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    • Day6

      Budhist Temple

      October 17, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

      We were up early to paint the second gate before the weather became too hot. All went according to plan except that there’s a black metal fence between Jan’s house and her neighbours house, this could also do with a coat of paint. The neighbour has a black metal fence between them and their other neighbour, if we do the fence adjoining Jan’s house, should we do the neighbour’s other fence to create balance? And so on ...

      Today is a festival day for one of the Buddhist Gods at the temple Jan attends. Bill, Bun’s dad, is also at the temple, in spirit if not in body, so today we visited him.

      The spirits are housed in a room that is overseen by the god of health and well-being. Along the walls are “tokens” with the name of the deceased people. Some tokens are prepared in advance before anyone has died but the spot in the room is reserved. Others are prepared as couples (or more) and a red tape is placed over the names of those who have not yet died. These tokens frequently include photos of the deceased. Food is left for the spirits, it must be vegetarian - Bill was not a vegetarian!
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      What a lovely serene looking place....... xx

    • Day9

      1-Utama Secret Gardens

      October 20, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

      Not just secret, but hidden😡 “... the 30,000sqft Secret Garden, the largest rooftop garden in Southeast Asia: it is a popular tourist attraction with over 500 species of exotic flora”

      Today’s Sunday, Jan goes to the temple for prayers. We were on a mission to find Jan something she can listen to music from her phone on.

      A quick lunch and then Bun and I were dropped off at 1U while Jan continued on to the temple.

      The Secret Gardens are not well signposted but Bun had a rough idea of how to find them, other than the obvious - they are on the roof. Only a couple of lifts go to the roof, the one we found was a service elevator with a checker plate patched floor and walls that had been well bashed. It was a surprise to arrive at a clean and bright lobby before walking into the gardens that were well kept and receiving a constant dose of fine mist from a spray system.
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    • Day4


      October 15, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Although the day was quite overcast, the temperature was over 30c in the morning. It felt very humid, but the weather app says it’s only about 70%. The beauty of gardening here is that everything grows really well. Last time we were here we helped with re-potting a plant. The process was simply to tip it out of the pot, hack most of the roots off with a large cleaver and then re-pot with fresh soil. The climate does the rest and everything grows almost despite what is done to it.

      During the morning the Olive-Backed Sun Bird appeared on the ornamental ginger plant. Only about 4 inches (12cm ) long, looking a bit like a large humming bird with its long beak for getting nectar from flowers. While it can hover to collect food, this one just sat to drink from the ginger flowers.

      The dessert after lunch was a selection of fruit - Pineapple, Guava, Water Melon and Papaya. The small dishes contain salt and assam powder. Assam is a Malay word for dried sour plumbs. 5 a day - easy.

      The afternoon storm was not as spectacular as yesterday’s but I love sitting outside watching it.

      1-Utama is a large shopping mall containing many eating places. 5 floors and 1,000m long it’s a good place to get in some paces. The mall prides itself on being Malaysia’s “first green mall” collecting 2.35 million gallons of rain water to use in all of the toilets (weather permitting). They also boast to conserving 287,833kWh of energy per month through the building’s automation systems. They’d save a lot more energy if they turned the a/c up to above freezing.

      One can never have enough desserts so we had them with our evening meal (another Chendol and a peanut cream). I was expecting the peanut cream to be cold but it came out hot and runny rather like peanut butter mixed with a small amount of boiling water and warmed up to take the roof of your mouth off. It was a new experience. Like so much of the food, it was laden with extra sugar. The desserts we took home were kueh (kway) flavoured with green pandan leaves. The green and white is Kuih Talam Pandan, a 2-layer Nyonya kuih dessert, the meaning of “talam” is tray. The top white layer is made with coconut milk, it is soft and slightly salty. The bottom green layer is made with pandan juice and has some alkaline water added, it is sweet and has a chewy texture. The green dome was a very squidgy kway with a coconut and cane sugar filling. Yes you can spell,ugh many different ways.

      The video of the woman with the bowl shows how they clean jade. It’s placed in the bowl on top of something (I’ll have to do more research) she then runs a piece of wood around the edge of the bowl that then vibrates and hums, finished off by striking the bowl three times. As I said, more research needed.

      Gate painting tomorrow so up early.
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      Fab photo!

      Andy n Bunny Briggs

      Thanks. I was impressed too!

    • Day5

      Sticky Dicks

      October 16, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

      One of Bun’s dad’s favourite snacks was a deep fried dough that he called bones, or sticky dicks. Resembling a foot long doughnut, he would eat them while having a coffee. The shop where we had our tau foo far also sold a range of pastries which Bun and Jan ateRead more


      They look like a stroke waiting to happen😳


      💖 Having fun!


      They look a bit like Spanish churros - definitely a stroke waiting to happen!!!



    • Day230

      Balsam für die Seele und den Po

      June 13, 2022 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      Marjolein. Gegen 5 Uhr morgens landen wir in Malaysia 🇲🇾 

      Es war ein anstrengender Flug - ich habe wenig geschlafen, Rainer gar nicht. Ich bin ziemlich verklatscht und das ist wohl auch der Grund, weshalb ich bei der Immigration auf die Frage “Wie lange wollen sie bleiben?” mit “Ich weiß nicht, vielleicht so 30 Tage.” antworte, was natürlich für unsere Pläne viele zu wenig ist!😅 Glücklicherweise bekomme ich trotzdem, wie momentan üblich, das Visum für 90 Tage.

      Nachdem wir unsere Rucksäcke vom Band geholt haben wollen wir hier am Flughafen noch zwei SIM Karten kaufen, doch es ist zu früh: sämtliche Geschäfte haben noch geschlossen. Also gehen wir mit dem schweren Gepäck, dem müden Kopf und dem leeren Magen Richtung LRT - der Metro. Auf dem Weg dahin spricht uns ein Taxifahrer an, für 110 MYR (23 Euro) fährt er uns zu unserer Zieladresse. Nach unserer Recherche, dass die LRT genau dasselbe kostet und wir dann aber erst 2/3 der Strecke geschafft haben, folgen wir dem Fahrer zu seinem Taxi. Der Taxifahrer hat es eilig, da er es unbedingt noch vor der Rushhour schaffen will.

      Kaum sitzen wir im Taxi geht es auch schon los. Die Straßen sind noch ziemlich leer und der Himmel noch recht dunkel. Nach und nach färbt sich der Himmel von dunkelblau über dunkelrot, rosa und hellt schließlich immer mehr auf. Es sieht wunderschön aus, wie die hohen Gebäude Kuala Lumpurs sich vor dem Rot des Himmels abzeichnen🌇

      Nach und nach füllt sich auf der Verkehr immer mehr mit Autos und es bilden sich die ersten Staus. Trotzdem, und das fällt uns sofort auf, ist es ruhig. Keiner hupt und es scheint, als fahren alle getreu den Verkehrsregeln.

      Gegen 7.20 Uhr kommen wir bei der Familie eines Freundes an, bei der wir netterweise die erste Zeit wohnen dürfen🙂
      Es ist ein großes, modernes Haus mit einer westlich eingerichteten Küche - sprich mit Ofen! Hier kann ich also endlich wieder ausgiebig backen und Rainer den Kochlöffel schwingen👨‍🍳

      Wir haben ein tolles großes Zimmer mit eigenem Bad und 4-lagigem Toilettenpapier! Nach dem ganzen Schmiergelpapier eine Wohltat für den Po🤭

      Nach dem ersten Kennenlernen verabschieden wir uns erstmal ins Bett, um dann 2 Stunden später gemeinsam Richtung Supermarkt zu fahren. Hier trennen wir uns und Rainer und ich machen unsere Besorgungen.

      Der erste Eindruck von Malaysia: Es ist groß, modern, sauber und es gibt alles, was man braucht und sogar noch viel mehr!

      Wolkenkratzer, heißes Wetter aber Regen, viele Chinesen und alle fahren Auto.
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      Nennt man nicht die Einwohner*innen von Malaysia Malaysier? Gibt zwar auch einige viele chinesischstämmige Einwohner in Malaysia (~25%)...aber darüber bin ich in eurem Text doch gestolpert.


      Die ursprünglichen Einwohner*innen nennt man Malayen. Malaysia ist mittlerweile ziemlich multikulturell, aber es sind auch einfach viele Chinesen hier. Das ist uns eben sofort aufgefallen. Viele chinesische Geschäfte, chinesisches Essen, chinesische Viertel.



    • Day9

      Night Market

      October 20, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Some things never change and others things are changing so quickly. The night markets don’t appear to have changed all of the time we have been coming to Malaysia. Some of the goods that are sold are traditional, some are modern and much is food. Sugar cane is still squeezed and the juice collected for a drink. Similarly coconut water is drained from the coconuts and bottled in front of you.

      What is changing is the approach to litter, waste, plastics etc. Bins in the malls ask for waste to be separated for recycling. Plastic straws are (should) no longer be served with drinks, but you may request one if you want one. There are campaigns about the environment in many places. I wasn’t aware that - if food waste was a country, it would be the third largest contributor to carbon dioxide after USA and China.

      The food available is becoming very westernised. Major chains are in all of the malls and many of the streets. “Tiger Sugar” that sells a whole range of drinks, but all with lashings of brown sugar. I guess it won’t be long before they catch up the rest of the world with the “diabesity” epidemic.
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    • Day38

      Zu Besuch bei SML Far East

      December 14, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      Wie es der Zufall so will waren Christoph‘s Kollegen Wolfgang und Michael an diesem Wochenende dienstlich auch in KL. 💻Kurzerhand besuchten wir alle das SML Far East Office, von wo es direkt zur Weihnachtsfeier des Asien-Teams ging. 🎄🍻 Wie man auf den Bildern sieht, konnte das Essen kaum frischer sein! 🦀🐠
      Es war wirklich ein sehr gemütlicher und unterhaltsamer Abend! 🤗

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      Sehr cooles Pic 👍

    • Day2340

      Eye of the storm.

      April 25, 2022 in Malaysia ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

      I wake at midday today which is really unusual for me but James and I stayed up talking till silly o clock and after the full on day we had yesterday I probably needed it. He suggests we should go for food and to be honest I am really hungry when I wake today which is unusual for me. We take the scooter down to the local Chinese Court an area with tables and chairs and lots of different stalls and he also suggests I order a triple layer tea its tea with soy milk and a dark brown sugar layer at the bottom and is my favourite morning drink to date. We have lunch and collect my washing and head to the post office to drop a letter but as we come out its hammering with rain. Rather than get soaked we go to a little cafe around the corner and after sitting there for an hour watching the amazing show decide we're going to try and get back without getting too wet. Luckily James has two raincoats in the back of the bike and most of the journey home is under the carriage way above so we arrive back only slightly wet. I spend the afternoon planning my forward journey and just resting. The past few days have taken it out of me and I want to be fully rested for the Highlands. James invites me over to go for a swim before we head out for dinner. The pool is on the rooftop and as I sit in there overlooking the city sparkling with all its high rise buildings it really is a site to behold. We eat in the same restaurant and then head back as Nick is coming over. I've volunteered to bake cookies and with a packet mix and no instructions have to guess what to add with a little help from Google. I also get to do a bit of housewifery as I borrow a needle and thread. James has an amazing projector and we spend the evening listening ro music and watching old cartoons and laugh at how the cinematic scenes replicate the music playing. Another great night.Read more

    • Day2339

      Monkey madness

      April 24, 2022 in Malaysia ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

      I really want to go to batu but James isn't so keen but says I can borrow his scooter to go there. Its an automatic with a kick start so we have a trial run down for breakfast but I just can't get it back on the stand so he kindly offers to take me on his bike after his lesson. We ride the 20 mins to the cave and I'm mesmerised. Batu means cave in Malaysian and this is the biggest Hindu temple outside of India. There is a colossal gold statue of the deity Murugan at the base of the 272 multicoloured steps that lead you up to the main temple inside the limestone rocks. Annually they host the festival of Thaipusam here where hundreds of thousands of pilgrims attend. Devotees carry ornamental structures attached to there body with spikes and hooks piercing there skin. We then make the hours journey to Malawati Hill which is the former Sutance Palace and contains the first Sultans tombs, but the main attraction here and the monkeys. As well as the common Macau the are silver leafed monkeys and they are so called and live here because of the silver leafed trees that they live in and are only found in this area. They are so timid and we spend a few hours watching and feeding them. They literally are so human like with toe nails on their fingers. I'm amazed at their friendliness. After a wonderful dinner of Scallops and Prawns on the river we make our way to see the fireflies. We wait around for a short time before boarding a boat on the river. As it travels just a few metres we start to see the glowing and within minutes the guy paddles us close to a bush that looks like a xmas tree. I'm blown away by the amount of them there are and so glad we stayed to see it. Its an hours ride home and no sooner have we hit the motorway and about 30 motorbikes overtake us from both sides weaving in and out of the traffic like idiots. There are known as Mat Rempit and are widely common throughout Malaysia They are known for their illegal street racing and stunts. Safely back home i get a shower and go and meet James friends for a quick beer and a game of pool and luckily for me they have the liverpool game on. Another win and I go to bed with sore cheeks from smiling. Another epic day.Read more

    • Day86

      Stadtwald Bukit Gasing

      September 27, 2022 in Malaysia ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

      In Kuala Lumpur gibt es auch grüne Lungen.
      Wir haben uns heute den Stadtwald Bukit Gasing ausgesucht, um ein bisschen zu wandern.
      Die Karten von Komoot sind für Malaysia nicht so gut wie bei uns. Die vermeintlich einfache Wanderung stellte sich als Kletterpartie auf sehr schmalen, teils rutschigen Pfaden heraus.
      Martin trug Baumwoll-T-Shirt und -Hose…
      Beides war schnell schweißdurchtränkt und trocknet leider nicht gut.
      Aber wir konnten Affen sehen und hörten Zikaden und Frösche. Nicht schlecht für einen Stadtwald!
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