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    • Day175

      Auf nach Malaysia! - Langkawi

      February 22, 2020 in Malaysia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      An diesem Tag hieß es Abschied nehmen von Thailand. Nach dem Frühstück ging es zum Bootsanleger. Dort am Strand warteten wir auf das Boot und erledigen die Passkontrolle. Wo hat man das schon mal am Strand... 🙈 Nur das System, das sie hatten, war nicht wirklich klar und sinnvoll. Mal wieder typisch asiatische, nicht-durchdachte Logik...
      Aber am Ende klappte alles und wir fuhren mit kleinen Booten zum großen Speedboot. Nachdem auch das Gepäck verstaut war ging es los! Die Wellen waren wegen des Windes, der schon seit vorgestern aufgefrischt hatte, ziemlich stark, so wurde die Fahrt nicht besonders ruhig. Wenigstens dauerte sie nicht allzu lang.

      Auf Langkawi angekommen, durchliefen wir die bisher schnellste und einfachste Einreiseprozedur. Ein Blick in den Pass und direkt ein Stempel rein. Anschließend fuhren wir mit dem Taxi zur Unterkunft. In der Unterkunft wurde uns von einer deutschen Langzeitbewohnerin das Restaurant „Bella‘s“ empfohlen. Dort hatten wir unser erstes malaysisches Essen und es war hervorragend. Super lecker! Nachdem wir durch die Hauptstraße gelaufen waren, uns eine SIM gekauft, die Duty Frees angeschaut (Langkawi hat auf bestimmte Produkte wie z.B. Schokolade keine Steuern - ist aber immer noch deutlich teurer als bei uns) und eine kurze Pause im Café gemacht hatten, gingen wir zum Strand, dem „Chenang Beach“.
      Dort war der Sand besonders weich und weiß, ansonsten war es sehr voll mit Jetskis und solchem Zeug. Danach liefen wir noch weiter nach Süden zu einem zweiten Strand, wo wir den Sonnenuntergang anschauten.

      Wie immer hier noch eine kleine Zusammenfassung zum letzten Land, Thailand:
      Bisher haben wir in keinem Land mehr Zeit verbracht als in Thailand, vermutlich auch weil wir dreimal dort waren. Im Großen und Ganzen hat uns Thailand, „das Land der Buckets“, sehr gut gefallen. Das Essen war sehr lecker, die Menschen freundlich und das Gesehene war auch sehr schön. Auch die Partys waren sehr gut... 😝
      Es gibt jedoch einige Punkte, die Thailand wohl trotzdem nicht zu unserem Lieblingsland machen. Obwohl in mancher Hinsicht sehr modern, ist es doch in anderer Hinsicht, wie z.B. bei Arbeitsbedingungen, Naturschutz oder Müllentsorgung gefühlt auch nicht viel weiter als Kambodscha.
      Ansonsten bietet Thailand schöne Landschaften und insbesondere tolle Inseln, die jedoch durch eine nicht nachhaltige Nutzung „kaputt“ gemacht werden und durch die Überfüllung mit vielen Pauschaltouristen aus Europa und Russland, sowie den chinesischen Reisegruppen (die wir glücklicherweise nicht gesehen haben) nicht gerade an Qualität gewinnen. Vor 10 Jahren war Thailand sicherlich noch mehr ein Paradies als es heute ist.
      Es wird uns jedoch in guter Erinnerung bleiben, so wie auch die Eigenheit der Thailänder, das für ihre Sprache übliche Höflichkeitspartikel „ka“ für Frauen und „khab“ für Männer auch an andere Sprachen anzuhängen. Und so heißt es „Thank you ka“ oder „welcome khab“... 😊
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    • Day110


      February 14, 2020 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Heute Morgen ging es mit dem Zug nach Alor Setar und von dort hab ich dann ein Grab zum Hafen und dann eine Fähre zu Insel genommen. Der Zug war wie ein Schweizer Zug. Ich bin am Hafen um 13 Uhr angekommen und die Fähre ist um 16 Uhr gefahren. Auf Langkawi angekommen bin ich an Strand um den Sonnenuntergang anzuschauen und dann bin ich früh ins Bett weil ich morgen früh aufstehen muss.Read more

    • Day2366

      Rock lobster

      May 21 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

      I wake this morning and feel rough again but after my early morning coffee at Raos I do feel a little better. Its quite funny because I don't even have to order anymore they just know what I like. I speak with the owner and he gives me little samples of some of the food dishes, a pumpkin dish and a curry, although im not into curry for breakfast I enjoy it. Uncle Johnny appears and as we're sitting there a guy comes in who obviously has some issues. They explain that he's homeless and although you don't have to be homeless here they feed him and give him a drink. I stroll back to my chalet and chat with my two new neighbours and we all make our way out for something to eat. After lunch we walk to the shopping mall just to abuse the air conditioning and in here are massage chairs. We all take a seat and for 2 rm 40p enjoy 6 minutes of pummelling and manipulation from our legs to our backsides. The boys grab a bear but I've opted for an alcohol free day today as I want to save myself for tomorrow. We sit on the beach for half an hour but its so hot today we make our way back towards base. We stop off in Cinnamon and I enjoy a cold coke but as I go outside for a cigarette capture some activity out of the corner of my eye. A closer inspection shows a fisherman dropping off his catch of lobster of the day delivered in a box of sawdust I watch in awe as he fishes these snappy little fellas out of the box to sell to the restaurant. He puts his hand in and it's like a magic trick where these bright red lobsters keep coming out of this small box. I make my Way back and a little later in the evening Peter and Joe invite me to dinner. Instead of taking a left we take a right and end up in a Syrian restaurant. I enjoy a lamb kebab followed by Turkish tea and head home for another alcohol free night.Read more

    • Day2353

      Chill day

      May 8 in Malaysia ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

      Today is mothers day here. I wake at 230 and set up my stream for the football. I've put my headphones on so I can watch it on my balcony in the hammock. I watch the game and although im thankful we get an equaliser I'm devastated that we have lost our opportunity for winning the league. I return to bed for a few hours and arrange to meet Annie and Judith for breakfast. I spend the day on my own today just chilling on the beach. I am always very aware of respect and have difficulty because its a very Muslim country here and as I lay on the beach in my bikini apart from a few other Europeans most of the women are in the water with clothes on to cover up. Not really a place I can rock my Bridget bardot look but the tan needs topping up so I take myself to a quite area. It's a little bit crazy on the beach as its full of water sports- jet skis paragliding and boats all speeding around without separate areas for people to swim, it's a bit of an accident waiting to happen. It's been so busy here but today is definitely quieter. As I head out this evening I walk past a seafood restaurant where the have lobsters and Fish in tanks so you can pick your own but one of the tanks has 2 dead fish in it so I keep on walking and end up on the beach with the sunsetting and take a prime spot because I'm early. The fire show is really impressive here and it's on every night, I just thought it might be something they did for the holidays. I'm joined a little later by Judith and Annie and we decided to head for a comfier seat on the bean bags on the beach but when I pull a bean bag over the guy says we're not allowed to do this and one of us must sit on a mat. It's crazy and I can't really understand the reasoning behind it. We look at the menu on our separate bean bags and it's 15 rm for a non alcoholic drink and to be honest I'm ready for a beer . The girls and I decide to go to a quiet spot further down the beach and get a takeaway beer from 7/11. I'm so glad we did. Judith Annie and I stroll our way through a private resort and I have no costume so get in the water in my knickers and bra. I light my cigarette but The waves are pretty intense and after a few wipeouts we begin to see plankton in the water.with the fishing boat lights in the distance and a storm in the sky it really is a wonderful moment shared with these two wonderful ladies. They live pretty much opposite so as I walk back on my own I treat myself to an ice cream and watch the city game.Read more

    • Day2367

      Super Sunday

      May 22 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      So today is the big day. I don't know what I'm going to write about once the football season is over but at least I'll be able to sleep through the night. I feel very anxious so have booked a boat trip to while away a few hours this afternoon as the game doesn't start till 11pm. I head down the beach first for a few hours as I've woken up nice and early after a good night's sleep . Just as I set up my towel the biggest black clouds come overhead bit I decide to stick it out and with how windy it is today they are gone as soon as they arrived. When I take a dip in the sea its really choppy and I wonder whether the boat will go out as there aren't any jetskis out today which is unusual for the weekend. After a bite of lunch I head back for a shower and to grab my gopro then sit and wait for the bus to pick me up. At 215 Eddie comes around the corner and when I say the bus hasn't arrived he admits he's forgotten to book it. I walk the seafront for an hour its so much busier here at weekends and as i pass pizza hut decide to indulge in a bit of western food for a change. Because its very Muslim orientated here you cant get your typical pizzas but i order the chicken and pineapple and its delicious. When i leave the restaurant i have a little chuckle because they have a police parking area outside and the hatchback is open and 2 police officers are sat inside at a table and chairs eating their dinner. In the evening the original plan was to go to Rockafellas but we start the evening in Flo's. Its a bar on the top of one of the seafront hotels and it's really nice. Air conditioning and a big screen and reasonable prices. Pretty much the whole group from Rainbow joins us and we watch as both games unfold . Its quite crazy as we see the liverpool supporters getting the news of Villa scoring before we do. The game goes to the wire and sadly we don't get the results we want but we've given it our everything and that's all that counts. YNWA JFT97Read more

    • Day150

      Snorkeling on Coral Island, Malaysia

      January 27, 2020 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      One of the popular things to do in Langkawi that we wanted to do was go snorkelling. We had to get up early because to get to Coral Island it’s a 1 hour bus ride and then an hour long ferry ride. We waited at the place where the bus should have picked us up and finally the bus came, 45 minutes late. We thought maybe it wasn’t coming, so Neve and I had walked 2 minutes home because it was hot out and boring. My dad had to run to get us while my mom waited and made sure that the bus didn’t leave without us. The bus driver almost left without us, so my mom had to stand in the doorway.

      When we got to the boat station, we all followed a man through the station onto a boat. It was really old and made of metal. It was about 1 hour on there before we got to Coral island. We had to get on another smaller boat, because the big one couldn’t get too close to the shore. Then, we got snorkel masks and lifejackets. We didn’t have to use the lifejackets, but if you use them, you can just float on the surface instead of having to stay floating on your own.

      There were lots of colorful fish, some of the fish were rainbow and some were a really pretty blue color. We also really pretty coral, some of which was the color purple and little clown fish swimming in the coral. My mom, sister and I also so these really cool fish that were about 2 feet in length shaped like eels. They blended into the coral so we were lucky to see them. There were no jellyfish in that water, and there was a rope that went all around. They said that outside the rope there were big sharks and other mean fish, so we didn’t go outside it. I was still a bit scared that there could be big sharks inside the rope, but there weren’t any. There were smaller sharks, maybe a foot and a half long. I saw at least 5 of them. They just swam around, they didn’t bite anyone.

      On the beach, the snorkel people were selling fish food and we watched some people feed the fish. It was really cool, the fish would all crowd around and I even got to touch some of the fish. They’re really fast, so it’s easier to touch them if they’re all crowded together. I don’t think we were supposed to touch them, but I think it’s okay as long as we don’t touch the sharks.

      We got to snorkel for 3.5 hours and then we took the ferry and the bus back. I got a huge sunburn on my arms and my legs that really hurts, but other than that it was really fun.

      In the evening, we were watching a movie and we heard sirens outside. We looked, but it was just a few police cars driving around. They were announcing something with speakers, but we don’t speak malaysian so we had no idea what they were saying.
      15 minutes later, we started smelling something like diesel and then some gas stuff started leaking in through the windows of our cabin. We went outside and there were people in gas masks and hazmat suits spraying gas stuff around the houses and the field. They told us that they were fumigating for mosquitoes and that it wasn’t safe for us to be outside during it. We couldn’t go back inside because it was in there too, so we walked into town and got gelato.

      When we went back home, it still smelled weird inside so we turned on the fans and sat outside for a bit. I hope that they don’t do it again while we’re here.

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      You got gassed out , that's no good . be careful , like the pictures


      Wow, eventful day! Snorkeling is one of my favourite things. You are lucky to see sharks (small ones of course!)

    • Day2374

      Last full day

      May 29 in Malaysia ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

      I wake this morning but am sad as I know this is definitely my last full day. Nathan my fellow liverpool supporters is there and Uncle Johnny joins us a little while later. The chef has cooked a new dish called lala cockles they're a certain kind of cockle with the prettiest shell. I've been bitten again and I don't know what by but I think I was when we were at the steamboat the other night as its all at the backs of my legs and I think its probably something that was in the wooden benches. Nathan gives me some cream to put on it and it does ease the pain. I manage a good half hour phone call with Amber filling me in on the scenes back in my home city of Liverpool. Im sad to have missed the festivities but am also proud in the support the team has around the world. The weather today is crazy and the wind is like a mini hurricane. I've been invited to Eddie's birthday party tonight and grab a quick beer in flos to get a view of the sea. The waves are the biggest I've seen since travelling and I'm glad I'm indoors as sheets of corrugated roofing are getting lifted off the beachfront buildings. The guys offer me a lift to the supper club and I'm really glad to have gone here as its a great opportunity to say goodbye or Jumpa lagi (see you soon). I stay a few hours the head to Rainbow bar as Uncle Johnny is playing tonight and I gave him my word that I would go. Michael and Eunice are here and I really enjoy my evening spending time listening to music throughout the time I have 2 songs dedicated to me. I'm leaving on a jet plane and the Malaysian song Fiona. My heart is heavy as I say goodbye to these wonderful people who have made my time on Langkawi so special but it's 1am and my alarm is set for 730am so I bid my goodbye s with a little rendition of "time to say goodbye ".Read more

    • Day2480

      New set of wheels

      September 12 in Malaysia ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

      This morning I feel exhausted. Getting around on crutches is one of the hardest things I've done, my underarm and psalms of my hands have blisters on and I struggle to wake with such a negative start. The couple who run the guesthouse are lovely and can't do enough to help me and It's really nice because I also know 4 other people here. My mood changes as all of them come over and offer if I need a lift anywhere or anything else I need picking up just call them. One of my reasons for coming back here was purely for the people, I have a wonderful friends community here. Nanda drops me at Raos where I enjoy a roti and brew coffee. It's nice to sit here and just to chat. A little later Rick and Tom turn up and offer to take me to Kuah to look at wheelchairs. I have hunted high and low for a mobility scooter but there are literally none on the island so my second option is a wheelchair. In the store I try all of them out and opt for the heaviest one as it's more sturdy and feels less flimsy. Its 8 pound a day to rent a chair and £60 to buy one so I purchase my new set of wheels and we head back to Pantai Chenang for me to give them a trial run. In my head I have visions of scooting round like super gran but the reality once again hits hard. After a couple of pushes and a slight incline I'm exhausted. As all who know me well I'm no quitter and I give myself a kick up the arse. The pavements here are not great and they use a lot of gravel to allow the rain to drain away. Twenty minutes in Sy is collecting his laundry and is so pleased to see me. He asks where I'm going and offers me a push. When I arrive at Rainbow Uncle Johnny, Helen and Ralph are there. I sit and have a couple of beers with them, but to be honest I'm not really feeling in the mood to drink. It's pretty busy in the bar, but I'm not really in the mood but I hang around to see Eunice and Michael. I'm ready to leave shortly after and call a cab. Alan insists that he will follow with his bike to lift the wheelchair out and makes sure I get to my room safely. I get out of my chair and onto my crutches and literally crash onto the bed exhausted. Let's hope I can recharge my batteries for tomorrow.Read more

    • Day2484

      Hospital revisited

      September 16 in Malaysia ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

      This morning I wake with terrible pain in my leg and I've barely slept. When I get out of my room Nanda comes over to see if I'm ok and I burst into tears saying I just want to go home. He asks me what the problem is and he says don't worry I take you to the hospital and let's get a second opinion. After taking a shower Nanda kindly drops me to the hospital which is highly recommended by a lot of my friends here on the island. It is a 25 minute drive but when we arrive there is literally noone in there and the buzzer goes off and it's my turn. I'm still very emotional and I ask the doctor about flying home he advises another 2 weeks but if I'm so miserable I can fly with exercise on the plane. In the afternoon I speak with my friend Jay where I've left my big rucksack and he suggests he may fly to Paris next week and could help me to fly home. I also have an offer to fly from Langkawi to kl with my other friend Nilo. In the afternoon Lucky visits and suggests she will go for a shower and massage and will return later. She returns with a bottle of wine and we order food. It's so nice to have some female company. As anyone that knows me , knows how I like my little sayings and Lucky tells me how her grandmother would say that most of the things that come out of a body aren't very nice, like urine,blood spit and shit and the only place where nice things can come out of is your mouth so always say nice things. I retire to bed and fall straight to sleep.Read more

    • Day2485


      September 17 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      This morning I wake with a positive mood, my friend James is flying to Paris on the 22nd so he's offered to help me that far but when I try and book the flight it sends me round in circles but when I try and complete it says this flight is no longer available. After 2 hours of trying to book I decide to leave it and head to Raos for breakfast. I have my usual Tose and brew coffee and spend a few hours catching up with people that drift in and out for their breakfast and lunch. This morning I hear the sound of the hornbill but I'm not in the position to run round looking for it these days. I carry on with the flight hunt in here but someone tells me I might be better off looking on a laptop in a different location. The restaurant gets busy as today there's been a foldable bike race here. They all come in in there Spandex and Lycra When I get back to the room I borrow luckys laptop but even this proves impossible I even make a payment and it processes but it doesn't process the ticket and receive a page that's says there's been a problem processing. I get invited out for dinner this evening with Ijan and Othman. It's so nice catching up with these 2 guys. We head to lot 33 and enjoy food and a few drinks enjoying the live music before the boys drop me back.Read more

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