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    • Day27

      Nairobi 2

      February 1, 2020 in Kenya ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

      Tours et détours dans la ville à la recherche de dollars, bien plus pratiques dans la région que nos euros. Visite de la McMillan Library, en piteux état. Une vieille tête de lion empaillée, une paire de défenses géantes, des fiches tapées à la machine et des vitrines en bois, ça ferait un bon décor de cinéma. A la tour du KICC on a une vue à 360° sur la ville et les monts Ngong, sous une pluie torrentielle. On tombe sur un soudanais qui nous raconte une histoire de fou et nous demande de l'argent pour aller en Zambie. On lui file un peu de sous au cas où son histoire serait vraie. Dîner à base de gras dans un fast food sauce kenyane : frites, poulet frit et re-frit. A côté KFC c'est comme de la salade.Read more


      "Du gras, du gras ! Le succès de la soirée sera si c'est gras !"


      Une petite révision d'économétrie. Ça ne peut pas faire de mal. 🤓


      J'en étais fur ! De ce côté-ci de l'hémisphère, l'économie vire au Lanceur de Balle de Défense.

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    • Day3

      To Nairobi

      October 18, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      An early start in Qatar, leaving at 6 in the morning to the airport, but that didn’t mean it’s cold, 32 degrees as we left. We didn’t have loads of time to get to the gate, partly due to Nathaniel and Mum trying to find something to spend our last Qatari Riyal in WH Smith, but we did make it and had a 5 and a half hour flight to Nairobi. Landing in African sunshine and a much more bearable 20 degree heat was a lovely welcome back to Kenya.Obtaining visas wasn’t half as long as the last time but did still take time filling in all the forms for us all. Then going to collect our luggage, which was a great relief. Getting out of the airport and seeing Jose waiting for us made us feel right at home again here, we even got a welcome from some giraffes soon after exiting the airport. We then had the task of driving to Ken and Maz’s house in Nairobi rush hour, we stopped quickly to buy drinks for the journey tomorrow, but it still took almost 3 hours to get there. We were lovingly welcomed into their home and then went to a burger restaurant made out of shipping containers for dinner while it rained very very very heavily. We went back and played a couple of games, one with shoes and after went to bed after a long day travelling to get some rest for another long day of travelling to Mumias.Read more


      Sounds great glad you got your luggage xx Can’t wait to hear more from Caleb x Anna xx


      Lovely pics in the sunshine, yay! We are praying for safe journeys onward now you have reached African soil, enjoy the adventure! Lou & Aiden Xxx


      Great hearing about all your travelling and so pleased Jose was waiting for you. You would be really glad to see him! So pleased all your luggage arrived too. Lovely for you to enjoy time with Maz and family too. Praying for your long drive to Mumias today and trust it goes really well and you will be sure of a warm welcome when you arrive. Thanks for posting all the super photos! Dad Mum G and G xxxx


      Nice to see you guys arrived safe. May God continue to bless you through your journey

    • Day5

      Day Five

      April 18 in Kenya ⋅ 🌧 64 °F

      Day Five: ///protester.applies.ballooned. Wake up after a rough night of sleep. The hotel breakfast helps work the bugs out before we go exploring. Head to Nancy's brother and wife's home for a nice visit and we sneak in some laundry washing too. Next is a tour of the beautiful Rosslyn Academy campus school where they work. I started calling it an educational resort! Just beautiful. We then enjoyed drinks at Amani ya Juu. A garden cafe with a shop featuring hand sewn crafts by woman recovering from trama. After that it's on to Ethiopian food for a late lunch. Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant features some of the best goat meat I've ever had. Make that the first, best goat meat I've ever had! It was very good! while we ate it POURED down rain. We were comfortable under cover and a good time was had by all. Back to the hotel for a quick walk to a store for a few essentials and then some quiet time on the room. Tomorrow morning starts the Safari's! Time to get the final prep completed and go to sleep.Read more

    • Day2

      Nairobi, nous voici

      August 11 in Kenya ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      On est bien arrivées à l’hôtel. Imraan, l’organisateur de notre voyage, est venu nous accueillir et nous a fait le programme détaillé. On va se régaler!
      Les filles sont à la fois excitées … et appréhendent un peu parce que l’idée de se lever a 6 heures la plupart du temps ne les ravit pas d’emblée 😂
      Après une bonne nuit de sommeil, un énorme petit déjeuner et journée tranquille pour récupérer du voyage .
      Nairobi est ville morte encore aujourd’hui du fait des élections générales avant-hier (qui entraîne à priori un exode important à travers le pays, les personnes retournant voter dans leur ville d’origine). On se prépare au départ demain pour notre premier safari!
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      J'ai enfin réussi à me connecter ! J'ai hâte de suivre votre safari reportage. Bisous. [Christelle]


      J’ai enfin pu trouver un peu de wifi 😅😘

    • Day101


      September 3 in Kenya ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      Nairobi ist Kenias Hauptstadt. Einerseits kann die Armut nicht übersehen werden, andererseits strotzt die Stadt voller Hipster- Cafés.

      Nairobi is Kenya's capital. On the one hand, poverty cannot be overlooked, but on the other hand, the city is bursting with hipster cafés.Read more

    • Day30

      Day 30: Another chapter comes to an end

      March 3, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      I am really glad that today we arrived back in civilization (Nairobi), but this also means that after Kilimandscharo and Zanzibar another chapter comes to end (Uganda, Ruanda & Kenya) 😢

      I have made really good friends on this trip and I will miss them so much 💛 - only one of them is staying, all the others are flying home today.

      But I have so many wonderful adventures ahead of me that I am also excited about what’s next. Starting tomorrow I will move on to Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe ... and finally South Africa 💛
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      You look great and happy☺️ - all the best for your next tour!!!😘


      Hi Marleen! Praying for you and every day of your journey. I trust you are journaling your thoughts and feelings as well as these magnificent pictures. You are a very special woman. ❤️🙏🤗


      You look great with that big smile 😊

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    • Day2

      The city of traffic: Nairobi

      September 17, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Started the day off early with a hearty breakfast on the rooftop. It’s clear the rest of the city woke up way before us as the streets below are already hustling and bustling.

      We decide to spend the day exploring Nairobi and decide to set off on foot. The receptionist has kindly given us a map to the big attractions in Nairobi: the National Museum and Snake Park. Thankfully it’s a two in one package so we manage to visit both in the matter of a few hours.

      Throughout the museum now stuffed animals haunt the hallways with their fake eyes and awkward poses. In snake park, we’re told of all the animals that are edible and inedible. Seems that the black mamba didn’t make the cut for edible but we were slightly grateful for that.

      Leaving the museum we are stopped by the security guard and informed that she can’t let her brother and sister walk around Nairobi. We simply must get a taxi she says! (Obviously in kahoots wifh the taxi driver). Reluctantly we get inside and are automatically filled with regret as we are stuck in traffic for almost an hour when the walk would have taken maybe 10 minutes.

      We arrive somewhat near our desired destination: Swahili Plate. But not before one of the “brokers” from the “Masai Market” spots us and offers his assistance to get us where we want to be. In return, he’ll help us navigate the market once we’ve finished our meal.

      Naturally, we take our time eating. We’ve heard the rumours that a fake market had been set up in the city centre and the “brokers” would take you around to buy overpriced souvenirs and take a cut out of the cost. No thank you.

      We think we’ve spent long enough eating our first of many beans and rice meals and can’t see the broker in sight. So we decide to make a start out of the restaurant. Within seconds there he is by our side attempting to lead us to the market. Picking up speed we essentially run away from him with some excuse that we need to get back to the hotel as we have no money. Thinking we’ve lost him, we head toward the nearest ATM to get some extra cash to spend at the real Masai Market. Unfortunately, our friend didn’t seem to get the hint and continued to follow us. Opting out of getting some money out, we continue our journey toward the God’s Corner to visit one of the local Catholic Churches. Nobody can harass you at a church, right?

      We end our walking tour of the day by visiting the true Masai Market and almost immediately regret it as we step in. It’s shocking how many vendors can sell identical merchandise. We spend all our money on a knockoff Kenya football jersey and a card with an elephant on it. Forced into trying on authentic Masai cloaks, we dress in these two but leave in an argument with the vendors as we refused to spend $150 USD on what looked to be a checkered oversized scarf.

      We escape the hustle and bustle of the city by returning to the hidden rooftop. As we clink our glasses to celebrate the end to our first day we hear a man repeatedly scream in the alley below. Welcome to Nairobi.
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    • Day26

      Nairobi 1

      January 31, 2020 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      La métropole tentaculaire de Nairobi compte plus de 9 millions d'habitants. Au milieu, le très actif CBD : bâtiments historiques, banques, échoppes de tailleurs, cosmétiques, téléphonie, etc. Le moindre mètre carré est utilisé pour un kiosque Safaricom ou Airtel. Nous quadrillons ces rues pour faire nos petites emplettes et nous régalons de hummus et poulet biryani dans un resto "indo-arabe" qui propose des plats indiens et moyen-orientaux. Dans ce coin du monde, chapatis et shawarmas font bon ménage. En même temps, le concept de mélanger cuisines indienne et arabe, ça envoie du rêve ! Peu de mzungus, mais la ville doit bien avoir son lot d'expats un peu plus loin dans les banlieues chics. On va faire un tour au Musée National où s'entasse toute une population d'oiseaux empaillés. Mais devant le musée c'est un marabout lost in translation et bien vivant qui observe les passants.Read more

    • Day18

      Back to Nairobi

      December 22, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Today was the last day of this part of the trip with a 7 hour trip back to Nairobi where it all began. We arrived back just after lunch time and had a few drinks.

      A few of us went out to the carnivore restaurant all you can eat meat restaurant which was fab but we were super stuffed! We ate all of the normal meats but also crocodile, ostrich and ox balls (sweet breads) the croc was quite yummy.Read more

    • Day17


      September 15, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Am 14.9. ist Marius zurück nach Deutschland geflogen und ich habe die Exkursionsgruppe getroffen. Wir hatten fünf intensive Tage in Nairobi. Durch MISEREOR erhielten wir die Chance verschiedene Projekte zu Themen wie Recht auf Wohnen, Berufliche Bildung und Friedenserziehung sowie Menschen, die unglaubliche Arbeit leisten, kennenzulernen. Dabei bewegten wir uns hauptsächlich in informellen Siedlungen und steckten viel im Verkehr Nairobis fest. Die Erfahrungen die wir gemacht haben lassen sich kaum und vor allem nicht zu kurz und knapp beschreiben.Read more

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