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  • Day8


    May 5, 2018 in Georgia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Last wake-up in Georgia. At least for the this year, I guess...
    Some people were so brave to get up at 7am to go to a local market, while I just manage to take my bags to the bus and get to the breakfast hall 5 minutes before departure.
    Tonight we have to be back in Tbilisi and our holiday is unfortunately over, but we will first stop in Borjomi for a couple of hours. This town not far away from Tbilisi is world-renowned for the production of mineral water. Our driver seems to be a bit crazier than usual and starts overtaking on bends with cars coming in the opposite direction... I will never get used to Georgian driving! On the way to Borjami we also see an amazing fortress: the Surami Castle.

    A friend back in Munich put me in touch with two very good friends of his that are living in Tbilisi. And one of them - Mishka - happens to work at the water plant in Borjomi! We decide to meet at noon at the entrance of the Borjomi gardens, so I have the time to stroll a bit in the park and taste its famous mineral water from a hot natural spring. I must admit the taste is not exactly exciting...
    Mishka picks me up right in time before we are hit by a crazy storm and it starts pouring with rain. After a short drive into the valley, we decide to stop at a traditional restaurant where we order a crazy amount if food, including am interesting walnut-filled trout, grilled beef, fried cheese and the inevitable Khachapuri. Since we are obviously not able to eat everything up, we ask the waitress to wrap the remaining Khachapuri up: now anything can happen, but with my Khachapuri doggy bag on my side I will feel safe.
    I think I underestimated Georgian hospitality because there is no way I can convince Mishka to let me pay for at least half of the total bill, nor to avoid that he buys me sweets and magnets in the streets.
    We get back to my bus right in time to leave. I hope they would have waited for me if I had arrived one minute later...
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