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  • Day30

    Day 29: Back to Kenya (Eldoret)

    March 3 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Today we left Uganda 🇺🇬 and started to go back to Kenya 🇰🇪 But before the trip ends in Nairobi, we stayed one night in Eldoret, a beautiful village in high altitude (2,000m).

    On our way we stopped for lunch on the side of the road ... and it only took a few minutes until we were surrounded by local children. They loved our balloons and were excited about being with us. At the end we shared our food with them 💛🙏Read more

  • Day296

    Tag 7 - 8: Waisehuus und fahre

    May 26 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Und scho esch es weder Ziit Kenia z verloh und üs uf de Wäg richtig Uganda z mache. Mer händ d Fahrt über Gränzi uf Jinja uf zwoi Täg ufteilt.

    Am erste Tag simmer 4h gfahre und händ no ehn Zwüschehalt ih ehmene Chinderheim ihgleid. Üsi Guides händ üs vorhär gfrogt ob mer wähled go und händ au klar gseid, dass sie falls mer gönd wärded ehn Spänd erwarte. Es funktioniert also so dass d Heimleiteri üs umefüehrt und über ihri Arbeit mit de Chind verzellt. Denn hämmer Ziit zum mit de Chind spiele und üs z Unterhalte. Währed de Spielziit döfe mer zu ihre is Büro wo sie Chetteli wo d Chind ih de Ferie möched verchaufed und Spände jeglicher Art (also au Stifte, Chleider, Ässe oder was au immer mer wott gäh) entgegä nähmed. Ziit wo mer mit de Chind verbrocht händ hed richtig Spass gmacht! Sie händ sich gfreut so viel Ufmerksamkeit z becho und händ eifach alles ah üs spannend gfunde. Au d Erklärige vo de Heimleiteri hed zeigt dass sie ehn gueti Arbeit leisted und mer händ alli gärn öbbis dezue biitreid dass die Arbeit cha wiiter go.

    De Mäntig hämmer denn im Bus verbrocht. D Fahrt esch über 7h gange, dezue simmer no ca. ehn Stund ah de Gränzi ahgstande. Es esch aber gliich ehn lustige Tag gsii! D Landschaft esch wunderschön zum ahluege, mer fahrt immer wieder dor chlini Dörfli wo eim d Lüüt fröhlich zuewinked und mer chli öbbis vom Alltagsläbe cha beobachte. Au mit de Lüüt im Truck hanis werklich lustig gha. Mer händ üsi gmeinsam erstellti Mitsing-Playlist, spieled Dänkspieli oder probiered üs chli Suaheli bizbringe ☺️.
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  • Day5

    To Eldoret

    July 3, 2017 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    An early morning visit to a local farm where we felt like we were back in the English countryside, barns, tractors, black and white cows... They had friendly dogs and calves too. We are in different cook groups but had to both buy for the next couple of days so a mad rush around the supermarket, some snacks for lunch and we were on our way with a few hours drive. We stopped at road side stalls to buy fresh veg and the local butchers, come tea room for the meat. We crossed the Equator today too. We have been really impressed by the reception we get from the locals, they are smiley and friendly. The children particularly love to wave and smile as we pass them.Read more

  • Day33

    Day 29 - Poa Resort

    May 11, 2017 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Meeting night tonight, so not a lot to do. Tom and Sherry took us on their Bible studies today, a very nice experience. We decided to stop for lunch at Poa Resort. There are these little oases all over the world. You can pay a few dollars and go inside the resort and enjoy the amenities for the day. Or, go the restaurant, buy a meal and enjoy the surroundings for awhile. Here we found pretty gardens and lots of birds to watch - the sunbird especially - a relative to the hummingbird, but it doesn't hover.

    We all ordered a beer and a platter of snacks to share. We were finished our beer, but there were no snacks (fast food doesn't exist here - as we have also learned to be true in Mexico). When we asked, we were told, "Yes, it's coming soon!". About 10 minutes more passed and it arrived - a problem with the fryer we were told. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food and our 'break' ended up about 2 hours long, but we were all quite happy.

    Home for a couple of hours and then we headed to the 5:30 mid-week meeting. Unlike Sunday, where we went a little overtime and everyone lingered and visited, the meeting was over early and everyone was gone quite quickly. The school children come dressed in their uniforms and many come straight from work or the ministry so they want to get home. Plus, when the meeting was finished it was dark and raining. In the congregation there are two cars and one motor bike, so the majority are traveling on foot.
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  • Day31

    Day 27 - A morning in the ministry

    May 9, 2017 in Kenya ⋅ 🌬 19 °C

    This month the congregation is taking part in a campaign to cover some of their seldom worked territory. The theory is (there are no real records) that the rural area we were working in hasn't been covered in about 10 years.

    It was a very nice experience. A sister and her mother live in the area, so we were able to have a service group in their home and then walk the 10 minutes to the territory. I think there were 9 of us out.

    The houses seem to be haphazardly laid out, but our brothers and sisters knew where they were working. Other than the highway, the roads were dirt, and it rained last night. However, it was quite easy to walk around the puddles and we stayed un "muddied".

    I was with Ruth - the sister whose house we met at. She was very good to ask if the householders would like to speak English. If they did, she had me do the call. In the couple of hours we showed one video, placed several tracts, probably 5 brochures, four books, 10 or 15 magazines and had 4 or 5 say they would like us to come back for a study. The same results were had by the other groups. I talked two of the girls into letting me take a photo and they shyly agreed - with the proviso that I not post the you will have to see it in our photo album later.
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  • Day4

    Eldoret, Kenya in the Rift Valley

    November 28 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    To be completed later and photo and videos included when access to Internet improves.

    Eldoret is a principal city in the Rift Valley region of Kenya and the fifth largest in the country. It also serves as the capital of Uasin Gishu County. Lying south of the Cherangani Hills, the local elevation varies from about 2100 metres at the airport to more than 2700 metres in nearby areas . The population was 289,380 in the 2009 census and it is currently the fastest growing town in Kenya with over 400,000 inhabitants in 2019. We really didn't do very much here except the pitch out tents, cook a meal and chill before going to bed early for an early-ish start the next morning.

    The campsite was very lush and had an old fashioned air about it. When we arrived, we were met by the matriarch and her assistants who welcomed us to the campsite, explained some rules and invited us to have tea and buscuits. Charming.

    The biggest hassle here is not the snakes, scorptions, spiders not the hippos, Lions and other predators. No, it's my head. To be more correct, it's my developing system of organising all my stuff into manageable packs. It's currently underdeveloped! This man's that I'm constantly looking for stuff or misplacing stuff. A right pain in the arse. I've lost nothing yet though; not even my temper. I remember from my last overland trip that it took a week or so to get a handle on organising possessions into day, night, camping and truck packs. I'll soon be there!
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