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  • Day33

    After a two hour air-conditioned bus ride for 24RM (about $8NZD), Whitney and I arrived in Kuala Lumpur. We reunited with TJ and Alli (our counterpart U.S. travelling couple) and took to the city to see the local attractions. Just north of the city, we visited the huge Batu caves, a Hindu religous site gaurded by a 40m high golden statue. We took the railway to Bukit Bintang, a shopping district harbouring dozens of malls including one with an inside theme park, and were caught out in a tropical thunderstorm (Uber came to the rescue). Most nights we ate a second dinner for cheap at an Indian restaurant near to our hostel (between 50c and $2 per meal). Kuala Lumpur is huge, but very accessible with its train system. We now head to the east coast of Malaysia for a week of relaxing on the tropical island Pulau Tioman.Read more

  • Day123

    I feel like I've landed into civilisation again. Kuala Lumpur or as the cool kids call it 'KL' is an awesome fusion of East meets West. After Myanmar it's quite shocking to see huge high rise buildings, well maintained roads and more advanced infrastructure, as well as some actual traffic rules.🚦KL has a really strong Indian presence too; my hostel was located next to an Indian temple which always seemed to be a hive of activity. I also ate Indian food most evenings as that's what I could mainly find in the vicinity - a little taste of another place on the to go to list.

    In the morning I wandered around the city, Chinatown area and an old colonial district with a cricket field - I'm not sure the Malaysians even know what cricket is do they? In the afternoon I went to see the famous Petronas Towers. They are really cool. The tallest twin towers in the world - extremely futuristic and impressive.

    The following day I went to Batu Cave, situated a little out of town. It's a big cave with an enormous Hindu statue outside it (one of the tallest in the world) and a massive staircase that you climb to get to it. The cave was alright but it was clearly under construction or being renovated which took away the awe a bit. There were loads of monkeys here again too getting in the way of the workmen and climbing over the cement. I also went into a smaller Hindu cave that had some pretty poorly designed statues and an inexplicable staircase climb that offered literally nothing at the top. Nothing at all! I, and others were looking around trying to see if we missed something but no - totally pointless unless you count the exercise. Although a few people still took pictures up there in front of what?... I don't know. Anything for a selfie.🤳

    In the evening I went back to the Petronas Towers to check them out in the dark. They are even more impressive against the night sky - like two giant silver rockets awaiting launch. After that I went with a few others to a place called the Heli Pad, it's a helicopter landing site in the day but they turn it into a bar overlooking the city at night - stunning, you can see the twin towers as well as the KL tower which changes colour and flashes every half hour or so.

    After KL, I took a bus to the Cameron Highlands - a beautiful green hill station famous for producing tea. It's not unlike parts of the English countryside to be honest but perhaps higher than most parts and a bit hotter! My hostel was literally staffed by volunteers one girl was there for just two days then left - anyone could wander in, it was a bit of a shambles but pleasent enough. I tried some of the famous tea too, it was pretty good. The guy doing the tour did not look like someone who was interested in tea and nature. He looked more like a guy that would kill you if you so much lightly brushed passed him, but turns out he was just a gentle giant passionate about flowers - never judge a book by its cover right!

    The tour took us to a mossy forest too where the big scary man explained all about the plants and fauna in great detail - like a weird gardening programme. We then went to a strawberry farm (told you it was like England) and had some fresh juice which was very tasty. In the afternoon I went for a hike through the forest. There's about 10 trails here but I've no idea which one I did as the signage wasn't exactly helpful. In the evening I went to what appeared to be the only bar in town and played a bit of pool. A drunk Canadian guy challenged me, I lost unfortunately and he made me down a horrible shot as a forfit.

    An early bus to the city of Penang now awaits in the morning.
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  • Day3

    A day of shopping today including a visit to a plaza with an indoor rollercoaster.  

    Plus lesson of the day - how not to design a kids playground - we would highly recommend you avoid bbqs in the play area and avoid providing access to a structure which functions as a giant climbing wall ...........which extends to the roof of the high rise  building !

  • Day22

    On August 3rd, we were up at 7 am with possibly the worlds worst hangover!!! And a major panic that Hope had lost her purse... don't worry Sue and Charles she found it :))))

    Luckily we got a couple hours more sleep before getting up at 10.30 to go to Finns Beach Club to meet Bron (Hope's friend from home) and her boyfriend Andy. We went back to the cafe at the end of the street for another fruit juice and quick breakfast, then got a bluebird to Finns (and ended up being late ... as per!).

    Finns Beach Club is AMAZING!!! It made Potato Head look terrible. It is much newer, and so everything is so modern. The staff are amazing, and were giving us towels etc before we even stepped in to the door. It's also a lot more quieter. Bronn had already reserved a bed so we had a huge double bed next to the beach for the whole day! The waiters and waitresses came round non-stop and could not be any more helpful if they tried. I had such a bad headache, but one of the waiters was back within 2 minutes with some paracetamol, and couldn't help enough.
    It was so much cheaper as well! Considering these are big beach huts, similar (but obviously nowhere near as good) as Ocean Beach - it is so cheap!!! In order to reserve a bed, there is just a minimum spend of 1.6 million (only approximately ...) which is only a fraction of the price of Ocean Beach, Ibiza.

    We stayed there from 12 until about 9.30 pm and had the most perfect day. Only downside was the cloudy weather. We had so many drinks, and had both lunch and dinner there. Hope had a burger which she said was the nicest burger she has ever had, and I had quesadillas which were so good. Then later on we shared nachos - which were easily the best nachos we have ever had!!! We ate so much that we had a nap.

    It was ladies day, so I got my nails painted for free. They had a DJ on all day, but at night time, as it was ladies day, they had some male dancers who were bringing females up on stage. Between 8-10 pm, it was happy hour so Hope and I had 4 cocktails for the price of 1 (which was only about 7 pounds) so very happy indeed!

    Another brilliant day! And it only came to around £40 each which is amazing considering the amount of food and alcohol we had. We were so tired by the end that we got a bluebird back (this is when the taxi driver told us off for not walking away from the taxi ranks and explained what they do in order to stop them from coming to certain areas).

    We had an early night as we had a 6 am alarm set to catch the fast boat to the Gili Islands.
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  • Day26

    Sunday morning we had to be up and out our room for 10 am as all of the dorms were booked up. However, Brendan (the Aussie man who owns the hostel) upgraded us to a queen sized double room for the same price - so we were super happy!

    We moved our stuff in next door. Then chilled out. We had a couple of hours before we had to make much movement for the boat party.

    At 12 ish, we knew that movement had to be done. Hope had a shower, and I went to the shop to buy some noodles and some smirn off ices (we had to start slow!). Then we had some of our vodka that was left over from the night before.

    We got ready, then Jess came over at 12.45 ish. We had a few drinks, and got prepped for the boat party. Seeing as Saturday, the queue was still so big at 1.45 (the boat party leaves at 2), we decided to take our time. So we drank more, and left at 1.25 ish to arrive at 1.40. However.... we got there and they had gone! It was so awkward. We just arrived there and it was empty besides one person (we knew at this point it must have been dead for the boat party to have left early). However, they called another boat to take us off (definitely knew it was dead), and a few more people also arrived.

    The boat party is usually full apparently (and saturdays was definitely full) however this only had about 60 people on. We weren't complaining though as we decided to use it as a chilled out few hours on a boat.

    They had a DJ and people were soon up dancing. We didn't buy many drinks as it was so expensive! We sat on the end and just enjoyed chilling. They had shots every now and again, and we stopped at a swim point a couple hours in where everyone was jumping off the deck which was fun!

    Jess was absolutely loving it - her dancing is hilarious! She was telling everyone that she only came to Bali for this boat party (which we later realised that this was true...?!??).

    We were just enjoying the sunset on the back, and watching everyone! It was a good day - but we were happy with a more chilled out afternoon rather than a heavy one like everyone else on the boat haha!

    After the boat, everyone was smashed, with some paralytic. However we were pretty sober, and just absolutely s t a r v I n g !!!! So we went to an Italian and both got a pizza.

    Overall a chilled out day! We made a boat party into a nice chilled boat ride and enjoyed the sunset, but it was perfect as it was just what we wanted!
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