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  • Day16

    Day 16: New beginnings

    February 17, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪I have arrived safely in Kenia 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

    Although I wasn’t sure I would make it. Zanzibar has a very confusing airport ... chances of missing your flight due to missing signs, info tables, staff, unclear announcements are about 50% I would say. Just have a look at my boarding pass 😂

    But I’m here now and will depart with the group tomorrow morning at 6.30 am. It is very likely that I will be off for a few days due to lack of internet ... so no worries 😉
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  • Day2

    The city of traffic: Nairobi

    September 17, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Started the day off early with a hearty breakfast on the rooftop. It’s clear the rest of the city woke up way before us as the streets below are already hustling and bustling.

    We decide to spend the day exploring Nairobi and decide to set off on foot. The receptionist has kindly given us a map to the big attractions in Nairobi: the National Museum and Snake Park. Thankfully it’s a two in one package so we manage to visit both in the matter of a few hours.

    Throughout the museum now stuffed animals haunt the hallways with their fake eyes and awkward poses. In snake park, we’re told of all the animals that are edible and inedible. Seems that the black mamba didn’t make the cut for edible but we were slightly grateful for that.

    Leaving the museum we are stopped by the security guard and informed that she can’t let her brother and sister walk around Nairobi. We simply must get a taxi she says! (Obviously in kahoots wifh the taxi driver). Reluctantly we get inside and are automatically filled with regret as we are stuck in traffic for almost an hour when the walk would have taken maybe 10 minutes.

    We arrive somewhat near our desired destination: Swahili Plate. But not before one of the “brokers” from the “Masai Market” spots us and offers his assistance to get us where we want to be. In return, he’ll help us navigate the market once we’ve finished our meal.

    Naturally, we take our time eating. We’ve heard the rumours that a fake market had been set up in the city centre and the “brokers” would take you around to buy overpriced souvenirs and take a cut out of the cost. No thank you.

    We think we’ve spent long enough eating our first of many beans and rice meals and can’t see the broker in sight. So we decide to make a start out of the restaurant. Within seconds there he is by our side attempting to lead us to the market. Picking up speed we essentially run away from him with some excuse that we need to get back to the hotel as we have no money. Thinking we’ve lost him, we head toward the nearest ATM to get some extra cash to spend at the real Masai Market. Unfortunately, our friend didn’t seem to get the hint and continued to follow us. Opting out of getting some money out, we continue our journey toward the God’s Corner to visit one of the local Catholic Churches. Nobody can harass you at a church, right?

    We end our walking tour of the day by visiting the true Masai Market and almost immediately regret it as we step in. It’s shocking how many vendors can sell identical merchandise. We spend all our money on a knockoff Kenya football jersey and a card with an elephant on it. Forced into trying on authentic Masai cloaks, we dress in these two but leave in an argument with the vendors as we refused to spend $150 USD on what looked to be a checkered oversized scarf.

    We escape the hustle and bustle of the city by returning to the hidden rooftop. As we clink our glasses to celebrate the end to our first day we hear a man repeatedly scream in the alley below. Welcome to Nairobi.
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  • Day12

    Nanyuki Week 1

    May 18, 2017 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    I arrived in Nanyuki after four hours on a matatu (shuttle van) from Nairobi - one of the worst experiences of my time in Kenya!! It was full of locals, squashed together like sardines with no fresh air coming through at 6:30am. At this point I started to question why I was here and how on earth I was going to last six weeks here. I met my host mum Jacinta, and sisters Lisanne (Netherlands) and Melanie (Denmark). I also met Jacinta's sister and family who were visiting for the day. It was at this point I felt comfortable with the house full of people laughing over a meal, just like home! I spent my first week getting to know Nanyuki, visiting the equator, running in the mornings like the locals and working at Vision Star Pre School located in the slums. I worked with middle class (4-5 year olds) who spoke next to zero English so I had to learn a bit of Swahili very quickly. It was exhausting working here, the kids were very loud, not disciplined and obviously the language barrier was tough which limited the amount of work I could do. I was well and truly in a third world country and out of my comfort zone!Read more

  • Day6

    Back from Safari

    April 29, 2018 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Diese kleine Safari-Auszeit hat sich echt gelohnt, wir konnten uns gut entspannen und sehr schoene Fotos machen. Frueh aufstehen gehoerte dazu, da der Morning Drive 6.30 Uhr los ging. Das Wetter war superschoen, blauer Himmel und Sonnenschein. Elefanten und Giraffen und eine wunderschoene Landschaft. Danach erstmal ein leckers Fruehstueck mit Blick auf den Fluss vor unserem Camp und einem Krokodil auf der anderen Seite. Man versicherte uns, dass die Krokodile den Fluss nicht ueberqueren koennen oder wollen. Entgegen den Elefanten, die machen das schon regelmaessig, als wir sie morgens dabei beobachteten, haben sie es sich aber doch noch mal anders ueberlegt. Das Wasser steht schon sehr hoch und hat eine starke Stroemung und sie hatten sehr kleine Jungtiere dabei, die sie beschuetzen mussten, damit sie nicht fortgerissen werden.
    Nach dem Fruehstueck haben wir uns eine Massage geben lassen im Spa-Zelt. Wir hatten uns schon gewundert, wofuer das gut ist. Ausserdem war Zeit zum Lesen, bis es irgendwann wieder Zeit fuers Mittagessen wurde. Gefuehlt habe ich in den drei Tagen zwei Kilo zugenommen. Unser Zelt-Haus auf Stelzen verfuegt ueber einen Mini-Pool, den musste ich natuerlich auch mal ausprobieren.
    Am Nachmittag gings dann wieder auf eine Fahrt durch die Wildnis. Leider sahen wir von Loew und Leopard nur die Fussspuren, dafuer posierten die Giraffen und Elefanten vorbildlich. Erstaunlich auch, wie viele verschieden Vogelarten so herum fliegen und lustige Geraeusche machen. Der Abend klang mit einem leckeren Abendessen und Lagerfeuer aus. Der fast volle Mond erleuchtete alles ziemlich hell und auch Sterne konnte man schoen erkennen. Trotzdem wurden wir natuerlich von einem Camp-Ranger zu unserem Zelt gebracht, auch wenn meistens nur Affen durchs Camp rennen. Aber da es keinen Zaun hat, koennten auch andere Tiere sich mal verirren.
    Heute Morgen haben wir natuerlich den letzten Drive auch noch mal mitgenommen, bevor wir nach einem leckeren Fruehstueck mit Blick aufs Wasser zum "Flughafen" gebracht wurden. Allerdings schienen heute Morgen wirklich alle Tiere noch zu schlafen, noch nicht mal Elefanten waren unterwegs. Dafuer haben wir ein paar Strausse gesehen und unsere Freunde die Warzenschweine.
    Nachdem uns der Flug als frueher als geplant angekuendigt wurde, verschob sich die Abflugzeit dann noch zweimal, da wir auch noch einen Zwischenstop irgendwo unterwegs machen mussten. Hat mich jetzt irgendwie nicht so ueberrascht muss ich sagen.
    Wieder in der Stadt haben wir uns was zu Essen bestellt und die Wellnessanlage des Hauses genutzt.
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    Ein wunderschöner Dickhäuter :) LG Nine

  • Day85

    Last Leg

    March 26, 2016 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Well, this is it folks. Night bus arrived in Nairobi just before 6am. Sun still down. We walked over to Hotel Medina, the one we stayed in during our first visit in Nairobi, since it was right around the corner. Jack wanted the wifi to wish her brother a happy birthday, but he unfortunately didn't answer. While there, I managed to borrow the receptionist's phone to call the hotel we had reserved, to try and cancel the reservation. I had reserved being nervous that everything would be booked for easter weekend, but turns out Medina has rooms! Everything worked out great! The cancelled place said they wouldn't charge me, Medina gave us a temporary room to nap in until our room would be ready for 10am, and they're letting us stay in a single room, instead of double, which means cheaper. Score!

    After our nap, we bused over to a district called Karen and Langata, what was supposed to be a cool, hipster, richer area. Turns out, it might be, if you have a car. Nothing was walkable. KMs between everything. So we had coffee at the cafe place, you know, since we were there. Then took a bus right back where we had passed to go watch a cultural show.

    The Bomas of Kenya are these grounds with homesteads from every Kenyan tribe. To see how different each tribe builds their home was fascinating. Then who doesn't like watching people dancing in traditional clothing while drinking a beer? Drums, singing, chanting, and even the odd accordion! Mom, it could have been your time to shine! Great show, ending with an acrobatic act that was very entertaining. And to make it all that much sweeter, we paid half price with our handy student cards!

    We bused back home, and had this really nice guy walk us home, since we went a route we didn't recognize at all! A personal escort, how nice. It's kind of nice to be back in Nairobi. After Mombasa, my enjoyment of big cities had taken a dip, but I like Nairobi! The people are all busy doing something, hustle and bustle everywhere, and they couldn't care less that white people are walking by. I don't feel their stares as much as I did in Mombasa. The people are quite helpful. Other then the obvious downside of not being able to be out after dark, I really wouldn't mind sticking around here. Tomorrow, shopping! I haven't bought anything to bring home all trip, so tomorrow's the time to let loose!
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