Kampung Sungai Tua

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  • Day67

    The Dark Caves

    April 11, 2018 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    After the hard work of climbing the steps at Batu, and carrying the sand, and then the empty buckets down, and fighting off the monkeys, Robert and Darin headed into the dark cave to look at the cave wildlife. Amber and Jackie decided it wasn’t for them, something about the venomous trap door spider and cave racer snakes turned them off. It was a 45 minute trip through the limestone caves that had been excavated of its guano by Chinese farmers in the early 1900’s. an absolutely stunning sight if you’re into that stuff, which, it turns out Robert and I are. The stalagmites and stalactites in these caves have been around since the dinosaurs, that’s pretty amazing. We saw the elusive millipede scurrying about, tons of other spiders, scorpions and several cockroaches. By several, I mean 100’s, or maybe thousands...they were everywhere in some places.Read more

  • Day66

    Batu Caves

    April 10, 2018 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    An absolute gem in the city of KL. Founded it the mid 1800’s by some Chinese farmers and then developed by the Malay government. An amazing limestone formation in a huge outcrop in the north of the city. Statues and temples and other worship type features, the largest in fact, outside of Thailand. And there’s monkeys, like every other place in Asia, but these ones are gutsy. If you want to see the caves and other stunning attractions you need to walk up 272 steps to the top, actually there is more after that. But on the “lower 272” the monkeys see you coming. And they will take your stuff. We saw them reaching into backpacks pulling out whatever they could get their grimy little “paws” on. Earbuds, pack of Kleenex, water bottle, anything, they don’t care. So be on your guard.Read more

    Karen Shaver

    If that sign requesting you to help by carrying a brick was effective, I'm thinking I should have had one when the kids were little. Maybe they would have brought their stuff upstairs!

    Karen Shaver


  • Day31

    Day 31: Up high and go with the flow

    August 20, 2016 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    The Petronas towers, truly an eye catcher and one of the must sees in Kuala Lumpur. I woke up and had an easy breakfast at a Coffee Corner since it was to hot to do to much I took my time and spent the whole morning around the 5th (or close) tallest building in the world or the highest twin towers actually ;-). Really cool that people can build this pritty and so high. It still amazes me, around 1 o clock I went to the skybridge and the 88 floor were you have lovely view over Kuala Lumpur when it's not to hazy. I liked to see the building actually because there is no real skyline in KL it's a new city and they are building a lot around. Ok to the adventure part, I was done at the Petronas and now what?? I had no idea, after 5 minutes walking to the real centre were some sights where (according to my lonely planet app "triposo") I stopt a Taxi and asked to take me to a temple. This guy said ok well first get in and we will talk where to go. I liked the english and the relaxed way he did it. I asked, we go by meter? He said if you want :). This guy called Lawrence was born in Maleisia with roots in India. He explained everything on the way to the Batu Caves a Buddhist temple. He was so nice and informative that we set to meet in 2 hours to bring me back. I paid but I knew he would come back, so I went up. The monkeys were all around trying to get some food of you. The cave was massive I liked and I found another cave witch you can see with a guide. I had the time but not the money I needed to go back the tall stairs for that and hope for an ATM. While I was checking the monkeys I heard 2 dutch ladies talk about the tour and the spiderd in there. I asked them if the tour was nice, they said deffenetly and even gave me the last bit of money i neede. They talked about how hard it was to find a cab with the meter on, and I said they could take mine. A funny way of sharing if you look at it, but there were not going back to KL but asked if i came allong to see these extraordinary fireflies out side the center. I had to chose, pub crawl with random people with a lot of beer in KL or fireflies with Amanda and Cathelijne in the middle of nowhere on a boat trip. Well actually it was an easy choise. They waited on me after the Dark Cave witch was really cool, bats, spiders, rock formations, rats, stalgmites and opposits ;-) Cool nature and temhe funniest guide ever with a lot of knowledge.
    The Dutchies were waiting at 1800 and the cab came back at 1830 fairly done and we talked easy in Dutch. A great time and the fireflies were amazing, never seen that before, pictures just don't catch it. The boat trip was fun to. Back with the cab took very long, but we were dropped at the tappas bar next to my hotel. Finally not dining alone again hurray and with two wonderfull dutch ladies. Wonderfull day lovely evening. Very Much Gezellig :)
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    Sandra Huizinga

    Gaaf! Ik heb daar heel wat uren doorgebracht, mooi he in Maleisie. Geniet ervan!! Melaka is ook wel bijzonder, en Langkawi een gaaf eiland. Have fun!

  • Day40

    Affentheater in den Batu Caves

    May 20, 2017 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    • Batu Cavesin varastavat apinat •

    Nachdem wir uns nach unserer späten Ankunft in Kuala Lumpur vorm Schlafengehen noch eine leckere Pizza gegönnt hatten, stand am Samstag dann die erste Sehenswürdigkeit auf dem Plan: die Batu Caves. Dies sind im Felsgestein befindliche Höhlen, scheinbar mit religiöser Bedeutung, welche erst durch eine lange Treppe erreichbar sind. Oben fanden Bauarbeiten statt, und bei der Hochbeförderung des benötigten Sandes konnten sich die hochkletternden Touristen beteiligen.

    Wenngleich ich die Höhle etwas überlaufen und auch nur noch bedingt ursprünglich fand, waren doch insbesondere die dort befindlichen Affen cool. Diese klettern unermüdlich an den Wänden und Treppen entlang, haben aber auch keine Scheu sich den Menschen zu nähern um Futter zu ergattern. Teilweise geschieht dies auch auf unlautere Weise: vor den kleinen Dieben sollte man sich hüten. Mir wurde die Tüte fast aus der Hand gerissen.
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  • Day131

    Kuala Lumpur - Tag 3

    March 26, 2017 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Die Batu Caves gelten als eines der Highlights in KL. Da wir uns das natürlich nicht entgehen lassen wollen, sehen wir uns die am letzten Tag an. Deshalb machen wir uns am Vormittag auf den Weg, um die angeblich 272 Stufen auf dem Weg zur Höhle zu erklimmen. Bei den hiesigen Temperaturen echt schweißtreibend 😅.
    Nach einem kurzen Rundgang waren wir dann auch relativ schnell mit der Besichtigung fertig. Wenn man nichts besseres zu tun hat (so wie wir), kann man sich das ganze mal anschauen. Immerhin muss man nur für die Hin- und Rückfahrt mit dem Zug bezahlen. Der Eintritt ist nämlich kostenfrei. Der Anblick ist alles in allem ganz nett, haut einen aber nicht unbedingt vom Hocker. 😜
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