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  • Day336

    Hitchhiking deluxe

    June 20, 2018 in Japan ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Nun, wenn Geldsparen immer so einfach wäre... der Wettergott hat sich für meinen Reisetag wohl gedacht "Die ist im Auto, da kann ich auch den ganzen Tag kräftig die Blumen gießen. " Tja lieber Wettergott, wenn man versucht zu trampen, ist es nicht so hilfreich wenn es dabei aus Eimern gießt.

    Natürlich hat niemand angehalten & 2 Stunden später hab ich es dann aufgegeben und bin zum Bahnhof gelaufen. Bus in die nächste Stadt (es regnet immer noch) & die Bahnpreise nach Kyoto checken. Na, 40€ geht grad noch - hab ich so gedacht - aber als ich mit dem Ticket nicht durch die Schranke kam, mir ein freundlicher Wachmann auf japanisch zu erklären versucht, dass ich 2 Tickets brauche & sich damit der Ticketpreis auf 100€ erhöhte, da hab ich mich schon ganzschön geärgert.

    Naja, immerhin war es der weltberühmte Shinkansen Express und ich kam schnell (320 km/h), komfortabel und trocken in Kyoto an.

    Und mein Couchsurfer ist das typische Klischee. Die Wohnung ist ein Schuhkarton und er zittert vor Schüchternheit wenn er sich mit mir unterhält ^^ aber hey, Kyoto ist schön :)
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  • Day25

    Kunozan Toshogu & Disappearing Mt Fuji

    May 21, 2017 in Japan ⋅

    Came to Shimizu primarly as I had heard that it was a great place to get views of Mt Fuji especially from Miho Beach to the east of the town. Unfortunatly although it was a bright sunny day it was very hazy so views of Fuji where largely totally obscured. However you could glimpse the snow capped peak floating in the sky which was very atmospheric, if hard to photograph.

    I took a local bus out to Miho beach and then walked a cfew kms up the beach and around to the 'waterbus' which ferries people between Shimizu port and the swimming beaches on the northen tip of the Miho peninsula.

    Travelled on later in the day back to Shizuoka and the an hour by local bus out to Nihondaira plataeu south of the city; another spot famous for its Fuji views but this time it was also fogged in by low clouds so no views of Fuji at all. Still a great place though and my other reason for coming was to visit Kunozan Toshogu the shrine of the great Shogun Togugawa who united Japan and created the Bafaku feudal system that ruled for over 200 years. This is his actual Shrine were he was buried at his request although now only of secondary importance to the great Togugawa Shrine at Nikko which is were most people go. I have been to both and much prefered this one with its wonderful location high up on a mountain overlooking the sea and lack of tourists. Took the cable car down from the plataeu to the Shrine which is a pretty spectacular ride, then walked the 1000 steps down to the sea (well I wasn't going to walk up them in the 27C heat :-)

    below the whole coastine is covered in greenhouses full of strawberries and there are little cafes everywhere were you ca get strawberry smoothies or icecream or just about anything strawberry. All of which was very refreshing after another hot day of walking and sightseeing and long local bus rides. Speaking of which it was another local busride back to Shimizu but this time only about 30 mins of standing up and bouncing around... the seats are too small and legroom non existanat so I cant sit down :-)

    All in all a great day with Kunozan Toshugu the highlight.
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  • Day28

    Day 28: Climbing mount Fuji to the top.

    August 17, 2016 in Japan ⋅

    I got to try was my only thought when I was done with breakfast. Actually it was the only reason that I made it, how often was it so tempting to turn back. It started on the bike I was heading to Fuji at 11 and there was a lot of traffic jam. The plan on internet says 7 hours up and 5 down for the Gotemba trail. All other trails are shorter but more crowded and only to get to by bus. I found this out yesterday, even the bike didn't get through. But Gotemba was also at my side so I saved half a hour times 2 (for the way back) and the bus rides to take this longer trail. I enjoyed the curves with the bike but since yesterday I had these cramps in my wrist of holding the wheel. So glad to be there I changed clothes and headed up at exactly 14:00. At 15:00 I was indeed at the same level as one other station so needed 6 hours to reach the top from here. By calculation that would be to late. 20:00 the sun would be gone and to dark to head back. So I kept pace and every hour I checked my location to other trails to see if it was doable. The trail that needed 5 hours I already pass at 15:30 so I did good. It is al about altitude but in my case about attitude. I kept going without breaks, only for listening to what o thought was a thunderstorm again (it was predicted at 1500 in Fuji town) but it appeared to be Japanese anti aircraft testing. Awesome more like in the game but this time I was on the ground and not in the air haha. Beautifull landscapes, but a few times these waves of clouds came up behind me and covered everything in mist. A little rain in the beginning but a bit more at the end. It's funny that I started with my shirt up (Beijing belly haha) than changed shirt because it was wet of sweat and gettong colder, at 2000m I added my sweater on top of it, a while later my motor jacket and when I passed 6th station and a few other mountain huts the tempatation of stopping was there all the time. Especially when the rain came, I brought a poncho, very good on top of the Motor jacket since the jacket was not a windstopper or waterproof but all the air that was in between was nice and warm. Ok 3.5km to destination a sign said, I always think that 3,5km was the distance to my school in Hoofddorp. Takes you 20 min by bicycle haha, I walked ot once or twice. Now I had to head up, the energy was gone, I already ate 2 babanas and 1 snicker. Had one snicker to go and in total this was all my food I had 5 small bottles of water and 2 small orange juices. When the 1km sign was there I couldn't go 2 turns without resting. I checked after 500m my distance to the top to motivate myself because the distance on the track was much much longer. From 500m sign I could only take 50 steps and needed to rest. The summit being at 3776 meters, must be near, breathing was hard and if i did not stop that often my vision became less really quick, my head began to pound and a headace was already there most of the time. Why continue? Because I can and I could still think clearly but thinking became harder. My heart rate was also doing strange stuff, when I walked it was around 70BPM and jumped up to 150BPM and didn't really slow down when I rested. I kept an eye on it ;-). Oh and the thinking was strange to notice, I couldn't remember what I was looking for in my pocket once or twice. Stop and rest and then it came back to me funny right? Finally in the fog and rain I saw that no more curves were coming. Between 2 walls of rock there the trail did go and more signs and gate like things and there is was. The crater, completely filled with cloud of course but it didn't matter. I can look that up on internet, I made it. I even walked up to the highest point: 3822meters my tracking app said. Damn I walked from 1466 meter high up here. 2350 meters up about 10km and here it comes: I reached the top a few minutes before 1900 hell yeah. Exactly what I was hoping for. I even had 2 minutes of clear view on the top (not the crater of course) I was in a trance looking around from the top. When the clouds and rain came back, I also needed to go back. In case I was to tired I reserved a spot on the 7th station to have a sleep over, but when I came there the SPA in my hotel was calling me ;-). Walking the first part was really difficult in the fog.... only lava rocks so I had to use my flashlight to be certain where to step. This text is getting so long because it's raining where I write it ;-). But actually the way down was predicted to take 5 hours. I did it in 2.5 yeah, the first part was slow, I cancelled my reservation at the 7th station and until i reached the 6th I needed the flash light. My battery died, but I didn't need the spare one jet. The moon was so bright and the sight so wonderfull, I took stops while I didn't need it to just enjoy the spectacular view. I advise no one to go down a mountain in the dark but if you know the weather will be good just try sometimes. The moonlight on the mountain and the clouds from above, it was impressive and I felt relaxed, even with a head ace and the pain in my body ;-). When the trail went sandy again I could even run down on the moonlight. Tip: pull your socks back over your shoes to prevent rocks from getting in. I ran into the clouds again and had to use my backup battery. I could keep a good pass and the rhytm was comforting for my body. I saw the light of my starting point and already celebrated my victory by drinking up the last bit of water. On the whole way down I have seen like 8 people going up, 4 alone and 2 groups, I had rain at the beginning and at the end, layers of clothing I removed after 2400m also because of the running and I emptied my shoes 3 times than I came up with the sock idea. I changed clothes at my bike and was so happy to sit down again. I rode away, on the wrong side of the road off course, the car was going up and we both were not going that fast. I went around and thought.... why... ah yes, stay on the left side haha. I stopped at the first fast food store which was Mac Do. I suddenly felt sick and needed to lean on something. The 2 persons in line took like forever, fast food but slow people, finally, I ordered 2 burgers with fries, banana ice cream swirl, water and a coke. When I was done I got on the bike because my after diner dip already was kicking in. A miracle happend, the highway was almost empty and on top of that a Japanese in a Prius was driving an average of 140km/h and slowed down at the perfect moments like at speed camera's :). The trip took like 1hour 45, the traffic lights go on time in Japan, not efficiënt when you are waiting on nobody ;-). I walked into my hotel, or let's call it waddling and limping, I drank my water and went to the SPA, jumped in a personal hot tub and checked if everything was still in tact :). My feet had blisters and 2 toes were bleeding muscles I bended and streched it seemed a good end to this story as well ;-). You make your own luck right? Amazing day, sleep really tight :).Read more

  • Day110


    July 1, 2017 in Japan ⋅

    For a weekend trip I went to Hamamatsu. From all the things to do and see there, I went to Nakatajima Sanddunes first. After this I took the bus for one hour to see Ryotan-ji Temple and Ryugashido Cave. Today I visited the castle and went up to the 45th floor of Act Tower. Before I took the train back to Nagoya I visited the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments.
    Yeah... and there was Totoro for breakfast ;)
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  • Day7

    Mt Fuji

    August 29, 2017 in Japan ⋅

    So a group of 16 meet up at Tochomae metro to hike Mt Fuji. The tour is run by Fuji Mountain Guides with 4 young guys (3 Americans and a Brit) as tour guides. It takes a long time to exit Tokyo as we're on the road by 7am during peak commuting period.
    The hike starts at the Subishiri 5th station, which is 1950m above sea level. Our goal is to reach Fujisan lodge (3400m) by late afternoon. We'll have an early night there, then leave for the summit at 2:30 am.
    Being of a certain age, I've retired the backpack and bought modern luggage. So I've rented a backpack and 2 hiking poles from the guides. It's immediately apparent that I can't fit all my gear into this backpack, so my daypack comes along for the ride. It starts initially attached to the backpack but that's too awkward so it becomes a frontpack later in the day.
    It's surprisingly warm and humid at 2000 metres. I'm wearing long trekking pants and sweating profusely (like most of the others). There's a lot of fog around so the views are non-existent. The 1st photo shows this. It's at one of the stations where we can take a break, have a toilet stop and buy drinks.
    We eventually make it to the Fujisan lodge by 4pm. The 2nd photo shows its location above the cloud layer. The 3rd photo shows the track leading up to the lodge with hikers. So dinner is supplied and is a curry with rice. Filling and quite flavoursome.
    We're turning in around 7pm. We each have a supplied blanket and sleeping bag but are tightly packed together. So if I lay on my back and stuck my elbows out I would hit 2 people. Some people sleep but my immediate neighbours both snore so I while away the hours in quiet desperation.
    Finally it's 2:30 and time to trek upwards. We go single file and encounter wind and freezing rain. Turns out the waterproofing wax I bought for my boots isn't that great. Awesome time to find out. There are a lot of hikers after the same goal. We get to the summit and mill around trying to take cover from the wind and rain. It's very cloudy but suddenly the sun appears! The crowd goes "oooh" and a mad scramble ensues to take photos. 15 seconds later the clouds are back and the opportunity is lost! Only for a couple of minutes as magically the clouds roll away and the sun is revealed in awesome majesty. These are my last 3 photos, including the obligatory "summit selfie".
    Anyway it's not smart to linger at the summit so we trek back to Fujisan lodge for breakfast. Chicken with scrambled eggs, very tasty. Everything is packed away and we make our descent. This is the reason that parts of my body no longer talk to me. With the weight I'm carrying my knees and toes cop a pounding. The terrain is mostly scree but there are sections involving rocks that were challenging. Thank God for the hiking poles!
    Eventually I make it back to the starting point. Time for a drink, a bit of a rest and then I'm off to Gotenba in the van. And that's the end of my Mt Fuji adventure.
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  • Day7

    Chureito Pagoda

    October 8, 2018 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    The morning today was spent walking to the iconic Chureito Pagoda. Mt Fuji was completely covered in cloud for the day but the view from the pagoda was still as stunning. It is a very easy walk from the nearest train station, but once at the entrance of the shrine (leading up to the pagoda) 398 steep steps were needed to reach the pagoda. Several selfie shots were taken along the way to break up this uphill climb, but overall not too difficult.

    We took it easy at the pagoda and didn't go any further than the observatory points. There are some hiking trails further along from there but we were short on time. The rest of our day was spent transiting from Mt Fuji to Nagoya. Given that it was a national holiday in Japan the trains were very busy and booked out early, making our 4 hour transit into an almost 8 hour one! But the efficiency and availability of Japan's trains still guaranteed our arrival into Nagoya. Not much to report on Nagoya as we were just having an overnight stay before making our way to Takayama.
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  • Day13


    October 3, 2015 in Japan ⋅

    Sehr gut organisiert aber kleine Sitze für kleine Japaner 😁
    Markus sagt, die Sitze in der 2. Klasse in D sind min. 10cm breiter.
    Die Sanitäranlagen sind aber besser als in D im Zug.

    Der Zug ist gut belegt für einen frühen Samstag Morgen.

    Der Zug verfügt leider nicht über richtigen Druckausgleich. Markus bekommt Kopfschmerzen. Ganz ehrlich: der ICE ist wirklich besser.Read more

  • Day73

    Mt. Fuji Aufstieg

    August 30, 2018 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    heute ist es soweit wir besteigen den Mount Fuji#um 7.30 Uhr fährt der Car los, welcher uns bis zur 5th Station auf 2300 M.ü.M. bringt#dort stellen sich die Guides vor, wir werden mit einem Pin für die Schuhe, Fähnchen für den Rucksack und einem Helm ausgestattet#die wichtigsten Regeln und Infos werden uns mitgeteilt, dann kanns los gehen#12.00 Uhr marschieren wir in einer Zweierreihe wie in der Schule los#als der Weg enger wird und es um den Aufstieg geht positionieren wir uns in einer Einerreihe#wir gehen in sehr langsamem Tempo den Berg hoch, wobei schon die ersten Mühe haben#ein älterer Herr verlässt uns bereits noch vor dem ersten längeren Halt und geht zurück zur 5th Station#ein Abschnitt des Weges ist Steinig wo auch ein wenig geklettert werden muss#nach ca. 6 Stunden wandern kommen wir bei der obersten Hütte der 8ten Station an wo uns undere Betten beziehungsweise unser Schlafplatz zugeteilt wird, es schlafen auf engstem Raum 6 Personen beieinander#anschliessend gibts Abendessen, danach gehts in den Schlafsack#bei meinem ist leider der Reissverschluss kaputt#das schöne, wir ziehen uns gar nicht erst um und gehen samt den kleidern ins Bett#Read more

  • Day74

    Mt. Fuji Sunrise

    August 31, 2018 in Japan ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    nach einer kurzen Nacht gibts um 1.45 Uhr Tagwach#ziehen uns warm an, montieren Helm und Stirnlampe und machen uns auf den Weg zum Gipfel#der letzte Teil ist etwas anstrengender, die Luft wird dünner#oben angekommen entschdeife ich mich der optionalen Krater Gruppe anzuschliessen, welche sicjmh auf den Weg zum höchsten Punkt des Mt. Fuji macht#in einer kleinen Gruppe gehen wir weiter#Pünktlich zum Sonnenaufgang schaffen wir es zum höchsten Punkt auf 3776 M.ü.M.#der Krater und die Aussicht sind Atemberaubend#ist der schönste Sonnenaufgang den ich ich je gesehen habe#für mich hat sich der Aufstieg gelohnt#das Wetter hat mitgespielt#alles perfekt#machen uns auf den Weg zurück zu unserer Hütte, wo es Frühstück gibt#Read more

  • Day74

    Mt. Fuji Abstieg

    August 31, 2018 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    kurz vor der Ankunft in der Hütte erfahre ich, dass die andere Gruppe, bei welcher Sabrina ist, bereits um 6.20 Uhr den Abstieg angetreten hat#bin genervt, dass wir den letzten Teil nicht zusammen machen können#nach dem Frühstück macht sich meine Gruppe um 7.40 Uhr auf den Weg, nach dem ersten 20 Minütigen Abschnitt können wir unser eigenes Tempo gehen#i gehe auf unf davon, mich kann niemand mehr aufhalten#nach 50 Miniuten habe ich Sabrina eingholt#ich war glücklich den letzten Abschnitt noch mit ihr gehen zu können, ist schliesslich unser letzter gemeinsamer Ferientag#der Abstieg war anstrengender als hoch zu laufen, zumindest Muskulär#geschafft, ich bin stolz auf uns#der Car bringt uns mit einem kleinen Umweg zurück nach Shinjuku, wo wir unser Gepäck aus dem Locker holen und uns mit dem Zug Richtung Hotel und Hostel machen#unsere Wege trennen sich im Zug#Sabrina fliegt am Samstag nach Hause und übernachtet in der Nähe des Flughafens und ich gehe in ein anderes Stadtviertel von Tokyo#freue mich auf die Dusche und ein Bett# bin müde und gehe schlafen#Read more

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Shizuoka, Präfektur Shizuoka, Prefektur Shizuoka, شيزوكا, Şizuoka, Шидзуока, Prefectura de Shizuoka, Shizuoka-gâing, شیزوئۆکا, Prefektura Šizuoka, Gubernio Ŝizuoka, Shizuoka prefektuur, استان شیزوئوکا, Shizuokan prefektuuri, Préfecture de Shizuoka, Maoracht Shizuoka, Prefektura Shizuoka, שיזואוקה, Sizuoka prefektúra, Prepektura ti Shizuoka, Shizuoka-umdæmi, Prefettura di Shizuoka, 静岡県, Préfèktur Shizuoka, 시즈오카 현, Šidzuokos prefektūra, Sidzuokas prefektūra, Шизуока, शिझुओका, Wilayah Shizuoka, Sizuoka-koān, Shizuoka Prefekture, ضلع شیزوکا, Prefectura Shizuoka, Сидзуока, Shizuoka Prefectur, Shizuoka prefektuvra, Šizuoka, Префектура Шизуока, Préféktur Shizuoka, Shizuoka prefektur, Mkoa wa Shizuoka, Префектураи Шизуока, จังหวัดชิซุโอะกะ, Prepektura ng Shizuoka, Префектура Сідзуока, شیزوکا پریفیکچر, 静冈县, 靜岡縣

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