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  • Day5

    Bunratty Castle

    September 4, 2019 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    The day starts with two shocking experiences.
    1) When going to breakfast, I see our two friends ordering a cheese omelette with toast and jam... and the asking for ketchup to put on top! 😱😱😱
    2) When we get on the bus (at 8am... 😥) Sean informs us that today the official weather forecast are predicting "prolonged showers"... because "rain" doesn't start until October... 🙄
    The programme for today is exploring the West Coast (including the Cliffs of Moher 🤩), while tonight we will stay in Galway, the city of tribes known for music and culture.

    After 2 hours driving, we reach the pictoresque village of Bunratty and... guess what... there is a castle! 🏰😂 Basically every little cluster of houses in Island has at least a pub every 5 persons and some kind of castle/tower/ruined-whatever...🙄 😂

    In front of the castle there is a donut-shaped metal thingy which should represent the wealth (???) of the Ancients (?????). After racking our brains for five minutes to understand what this metal potato is about, we walk around it realising it's a sort of bracelet... and you can even sit in it.

    After taking a couple of pictures of the building, we go to a souvenir shop like the rest of the group. The result is inevitable: the 20-minute stop soon becomes a 40-minute shopping break with the old American ladies going crazy for gloves, magnets, cups... basically anything either green or carrying the symbol of clover, a sheep or a Leppercaurn.
    And after making the guide (and everybody else) wait for 20 minutes, they justify themselves by saying... they are supporting the local economy. 😂 At least they have some sense of humour...
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