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  • Day68

    Ohrid - die Perle Mazedoniens

    June 22 in Macedonia

    Unser Shuttle-Service stand pünktlich bereit zur Abfahrt. Für 20,-€ fuhr uns ein Familienmitglied von Rino nach Ohrid (oben zum Eingang auf die Burg 🏰, eine Empfehlung von dort die Besichtigung der Stadt und seiner Sehenswürdigkeiten zu starten) und wir konnten eine individuelle Uhrzeit zur Abholung am Hafen wieder ausmachen. Wir nutzen gerne solche Angebote, da wir 1. nie wissen wie der Verkehr in den Städten ist, 2. die Parkplatz-Situation oftmals sich als schwierig herausstellt (die Parkplätze in Ohrid am Hafen sind sehr chaotisch, 3. wir hassen es ständig auf- und abzubauen, 4. das Camp ⛺️ ist bewacht 😉 ...

    Wir starteten also mit unserer Besichtigung oben auf der Burg 🏰 von Ohrid. Es gab noch Überreste der Burgmauer auf der wir entlang spazierten und die tolle Aussicht auf den See, das Bergpanorama ⛰ und die Alt- und Neustadt von Ohrid genossen. Weiter ging es über Kopfsteinpflaster bergab zu den Überresten einer orthodoxen Klosteranlage. Eine tolle Anlage mit ebenso genialen Blick über den Ohrid See.

    Über das kleine Amphitheater 🏟 und weitere Kirchen ⛪️ und Klosteranlagen ging es in die Altstadt von Ohrid. Ganz besonders haben es mir die zauberhaften Straßenlaternen in Form von alten Häusern angetan ... so süß! Allgemein fanden wir die Altstadt von Ohrid sehr ansprechend und haben uns direkt sehr Wohlgefühlt. Ganz besonders gut hat uns die orthodoxe Kirche „St. John at Kaneo“ gefallen, da sie direkt an den Klippen zum Ohrid See liegt und über den Strand, einige Stege auf dem Wasser etc. zu erreichen ist. Ein Ort zum verweilen und genießen!

    Zum Schluss ging es für uns nochmal in die Neustadt ... wir bummelten über den Basar und schlenderten an vielen Cafés, Bars und Restaurants vorbei und genossen noch zwei riesige Kugeln Eis 🍦. Pünktlich wurden wir am vereinbarten Treffpunkt im Hafen abgeholt. Super Service 👍!

    Den Eindruck, den wir von Ohrid und ein klein wenig von Mazedonien erhalten haben, ist definitiv positiv. Wer durch Albanien reist und sowieso einen Stopp am Ohrid See einlegt, sollte der Stadt Ohrid auf jeden Fall einen Besuch abstatten. Wir können es zu 💯 Prozent empfehlen ... und sind sogar am überlegen, weitere Ziele auf unserem Roadtrip 🚐💨 durch Europa 🗺 in Mazedonien noch anzufahren. Mal sehen wo unsere Route noch entlang führt ... wer weiß das schon ?!?! ... wir auf jedenfall nicht 😉!

    Gern könnt ihr auch mal bei Facebook und Instagram vorbeischauen unter #finnweltenbummler wir freuen uns immer über neue Follower 😍
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  • Day4

    Not horrid, its Ohrid!

    August 8 in Macedonia

    After a mountainous 3 hour bus ride from Skopje, we arrived in the beautiful lakeside town of Ohrid. The lake is huge and feels more like a sea/ocean.

    After checking into our waterfront accommodations ($35cad), we found a lakeside restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat and sample some Macedonian wine, then ventured off to see the sights. Ohrid has a fantastic old town with narrow cobblestone streets to wander through that lead you to quaint authentic Macedonian restaurants and eventually to tiny pebble beaches backed by rock cliffs.

    Exploring a bit further along and eventually above the water you stumble upon picturesque orthodox churches perched atop high cliff walls that drop to the water below. Climbing even higher leads to a huge stone fortress with amazing views of the town, mountains and lake. An ancient amphitheatre completes the loop as you follow the cobblestone roads back into the old town.

    We enjoyed some more Macedonian wine at a restaurant in a pretty cobblestone lane and eventually found a stunning waterside establishment for dinner. Finished our night at a jazz club and left around midnight as we had a very early bus ride to catch.

    It's hard to think of a more perfect place. Mountains that drop to the azure waters, a gorgeous cobbled street old town, waterfront establishments, and ancient fortifications. A bit sad to leave after such a perfect day and place. Fantastic last day in Macedonia. SP
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  • Day10

    A walk around Ohrid

    August 13, 2016 in Macedonia

    Walks are what we do best :) Today, it was the first day we walked around Ohrid in sunlight. I'm falling in love with this place more and more every second. It really is special. (Unfortunatelly we are leaving early tomorrow morning.)

  • Day10


    June 19, 2017 in Macedonia

    Heute hat es uns in die UNESCO Weltkulturerbestadt Ohrid verschlagen. Grenzübertritt Albanien - Mazedonien problemlos. Eine völlig andere Welt erwartet uns schlagartig. Viel mehr Verkehr, größere, schicke Häuser, Tourismus. Letzterer augenscheinlich im Rahmen des erträglichen. Ohrid ist der Hammer. Eine kulturhistorisch hoch interessante Stadt mit einem coolen Beachflair ala Ibiza. Ein Reiseziel für die Tiger!
    Ein Stadtführer spricht uns an und führt uns 4 Stunden. Eine unfassbare Historie hat diese Stadt. 10 % Muslime, 90% griechisch Orthodoxe Menschen leben hier. X Kirchen, Ausgrabungen, Historische Gebäude,eine interessante Universität. Eine am See beginnende , in den Berg aufsteigende Altstadt.
    Wir überlegen im Hafen für eine Nacht stehen zu bleiben und uns ins Axellike😀 Nachtleben zu stürzen... Mal sehen!?
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  • Day23

    Lake Ohrid

    April 26, 2017 in Macedonia

    Woke up and packed up our final things, returned our key, payed and had reception order us a taxi.
    We probably should have left a little earlier because there was way more traffic than expected.. but we made it onto the bus in time
    Ew, what a horrible journey. The driver should be fired. Not only were the roads so bendy but he was thumping the break pedal.
    Me and Will both felt so sick. And sleepy.
    We had a 10 minute stop essentially for the driver to eat because I'm quite confident he would have driven off without us had I not been watching him. We sped back to the bus just in time.
    The food was good but we didn't get to finish it. We asked for lemonade but we're given a bitter lemon which was disgusting and tasted exactly as the name suggests.
    I think I slept for maybe 30 mins out of the 3.5hr drive. I kept banging my head against the wall with his terrible driving.
    I was getting very agitated but nothing compared to Will. He was quickly losing it.
    We did finally arrive - at which time the bus driver nearly ran into us - he was a real dick.
    We needed to sit for a while because we both wanted to vomit. Will had a cappuccino in a local store so we could sit and have access to the toilets.
    After, we caught a taxi from Ohrid to our hostel.
    Our taxi driver was great - we are possibly going to call him later in the week to take us for a private tour around the lake which crosses into Albania.
    Our hostel is cute, like little handmade cottages.
    We had a 4 hour sleep then finally were ready to get going.
    We met an English guy (not really fussed by him) and went to dinner at a local resturant together - pretty uneventful. The lake is STUNNING. And huge. Over 300m deep.
    On the way to the resturant there was a dog i patted so it happily followed us for a long while.
    Back at the hostel I had a shower and FINALLY washed my hair. The shower is a little bit better than the last place but still not great. Will doesn't fit this one either hahaha.
    We then went up and sat with a few people around a table. One girl was polish and the others worked at the place.
    The others went on a hike today and picked some thyme so we all had a pot of thyme tea :) I quite liked it. Will hated it.
    We then went inside and watched a terrible terrible Macedonian movie. It was so bad I couldn't look away.
    The polish girl has given us some spots to visit in Poland so that's exciting :)
    There is a dog here who I had a play with - Labrador :D
    There is a bee in our room but we have lost it now :S I don't want to get stung.
    Our room is small but cosy.
    Today was another waste day. Tomorrow we will hopefully pick up the pace again :)
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  • Day25

    Lake Ohrid

    April 28, 2017 in Macedonia

    Woke up and turned the alarm clock off before Will could hear it muahaha.
    Dad called this morning to make sure the number I gave him worked so that was good :) was nice to hear his voice but we had to hang up or else it would have cost a fortune. I had a shower and washed some of my clothes in with me then hung them out to dry.
    We went and had breakfast over in the eating area which had a nice vibe. There are 2 new German girls but we didn't talk.
    We wanted to go on a hike in the mountains so we filled up our camel packs and put shorts on.
    There is an ongoing disagreement about this but just for the official record - my camel pack is better than Wills.
    We found the hostel owners and asked them where the trail started - instead they organized to drive us up the mountain to meet up with a group that had already begun.
    We met up with the two male workers and 2 new Swiss girls at the spot which was what felt like miles up the mountain through twists and turns. It was a cafe of the most basic kind. Will got a coffee and I got a tea but they weren't normal either. Mine was organic and made from some herb with lemon and Wills was just odd in appearance but tasted alright.
    The Swiss girls are nice. Clear English. I like listening to them speaking French to each other.
    I was given a walking stick but it's annoying to hold.
    After a long time we started walking and ended up at two old peoples house (one of the workers - Michails - adopted grandparents) in the middle of an amazing, abandoned tradition village. Only 7 people still live here. It was awesome! It reminded me a little of the Kenyan villages.
    It was thatched house styles and lots of barns with holes in walls. I loved it. I think Will loved it too. It was authentic. There was realness that can't be faked.
    The 2 people didn't speak English but god they were cute. The woman was so small and wrinkly. She came up to Wills belly button hahahah.

    So Macedonia has this thing called radka** and a bottle got pulled out at the house along with a sandwich. It was in a vodka bottle and I was originally pleased to learn it wasn't vodka... that was until I had a sniff. It was nail polish remover. O.o
    Me and Will were quietly trying to psych ourselves up to be able to shot it.
    Everyone was given a shot glass - we were suppose to sip it not shot it. We both managed to finish it but it nearly killed us. It was so horrible. If there hadn't have been bread to scoff down afterwards I would have puked for sure.
    I've been having the most awful burps ever since.
    We stayed for around 40 mins. I had a lot of fun. It was wonderful to watch them interact in their native tongue and see how these people live. Most people have left the village due to lack of water. I asked how the couple survives and apparently one of there son visits every 3 days with food.
    The old lady had the littlest but broken hands. They were cute to look at but probably have caused her a lot of pain.
    I wanted to put her in my pocket.
    They had a dog in the shed tied up that I went and patted because I think it was getting stressed it couldn't get to us and wanted to say hi :)
    "Booba" the dog had come on the hike with us. They call her boobie. :)
    She is so well trained.
    We walked through the village - I would like to re highlight how much I loved it.
    And through this field with flowers that came up to just below my knee. I'm genuinely surprised I wasn't stung by a bee because it's spring at the moment and the amount of pollen and BUGS is ridiculous.
    We saw a donkey carrying a lot of wood down the street and walked past a small cemetery. There was also the most random church/alter in the middle of nowhere.
    The hike was easy - all downhill. Woohoo!
    We came across a patch of thyme and collected a lot for more tea.
    We also came across a snake. The workers blocked the path until I reminded them we were Australian then they let us pass hahah.
    There is a dead animal down by the side of the road near the entrance to the hostel - I asked them what it was - it's a badger. I hope I see a live one at some point.
    The views were of course breathtaking.
    Will has taken my walking stick so I don't have to carry it anymore :) it wasn't doing anything to help.
    We have arrived at a place for lunch. They have cooked a traditional Macedonian Lunch. Moussaka, a tzatziki type duo, chilly/egg dip and breads. It was tasty but Will LOVED it and cobbled down 2 massive serves.
    We have only walked about an hour ropes and this is our 4th break...
    typical Macedonian people we have eating and everyone else is currently having a siesta before dessert - they will probably have another one after that too hahah.
    This is why nothing gets done. At the start of the hike we were told it would take 5 hours and they questioned our level of fitness.
    Overall we ended up walking for 75 mins then sitting/eating for 300 minutes.

    We were offered dessert of baklava which was yum, walked some the mountain for a bit and then got picked up and driven back to hostel. Will got out at the bottom to buy beer with the workers and dog. I got driven up with the Swiss girls. Until I got to the room and realized Will had the key -.-
    so I waited 30 minutes for him to get back to be told he didn't even lock it to begin with......... gah!
    We both showered and checked ourselves for ticks - all clear!
    We then sat up at the eating area cause I think Will is really keen to make friends but there was no one there really. We ended up playing cards and I'm now going to read some of my book :)
    Will just moved and knocked the laptop off the bed - it's a bunk bed type setup so the fall was extra large. If I had done it he would have lost his shit.
    Thankfully the laptop is fine.
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  • Day26

    Lake Ohrid

    April 29, 2017 in Macedonia

    This bed is killing us. We have both been waking up several times during the night. We just don't fit :S
    Woke up and had a shower, well kinda. Jumped in when the water turned luke warm then it turned cold. I waited patiently shivering for 5 mins waiting for it to heat up but it didn't -.- I didn't use soap cause my hands were busy hugging myself but it still counts as a rinse lol.
    Ate cereal in the common room, lots of random new people..
    Said hi to Booba and got dressed for the day. The girls from work facetimed me on my phone and we chatted for a while, a few were drunk as crap but it was sooo good to talk to them!! They were all out drinking for Gabby's farewell.
    We decided to go to Ohrid again because Will wants a kebab.
    Mikhail was going there anyway so he drove us :)
    We went to the old bazaar area which we didn't visit last time but it was nothing special. Too modernized. We had a kebab which I actually really liked. We then needed to get our bus ticket for the first half of our trip to Bulgaria tomorrow. (Ohrid - Skopje) we asked for directions from the information center and then walked for about 15 mins. On the way we definitely walked through a more slummy area. There was a girl that picked up a cat and cat was trying to hard to get away. I don't know if it was her cat or not cause she did enter a nearby house but the cat got away.
    The buildings were falling apart and it was dirty.
    We got the the bus terminal and bought a ticket, it was quite stress free actually.
    We then walked back to town and sat at a resturant near the lake.
    I could watch it for hours.
    We had drinks.
    There is a tree that is upside down looking that is cool.
    Caterpillars love Will and keep crawling on him.

    Because I subscribed to smart traveller on my Facebook, this morning Macedonia got an updated warning for travelers to be careful.
    It's because of the lack of government and not terrorism though so that's something.
    There are marches everyday but Macedonia is known for being peaceful. As we have been told by every Macedonian 109 times, Macedonia is the only country to leave Yugoslavia without a casualty, apparently.
    I am not concern in the slightest. Not a single bone in my body feels threatened or in danger. I felt more wary in Greece and they are a green travel zone so eh.
    I would take the "risk" of coming here again and again.
    We left the resturant which didn't have the friendliest vibe - probably because it was sort of up market and we only ordered drinks haha and walked to the taxi.
    He drove us to Lagadin where we got out, bought some snacks for the trip for tomorrow and walked up the stupid hill back to our hostel.
    I tried to find a worker earlier to ask them if they could order us a taxi for tomorrow morning but I can't find anyone. As much as I love it here, the lack of designated reception area is a pain in the ass.
    We chilled out in our room for a bit. I read another chapter of my book (the last stand) then we started to get hungry and wanted to go get dinner. It took 2 attempts to leave because Booba the dog kept breaking the gate and following people. I had to go get her an extra time with a group leaving before us. The German girls had to go give her to others to distract her. She is a bugger haha.
    We walked down to the road and flagged down a taxi but noticed it was occupied so I lowered my hand. They stopped anyway and we jumped in the back. They were suppose friendly and agreed to drop us 2km down the road. They too said lots of Macedonians live in Australia. He's like the 8th person to say this.
    It was a very tight fit in the back seat. I don't think the lady next to me spoke English. We just spoke to the male passenger who was called Alexander lol. It was very cool and culturally different to home. They were so happy to let us share the taxi.
    We got dropped off at the barbecue place Mikhail recommended to us this morning. We had the Macedonian version of tzatziki- the difference is it's made with sour cream not yogurt, and we both got the pork ribs.
    We were expecting racks but that's not what we got. Still it was delicious and filling and only cost 2.50€ for an entire meal which included chips. Bargain!
    I had a dessert too cause Will promised me this morning I could have one at dinner if I didn't buy a gelato in town :) :) hehe
    It was a banana crepe and it was goooood.
    We made a very very bad decision on how to get home.
    By car it didn't seem that far away but when you are walking, on the side of a road that has no lights or footpaths with lunatic drivers racing around corners - walking is dumb.
    We made it home alive though. We did have to hop over fences, and run to dodge traffic though. We worked up a sweat as we ran around the bends to get out of "danger" as quick as possible. I had only my phone light for a guide but that at least also alerted cars something was there.
    Will got a tad exasperated at me cause I wanted to walk on the left but he wanted to walk on the right.
    I wanted the left because then I could see when a car was coming and move out of the way but he wanted the right because it had slightly more room on the side of the road. I think this would have been a good argument if these people stayed in there lanes.
    Either way we made it :)
    We were going to play cards again but the other worker dude - really should learn his name cause he is super nice - said they some people were going to town and asked if we wanted to come.
    I was gonna go but our bus is at 7:15am and I haven't slept well in days and they could be out til an unknown hour so I'm in bed right now writing this while Will has gone to have fun with the boys :) he knows not to drink though cause he will hate himself tomorrow on our 9 hour bus journey. Lol
    I've packed, he hasn't - bed time :D
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  • Day27

    Lake Ohrid

    April 30, 2017 in Macedonia

    Woke up out of my coma. Will felt sick. We got driven to the bus stop by the owners. We sat outside the terminal for 20 minutes before Will said he couldn't do it.
    I reorganized the bus ticket for tomorrow and we have started the stupid task of finding accommodation.
    We sat outside the burger show we ate from the other day to steal its wifi.
    We walked around and checked a few places but everything was either full or closed.
    Around 8:30 we wandered into a cafe for food but they don't serve breakfast until 10.
    I tried hostel world but they didn't give me the option to book today, only from tomorrow onwards.
    We ended up on airbnb.
    I messaged 4 different places.
    3 said no and then thank the heavens one said yes - but would only be available from 3pm. D:
    We are currently sitting in a cafe with our eyeballs falling out of our heads. I'm bored and cranky.
    Its not his fault but damn his weak stomach! lol
    I can't wait to be in counties with train systems - he does much better on them.
    We ordered a hot chocolate and it ended up being hot mousse instead which was super weird.
    There seems to be some parade thing happening out front. There is a big Croatia flag with 25 odd people in traditional dress. There are other people dressed up to but I can't see which flag.
    I think Will is kinda keen to maybe go back to the place we have been at when we have the 3 months to kill later on but im not overly keen.
    The worker with a beard - as lovely as he is gives me the heeby jeebies. He has a man crush on Will. Last night Will awkwardly misinterpreted him - Will got offended because he though the dude was saying he didn't like him when actually he was saying how fluid their relationship was and how good it is.
    Crushing HARD
    he is a big hippie.
    We can't wait to lie down.

    the wifi keeps dropping out so I have to awkwardly walk over to the shop next door, stand there for a minute before walking back. I've done it a few times people must think I'm special.
    There was a random parade thing in the square. I'm not sure why it was for but it had Croatian representatives ( i knew because of the flag) and heaps of other people dressed in traditional clothes. Potentially other baulkan nations. One group looked Romani but I'm not sure.
    I watch them dance for a while. Let's get real, It was terrible Choreography! but fun because of the traditional side.

    We were so tired and bored. But to tired to fix our boredom so we just sat like zombies.
    I ordered a shopska salad and while I waited for it to be made popped over to the shop next door.
    They had messaged us an hour before - right about the time I had given up home of being called over earlier to the house - so I raced over to tell Will the fantastic news :)
    Scoffed down my salad and we left to find the house.
    Terrible service though - it will be going in their review on TripAdvisor hahaha
    So the house was impossible to find. It was made worse because we were hot, tired and carrying our packs. We tried 2 different streets then gave up and I put my data roaming on to call them.
    They had to come meet us at St Sophia's church (which Pokémon go has told me is the oldest church is Macedonia - why does Pokémon go tell me this piece of information but I wasn't told that fact when I actually entered the site a few days ago?)
    We walked to the house and straight into our room. We slept straight from 2-8:30
    Will watched some videos until 11 then we went back robbed and slept through until 6.
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