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  • Day10

    Carpet Workshop & Lunch

    April 22, 2019 in Uzbekistan ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Before going for lunch we stop at a carpet factory, where the owner shows us how the famous silk carpets are produced in Uzbekistan.
    Silk is extracted from cocoons: from just one you can get 1.200m of silk thread! 😲 All colours used in this factory to dye the silk are of vegetarian origin: roots of madder for red, pomegranate for orange.

    When we move to the inner part of the factory we see some women working at some huge loom. They show us how the different silk threads are knotted with a double knot and then cut. At the end, the weaver cuts with a sharp blade the remaining part of the cut threads sticking out, thus ensuring that the carpet has a smooth surface. The remaining shreds are used to fill the interior of cushions.

    The girls working at the looms are able to pick the threads, make the knots and cut in just a couple of seconds. It's a very intense work and that's why they must rest every 30 minutes. Making carpets requires an extremely amount of work and time: the average speed is less than 1cm per day with two women working 8 hours day on it., 😨
    The most amazing part of these carpets is the colour: it changes depending on the position you look at it from.

    After the visit, we obviously stop by the store, where we are shown some amazing carpets that required years of work and cost just a few thousand dollars. Considering that two women worked full time on it for at least 2-3 years, we get a good idea of local wages... 😞

    It's finally time to stop for lunch! This time Said brings us to a super luxurious restaurant, where we have an amazing beef and lamb stew. 😋 We notice that there are some tables that are completely occupied by dressed-up women: apparently it's a local tradition that married women gather for lunch on a monthly basis and have fun together, for once forgetting about their house duties. After eating they all start merrily dancing in the middle of the restaurant and try to involve me as well...🙁

    It's now time to say goodbye to Samarkand and leave for Tashkent: tomorrow we have a flight to catch! ✈️
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