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  • Day126

    By ferry we went to Tokashiki Island today. It was just a 35 minutes boat ride from Okinawa's main Island. The beaches there were really beautiful and we were there with only a few people. One highlight was the free whale watching experience on the ferry. There were some whales swimming just next to the ferry and the captain immediately stopped the boat. It was really great and a good start in the day.

    The rest of the day we relaxed on this beautiful beach. It was a really great day!

    Mit der Fähre sind wir heute morgen nach Tokashiki Island gefahren. Die Insel ist nur ca. 35 Minuten von der Hauptinsel entfernt. Auf der Überfahrt hatten wir wirklich Glück und konnten sogar Wale sehen. Der Kapitän hat zum Glück auch sofort die Fähre gestoppt, sodass wir die Wale etwas länger beobachten könnten. Das war schonmal ein guter Start in den Tag.

    Auf der Insel wurden wir dann von ein paar traumhaften weißen Sandstränden und türkisem Wasser überrascht. Wir waren wirklich traurig als der Tag zu Ende ging.
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  • Day48


    June 25, 2016 in Japan

    New day new dives. Andrea picked me up from the new hostel and i was really rested because i had the comfort of a working A/C in my room. She told me there were no other divers in her group today and we would dive with just the two of us. A personal dive master how awesome. And as i had already experienced her way of leading the dive i was even more enthousiastic. In my experience a lot of divemasters drag you through the water and point out some of the more obvious and bigger sea life. That is understandable if you have a bigger group but it's not how i like to dive. Andrea has a relaxed pace and actively looks for those things that make a dive really special. Like i said yesterday a lot of the Japanese divemasters race their customers to some well known spots and that's that. Andrea was looking under overhangs, in crevices and whatnot to find the smallest of nudibranches, juvenile cuttlefish and dragonmoths. Either which one of them is hard to find just in itself. We got to the same group of islands as yesterday but there are several divespots to choose from and we didn't repeat one of yesterdays dives. I will not go into detail of every single dive. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. But rest assured all three of them were pretty friggin' awesome. Add to that the nice and fun talks with Andrea inbetween dives and the passion we share for diving and it was another excellent day of diving. I slept all the way back to the harbor on the top deck of the boat. We rinsed our gear again at the diveshop and after she brought me back to the hostel it was for a quick and easy dinner and off to bed again. Diving is really hard you know! :-)Read more

  • Day2

    Zamami Island Village

    August 27, 2017 in Japan

    -Walk to Ama beach
    -Bicycling to FuruZamami (เหนื่อย!)
    -Bicycling to Ama
    return bike
    ice cream
    -Bus back to Zamami Int. Guesthouse

    Snorkling rent 500
    Vest rent 500
    Bicycle 1000
    Lunch 950
    Drink 300
    Ice Cream 300

    Arrive Togashiki, booked a hostel close to Togashiki Port, only to realized i landed in Aharen Port (5km away) Lucky I found a nice bus driver who give me a short ride to a bus stop. *sigh*Read more

  • Day2

    Tokashiki Island Village

    August 27, 2017 in Japan

    Time to reflect...

    I landed on this island with a pang of dissapointment...another small island with nothing to do. cursing myself for not doing reasearches, for not reading the signs. The hostel didnt get full because it was so popular, it got full because its literally the only one available. The island didnt have ATM not because of authenticity, but because it was too small with population of 600. I have moved my ferry to Naha up from 4pm to 2pm. In the back of my mind i wish i move it to 10am. But i try to give this place a chance & hang out here a bit.

    Last night was one of the scariest moments of my life. Landed here and found out everything is closed at 5.30...again. I couldnt find a single food stalled open. The map the hostel gave me brought me nowhere. So with that bubbling annoyance, I walked to a bike rental & got myself a 24-hour & Y2000 bike. After searching that basically all restaurants were on the other side of the island, the Aharen, I set out my bike across 4.5km journey. Before setting off, i acted out to the rental owner i intended to ride this to Aharen & see if he would protest. He said "Aharen, ok, ok" Seconds later he signaled "High high steep"
    I said "Ok, ok. Just a little bit right" Just like in Zamami, I felt an uplift in my heart as soon as i started riding. This is a good call, i told myself.

    Just about 1.5km later. I found the steep. Just like in Zamami, I'm out of breath dragging my bike up this god foresaken mountain. I thougth & laughed to myself that my chill-chill vacation turned out not so chill after all. About 1km later, it was a downhill, still goddamn scary as my bike went down so fast, it was literally so fast google map thought i was skiing.

    Arrived in Aharen safely while mentally patting myself on the back for making it through. I started riding around to find that most restaurants are closed. Now on the verge of boiling annonyance, I decided to sit down at the one of the ramen restaurants. Gulp down 2 large cokes and extra big ramen. I set out to go back to the hotel. Only to find out that at 7.30pm, everything was pit black & my 4.5 km journey back will be doubly hard. 45 mins it took me to take that journey. During it i cursed myself for my stubbornness, for putting myself in this situation. Meanwhile promising I'd learn how to write car & bike before starting my new job. If only i know how to ride & drive, this could be a memorable journey. Many times during the way back, i had to stop, used my phone as flashlight and drag my bike instead of riding as i couldnt see the way ahead. As soon as i saw the first street light signaling i arrived in Tokashigi town, i let out a long sigh, finally made it back. it is not so bad afterall.
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