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  • Day35


    November 22, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    Thanksgiving is actually a really nice holiday. It's just about getting together with friends and/or family and being thankful for what you have. No rigmarole about presents or spending up big and all that stuff, just a large meal and a day off. There aren't even Thanksgiving sales or anything like that in the stores, just BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY advertising.

    We ended up waking a bit late and having a lazy breakfast, before the younger ones decided to drive up the road a bit to visit Big Trees. It's a grove of redwood trees and a couple of giant sequoias too, so interesting to see but not much we hadn't seen already at Yosemite. There had been a big winter storm overnight, so a bit of snow on the ground up here but thankfully nothing back down at Murphys - just a lot of wind and rain!

    Back home where we had a light lunch and watched the Macy's parade along with some Thanksgiving football on TV, before having dinner around 5pm.

    Delicious turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes that were about 80% butter and milk, sprouts, carrots and sweet potato, and of course stuffing! Pecan pie and peach pie for dessert, both home made and delicious. I ate so much it felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out!
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