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  • Day2

    Masai Mara Day 1, Camp Manyatta

    October 7, 2017 in Kenya

    Today we get picked up at 6:15 am from our guide and driver John, a Masai. We are a group of 8 and it takes us about 7h until we arrive at our camp “Manyatta”, just outside of the National Park with tents each under a roof, a bathroom attached to the back and a really nice lobby. We check in, have some lunch and a quick nap until our first ever game drive starts!

    At around 4pm our little off road 4x4 minivan is entering the “Masai Mara National Park”.

    We don’t really know what to expect, but it doesn’t take long until we realise, this park is full of animals. About 10min in, we even discover a couple of cheetahs hunting a group a wildebeests. Its amazing to see and it ends with the fastest animal on earth doing a high speed chase into the far.

    Apart from lots of zebras, wildebeests and antilopes we discover sleepy lions 🦁 (males and females), a hippo, buffalos, chakals, turkeys, warthogs and huge masai giraffes. The whole scene reminds of Jurassic Park.

    At around 6:30 we’re back in our tented camp with a nice dinner and an early night of sleep 💤
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  • Day6

    Hell's Gate National Park

    October 11, 2017 in Kenya

    Hell’s Gate is one of the few national parks, where you can hike or cycle by yourself (apparently there are no cats 😊).

    So we rented a bike and rode past zebras, antelopes, buffalos and a lot of warthogs (Pumbas). It‘s a totally different experience without the engine noise.

    And hey, there is a slot canyon inside the park, that reminded me of those in the US, just that the stones are less red. We did a 2 hour track through the canyon accompanied by a Masai and couldn’t escape a really cold thunder storm on our way back!

    Totally worth a trip and with $30 entrance one of the cheaper NPs here in Kenya 🇰🇪!
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  • Day3

    Masai Mara Day 2, Wildebeest Mania

    October 8, 2017 in Kenya

    It is simply incredible! Back home it is great luck to see a deer once in a while. Today in Masai Mara I’d say we saw about 100.000 animals ‼️

    We started early and drove around 90km to the Mara River, hoping to see some wildebeests cross it. It came close, but they chickened out in the end - quite understandably considering the amount of crocs and hippos in the water.

    Another highlight was a group of around 10 elephants passing our van just a few meters away.

    The rest of the day we drove through countless wildebeests, zebras, hyenas, giraffes, more elephants, all sorts of antelopes, buffalos, monkeys, warthogs, saw more cheetahs and a lot of lions and lionesses - sometimes so close, our zoom lens wasn’t even necessary 😳🦁.

    It was a really exhausting but amazing day, that ended with a quick visit to the village.
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  • Day6

    Lake Naivasha, Fisherman's Camp

    October 11, 2017 in Kenya

    Our next stop is the Fisherman’s Camp, where we are staying in a banda right at the shore of Lake Naivasha!

    The coolest thing here is, that the hippos come out at night and you can watch them eat just 2-3m away from you. Good thing there is an electric fence giving you the feeling of being safe (sort of) 😅. Oh and not to forget Eric, the camp giraffe, which was chasing us around.

    For us it was time to relax a bit, to do some more acclimatising to Kenya and we started to eat at local shacks (mostly ugali, some green stuff, cabbage, chapati and black tea with milk).

    One morning we did a boat ride on the lake. We spotted a couple of birds and hippos. In the end we came close to a group of about 10 hippos with the current pushing us further towards them - too bad, our engine had issues starting. Slightly scared we eventually made it away 😅.
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  • Day132

    Lake Naivasha

    September 15, 2017 in Kenya

    We reluctantly left the Mara, possibly our last experience wild camping in Africa. There is nothing like the experience of camping with no fences, hearing lion, elephant, hyenas and hippos ‘conversing’ through the night, and occasionally, wandering through camp.
    Drove all day to a beautiful campsite on the edge of Lake Naivasha, where we spent our last few nights living out of our Land Rover. On our drive here, we experienced our first overt attempt, since being in Africa, by a police officer to extort money. We were pulled over at a checkpoint and told we had committed a traffic offence by overtaking a truck on a solid yellow line (not sure how the cop may have seen this since he was standing on the side of the road several kilometers from where we may have potentially committed the offence). The ploy by Kenyan police, which we had learnt from others, is to give you the option to show up at court 10 days from the offence (which no tourist will be able to do) or contribute to the cop’s lunch fund. This is exactly what happened.
    In his benevolent mood, the policeman decided to forgive us the offence and said we could contribute $50 for his lunch to show our appreciation. Of course, we said this did not seem correct, and we would prefer to just pay the fine if we could get a receipt. After ~15 minutes of his trying to get us to understand that he only really wanted cash (including asking John to explain to Christy exactly what he wanted – ‘I think she understands perfectly what you want’) he finally told us to “just go”, which we did as quickly as possible, making sure to signal and put our seatbelts back on.
    While camping on the edge of the lake, we were able to enjoy watching some wonderful colubus monkeys in our campsite. Also, since our food stockpile is essentially depleted, we’ve enjoyed eating all of our meals at the local restaurant. Our last stop before returning the Land Rover will be in Karen, a cushy suburb on the outskirts of Nairobi.
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  • Day126

    Lemek Conservancy

    September 9, 2017 in Kenya

    We spent all day driving to a lodge on the banks of the Mara River in the relatively new Lemek Conservancy – a mixed-use conservation area for wildlife and the Maasai to live and graze their livestock – that is adjacent to the Mara Triangle Conservancy. While the tarmac roads were in good condition, they were very narrow with heavy truck and bus traffic - which was unnerving. This unpleasantness was compounded by a ridiculous number of police checkpoints. We eventually got to the edge of the conservancy and the tarmac turned to horrific, corrugated, bumpy roads from hell. The only redeeming part of the drive was that the wildebeest had migrated to this area from Serengeti and we were able to see huge numbers grazing in the conservancy, alongside large herds of zebra, gazelle, topi and giraffe. We only stayed here briefly as we were anxious to get to the famous Mara Triangle and wild camp for our final time.Read more

  • Day19

    Masai Mara National Reserve

    July 17, 2017 in Kenya

    Yesterday we crossed back into Kenya then spent a couple of hours deap cleaning the truck, taking everything off and washing it after the last couple of dusty days. A 4.30am start this morning to cover the 6 hour drive before lunch. We then swapped our camping gear across into three 4wd vans that took us on a 2 hour drive into the Masai Mara NR. That last hour was brutal on a temporary 'road' that was driven at breakneck speed! We then had a 4 hour game drive that was awesome, our second best wildlife experience (second only to the killer whales hunting in Patagonia 12 years ago). We saw giraffes, a cat, part of the wildebeest migration, impala, warthogs, an elephant family with a very young one and lions up close. We were incredibly lucky to witness a pack of lionesses hunt and kill a wilder beast with minimal effort and chase because of their brilliant team work. Even the two pups anticipated what was going to happen and hid themselves until they had finished.Read more

  • Day20

    Masai Mara National Reserve Day 2

    July 18, 2017 in Kenya

    We were in the Reserve as the sun rose and went straight to where the kill happened the day before but it had been dragged off somewhere undercover to be eaten. While we didn't have the excitement of before we still saw plenty of wildlife. The mongoose where a big hit with us, as was seeing more lions and giraffes. Our driver did loose the other two vans and wasn't sure where to go which amused us when he started using google maps to try and locate us or them! We left the Reserve and had a 6 hour journey back to Karen Camp, Nairobi before a meal out at a local expat restaurant as we were saying cheerio to some travellers and welcome to new ones.Read more

  • Day15

    Elsamere Conservation Centre

    June 23, 2017 in Kenya

    I am being honest I haven't really heard of Joy Adamson or George Adamson before but me being me I can't resist learning about history especially when there is cake involved!

    We arrived on the banks of Elsamere Conservation Centre by boat, we went into the museum first where we looked at a lot of Joy and George Adamson's belongings. There were type writers, sewing machines, paintings, certificates, oil paints, photographs and several other little belongings.

    We then were treated to high tea, there were so many cakes and biscuits - it was delicious. We then watched a documentary about Joy Adamson's life and she is such an incredible woman. I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did but I really did and I look forward to researching more about her.
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  • Day4

    Masai Mara National Reserve

    June 12, 2017 in Kenya

    In Africa, the big five game animals are the Lion, Elephant, Cape buffalo, Leopard and Rhinoceros. They we chosen because of the degree of danger and difficulty involved in hunting them, rather than their size.

    We drove for eight hours straight through the Masai Mara National Reserve today and it was INCREDIBLE!
    The scenery was beautiful and I was able to cross off the Lion, Elephant and Cape Buffalo off of the 'big five' as well as seeing several other amazing animals such as zebras, warthogs, wildbeest, giraffe, jackel,hartebeest (and more) but the highlight was a cheetah!

    Interesting fact that I learnt from our tour manager is that you will quite often see zebras and wildbeest together as the zebras have good eye sight and the wildbeest have great smell, working together they are able to avoid being eaten by predators. Another interesting fact is that elephants are not hunted by any other animal, majority die of old age but some die of starvation if they wear down all their teeth and are unable to eat anymore.

    It was such a big day but so worth it, I am looking forward to a lot more game drives! Hopefully I can see a leopard and rhinoceros before I finish the tour to complete the 'big five'.
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