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  • Day17


    May 25, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    I told Natsumi about my plans to go to Yamadera to see a temple on a steep mountainside. She had the day off and had never been to Yamadera so we took off together. The trainride took about an hour, so i tought her some new English words and she tought me some Japanese. A five minute walk took us from the station to the start of the climb. Which was primarily a lot of stairs through a forest. It's been said that there are 1057 and there are signs along the stairs that you only have 650 steps to go. Very encouraging. The first couple of hundred steps were allright but after that it became steeper and steeper and we had to take regular breaks to catch our breath. After about an hour we reached te top of the stairs and the view of the temple from the top made the climb well worth it. Natsumi reminded me to get my goschuincho for a new seal but after rummaging through my backpack i discovered i forgot to take it with me. As i told her i forgot it she just bursted out laughing. The day before i told her i always forget or lose stuff. Like my toothbrush in the shower, my jacket in the onsen and my phone nearly three times in the toilet of a konbini. She said and i quote "No surprise!" and just laughed more. :-D
    It was time to go down again and the descent was a lot easier. The sun had begun to shine and so the climb up would only have been harder. We got back on the train to Sendai to get some beef tongue for dinner becaus the climb made us both hungry. We talked about stuff and she tought me some new words of which "hetakuso" was the one i remember best. According to the translation app on her phone it means "incompetent shit". I bursted out laughing loud in the train before telling her i would use this word a lot from now on. Back in Sendai we got back to the hostel to drop off our stuff and wait until the Gyutan restaurant opened at five. Gyutan is ox-tongue and it is a local specialty in Sendai. It's hard to exactly describe the tast if you never had it yourself but it's a bit like steak only far more succulent and tender. On Natsumi's advise i took the thin sliced Gyu-tan and it's utterly delicious. You get thin slices of tonge with almost no added flavors and it's unbelievably good. I now the idea might gross you out but do yourself a favor and try it at least once. And maybe the biggest surprise is that all this goodness will set you back 1600 yen, which is roughly 12 euros, an absolute bargain.
    Back in the hotel we had another great evening with the staff and some new guests. I gues you are beginning to understand why there was a lack of updates these last few days. ;-)
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  • Day9

    Blizzard sur le Mont Haguro

    March 23 in Japan ⋅ ❄️ 1 °C

    Aujourd'hui, nous sommes partis pour Tsuruoka et plus particulièrement le Mont Haguro, premier des trois monts Dewa, haut de 414m. Nous avons réalisé l'ascension en un peu plus d'1 heure en suivant les marches recouvertes de neiges et de glaces. Nous avons pu voir une pagode à 5 étage du 12e siecle ainsi que de nombreux petits sanctuaires. L'ascension fut ponctuée par des chutes de neiges/grêle. Arrivés en haut, nous avons pu observés quelques minutes des prières dans le beau temple principal(photo interdite). Nous sommes ensuite retournė à Tsuruoka pour nous reposer sous un peu plus de soleils et moins de neige.Read more

  • Day10


    March 24 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    Au réveil, de gros flocons ne presageaient rien de bon pour notre montée des 1000 marches du Yamadera. La neige s'est rapidement arrêtée et nous avons pu tout de même la réaliser. La montée d'environ 40min qui permet une belle vue sur vallée. Les japonais s'arrêtent régulièrement pour une prière et pour coincer des pièces de 1 yen en offrande sur les parois sculptés de la montagne.
    Avec cette étape, nous concluons une trilogie de lieux (Kanazawa, Haguro, Yamadera) consacré à Bassho, le célèbre poète de Haiku. En voici un consacré au temple:
    Silence - le chant des cigales - pénètre les rocs
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Yamagata-ken, Präfektur Yamagata, Yamagata, Prefektur Yamagata, ياماغاتا, Прэфектура Ямагата, Ямагата, Prefectura de Yamagata, یاماگاتا, Prefektura Jamagata, Gubernio Jamagata, Yamagata prefektuur, استان یاماگاتا, Yamagatan prefektuuri, Préfecture de Yamagata, 山形县, יאמאגטה, Prepektura ti Yamagata, Prefettura di Yamagata, 山形県, იამაგატის პრეფექტურა, ខេត្តយ៉ាម៉ាកាតា, 야마가타 현, Jamagatos prefektūra, Jamagatas prefektūra, Јамагата, Ямагата-кэн, यामागाता, Wilayah Yamagata, Yamagata-koān, Yamagata Prefekture, Prefektura Yamagata, ضلع یاماگاٹا, Prefectura Yamagata, Yamagata Prefectur, Jamagata, Префектура Јамагата, Yamagata Prefecture, Yamagata prefektur, Mkoa wa Yamagata, Префектураи Ямагата, จังหวัดยะมะงะตะ, Prepektura ng Yamagata, ياماگاتا ناھىيىسى, Префектура Ямаґата, یاماگاتا پریفیکچر, 山形縣

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