LOL
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  • Day9

    Curry and fried stuff

    December 18, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Everyone kept buying stuff from this one meat shop that deep fries a lot of random stuff on sticks

    Everything was in Japanese so I guessed purely based on looks and ended up with one that had potato and sausage

    Not what I wanted but couldn't really be mad about it LOL
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  • Day9

    The oppurtunist in me is sad

    December 18, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    The gardens were originally part of my plan until I realized grass is not green this time of year

    I was in the area for the castle and it was still like 4-ish, so I had a good hour before the gardens closed and thought: maybe it's not that bad and I'll go anyway

    Looked up most recent photos of the gardens and ran away LOL
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  • Day9

    Loners galore

    December 18, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    A lot of Japanese people (usually businessmen or working people) spend their dinners alone in cases where they won't have time to go home to make dinner

    So Japan has adapted this culture of socially acceptable solo eating

    Which McD's has taken part of with their one man booths for eating LOL

    maybe I should have had McD's for dinner
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  • Day300


    January 7, 2018 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    Just for one night couchsurfing with a wonderful lady, who prepared yummy Nabe, I stayed in Okayama. Before taking the train back to Nagoya, we went to Okayama castle and the garden together.

  • Day33


    June 10, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Being on TV in Japan. Who could have dreamed that? Luckily i didn't lose any sleep over it but as soon as i woke up i got a little bit restless. I mean i am used to being looked at here, especially in the smaller towns. But this is a whole different level of attention. This is a cameraman following your every move and getting aired on (albeit local) TV. I planned to do some local sightseeing anyway today and just try to treat it that way. I got up a litlle earlier than usual since i am not a morning person and need some time to really wake up. I took a nice long shower and double checked if i had al my stuff with me in the backpack. As i came down Mayu and Genki were already at the hostel getting some shots of the building. Mayu was the director/interviewer and Genki the cameraman. We shook hands and said goodmorning and after a short talk we set off into Okayama. I felt myself getting really nervous especially when Genki was pointing the camera straight at me. But i was confident that it would be just a matter of time before this would subside and it more or less did after a while. Basically i tried not to think to much about it and just did my own thing. Meanwhile Mayu asked me things about myself like age, family etc. I think partly to get some information for the article but also make me feel a little bit more comfortable. It helped. :-)
    We got to the station and i got a little bit lost searching for the tram which was a bit hidden from sight. I thought i was smart and asked Mayu but she told me that i had to figure it out myself. She was obviously right. Even things like finding your way in Okayama can be interesting for the article. (maybe even more so when it's me with my legendary navigational skills ;-))
    Eventually i found my way to the tram and Mayu and Genki followed me inside. First stop was Okayama park, a beautiful landscaped park. Genki filmed me having breakfast and i was still nervous enough to make a mess of my riceball, which can be difficult enough to eat anyway. We walked through the park and headed for the castle where i mistakenly took the lady from the ticket booth for a monk who could draw a sealn in my goshuin. :-D You can see it back in the article when i say "doko?" meaning "where?". :-D Remember i didn't get help from Mayu or Genki so i had to find out for myself. Luckily the lady had an English map of Okayama and she pointed out the Okayama shrine to me which was only a 10 minute walk away from the castle. We got to the shrine and Mayu managed to get Genki inside the building so he could film the monk drawing the seal in my book. It was slowly getting time for lunch and I went through a small shopping arcade to find a nice restaurant. But not without going through some shops first. Everytime i entered a shop Mayu would come in right after me, showing her NHK badge and asking for permission to film in the shop. Meanwhile Genki kept filming and pushing memory card after memory card in the camera. One card could hold about 40 minutes of raw material and i saw him change cards at least three times. Eventually we stumbled upon a restaurant with the entire menu and no pictures (which is pretty uncommon). We got inside and after asking for permission to film i tried to ask the shop owner what the specialty of this restaurant was. With some verbal and a lot of non-verbal communication (aka pointing) he managed to explain to me that this was a yakiniku restaurant, which literally means grill meat. It was a BBQ restaurant which basically means meat! I found this a good choice for lunch and with a little help from the owner we ordered spare ribs, beef tongue and some vegetables. Now the idea of yakiniku is that you get the meat raw on the table and you cook it yourself on a miniature BBQ that is integrated in the table. Seriously folks, where can i do this in my home country?! There's not much to it in terms of complexity but the end result is so tasty! I wanted to pay for the lunch but Mayu and Genki insisted on paying since they could join me on this day. For which i thank them a lot!
    We had about an hour left of filming time since the raw footage had to be edited for the evening news and so after a short stroll throught downtown Okayama we went back to the hostel where i treated them to stroopwafels with tea. They did the final interview there before they set of to the NHK studio for editing. I thanked them again for this awesome day and after waving goodbye i treated myself to a shower and a cold beer to cool down a bit. Mayu had said that the item would air somewhere between 6 and 7pm and since the hostel didn't have television i went to the local Okonomiyaki place for some nice hearty food and my TV debut. Marisan from the hostel was so nice to explain the people the situation and if i could see the show, which wasn't a problem. It took about half an hour and and a lot of nervous moments but finally my item was on! It was so awesome! They took the best parts of the day and made a really nice article from it. I recorded the whole item which lasted about 5 minutes so you can see for yourself on Facebook. :-) Back to the hostel i celebrated with a couple of beers with Yiyan from Korea before heading off to bed. I was knackered from all the excitement so i fell asleep right away. Truly a day to remember! Thank you Mayusan and Genkisan!
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  • Day32


    June 9, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    My goal was to take it easy today as all the partying and drinking had physically caught up with me. Luckily the trainride from Osaka to Okayama was a short one and i planned on making two short stops along the way. The first one was in Kobe. At the Oktoberfest on my first Japan trip i learned that there was a Dutch stroopwafelshop (for people who don't know stroopwafels, it's the best cookie in the world, period) and so i was very anxious to see the shop and meet the shopowner, Marco. A Dutch immigrant who started the shop. The shop was not to far from the station and was easily found. When i got in the shopowner was a little bit surprised i knew his name but after telling him my name and explaining we had a mutual acquaintance he quickly got up to offer me a freshly baked stroopwafel, which i happily accepted. It was so weird for me to talk Dutch again after weeks of English, German and very poor Japanese. ;-) We talked a bit about his shop and Yumi, our mutual friend and before i left i bought the biggest pack of stroopwafels he had with all the different flavours he makes. Trust me my fellow countrymen, a chocolate or coconut stroopwafel may sound strange but it's actually pretty darn good. Really! Unfortunately i can't prove it to you as most of the stroopwafels were gone within a matter of hours. In the rush of saying goodbye i forgot to take a picture of us together but that just gives me an excuse to come back to Kobe again. :-)
    Next stop on the way to Okayama was Himeji castle. One of the most famous and beautiful remaining castles of Japan. It has been (partially) closed the last couple of years due to restauration but now you can see over 90 percent of the restored castle again. It was easy to find as the castle is directly visible from the station and a 15 minute walk takes you straight through the entrance of the castle. Now this is obviously a touristy place as well but nevertheless it's a great place to visit. Every effort has been made to keep the castle as authentic as possible. So no elevators or whatsoever and the staircases are narrow and small. This in my mind however adds to the overal atmosphere of the castle. In the beginning i had to find my way across a group of elderly French tourists but some handy moves on my side and i was in the clear. The self guided tour sends you through the castle's main keep and the outer areas with short explanations in English with plenty of opportunity for pictures. The tour leads you to the exit of the castle and back to the station. So glad i could finally see this beatiful place.
    Back on the train for the final and short ride to Okayama. The hostel was easy to find and only a short walk through the downtown area. I checked in and after making my bed i and taking a shower i got back downstairs to the common area and order myself a cold brewski. I was there talking with Emma from the UK and Yiyang from Korea when all of a sudden i turn around only to see a camera pointed straight at me. I was kind of startled at first but soon found out that this was a local TV crew making an article for NHK Okayama on tourist visiting Okayama. NHK is the country's national station but with several smaller stations in major citys nationwide. There is apparantly a rise in tourism to Okayama and they were looking for random tourists to ask for their choice in choosing Okayama as a destination. After talking a bit with them and showing my goshuin they asked me if they could join me in my sightseeing tomorrow and make an article about me! It didn't take much thinking on my part to say yes! I mean how cool is this. Last time i was here i got into a newspaper and now on TV! Are you kidding me? This is just awesome. After some more quistions at the bar this part of the interview was over and we decided to meet up the next day at 9am. I made the wise decision to go to bed early so i would be fresh the next morning. Awesome!!!
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Okayama-ken, Präfektur Okayama, Okayama, Prefektur Okayama, أوكاياما, Окаяма, Prefectura dOkayama, ئۆکایاما, Prefektura Okajama, Gubernio Okajama, Prefectura de Okayama, Okayama prefektuur, استان اوکایاما, Okayaman prefektuuri, Préfecture dOkayama, Kông-sân-yen, Prepektura ti Okayama, Prefettura di Okayama, 岡山県, Préfèktur Okayama, 오카야마 현, Okajamos prefektūra, Okajamas prefektūra, Окајама, ओकायामा, Wilayah Okayama, Okayama-koān, Prefektura Okayama, ضلع اوکایاما, Prefectura Okayama, Okayama Prefectur, Okajama, Префектура Окајама, Okayama Prefecture, Okayama prefektur, Mkoa wa Okayama, Префектураи Окаяма, จังหวัดโอะกะยะมะ, Prepektura ng Okayama, Префектура Окаяма, 冈山县, 岡山縣

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