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Kuala Lumpur

Here you’ll find travel reports about Kuala Lumpur. Discover travel destinations in Malaysia of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Da wir unsere letzten Tage der Reise nicht nur in Bangkok verbringen wollen, haben wir beschlossen in Kuala Lumpur einen Stopp von 5 Tagen (3 volle Tage) einzulegen.
    An unserem ersten richtigen Tag haben wir die Petronas Tower von außen betrachtet. Ein netter Anblick. Allerdings wollen wir uns die eventuell noch einmal bei Nacht ansehen, da sie dann beleuchtete werden.
    Den restlichen Tag sind wir größtenteils durch verschiedene Malls gelaufen. Die riesigen Einkaufszentren sind einfach überwältigend und mit unzähligen Nobelmarken, wie Dior, Versace, Swarovski und ähnlichem ausgestattet. Es reicht schon einfach nur durch den Komplex zu laufen und die ganze Szenerie auf sich wirken zu lassen. Einfach krass😁.
    Am Ende sind wir dann noch in einen Kinofilm gegangen. Der Eintritt kostet hier nämlich nur ca 2,50€! Kaum zu glauben, wenn man die Preise in Deutschland gewohnt ist.
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  • Heute haben wir uns die Nationalmoschee angesehen. Da man dort nur komplett verhüllt hinein kommt, haben wir uns das passende Outfit für Touristen geliehen. Super chic, wie man auf Bild 1 erkennen kann. Die Moschee selber ist leider nicht besonders beeindruckend (Bild 2 + 3). Danach haben wir noch eine kurzen Abstecher zum Vogelpark gemacht, diesen aber nur von außen gesehen, da uns der Eintrittspreis zu teuer war.
    Nach einem kurzen Abstecher zum Merdeka Square (Bild 4) und dem Sultanspalast (Bild 5) haben wir dann noch eine kleine Runde durch den Central Market gedreht bevor es wieder zurück zum Hostel ging 😁.
    Am Nachmittag haben wir dann tatsächlich nochmal einen Film angesehen 😂. Das ist einfach zu billig hier 😜.
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  • After an 8 hour flight from the Gold Coast we arrived in KL and even at the airport things looked different from what we are use to.

    We managed to draw some cash and get a pre-paid sim to get an uber to our airbnb home.

    Before we could even request an uber, some random taxi driver saw us and said he will take us wherever we need to go for the same price as uber, so we first figured out what uber will cost and then jumped in with him, he got us to the place ok but we had to close our eyes a couple of times as we could not bear to watch him weave through traffic, almost like a scooter in the third lane in Bermuda but just with 500 times more traffic to deal with.

    Our airbhb host Shin, met us downstairs of the apartment building with a hug. She was very welcoming and showed us around her house and then took us out for dinner to a Chinese place. Isabel expected a very nice Chinese restaurant thus was a bit sceptic of the food when she saw that the Chinese place was just a bit better than a food stall.
    I on the other hand was expecting this so had no problem to dig in, and boy was the food good.

    After dinner Shin showed us around the neighborhood and we got ready for a good nights rest in a nice freezing cold bedroom.

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  • I woke up, redid my vietnam visa... well between a computer glitch and my own shortcomings I entered Roedolf DOB instead of mine for my visa. Luckily its fixable in 48 hours before we arrive on Friday and only $19 "skoolgeld"!! Lesson learned you can never triple check enough.

    We decided to beat the heat and walk to the KL towers from our airbnb. It was a fascinating experience... health and safety hazards all around... smelly markets that almost left me puking and just watching KL life. Being a mom here has it's challenges. She calmly crossed the road and juggled the traffic. I was fascinated by this scene.

    7 hours away from Aus, we are embracing the 3rd world flat white

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  • After the walking tour we headed back to the food street to try the Nasi Lemak, which is apparently the Malayan national dish, it is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. Nasi lemak is served with anchovies, peanuts, boiled egg, lamb curry, cucumber, and traditional chili paste.

    It took some convincing to get Isabel to agree to at least share a plate with me. However after trying it I am not going back for this anytime soon.

    Then we went to a little street market near our airbnb and Isabel wanted to try a less interesting dish called Murtabak, it is basically a stuffed pancake. We took beef and cheese filling. This was actually very good and I would not mind having that again.

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  • We signed up by for Kampong Bahru walking tour at 4.30pm. It was amaZing to learn about how the traditional houses were built to avoid flooding, the two separate entrances for men and women when there are guests, off course the female entrance was at the kitchen. The Malay culture and history with the British invading for some tin mining and then the Japanese later on was also pretty interesting.

    Along the way we stopped at some food stalls, we tried some of the fruit, sweets and snacks but honestly its very weird and it tastes nothing like the image that your senses create by looking at it. Roedolf captured some priceless facial expressions of me. I am totally out of my comfort zone with the food.

    An adventurous day with lots and lots of walking and moments of speechlessness that will last for a lifetime!!

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  • Fish anyone? The Malay people is ALL over chillies and spice!! Everything we have tried so far have a bite to it even the meal on Air Asia!! Well I don't have to say much the pictures will tell the story.

    My favorite to date is the wrap kind off thing called Murtabak combak with beef and cheese! I did not even bother with the curry sauce that you are suppose to dip it into.

    This was an hour after we tried Nasi Lemak which is a traditional Malaysian dish, I said up front to Roedolf I can't do it {"ek sien nie kans nie" - to be exact} we ended up ordering one and I had a few bites.

    Eat your heart out!! Eish

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  • We headed to Kampong Bharu, meaning "new village", for a free guide walking tour, or as the Malayans say "jalan-jalan".

    Amazing that the government actually sponsor these tours as it really brings Malaysia to life for a foreigner like me. Kampong Bharu is a piece of land that the British gave to the local Malayan people to basically segregate the different racial groups in Malaysia, namely Malayans, Indians and the Chinese. Typical British, they have always been trying to segregate people.

    We walked by several authentic Malayan houses some of which are over 100 years old, and the contrast between these houses and the modern high rises in this city is amazing.

    My personal highlight was the Food street that only served authentic Malayan foods, our guide bought some fruits and other snacks for all of us to taste. My highlight was to witness Isabel so far out of her comfort zone. I learnt something new about my wife today, I never knew she was so bad when it comes to food, first she ran out of the food market this morning in order not to puke and then she could barely swallow a coconut/bamboo treat. Basically when it comes to food her adventurous spirit ends at gourmet western dishes.

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  • After a hot morning in the Batu caves we made our way to the KL Tower where I reserved a window seat for us to celebrate 101 days of traveling.

    The restaurant is called Atmosphere360, the floor of the restaurant rotates 360° around the tower and gives you the best possible unobstructed view of KL. The majority of the food in the buffet was Indian food which is the 4th type of asian cuisine we had in the last 3 days.

    The funny thing is the middle of the restaurant where the buffet is located don't turn with the floor, thus after dishing up its interesting to find you table again as it will have moved from where you last left it.

    This is one of the amazing things of traveling is that we have basically been able to spend so much time together that everything is really a date. We do fail to realize it and take the time together for granted. But its worth standing still for a second and saying to myself, wow another great date with my best friend and woman that I love more than life itself.
    Having said this, so much time together is a blessing and also a curse. Absence make the heart grow founder.

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